Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 28 Mar

Friday 28 March 2014

Cheryl Carter’s Case Concludes with Defence Witnesses
Defence Witness Belinda Sharrier – former Travel Agent for News International
Defence Witness Sharon Hendry – former Feature Writer for News of the World
Cheryl Carter Character Witness Statements
The Defence of Charlie Brooks Begins
Neil Saunders QC – Counsel for Charlie Brooks
Charlie Brooks questioned on his background
Charlie met Rebekah Wade in 2006
Counsel for Charlie Brooks presents his Defence Evidence
Charlie Brooks’ Laptops
Heightened Security and Kidnap Threats
Rogue Reporter Defence
The lead up to Rebekah Brooks Arrest
Charlie was to stop Rebekah Brooks from Resigning
Closure of the News of the World
Blackhawk Security
Rebekah Brooks Resigns

Cheryl Carter’s Case Concludes with Defence Witnesses
Defence Witness Belinda Sharrier – former Travel Agent for News International
Back at the #hackingtrial – some technical problems with screens and sound at the moment – continuing with Cheryl Carter’s defence.
Burke for Carter calls Belinda Sharrier, a former in house travel agent for News International, and then Andy Coulson‘s PA from 2002
When Coulson resigned in 2007 Sharrier became PA to Colin Myler and stayed at NOTW until it was closed in 2011
Sharrier has known Cheryl Carter for 12 years: “she is adorable, hasn’t got a bad bone in her body, works very hard….devoted to family”
Sharrier explains the move of Brooks from NOTW to the Sun; “we got rid of things which weren’t of use anymore”
“We did have a clearout… budgets and things like that” says Sharrier of move. She used the archive “on a couple of occasions”
Sharrier didn’t know where the archive facility was. She never filled in an archive transfer list
Sharrier says her assistant would have filled in the form – not her. She remembers filing documents and banners for ‘Children’s Champions’
“I was led to believe it had to be under editor’s office… Andy Coulson, Colin Myler” says Sharrier of archiving
Edis has no questions at this point, though Sharrier may be cross examined by the Crown when she returns as Andy Coulson‘s witness
Defence Witness Sharon Hendry – former Feature Writer for News of the World
Burke for Carter calls Sharon Hendry: she’s worked NI for 13 years A senior feature writer on the Sun, formerly woman’s editor
Hendry has known Carter since 2003.
As a woman’s editor she was responsible for 10-15 pages a week. Hendry worked very closely with Carter: “We immediately hit it off”
“Very warm, very open, very honest” says Hendry of Carter. She remembers Carter saying she studied Beauty at college
Hendry says she approached Carter to write a “tried and tested” Beauty column: “she’d know what our readers liked”
Hendry says Carter was “brilliant at knowing products our readers liked” – she helped her “learn the ropes” about writing.
Hendry says her mum keeps cuttings of all her articles. “I will often look back and see if there’s any article worth revisiting”
“It’s very common for anyone writing a beauty column to get products delivered to them” says Hendry “often on a daily basis”
Hendry says Carter found the corporate role very stressful after Brooks was promoted.
Edis has a few questions for Hendry: she’s quite sure she suggested Carter for the beauty column, but agrees Brooks approved it.
Cheryl Carter Character Witness Statements
Hendry is finished. Some character statements are read out. First by Melanie Westwood.
Westwood says in witness statement she’s known Carter for 5 years: meeting through their daughters.
Carter looked after Westwood’s daughter, and helped out after a road traffic accident. “So kind and thoughtful” says Westwood
Break now before we move onto the case of Charlie Brooks at #hackingtrial
The Defence of Charlie Brooks Begins
Neil Saunders QC – Counsel for Charlie Brooks
Charlie Brooks‘ barrister is Neil Saunders. To avoid confusion with Rebekah Brooks, and to save characters, I’m going to call him Charlie
Mr Brooks takes the oath. He is 51. He has an older brother and an older sister. His mother is 82. She’s lived in Castle Barn for 60 years
Charlie Brooks questioned on his background
Charlie went to boarding school when he was 8 – did OK with O Levels: “Not so good” with A Levels – got O Level grade for Chemistry A Level
“Ridiculously optimistically I applied for Oxford University but they declined to have me” says Charlie Brooks. Became a stable lad
After six months “I managed to slide my way into Fred Winter’s yard who was a champion trainer” says Charlie: “I got minimum wage”
Charlie says stable lad life meant a lot of “mucking out” and occasionally riding horses “eventually the more difficult one”
After 3 years Charlie was promoted to assistant trainer: “a little less mucking out… and more office work”
Charlie Brooks was Winter’s assistant for a couple of years and was riding as an amateur jockey.
