Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 25 Mar

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Clive Goodman’s Defence is Postponed
Justice Saunders explains why Goodman’s Defence can’t continue today
Cheryl Carter’s Defence Case Begins
Trevor Burke QC Opens the Case for Cheryl Carter
Count 6 – Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice
Counsel for Carter Summarises the Prosecution Case
The Removal of Boxes
Defendant Cheryl Carter takes the Witness Stand
Counsel for Cheryl Carter goes through her Background
Carter becomes Brook’s PA
Brooks becomes CEO of News International
Plans to Emigrate to Australia
Removal of Boxes Timeline

Clive Goodman’s Defence is Postponed
Justice Saunders explains why Goodman’s Defence can’t continue today
Back at the #hackingtrial after some disruption. Clive Goodman has been unwell and is waiting to see his heart consultant. So we move on
Goodman couldn’t see his consultant on Monday: so Saunders says we’ll ‘park’ Mr Goodman’s evidence. His evidence affects Coulson.
“Mrs Carter’s team have agreed they are ready to present their case today at noon” Justice Saunders tells the jury.
Langdale asks permission for his client Andy Coulson can leave the dock since Carter’s evidence doesn’t relate to him. Same with Kuttner
Cheryl Carter’s Defence Case Begins
Trevor Burke QC Opens the Case for Cheryl Carter
Trevor Burke QC, for Carter, explains she has been promoted “three or four weeks earlier than expected” but “frankly neither here or there”
Burke tells the jury in opening remarks: “we are making good progress and the end is in sight”: he explains Carter’s case will last 3 days
Burke explains that Carter’s evidence be followed by witnesses “who will make a modest contribution to her defence.
Burke also explains character witnesses for Carter “because you cannot possibly know her”: hopefully on Monday Goodman can continue
Burke explains the various prosecution and defence summing up at the end of the trial: he’s providing a primer for the jury.
Burke assures the jury the defence counsel plan “To put their cases before you as succinctly as they can” and then speaks of jury bundles
“Don’t be daunted by the papers,” Burke for Carter tells the jury.
Burke now explains to the jury the judge’s summing up on matters of law: “surprisingly the law isn’t that complicated” he says
Saunder will give the jury a “route to verdict” document before the jury retire to make a verdict.
“He will draw all the facts that are relevant to you,” says Burke of Saunders 2 day summing up – helpfully explaining process.
“No pressure from us. You determine the length of it, with no interruptions from us” Burke says of jury deliberations at end of trial
Burke explains to the jury they are “entirely free” to come to their own opinion, whatever defence, prosecution or the judge says.
“One tip you might like to bear in mind,” says Burke to #hackingtrial: “Do not feel you have to reach a conclusion on every fact.”
Burke asks the jury to forget about all the previous evidence on phone hacking and payments to public officials: “you can park all that”
Count 6 – Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice
Burke goes through the Count 6 conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – explains the nature of ‘conspiracy’ and what has to be proved
“You cannot conspire on your own” explains Burke. “The prosecution choose to allege conspiracy between Cherly Carter and Rebekah Brooks
“You can convict one of them and not the other,” says Burke of conspiracy charg: “Carter and Brooks stand or fall together”
Burke: “The prosecution have to prove to your satisfaction, that Cheryl Carter removed boxes from archives with Rebekah Brook’s agreement”
Burke says the “agreement” between Brooks and Carter had to be “to remove and destroy those boxes.”
Burke reminds the jury that there’s no burden of proof on Carter, but on the prosecution to convince them “beyond reasonable doubt”
“Anything less than that,” says Burke “you must acquit”. He reminds the jury that the 8th July was a very busy day, and Brooks top CEO
Burke makes is clear that if the jury don’t believe Cheryl Carter discussed with Brooks the removal of boxes, they must acquit.
Burkes says if you think Brooks and Carter “probably” discussed the removal of boxes “not enough… still have to acquit… have to be sure”
Burke cites Brooks’ evidence about Carter being “honest and true” and the fact she “adamantly denies” any discussion of boxes.
“I can’t read your mind, I don’t know. I could say you’ve already acquitted her” says Burke over Brooks evidence on the boxes.
