Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 28 Nov

Thursday 28 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delays due to Legal Arguments
Video link will not happen today
Prosecution Evidence on Glen Mulcaire
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Teresa Thompson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Teresa Thompson
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Guest
Glen Mulcaire’s Whiteboards
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Fitzgerald
How they Hacked Voicemail
24 Hacking calls in one day
Neil Wallis phone Hacked
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Prosecution Evidence on Max Clifford
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Heron

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What the Hacking Trial has Revealed about the Culture of Fleet Street

After the first month of the Hacking Trial, and with a five day recess, I’m taking a moment to reflect on a wider issue, revealed by evidence, that does not impinge on any way on the case against eight defendants, who deny all the charges against them.

I personally think that whatever the outcome of the trials, and despite all the understandable limitations on reporting (the right to a fair trial trumps freedom of expression) this has been a good moment of transparency, for the press and for democracy.

In his opening remarks to the jury at Court 12 of the Old Bailey, Justice Saunders said “not only are the defendants on trial, but British justice is on trial.” I would only add: so is the British press.

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Rebekah Brooks phone hacking trial: five key claims| hacking trial News | The Week UK

Here are five key claims from the first month of the trial:

1. Brook’s ‘ordered deletion of millions of emails’

2. Huge sums paid to phone hacker

3. Milly Dowler story altered following text exchange

4. Brooks ‘boasted’ about phone hacking knowledge

5. Royal editor ‘warned executive of jail risk’

For more, see ‘The Week’: Rebekah Brooks phone hacking trial: five key claims| hacking trial News | The Week UK.

Hundreds of hacking calls made from ‘private wire’ inside NI HQ, jury told | Hacked Off

Hundreds of hacking calls were made from a “private wire” inside News International’s headquarters, the Old Bailey heard today.

Among those whose voicemails were accessed from the “generic” phone link at Wapping in east London were Katie Price, Tessa Jowell, celebrity PR advisor Alan Edwards and three Mail on Sunday journalists – Sebastian Hamilton, Dennis Rice and Laura Collins, the hacking trial was told.

Princes William and Harry’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, alone was called 416 times during a nine-month period, the court heard.

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Andy Coulson given sight of the 2,000 page Goodman Case in 2006

An email exchange from Monday (26th) which has been released by the crown prosecution service, which shows an exchange between Clive Goodman‘s solicitor, Henri Brandman (mentioned in the transcript of a phone call around the same time), Tom Crone New International’s legal director, and the then News of the World editor, Andy Coulson Continue reading

Martin Hickman: 10 Things We’ve Learned About News of the World

Martin HIckman, co-author with Tom Watson of Dial M for Murdoch, sits next to me at the court annex, and he’s writing a monthly blog with his acute and offbeat observations: this is his first, and by the look of it, the follow ups should not be missed. Follow him on Tumbler. I’m reblogging two of his points as a tease for the whole blog : Continue reading

Glenn Mulcaire’s £1m payments from the News International

Happy to reblog David Hencke, who has done some fabulous work on the Hacking scandal, on his blog and at Exaro. I haven’t seen David in the flesh since we met twenty years ago, while he was mid-way through one of the best journalistic investigations of the last few decades, exposing the Cash for Questions scandal circa 1994, and I was writing a TV drama about it. But here we are again: no rest for the wicked (and the good don’t need it)

Westminster Confidential

A fascinating memo has been released at the hacking trial this week and published on the great blog by freelance journalist PeterJukes.
Written by Tom Crone one of News International’s former trusted lawyers and sent to Andy Coulson, then editor of the paper, it details information apparently obtained by Rebekah Brooks from the police on the progress of the police investigation into the later convicted hackers,ex Royal correspondent Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.
It correctly predicts that the police are likely to ” bang to rights ” both of them. But interestingly it reveals that the police recovered invoices and payments totalling ” over a £1m” to Glenn Mulcaire revealing what a successful career the hacker had with the organisation over many,many years.
Ironically the cost of his work and others as Exaro News revealed before the trial has been secretly estimated by former News International chief…

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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 27 Nov

Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Peter Jukes Bunks Off Early
Prosecution Evidence on Stuart Kuttner
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
90 million Email Messages Recovered from NI
10 million NI Email Messages Deleted in 2010

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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 26 Nov

Tuesday 26 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Witness – Jo Manoukian
Prosecution Counsel questions Jo Manoukian
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Jo Manoukian
Mr Justice Sauders: “Very modest.”
Witness – Rafi Manoukian
Prosecution Counsel questions Rafi Manoukian
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Rafi Manoukian
Witness Statement – Margaret Atkinson
Prosecution Counsel Anthony Edis QC
Witness – Dom Loehnis (friend of David Cameron)
Prosecution Counsel questions Dom Loehnis
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Dom Loehnis
Further Prosecution question to Dom Loehnis
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Fletcher
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Fletcher
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Scott
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Scott

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Tom Crone’s email to Andy Coulson: Andy Coulson’s emails to NOTW Staff

Released in court was an email (provided by News Corp’s Management and Standards Committee) from in-house News International Lawyer Tom Crone dated September 15th 2006 apparently relaying information Rebekah Brooks had obtained from police officers in regard to the first arrests of Glenn Mulcaire and Clive Goodman.

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