Summer of 87: Two Violent Deaths, Two Rising Murdoch Stars


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Summer of 87: Two Violent Deaths, Two Rising Murdoch Stars
The 30 year cover-up of the Daniel Morgan murder is often portrayed as a murky morass. But revisiting the news coverage of the time, the outlines of the alleged conspiracy are clearer than you would imagine.

As the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel continues to sift through years of evidence on the most investigated  murder in British history,  four key characters emerge from the news coverage of the time.


What is startling about the Daniel Morgan murder is that the key allegation of police conspiracy was made within weeks of the 37-year-old’s murder on 10 March 1987. The Times reported Daniel was “due to be interviewed by West Yorkshire police about a fraud he had uncovered.” Meanwhile, in the Daily Express:.. (CONTD) Continue reading

Head of Police Watchdog Under Investigation – More Links Between Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan Murder


Head of Police Watchdog Under Investigation - More Links Between Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan Murder

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News that the first head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission is under investigation for providing ‘misleading information’ during the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry is of great concern to the family of Daniel Morgan

Yesterday the Sunday Times confirmed a Bellingcat report from 8 June that the IPCC is investigating its former head of investigations Roy Clark for providing ‘misleading information’ during the Macpherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1998

“Documents obtained under freedom of information laws reveal that he is at the centre of the investigation into allegations that senior police officers had failed to hand over key information to Macpherson. Continue reading

Crowdfunding: The Criminal Media Nexus, Mirror Phone Hacking and a Piers Morgan Biography – Peter Jukes


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Peter JukesIt will be four years to the day tomorrow that the Guardian published the front page expose of the Hacking of Milly Dowler by Nick Davies and Amelia Hill which led to the setting up of the Leveson inquiry and kicked off this seemingly endless saga of the investigation of press intrusion.

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More from Paddy French, who shows that phone hacking was the tip of a very dark iceberg: underneath it all – the Daniel Morgan Murder.

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A CROWDFUNDING project to extend this series into the unauthorised biography of Piers Morgan has just been launched. More details on the website — click here for more details.


FOR THE last four years Piers Morgan has been desperately trying to distance himself from the phone hacking scandal.

Twice he’s been interviewed under caution by detectives investigating phone hacking at the Daily Mirror when he was editor from 1995 to 2004.

Between 2001 and 2009 he made a series of incriminating statements widely interpreted as evidence he knew all about the practice.

Two of his protégés — Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks — have appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey.

Coulson went to gaol: Brooks was acquitted.

Morgan now insists he knew nothing:

“For the record … I have never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the…

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Phone Hacking at the Mirror in 1998: Read Paddy French’s Scoop and Pre-buy his Piers Morgan Biography


Over at Byline, veteran investigative reporter Paddy French has an exclusive which concludes the Mirror Group, and by implication Piers Morgan, knew about phone hacking well before it became standard practice by Glenn Mulcaire at News of the World.  Below is just an excerpt from the full damning in depth piece.

But this is just a taster. Paddy is pitching on Byline a full unauthorised biography of Piers Morgan:

Morgan is one of the most important members of the cast of the phone hacking scandal. He was the first of a long line of Murdoch editors forged in the crucible of the Sun’s show business column “Bizarre”. One of his proteges was Andy Coulson.

Morgan was singled out by Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie as a future editor and it was his patronage that led to his appointment as News of the World editor at the age of 29. There Morgan singled out a young reporter and promoted her to Features Editor: her name was Rebekah Brooks. Morgan was destined to edit the Sun but when Daily Mirror boss David Montgomery — a former News of the World editor — offered him the editorship of the Mirror, Morgan accepted.

By 2003, the troika of Morgan (Mirror), Coulson (News of the World) and Brooks (The Sun) had an iron grip on Britain’s tabloids. Morgan was at the Mirror for nearly ten years — a decade that saw the paper embrace the “dark arts” of illegal news-gathering.

The plan is to produce a readable, balanced picture of a talented but flawed individual.

I’m a retired television producer so I don’t need to be paid for my time.

But researching, writing and publishing a book as ambitious as this one does not come cheap, especially since it needs to be read for libel.

I hope you will support the venture.

For a taster of the article, more below

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Mazher Mahmood, Murdoch, and the NCA – The Regular Contributor


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fakesheikh-230x150‘Why don’t the police chase proper criminals instead?’‘They should be out catching paedos and looking at dodgy blue chip firms not journalists just doing their job’ Paraphrasing an often heard criticism, the view is that police priorities are all skewed. And they’ve got a good point.

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How the Guardian was Got At but the News of the World Got Away With It

Mazher Mahmood claims a high moral purpose: catching criminals, revealing "moral wrong-doing" and exposing hypocrisy. There's no doubt he's caught some serious criminals — including child abusers and would-be murderers — but the bulk of his journalism reveals a different picture. A third of his stories are about sex — over a quarter target celebrities or royalty. A substantial proportion of the people in his stories are originally from the Asian sub-continent. One of the ironies about Mahmood — the child of immigrant parents from Pakistan — is that he spent an enormous amount of his time in the ethnic  communities of Britain looking for people he can expose. This fed into a News of the World agenda that painted Britain as an "open house" for foreign scroungers, cheats and criminals.
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15 years ago the Met’s Operation Two Bridges exposed a lucrative illegal trade between corrupt police officers, private investigators and Fleet Street. Nothing was done. But what happened to two Guardian journalists who were writing about police corruption at the same time?

As Joe Public has revealed on Bellingcat, ‘How The Metropolitan Police Covered-Up For Rupert Murdoch’s News International’ senior Metropolitan police officers knew back in 1999 that there was a phenomenal trade in illegal information atNews of the World which predated phone hacking.

A secret probe in the premises of Southern Investigations, ostensibly part of a third inquiry into the murder of former founder Daniel Morgan, caught many connections between the corrupt detective agency and senior Fleet Street journalists. Continue reading