Counsel for Carter Summarises the Prosecution Case
06/01/14 Burke reminds us was the date when prosecution made its case on Count 6: Nick Mays, Eamon Dyas, Deborah Keegan, Jane Viner…
Burke reminds the jury that the prosecution called Carter’s son, Nick, who transported the boxes in his mini.
Burke also refers to the evidence from DS Massey and the transcripts, already shown to the jury, of three police interviews.
Burke reminds jury about the big issues between defence and prosecution on the Carter Count 6 case: he will “highlight issues” using bundles
Jury is shown the record transfer list from News International archive: 7 boxes first lodged September 09 – withdrawn 08/07/11
Burke says that though Carter did not create the archive entry, she is still “responsible” for the contents.
This all concerns the period of September 2009 when Brooks was promoted from the editorship of the Sun to CEO of News International
There was a delay “while Mr Rupert Murdoch’s office was converted to accommodate the new CEO” says Burke.
Burke reminds the jury how Brooks’ new office was supposed to be “paperless” compared to “organised chaos” of a newsroom.
“Cheryl Carter had never archived before, others may have done,” says Burke. “Majority of contents of those 7 boxes are her beauty books”
“Only some of the contents of those boxes related to Brooks” says Burke of 7 boxes: says she might have not have understood archive policy
Burke “Very much the defence case that this document was created by… Nick Mays… He could not distance himself enough from this document”
“He couldn’t wait to point the finger at retired Eammon Dyas. It was like I handed him a hot potato,” says Burke of NI archivist.
Burke says all at NI “were extremely nervous” because people like Carter “are on trial merely for removing boxes” says Burke.
Burke says the defence says Mays is responsible for this document. He suggests Mays is blaming Dyas.
“The policy… of the archive….. seemed a mystery to most” says Burke of “interchangeable” notions of “storage” and “archive”
Burke explains why he “irritated” everyone by having Carter’s police interviews read out and how “start to finish” Mays had contacted her
Burke says there’s a significant email showing that Mays triggered the conversation about storage items.
“I will find a space for everything” said Mays email. Burke goes through storage items: portrait of JRM, Help for Heroes, Football shirts
Burke turns to the Mays emails to Charlie Brooks about paying for News International silver “Charlie’s Silver”
Burke also explains that Carter got very confused between Dyas and Mays – citing mispelling of names etc.
“Entirely consistent with what Mrs Carter told the police in interviews… stream of emails prior to the 8th July” says Burke
“You’re probably asking why I am droning on about this” Burke says, and then explains there was no connection with closure of NOTW.
The Removal of Boxes
“What prompted Cheryl to remove the boxes on the 8th” says Burke is the key difference between prosecution and defence cases with Carter
Burke reminds the jury that Mays recorded Carter’s statement those were Rebekah’s boxes in his diary on 08/07/11
Burke says prosecution case is that Carter put pressure on archives for same day delivery “to protected her beloved boss”
Burke reminds the jury another journalist was seeking urgent archive items for the last issue of NOTW. Carter never demanded urgent delivery
Burke says Nick Mays evidence that Carter demanded urgent delivery is “completely wrong”
Burke explains how Mays recorded the conversation with Carter 08/07/11 “unbeknownst to her” that notebooks were hers not Brooks’
The following Monday, when Mays was on the “hunt for missing trolley” Carter emails she was looking at “seven years of old beauty columns”
Burke says prosecution claims “Carter was dishonestly…. teeing up a false defence” with this email “entirely fabricated, bogus defence”
Burke on Carter allegations “Skilled, of good character, no previous encounters with the law, how she would have the wherewithal to do this”
Burke says Brooks described Carter very accurately: “she is very very sharp… she’s engaging, everybody likes her.”
“She’s just the kind of person who, if she met a relative stranger like Nick Mays, she’d fill the void with silence” says Burke of Carter.
Burke says the only reason we’re here is because of Nick May’s notetaking: if we relied on Carter’s memory non of this would have happened
Burke addresses the following week from 08/07/11 and going through “about 30 of her beauty books… over 7 years of her beauty column”
Burke then asks the jury and justice Saunders to insert Carter’s beauty columns behind a tab in their jury bundles.
First Carter Beauty column 07/11/03 – by coincidence Sienna Miller appears also: mentions of “slap on serum, eyelashes, bronzing powder”
11/12/06 Cheryl Carter Beauty Column cited in Court 12 08/02/05 “tried and tested” reviews of make up products also cited by defence.