“I probably had more disasters than successes” says Charlie of his time as a jockey.
Charlie Brooks on being a jockey “I had a ride in the Grand National… the pinnacle of my life, and I got round, which is even better”
Brooks says when he was 23, his boss Winter had a stroke and he took over running the yard with head yard man
Charlie says he was the youngest trainer in the country at this time, with about 25 stable lads and 60 owners.
“Lot of work and a lot of politics to deal with the people who own the horses” says Brooks of becoming a horse training.
Charlie Brooks explains Winter owned the yard: his wife was in charge of the business and he was an employee
“I made an incredibly foolish decision and bought the yard with a very large mortgage” says Charlie: “Just before interest rates went up”
“It was impossible to make it pay” says Charlie. He sold the yard “and went back to square one basically”: he became a trainer again
Charlie says one of his horses was second in the Grand National in 1997 and 98 “It broke my heart”: he relinquished his trainer license
“I started focusing on writing more” says Charlie of late 90s: “I wrote a really dreadful column for the Evening Standard… shocking”
“I lasted a bit longer at the Daily Telegraph” says Charlie. He wrote a fortnightly article on racing, and a weekly column on rural affairs
“Sometimes quite political” says Charlie of his columns. Taking government and trainers to task: “Focused on industry issues”
“I wrote that for a year and really hated doing that” says Charlie of weekly rural affairs column: “Really intense”
“What should be one day a week became three days a week” says Charlie of weekly column. He also wrote for GQ.
“It was killing any bone of creativity I had in my body” says Charlie of writing for GQ
Brooks also wrote a ‘Punter’ column for a city newspaper in 2008/9. “It died a natural death”
Charlie Brooks had a contract with Radio 5 for about 5 years – covering Cheltenham and the Grand National. Friday bulletin.
Charlie Brooks also made a short documentary on his great grandfather – the first person in history to jump 6 foot.
Charlie “bought this pub” with a friend Johnny the Fish, “after a year I learned why he was called Johnny the Fish” – laughter in court
Charlie Brooks was also involved in cryotherapy, after Rugby played worked in Poland going into cold chamber.
Charlie Brooks discovered cryotherapy is “brilliant for depression… and generally uplifting mood”:
Justice Saunders intervenes in cryotherapy explanation: “I’m really sorry to stop you… but did it work” Charlie Brooks says “No”
A friend of Charlie Brooks‘ worked on a betting exchange: he thought it would “sit well with Sky and News International” in 2011
Charlie Brooks said he spent most him time on writing, but works with Tom Lacey on horse training on a daily basis.
Charlie “We find our horses in Ireland or France… develop them, and sell them onto bigger trainers. We try to turn over horses every year”
Charlie Brooks explains his training partner Tom Lacey sends emails from any time from 5 in the morning.
In the run up to 2011 Charlie Brooks was a director of Towcester Racecourse which is “independently minded”
“Sundown Park” was a virtual racehorse computer game that Charlie Brooks devised. Now on the the Sun online site as a virtual game
Charlie Brooks regularly corresponded in 2011 with the developer of Sundown Park
Castle Barn is still a working farm, says Charlie Brooks, but mainly arable these days. His mother does most the work on the farm.
Charlie Brooks explains that Jubilee Barn is only feet away from Castle Barn: it was originally a grain stall, and the kitchen a hay shed.
Charlie met Rebekah Wade in 2006
“It was being converted when I met Rebekah” says Charlie of Jubilee Barn in 2006
Charlie met Rebekah Brooks in 2006 at friends: she was with Ross Kemp that night. They were still married
They met again 03/03/07 – Charlie Brooks “initiated” the “chance meeting” – it was his birthday. “I knew she was single at this point”
“I had a real hero called Ian Woolridge” says Charlie. He breaks down for a moment and cries. “He wrote for Daily Mail and died that day”
Justice Saunders asks Charlie Brooks: “Are you all right?”
