Trial Summary Week 26

Here’s a summary of Peter Jukes’ Live Tweets from Week 26 of the Hacking Trial. Click on the dates below to see the full trial Live twitter feed for that day.

All the defendants deny all the charges and the trial continues.

Wednesday 14 May 2014
The Defence of Clive Goodman Resumes
Clive Goodman returns to give evidence after illness
Justice Saunders reviews Clive Goodman’s evidence prior to his absence
Counsel for Andy Coulson resumes his Cross Examination of Clive Goodman
Timothy Langdale QC questions Clive Goodman on Phone Hacking
Goodman question on his and Mulcaires Phone Hacking
Goodman’s hacking of members of the Royal Family
Goodman’s contact within the Security Services
Goodman questioned on further hacking
Andy Coulson’s knowledge of Phone Hacking
Tuesday 15 May 2014
The Defence of Clive Goodman Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues to cross-examine Clive Goodman
Goodman questioned on who knew about Phone Hacking
Goodman treatment at News of the World
Stuart Kuttner’s report on Clive Goodman
Goodman doesn’t go on overseas Royal visit
Hacking of Royal Household Phones
Goodman questioned on more internal emails
Friday 16 May 2014
Clive Goodman’s Cross-Examination by Councel for Andy Coulson Continues
Goodman questioned about events after his arrest
Goodman’s meeting with Coulson in the Cafe Rouge
Goodman’s discussions with NI after his arrest
Clive Goodman is Cross-Examination by Councel for Stuart Kuttner
Jonathan Caplan QC questions Goodman about seeing Kuttner after his arrest
The Prosecution Cross-Examine Clive Goodman
Anthony Edis QC questions Goodman on the Royal Directories
Goodman questioned on Glenn Mulcaire
Goodman’s meeting with Rebekah Brooks after arrest
The Prosecution question Goodman on Phone Hacking

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