About Unbound

Unbound, a revolutionary new way to get books published by involving readers, was launched at Hay Festival on 29 May 2011. Using the www.unbound.co.uk publishing platform, authors pitch their book ideas directly to their readers. Readers choose the ideas that they like on the website and pledge their support. When an idea has enough supporters, the book is written. If it doesn’t get enough support, it won’t. All pre-target supporters get their name printed in every edition of the book. All levels include the e-book and immediate access to the author’s shed. Supporters of books that don’t reach their target receive a FULL refund.

Since launching in May 2011, Unbound has already funded Evil Machines by Terry Jones and Crushed Mexican Spiders by Tibor Fischer and Museum without Walls by Jonathan Meades. Other Unbound authors include best-selling novelist Kate Mosse, Red Dwarf actor and novelist Robert Llwellyn, writer and columnist Vitali Vitaliev and the poet George Chopping.


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