Charlie Brooks explains that he called Brooks the night Ian Wooldridge died: she guided him around London looking for candle to light
“We had little in common” Charlie says, “But Wooldridge’s death bonded us”.
“She had a flat down by the river in Fulham” says Charlie. They moved into the Thames Quay flat in 2007
The Brooks’ moved into Jubilee Barn on Christmas Eve 2008: Charlie thought it was finished renovating: “I don’t think Rebekah did”
Charlie Brooks explains how he and Rebekah would spend weekdays in London and weekends in Oxford.
Charlie Brooks explains his Harper Collins book Citizen about Russian trying “corner the stallion market in Europe by cloning horses”
Charlie Brooks wrote another novel about Art Forgery: initially called Peasants in Winter after Breughel and then renamed “Switch’
Charlie was told not to write another horsey book by Harper Collins: “go away and invent another James Bond”
Charlie Brooks hired another writer to make the plot more complicated for Switch. Reviews said the book was too complicated
Counsel for Charlie Brooks presents his Defence Evidence
Neil Saunders for Charlie Brooks now goes through his defence bundle with the jury at the #hackingtrial
Jury is show 26/11/10 contract between Charlie Brooks and Harper Collins: he explains submission process 45 pages and synopsis
Charlie Brooks explains how his co-writer Ramsden, suggested by his agent, often had to cancel meetings “But he was worth waiting for”
31/05/11 was the deadline for his new novel. There were quite a few drafts because publishers wanted to see what he was up to.
Charlie Brooks talks of a “suicidal Christmas” in 2010 when he got a “withering” response from Harper Collins editor.
Charlie Brooks says novel eventually submitted ‘late’ in June and July 2011 “not in any way finished” according to Harper Collins.
“Writing a book.. is about the rewrite, and the rewrite and the rewrite” says Charlie. Neil Saunders cites 14/07/11 email from editor
“It’s bloody difficult to find time to concentrate” says email from Jansen-Smith in email to Charlie Brooks about his book.
Charlie Brooks says “there was a danger this dealing going horribly wrong… I didn’t want Harper Collins pulling the plug on me” in July 11
Charlie Brooks said he needed his Apple Mac laptop to compare drafts on his novel “Switch”
“I didn’t want to be doing it on a blank machine with no historic documents” says Charlie Brooks of his novel
Charlie Brooks’ Laptops
Neil Saunders asks about the Sony Vaio recovered by police. On that were four book ideas “that weren’t backed up any where else”
Charlie Brooks explains the best idea on this laptop was “slight rip off” of 84 Charing Cross.
“A Hooray Henry who had fallen in love with a Russian Hooker… who had the temperament of a Rhodean girl” says Charlie of book idea
Justice Saunders warns Charlie Brooks someone might steal his idea. Another book idea on the Vaio was Citizen 2 – about Afghan war veteran
Charlie Brooks explains his third book idea was an updated Mrs Beaton who knew offside rules, lbw and golf.
“The last book idea was Bill Bryson type idea going round Britain.. for horses” says Charlie Brooks.
“I was a bachelor when I owned this laptop so there was quite a lot of smut on it” says Charlie Brooks.
Heightened Security and Kidnap Threats
Charlie says that “there was always an element of security around Rebekah” because of her anti racist and anti paedophile campaigns
Security was upgraded and updated at Jubilee Barn when Charlie married Rebekah. They got hate mail at hospital when daughter was born
“We got some kidnap threats from paedophiles on the internet” says Charlie Brooks of his daughter Scarlett.
Charlie Brooks says he only got to know Mark Hanna, NI head of security, in the summer of 2011
Charlie Brooks said he met security subcontractor William Geddes, but never met further subcontractors Corunna Solutions before 2011
“Rebekah has incredibly good hearing” says Charlie Brooks of security hand over waking her up in the middle of the night.
Charlie Brooks says he knew Will Lewis and Simon Greenberg also had security details in 2011.
Neil Saunders cites 10/03/11 email from Daisy Dunlop to Will Lewis, Rebekah Brooks and Simon Greenberg about Chris Bryant.
Charlie Brooks replied to Will Lewis: “Is Rebekah OK?” Brooks and Lewis were in the US at the time.