Burke tells the jury that his client Carter “has reconstructed for you” some of her beauty product scrap books. “nothing to do with Brooks”
“Unfortunately for all of us they are gone” says Burke of Carter’s beauty books, lost – she says – after she put them in recycling 11/07/11
“When she was charged,” says Burke of Carter: “very unusually she went to the police to identify the items she removed from the boxes”
Burke says Carter was taking a “considerable gamble” when she entered Putney Police station to identify Brooks’ item. Might have mistaken.
Burke addresses the issue of whether Carter delivered items to Jubilee Barn that weekend.
Burke explains Brooks and Carter “adored each other… have been shoulder to shoulder for 16 years” and how Cheryl kept Brooks’ mum company
Burke explains that Carter was in the office on 15/08/11 when Brooks’ office searched by the police, and they missed filing area.
Brooks: “It’s very unfortunate that the one document she wanted from this case” (about moving docs to Billericay) “have not be found”
Burke emphasises that Jane Viner could “irritatingly” not remember booking removal van moving Brooks’ private items to mother in law’s
Burke talks about Brooks’ signed Man City shirt (though in previous evidence was described as Man U) which ended up at Brooks’ solicitors
“The contents of the 7 boxes… fundamentally contained her clippings.” says Burke: Carter “never intended to pervert the course of justice”
Break till 1.55 says Justice Saunders. Short lunchtime because of delays.
Defendant Cheryl Carter takes the Witness Stand
Counsel for Cheryl Carter goes through her Background
Cheryl Carter – Brooks’ PA for 16 years – now goes into the witness box at the #hackingtrial
Trevor Burke QC, established that his client Cheryl Carter is almost 50: she has a son Nick and a daughter nicknamed ‘peanut’
Carter has been married for 25 years: both her children still live with her. She looks after her father who has Alzheimer’s
Carter works as a rep for a beauty company; the publicity around the trial has “caused her difficulty” finding work
Carter worked for NI for 17 years: she took voluntary redundancy. Brooks had nothing to do with her severance pay,
Carter finished sixth form, she worked at Tescos. Attended Shenfield Technical college.
Cheryl Carter was at school with Ross Kemp: she only started working for Brooks when Kemp and her had been together for three months.
Carter says she’s “never, ever” been in trouble with the police. At 17 she was a “post girl” at the Mirror in Fleet St.
Carter studied shorthand and typing. She worked for the “White Hot Club’ celebrity column on the mirror with John Blake.
Carter left Mirror Group after 14 years when he first child was born. She worked for 4 or 5 people after she had kids. The back to People
Carter becomes Brook’s PA
Carter called Phil Hall in 1995, who gave her temp work with Brooks. Discovered Ross Kemp coincidence then.
Carter became Brooks’ full time PA in July 1996
Carter worked with NI until 25/07/11 – leaving the week after Brooks resigned.
Carter looked after both Brooks’ professional and personal life, she tells jury.
Carter had to make sure Brooks’ office and personal life “ran as smoothly as possible”
Carter says Brooks was never a working journalist while she worked for her “always on the managerial side”
Carter says she knew nothing about journalist sources, payments on “occassionally” knew of contents of front pages.
Carter “never, ever” sat in editorial conferences. Brooks’ lifestyle was “fast”.
“Even if she was standing next to me she’d text me” says Carter of Brooks’ constant use of email and phone texts.
Carter says she was “on call” to Brooks all the working day and “all night”.
Carter says Brooks never wanted to know what she was doing during a day: never had to report back with a checklist.
July 1996 to November 1998 – Brooks deputy at NOTW. 1998-2000 Brooks deputy editor of Sun.
Carter says Brooks’ use of notebooks was very “sporadic…. she would discard notebooks”
Carter explains Brooks’ use of A3 day page sheets marking up paper: Carter would store for 3 weeks and then throw away
Carter says she never sought Brooks’ approval in discarding A3 sheets. She “never” archived anything for her boss.
“Lots of storage but very messy” says Carter of both NOTW and Sun editorial offices.
Carter talks of move to Sun in 1998: she was given a couple of days to move personal items, bank statements.
