Media and Law Review of the Year, 2013: Part 2, Phone Hacking, Blagging, Bribing and the Trial

An excellent summary from the Informm blog of the year’s events on the Hacking Scandal

Inforrm's Blog

2013 year in review 2Phone hacking and its close relations blagging and bribing were rarely out of the media law news in 2013.  There were new arrests and charges throughout the year, culminating in an Old Bailey Trial.  This began on 28 October 2013 with eight defendants facing seven charges.

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The People’s Scribe Appeals to his Populace

Reporter Des VolkesThanks to your stellar support in funding me to live tweet the first few months of the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey, I’ve been jokingly referred to as the people’s scribe –  or, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung called me,  “Reporter Des Volkes”.  As I explained to Steve Hewlett during this recent interview on the Radio Four Media show (starts around 25′), you are my employers and I’m ultimately answerable to you.

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Has the phone hacking trial created a new form of journalism?

From a New Statesman piece by David Banksy. He makes some interesting and well informed points about old and new journalism, which I largely agree with – except the suggestion comments are really a “souped up letters page”. But more on that later.

Although previous trials have been liveblogged and tweeted, this one seems to have attracted a degree more coverage in that way from the media, perhaps because the media, or a part of it, is in the dock.

The break with traditional reporting was completed this week by the presence of Peter Jukes, an independent journalist and author of Fall of the House of Murdoch, who along with other reporters, livetweeted the first week of the trial.

What was different about Jukes was that as a result  of the response to his reporting, he was able to crowdsource sufficient funds to allow him to carry on until Christmas.

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Goodman/Coulson Emails over the Hacked Royal Voicemails

Further to yesterday’s revelations about the hacking of voicemail messages of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, the Crown Prosecution service have released copies of the emails between between former News of the World Royal Reporter, Clive Goodman, and his then editor, Andy Coulson, and the associated Sunday tabloid exclusives.


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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 19 Dec

Thursday 19 December 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Last Day of the Hacking Trial for this Year
Some Filing work for the Jury
Prosecution Evidence on Royal Voicemails
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Guest
Kate Middleton Phone Hacked
Prince Harry’s Phone Hacked
Prosecution Evidence on Arrests
Agreed Facts on Arrests and Police Interviews
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement
Andy Coulson Prepared Statement
Clive Goodman Prepared Statement on Misconduct
Rebekah Brooks Prepared Statement on Misconduct

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Transcript of Voicemail Message left on Prince Harry’s Phone

This is a transcript of a voicemail, recovered in 2006 from Clive Goodman‘s premises, allegedly left by Prince William on Prince Harry‘s phone. It is the first proof that senior members of the Royal Family were hacked by Glenn Mulcaire, rather than just their aides as admitted in 2006. The reason this has been shown to a jury is, from the prosecution’s case, to prove that NOTW sourced stories from phone hacking, and this information was shared between other defendants. All of the defendants deny all the charges and the trial continues

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