“Bryant is clearly making stuff up” replies Lewis to Charlie Brooks. “He was my wife’s right hand man… would give me a straight answer”
“I thought she might be upset… I’d seen was Chris Bryant had said. I know they didn’t have to tell the truth in the House of Commons”
“I knew Chris Bryant had a grudge against the Sun” says Charlie Brooks. Justice Saunders reminds him about Parliamentary Privilege
“We have to be really careful about what we say about the House of Commons” Justice Saunders says.
Rogue Reporter Defence
Saunders cites an email about a Nick Davies article from 05/04/11
Email was 05/04/11 followed by a statement copied to Charlie from R Brooks on 07/04/11: “I remember the issue” says Charlie
This email concerns ‘rogue reporter’ defence and phone hacking; “This became pretty much all we talked about” says Charlie about his wife
Neil Saunders moves onto another document from 08/04/11 promising extensive internal investigation and unreserved apology
Charlie Brooks can’t remember the moment he opened the email but remembers the issue: he was kept in the loop for “informed support”
The Brooks were supposed to be away from 09/04/11 to 17/04/11. He was with Rebekah Brooks when she heard news of James Weatherup’s arrest
Neil Saunders cites another email from Daisy Dunlop about Guardian article on James Weatherup’s arrest. R Brooks replies.
“I can remember initially Rebekah had no idea why Mr Weatherup’s desk was cleared by lawyers'” says Charlie Brooks.
In conference calls Charlie Brooks overheard lawyers said police had acted “illegally’ in clearing Neville Thurlbeck’s desk
Charlie Brooks says conference calls with News International dominated that holiday
The lead up to Rebekah Brooks Arrest
BREAKING: Charlie Brooks says Rebekah was told it was “highly likely” she’d be arrested on return from holiday in April 2011.
Charlie said Rebekah Brooks wanted to avoid “killer photograph” of being arrested:”you’re never going to get another job”
Charlie Brooks explains how they got a new lawyer in the week following return from holiday in April 2011. We now turn to June
09/06/11 email to Brooks from Simon Greenberg talking about “shutdown” option for NOTW because “brand too toxic”
“I do remember Sienna Miller coming into the mix” says Charlie Brooks of the phone hacking issue in June 2011. Wasn’t aware of Gilchrist.
Another email mentions the Olswang meeting between Brooks and Weeting about her phone being hacked.
23/06/11 email about a leak about ex girlfriend of Greg Miskiw – Charlie says he wasn’t aware of this at the time,
13/06/11 is the Olswang meeting with Brooks and police. Charlie says the feeling was “Ross would probably kick off when he heard about this”
Neil Saunders is going through a ‘leaks schedule’ in Charlie’s bundle. Now cites the 04/07/11 Nick Davies Milly Dowler article.
Emails between Simon Greenberg and R Brooks cited. Charlie is sent a Gallery News about Tom Watson’s statement in Parliament around 6pm
Charlie Brooks forwards Gallery News piece to Will Lewis. He’s asked “how do you think you first learned about Milly Dowler?”
Charlie says this was the first time he heard about the Milly Dowler allegation. He emailed Will Lewis “Is this a problem?”
“I knew Will from his days at the Daily Telegraph” says Charlie Brooks about Will Lewis.
“Another attempted hit on Rebekah by Watson” said Lewis. “Mr Watson hates my wife” Charlie Brooks tells jury at #hackingtrial
Charlie Brooks said he knew Mark Lewis represented the Dowler family at this time in July 2011
“News International were the last people who knew what was coming their way” says Charlie “My understanding this was another leak”
“It was my understanding” says Charlie Brooks that the Guardian were leaking to Tom Watson and Mark Lewis.
BREAKING: In discussions with James Murdoch and his wife, Charlie Brooks says they concluded Milly Dowler leak was “political hit” 04/07/11
Charlie Brooks says he was probably celebrating Independence Day with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks on the night of 04/07/11
Email from Tom Newton Dunn to Rebekah Brooks on 04/07/11 cited by Neil Saunders.