“I would have a clear out every time I moved offices” says Carter. No approval from Brooks “No that was my job”.
Deborah Keegan was out on the main floor of the Sun. Carter had the adjoining office to Brooks and had the door always open.
Carter talks of Brooks’ moving back to NOTW in 2000 – she had about two days notice again.
Carter says NOTW editor’s office was a “small office, plenty of storage, very messy”. She “cleared out” stuff without any input from Brooks
Carter speaks of the working atmosphere of the NOTW as “less hectic” than the daily Sun. “Thursdays started to get busy….Fri/Sat very busy
Again Carter says she never attended the 11.15 daily conference at NOTW, or the evening one.
Carter describes Brooks’ relationship with desk editors as “very good”: “I think I was the eyes and ears of the newspaper” says Carter.
Carter says she would intervene if Brooks treated someone badly: she was not in fear of her, and would stand up to her.
Brooks maintained the A3 pad routine at the NOTW, and again used notebooks “very sporadically”. Carter kept a desk diary for Brooks.
Jury shown a sample desk diary of Brooks’ from 2005: Carter and Deborah Keegan helped to maintain. It was on Carter’s desk.
Carter says she would get “angry” with Brooks because she filled in entries in the diary with pen and tippex: Carter used pencils.
When the electronic diaries began in 2009, Carter discontinued the physical desk diaries.
Carter did a 2 year beauty course at Hornchurch College when they moved to NOTW in 2000/01. Carter kept course work at office
Carter explains her course-work and revision notes for her beauty course: quite big A3 notes she kept at NOTW office.
“I wanted to open at Salon at News International” says Carter explaining why she kept her course work at the NOTW office.
Carter got the permission of the managing editor to open a beauty salon at News International, but budget cuts prevented it.
Carter recalls the marriage between Brooks and Kemp: “I helped Ross with all his fan mail…. he had quite a lot of fan mail” Burke “Really”
“Do you want an Oscar for this?” jokes Saunders of Burke’s mock surprise over Ross Kemp’s fame.
Carter says she was “very close” to Deborah Weir, Brooks’ mother.
“I ran the office a lot by post-it notes,” says Carter: she describes a variety of notebooks used by News International.
Jam 2003 Brooks promoted to editorship of the Sun: another move, with “a couple of days” notice. She “threw out loads of stuff” Carter says
“I had 15 cupboards in my office” says Carter of storage at the Sun.
Carter says she was never given guidance by anyone during these moves about what she should keep or throw away.
Carter says her beauty notes travelled with her to the Sun. She worked with Keegan again from the main floor.
At this poin, Deborah Keegan became a “fellow PA”. Dominic Mohan became Brooks’ deputy at the Sun – his PA Glenda Mogg.
Carter says at the Sun she worked 4 days in the the office, and on the Friday she would work at home, bringing documents with her.
Eventually Carter was “getting so many calls at home” she ended back at the office, working five days a week 10-8.30pm
Carter says the phones at the Sun were always off the hook: “one moment you’d be talking to Number 10, next a celebrity, or helping a reader
Carter would deal with Brooks’ professional and private post first thing in the morning, taking personal post out of Brooks’ handbag.
Carter had no access to Brooks’ email – except for clearing out ‘spam’ or organising into folders on rare occasions.
There were 11 am morning conferences at the Sun: Carter would never attend. She’d phone everyone “and walk the list into Rebekah and deputy”
“I did everything” in terms of birthdays for Brooks: she had her PIN number would take out cash for her. Filed her expenses.
Jury are shown again three of the weekly beauty columns attributed to Carter, which appeared in the Sun. Began in November 2003
Carter explains how column began when PR companies would send her products which she reviewed. The Sun woman editor arranged weekly column
Carter got £7k a year for her beauty column.
Carter shows the jury her beauty column scrapbook. She’d been writing them for six years by the time Brooks moved to CEO
Jury shown Carter’s coursework. Saunders establishes Carter’s articles came out on Monday’s in the Sun.
Carter said she kept notebooks so she “didn’t repeat anything I had done”: she used them as “reference books” when she started out.
Three or four times a day, Carter says, she would receive beauty samples. She would bag them up and give to hospices, under Brooks’ orders
Other PAs would take over Carter’s admin roles when she wrote her beauty columns. 2005 she created a beauty brand with Sue Motson Famous
Motson and Carter got £25k loans from the bank in 2006 for her beauty brand.