“There was too much detail in story to be just a political hit… trying to derail BSkyB bid” says Charlie of discussions with James Murdoch
Email from early morning 05/07/11 from Brooks to Charlie cited: they were both at Thames Quay that night: she was “fretting, writing”
Charlie Brooks replies to Rebekah Brooks‘ email on 05/07/11 “about police sitting on this for 7 years…. wasn’t a skeleton in a cupboard”
“I couldn’t have known those details unless she told me those details. I was just regurgitating to her” says Charlie about 05/07/11 email
Email from R Brooks to Charlie cited: subject “Think Swan baby” – he meant the “wolves were out to get you” and she should be serene
Charlie Brooks comments on Rebekah’s statement in July 2011: “It addresses it head on”
R Brook replies to both Charlie and her mother: “Rebekah was good at keeping her mum in the loop” says Charlie.
Charlie: “She wanted to show her mother what the reaction to this was…. she wanted her mother to see she was doing the right thing”
“How did the exec meeting go baby?” asks Charlie in another email on 05/07/11 Now -“I can’t remember what the substance of that meeting was”
“Sometimes I was a bit lazy of changing the subject heading” says Charlie of email to Rebekah about Mark Hanna and security a Thames Quay
Charlie Brooks says he planned at the Wymondham Hotel opposite their apartment because “there was good chance Rebekah would be arrested”
Hanna writes to Brooks about calling Charlie about “overnight accommodation” and Chelsea Harbour being better “for a number of reasons”
Hanna writes about switching vehicles: and a “previous plan of entry and exit” if there was a “police concern”
Charlie Brooks says this was about a plan to make sure Brooks would be arrested in garage to avoid the “killer photograph”
A text from Brooks to Charlie cited in Court 12: Brooks wanted to stay at the Wymondham “I will feel better”
Charlie “I remember Rebekah whacking me in the middle of the night, and saying the police are arresting me. Turned out to be the bin men”
“We weren’t staying in the hotel to do a midnight flip to Venezuela, we just wanted a good night’s sleep” says C Brooks at #hackingtrial
Charlie Brooks talks of an email discussion about swapping flats with someone else “so they can be woken up at 4.45 am”
Charlie Brooks said he went down to the garage to meet his wife “because it seemed a decent thing to do..”
The flat swap idea never went ahead in that night in July after Milly Dowler broke,
Email to Tony Blair by Rebekah Brooks cited: she replies “James and Rupert were brilliant…. the truth will out”
Charlie says he wasn’t aware his wife was in contact with Tony Blair. But says he knew Rupert and James Murdoch had been supportive
Break for lunch till 1.55 pm.
Twice a day, tireless @thetuftii creates an easy to read storify of my #hackingtrial tweets. Here’s this morning’s http://sfy.co/hf3C
You can find evidence, articles, Clare’s storifies, all my #hackingtrial tweets indexed by @JonLippitt on my blog http://www.fothom.wordpress,com
The hotel opposite their apartment the Brooks’ stayed at on 05/07/11 to avoid dawn arrest was the Wymondham
Back after lunch with Charlie Brooks in the witness box at the #hackingtrial questioned by his counsel, Neil Saunders.
A lot of ring binders clicking as the jury insert new papers into bundles for Neil Saunders and Charlie Brooks‘ defence
06/07/11 email from Deborah Keegan to Charlie Brooks cited giving him his appointments with dentists, then British Horseracing HQ
Rebekah Brooks cancelled her trip to the Take That concert at Wembley that night.
Charlie was to stop Rebekah Brooks from Resigning
06/07/11 Charlie Brooks contacts Cheryl Carter for the number of Rupert Murdoch, he’d spoken to Charlie earlier that week.
“Mr Murdoch didn’t want her to resign” says Charlie of Rebekah Brooks: “told me to ring him in American to stop her from resigning”
“I wouldn’t ever have contacted Mr Murdoch directly before” says Charlie Brooks. Rupert Murdoch’s PA contacts Charlie Brooks with number
06/07/11 email from Carter to Charlie Brooks about thanking someone for Wimbledon tickets – subsequently found in Charlie’s Bag.
06/07/11 “Coverage not to so bad in the Racing Post” says text from Charlie to Rebekah Brooks about media coverage post Milly Dowler
Charlie Brooks says his meeting with the horseracing authority was for an article he was writing for the Telegraph on the racing levy
Emails about Take That concert involve Charles Dunstone that evening 06/07/11
Charlie Brooks says of concert that evening: “I’m not Take That’s biggest fan in the world”: he really only wanted to see the Pet Shop boys
Charlie Brooks explains 07/07/11 email about being a compeer for a charity presentation at Ascot “It was the last thing I wanted to do”
Charlie Brooks said he was paid £1000 for hosting this charity event: he says he left in brown briefcase recovered from Thames Quay
Another email cited is from a quarry near Jubilee Barn: owner explains reporter was looking for the Brooks.
Email from 07/04/11 discusses a leak about the arrest of Andy Coulson
08/07/11 emails and texts to and from Charlie Brooks cited, including the Plan B email from Rebekah Brooks.
Charlie Brooks doesn’t remember his wife’s Plan B email, or what Plan A when the closure of NOTW was announced.
“I did know she was very concerned about everyone going to lose their jobs at NOTW” says Charlie.
18/10/10 Charles Carr, emails Charlie on a plot point on his novel Switch. He’s “into security and that kind of stuff”
Charlie Brooks emails Charles Carr about a “diplomatic bag” which forms part of a smuggling embassy theft story in his novel Switch.
Charlie Brooks then forwards this email about Kroll to Rebekah Brooks: Then emails her: “I’m so proud of you sweetheart. The worm will turn”
“I was doing what I told Mr Murdoch senior I’d do…. I knew he was arriving that weekend. I tried to keep her going. She was pretty wrecked
Charlie Brooks said he knew Rebekah would have to face NOTW staff and talk to them about the closure on 08/07/11
Closure of the News of the World
“She was feeling pretty miserable and wretched about the whole thing” says Charlie of Rebekah Brooks‘ feelings about closing NOTW.
Rebekah’s mother, Deborah Weir, texts her “Don’t trust anyone” on the 08/08/11 “I have more security than the Prime Minister” Brooks replied
“That obviously wasn’t true,” says Charlie Brooks of Rebekah’s line about security. She was just trying to reassure her mother Charlie says
Both Charlie and Deborah Weir didn’t think Rebekah Brooks should have resigned at this point
Charlie Brooks said they were “pretty much surrounded” by “paps” at Jubilee Barn around this point before NOTW was closed down
Charlie says that Rebekah Brooks was determined to be in the building on the last Saturday production of NOTW: “She’s a team player”
Charlie says he went to Wapping with Rebekah Brooks that Saturday 09/07/11 “I sat in her office and probably watched the racing”
Charlie says that the reference to “Barney” in emails between Greenberg and Brooks refers to a police officer on the Weeting team
Laidlaw intervenes saying the clock for the recording of the trial has stopped. Justice Saunders says plenty of people keeping record
Neil Saunders for Charlie Brooks cites his article on racing for 11/07/11 which relates to a document on recovered computer
Blackhawk Security
We now move to Blackhawk texts from personal security detail. P1 is Rebekah Brooks and P2 is Charlie.
“We never asked for any security, but were told we needed it… we didn’t know these people at all” says Charlie.
“They could be telling other media outlets… so we only told them what they needed to know,” says Charlie Brooks of Blackhawk.
Charlie Brooks explains there was another way of leaving Jubilee Barn other than the main entrance. Blackhawk team disorientated.
Blackhawk team complain Charlie Brooks had “shot off” without telling him. They then followed him to James Murdoch’s house near Banbury
Text from Cheryl Carter cited by Neil Saunders, about her visiting Jubilee Barn to see Rebekah Brooks‘ mother.
“I’m 100 percent Hazel was with her that weekend,” says Charlie of Deborah’s Weir’s friend.
Charlie Brooks says that both Rebekah and mother were upset about not being able to spend more time together that weekend.
Charlie Brooks said they didn’t tell the security detail where they leaving James Murdoch’s place. “We were probably being paranoid”
Charlie Brooks says they travelled to Rupert Murdoch’s house in Mayfair that night of the 10/07/11
They arrive about 5.35 pm at Rupert Murdoch’s west London residence. Charlie didn’t go into meeting with Brooks and KRM
“You need here for it” texts Brooks to her husband. They go to a hotel near Murdoch’s house. “A right old scrum” says Charlie of press.
Charlie and Rebekah joined Rupert, James and Will Lewis for dinner that night in the Stratford Hotel.