Brooks doesn’t go “drinking as such” says Carter: “but had a close circle of friends”: Carter did not engage socially with journalists.
Carter says that her relationship with Deborah Keegan was professional
Brooks becomes CEO of News International
Carter talks about delays after announcement of Brooks’ elevation to CEO and move along corridor to “deep carpetland” at Wapping.
“It was amazing for her but I didn’t want to go,” says Carter of CEO role: “I was very editorial…. corporate side very different”
Brooks encouraged Carter to move to deep carpetland: “It was a very good rise” an additional £17k on top of her £49k in line J Murdoch’s PA
Carter says move to CEO meant she couldn’t keep her beauty products at the office, or samples brought up. She continued column at home.
Carter says she had no extra training to become a corporate PA. She never used shorthand in 17 years.
“We were both loyal to each other” says Carter of her move to CEO’s PA. They moved over to electronic which was “very hard”
Carter made sure Brooks had files on other CEOs she met: “very full on… I didn’t like it” says Carter of move to deep carpetland.
For about 11 months “they chopped Rupert Murdoch’s office in half… it was a very small office” says Carter of CEO promotion of Brooks
Carter says they only had “four drawers” in the new half Murdoch office compared to the 15 she had at the Sun.
Carter says she was never told the new office would be “paperless”
Carter goes through the move from the Sun: ordered crates and archive boxes from one of the archivists.
Carter says she contacted the NI archive office for the first time in 2008 only to store her own pads. Had them there for 1 day.
Carters says Deborah Keegan helped her fill the crates on the Friday. They both came in on the Sunday in September 2009.
Carter says Brooks played not part in the move, knew nothing about it, never claimed overtime, or informed her boss: like every other move.
Carter says she “threw out five black sacks that night” of materials in September 2009. “Some filtering going on” she agrees.
Carter says she was left with her own notebooks, and Brooks’ personal stuff, and some Sun paperwork.
Carter responds to Justice Saunders: she says she ordered the archive boxes for her own use “absolutely”
Carter and her counsel Burke fill a sample archive box with her beauty clippings; “Here’s one I prepared earlier” jokes Justice Saunders
Carter says no one except responsible for the 7 boxes were her: Keegan was there but had nothing to do with their packing.
Burke says the other crates, non-archived, ended up at Brooks’ TMS office. He adduces an 11 page filing list from 2010 compiled by a temp.
Justice Saunders establishes Brooks and Carter were in Wapping CEO office until October 2010, and a move to Thomas More Square.
“I think this going to live on in my nightmares,” says Justice Saunders of the Kafkaesque NI filing system.
22/10/09 second archive transfer system filled in Phillipa Bishop: Carter “I didn’t know she done the lists… Believed Deborah in charge”
Carter says she’s never seen the transfer list “Notebooks 1995-07 Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade)” – Carter would never use “nee Wade” she says.
For those dates, Carter says there were two notebook from 1995 and 97: “It was a Sunday night, I stuck a post-it note on the top”
Carter explains to Saunders there was a call book from 2007 among the stuff. She marked up with Post-It notes.
Burke asks why Carter didn’t write on the boxes “Cheryl Carter’s notebooks” on boxes. Carter says she thought on editors or execs could use
Carter not aware of the various rules and regulations “Mays and Dyas operated” in NI archives, or restrictions against cutting books.
Carter didn’t have a clue where the archives were located. “I thought they were downstairs” says Carter.
She never discussed with Brooks, and never gave them a second thought says Carter of 7 archive boxes.
Burke establishes from Carter corporate world meant working from 7 or 8 am till 7pm. Brooks still communicated mainly by email and text.
Carter says she was too “flat out” to have personal discussions with Brooks. She and Keegan “struggled a bit” with the corporate workload
Carter says they were still struggling despite many temps being employed in corporate role: new more senior PA role advertised
“No one suitable” was found says Carter, to head up the PAs. She never helped with Brooks’ email as CEO, but dealt with her post.
Carter says she raised again with Brooks her dislike of corporate role: “I wanted to go back to editorial and my beauty column.”
Brooks said: “Please come to TMS and see if that is any better.” Carter was quite ill with stress and took 2 months off work.