11/07/11 Will Lewis emails Charlie “call me urgently” around 11.51 am
Charlie Brooks says the call from Will Lewis was about Rebekah Brooks needing to go home because of exhaustion. She leaves for Oxfordshire
11/07/11 “What are you doing on email?” says James Murdoch. Brooks “I’ve only get 10 minutes before I see Charlie for confiscation”
Charlie says he didn’t know at the time Rebekah Brooks had been on the phone to Blair: “But I could see she wasn’t resting”
Rebekah emails back saying “Charlie has both phones – will update”
Charlie Brook’s mother emails him on the night of 11/07/11 about getting a prescription of sleeping pills for Rebekah.
“She didn’t have much of a rest really” says Charlie of these days in July 2011. He emails about “rats” by garage entrance in London
11/07/11 Charlie Brooks meets up that evening with a friend at Thames Quay, a wise head “whose judgement I thought was good”
12/07/11 Charlie Brooks emails Carter re Rebekah: “Can you make sure she eats something”
“She wasn’t eating properly” says Charlie of his wife. They were going out to dinner with Simon Greenberg to discuss DCMS committee
13/07/11 after a night in London, and a scan for new baby, the Brooks’ visit Olswang employment lawyers.
13/07/11 Simon Jameson emails Charlie about Brooks’ “leave of absence” making suggestions for statement
Late night 13/07/11 Brooks is emailing various people about the Enstone weekend preparing for DCMS select committee.
14/07/11 more exchanges between Jameson and the Brooks’ over employment. Charlie says he ripped up version found in bin by police.
14/07/11 more emails from editor about the draft of his book. “I dreaded what was going to come back” says Charlie.
Charlie says draft of book took over a year. “I’m sure I could write quicker” he says.
Rebekah Brooks Resigns
14/07/11 an 11 minute call from James Murdoch and Will Lewis to Charlie Brooks about Rebekah Brooks now resigning.
“Because they knew Rebekah was in an emotionally shredded state they wanted to check with me” says Charlie of resignation call 6.29 am
BREAKING: Charlie Brooks says he was the one who told Rebekah Brooks should resign 14/07/11. She said “Thank God for that”
6.29 am James Murdoch calls Charlie Brooks on 14/07/11 he then calls Rebekah telling her they’d decided she should resign
Back after short break. Still going through timeline with Charlie Brooks of the days following closure of News of the World.
14/07/11 22.50 Brooks emails Will Lewis about announcement of her resignation. Blackhawk team follow R Brooks back to Chelsea Harbour
14/07/11 Charlie emails Rebekah Brooks late night about her contract details and their electronic devices, office expenses etc.
Charlie Brooks reminds Rebekah Brooks of the Apple laptop, Blackberry and iPad he had been given by News International
15/07/11 Charlie is in Oxfordshire, R Brooks in London. Carter gives contact details of IT specialist at News International.
Charlie Brooks said he needed IT expert on 15/07/11 because “something wasn’t working”
“She was struggling to understand why Rebekah had to resign” says Charlie Brooks of talking to Brooks’ mother that day.
“She’d just been sacked” says Blackhawk security operative on text that day; “Fun and games”
14.28 Blackhawk arrives at Enstone, having followed R Brooks from Thomas More Square 15/07/11
The news of imminent arrest “overtakes” the rehearsal for DCMS committee that weekend at Enstone, Charlie Brooks says.
On that Friday “Rebekah no longer had a lawyer” says Charlie of her no longer being represented by Ian Burton.
Charlie Brooks talks of “incendiary situation” at Enstone; “the resignation had thrown the police into a complete frenzy”
16/07/11 Blackhawk texts talks of “rats” approaching Jubilee Barn. “P2 was snapped at the Barn but the rat we saw off” says text.
More Blackhawk security texts talk about various car makes and colours and photographers outside Jubilee Barn: nobody knew of Enstone
“Shall I bring a stinger” says one text. Charlie says he thought a stinger was a drink.
“There is no hospital equipped enough to deal with their injuries” says security text. Charlie: “I half think they lived in a fantasy land”
Both that Friday and Saturday night Charlie Brooks says he stayed at Enstone. We’ll move onto the next day on Monday next week.
Justice Saunders reminds jury not to believe anything about the trial in the press before bidding them goodbye for weekend.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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