Beauty column continued but beauty products would have to be left at main gate. Nick her son would collect every day and take home.
Nick Carter had been a runner or editorial assistant for 4 years by 2011: he’d started as a Saturday job.
For the move to TMS in 2010, Carter says she didn’t consult with Brooks – as previous moves. Had to have 65% shrink in paper work.
Some memorabilia was put into storage says Carter, on the move to TMS in October 2010. Jury shown floor layout again.
Carter says all the files were kept in PAs side office at TMS, and ‘nothing’ in Brooks’ L-shaped main office.
Plans to Emigrate to Australia
Carter explains her plans to emigrate to Australia: Geoff keen to go, and her children content to emigrate
Geoff and Nick Carter visited Australia. So did Carter. Carter says Brooks “had no idea. I didn’t want to let her down”
Other journalists, such as Jane Moore, knew of Oz move, but were sworn to secrecy says Carter, and didn’t tell Brooks.
Carter got a five year open visa to move to Australia. On her redundancy in July 2011, Carter booked tickets for family. Visa expired Jan 12
Carter explains all her belongings had been packed from Essex, and packed on a ship for Perth. She told Brooks 22/07/11 of her move
“Good, go for it,” Brooks said of Carter’s move to Australia. She would have come back for birth of baby.
BREAKING: Rebekah Brooks paid for the Carter family flights to Australia for job interviews and migration in July 2011
Carter says James Murdoch “put in a word for me” at a newspaper in Perth. “No guaranteed employment” says Carter.
Removal of Boxes Timeline
Carter goes through emails to Nick Mays archivist: first about storing memorabilia, including portrait of James Murdoch.
13/05/11 Carter and Keegan sent email from Mays which she says was “out of the blue” about “RBs old front pages”
Carter refers to reaction to Nick Mays emails about getting rid of stuff: “Do I have to say the swear word?” she asks the judge at Court 12
Carter deals with the “Charlie’s Silver” cheque from Charlie Brooks for NI memorabilia.
Burke goes to some new emails regarding Count 6 and the seven missing archive boxes.
Burke goes through the background of the make up brand she created with Moxley, and the fall out involved trade mark lawyers May 2011
31/05/11 Carter emails someone at the Sun about her “Famous” brand: then her lawyer over ‘grounds of opposition’ over trademark problems
08/06/11 Carter emails Brooks over Keegan taking her place while she goes to trademark meeting 14/06/11 more emails
04/07/11 Brooks email about training with fitness trainer Zac cited in court. She was training every morning that week.
05/07/11 Brooks cancels personal trainer Zac for rest of week.
06/07/11 Brooks email to Farrer’s about “urgent legal advice over a business problem” – copied into another lawyer Mesquita
More emails from lawyers in that week in early July about Carter’s ‘trademark problem’ – she had an hour with Anthony Mesquita.
Carter says she discovered the NOTW was closing on 07/07/11 about 3.30 when James Murdoch announced – early call to archives not connected
“I believe it was me retrieving boxes with my make up documents because I wanted to see what was in there” Carter says of 07/07/11 email
Emails to archives saying “urgent can you call me please” are, says Carter, about getting her beauty clippings on 07/07/11
Burke looks at some of the ‘traffic’ to Carter the day the NOTW closure was announced. Good luck messages etc.
08/07/11 Mesquita emails Carter about “helping with the trademark issue” – Carter then emails archives again about ‘talking urgently’
10.09 on 08/07/07 Mays emails back about the 7 boxes marked Rebekah Brooks in archives. Keegan contacts Deborah Weir about Brooks.
Carter says she wasn’t bothered about the delivery of these archive boxes, whether overnight. Several calls to Mays.
Burke asks about Brooks ‘boot camp’ on 25/07/11 for a week in Oxfordshire. In police interview, Carter said Brooks away on 08/07/11
Carter says that when she spoke to the police she had no records or notes, and based the bootcamp anecdote “on her memory: I apologise”
Greenberg email to Carter about Brooks having a Town Hall meeting with sacked NOTW staff “and won’t be out by 6”
“While she was out of the office, it appears, you retrieved the boxes” says Burke. “I do remember now, of course, I do”
Carter says she never told Brooks about getting boxes out of archives. Back tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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