Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 26 Mar

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Cheryl Carter’s Defence Continues
Carter is questioned by her Counsel about the Closure of NOTW
Carter’s Last Day
Carter Interviewed by Police
Cheryl Carter is Cross-examined by Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
Jonathan Laidlaw QC questions Cheryl Carter
Cheryl Carter is Cross-examined by the Prosecution
Mr Anthony Edis QC questions Cheryl Carter on Archiving
Carter Questioned on her Police Interviews
Removal of Archived Boxes
Emigrating to Australia
Electronic Devices

Cheryl Carter’s Defence Continues
Carter is questioned by her Counsel about the Closure of NOTW
Back at #hackingtrial with Cheryl Carter in the witness box, former PA to Brooks, questioned by her counsel Trevor Burke QC
Burke is looking at an email from 08/07/11 when Carter retrieved 7 boxes, marked Brooks notebooks, from archives.
Jury shown an email from Mr Murdoch calling a board meeting for a fortnight later. That even Carter emails Brooks about other PA away
That evening Brooks emails Carter about a band called ‘Master Butchers’ – £450 for 4 hours.
12/07/11 Carter was at work, had seen doctor. Carter writes to personal trainer Zac Taylor – concerned Brooks doesn’t she’s unwell
11/07/11 Carter is in the office the week after: she’s chasing up a missing archives trolley.
13/07/11 Carter is trying to work out holiday dates to coincide with Brooks’ next year – no idea of resignation.
Carter says she brought back Brooks’ personal elements from the archives on this Monday or Tuesday, she says.
“So grim here today” Carter texts about that week after the closure of NOTW; 100-120 of her friends being made redundant.
13/07/11 Carter contacts Brooks over DCMS select committee for the following week. She offered to cancel weekend away.
14/07/11 ‘Barney’, Carter’s solicitor emails her about makeup trademark dispute.
15/07/11 around 10 am Carter says she knew Brooks would be leaving NI – a leave of absence at that point she thought.
Mays emails Carter on 15/07/11 about Brooks’ belongings in ‘old warehouse’ on announcement of her resignation as CEO of News International
“I knew he had a Dr Who Dalek” says Carter about Brooks’ personal memorabilia on the day of her resignation.
That day Carter is emailing business partner Moxley who is also going to Enstone Manor that weekend Brooks’ was to be arrested.
Brooks complains her emails can’t be sent that mid day on 15/07/11. Carter can’t remember exact moment Brook left the building.
Carter explains she wasn’t needed when she spent 4 hours at Enstone on 16/07/11 she said: she only got some printer paper for legal team
Brooks emails Carter from new address – asking about her second passport, inviting her former PA over for dinner at the barn.
Carter’s Last Day
22/07/11 Carter’s last day: she contacts HR manager Derek Crowley, explaining she has hired a solicitor.
A second email to Crowley the day before Carter leaves NI, asking about keeping laptop, iPad, phone etc. Still planning to write Sun column
Carter says she took her laptop, iPad and phone: she kept them till October when she returned them
Another email from Carter to her daughter says she’s got a good lawyer: she’s unsure whether this is about redundancy or trademark dispute
23/07/11 Carter had concluded she would emigrate to Australia,
29/07/11 Carter went to Spain on holiday with her husband.
Previous Thursday Carter says she delivered several crates of material back to Rebekah Brooks, which had been kept in mother in laws garage
Jury are shown pictures of a van Carter and her husband used to deliver 8 crates of personal material to Rebekah Brooks.
Carter says Brooks’ memorabilia had been stored in mother in law’s garage: delivered by Jane Viner from NI
Carter says there’s “no doubt” Jane Viner booked a van to deliver the memorabilia to her mother in law’s house.
Carter says the material contained Brooks surrogacy details. Geoff Carter borrowed black van from work.
Carter says there was no room to store Brooks’ items in her own garage – hence the mother in law.
“Jane Viner knew everything” says Carter: “All the execs saw me” packing up Brooks’ stuff.
Carter explains she made police tea and coffee and cake and biscuits when they searched Brooks’ office on 15/07/11
During that five hour search Greenberg and Lewis were present. Carter was sitting there for 5 hours, but police never asked about her files
02/09/11 text from Brooks to Carter: “Can you do a few days for me. I’m struggling… overwhelmed by post”
03/09/11 Text from Brooks offering to pay for Carter’s trip to Australia as a “thankyou” – she and her husband went in November.
Carter says she had a limited awareness of operations Elveden and Weeting prior to Brooks’ resignation. MSC asked for Brooks bank statements
Carter asked about Brooks’ request for her 2003 desk diaries 23/06/11 – she didn’t know what Brooks wanted them for
Carter says she was “absolutely and totally shocked” about the hacking of Milly Dowler‘s phone. Brooks was “shocked as well… very upset”
“The general vibe was that it was terrible what happened” says Carter of Milly Dowler hacking. But she had no idea Brooks incriminated.
Carter talks about “a lot of letters” to Brooks she “intercepted and sent to Mark Hanna head of security”
Carter says she discovered the closure of NOTW the “same time as everyone else… I was shocked, very shocked”
Carter says Brooks was “very upset”
07/07/11 Rupert Murdoch called Carter and said “Please don’t let Rebekah resign”
“Oh my god Andy Coulson is being arrested” Brooks told Carter. “He was a very very good man, I was shocked” she says.
Carter recalls Brooks only talked about phone hacking after she was told her phone was hacked by police in November 2006
Carter is asked by Burke why she first told police that Brooks wasn’t there those days the boxes removed from archives.
Carter said she’d just got off a plane in November 2011. She thought the police were very nice and was trying to help.
Carter says Brooks “absolutely did not” instruct her to provide a false alibi for those days.
Back to the day when Carter got the 7 boxes out of archives on 08/07/11: she didn’t suggest any urgency.
Carter recruited her son Nick and Brooks’ occasional driver, Gary Keegan, to move the 7 boxes.
“I would never ever get my son involved in a criminal conspiracy,” says Carter of the removal of the 7 archive boxes.
Carter says archivist Nick Mays wasn’t a familiar face at all.
Carter apologises and laughs for nearly falling off her chair in the witness box. “I’m composed now”
Carter denies she told Nick Mays she was going through her cuttings that weekend to provide an alibi for the contents of the archive boxes
10/07/11 call signals show Carter in Oxfordshire. She says neither Charlie or Rebekah there. All she brought was jam for Brooks’ mother
Carter says she knew where Brooks was on the 10/07/11 – she was at James Murdoch’s home, near to where the Brooks’ live in Oxfordshire
Carter denies taking any of the contents of the archive boxes down to Brooks’ home in Oxfordshire that weekend
Carter says she worked for the new CEO Tom Mockeridge for a week after Brooks’ resignation.
Carter says she’d been thinking of emigrating to moving to Australia for some months in 2011 – because her visa was expiring.
In November 2011 Carter went to Australia for two weeks – spoke to Perth newspaper about working there.
Carter Interviewed by Police
On return from Australia, Carter texted by her son about police interview. Landed early morning UK time. Stayed awake.
Five police officers arrived about 1pm and searched Carter’s home: she felt no need to call a lawyer or under suspicion.
Carter made a witness statement during this first search. Her husband Geoff told police about emigrating to Australia – seemed unaware.
Carter called Brooks about police visit. Carter told her it was her stuff. Brooks did not seem worried, Carter says.
22/01/12 Carter was planning to emigrate. 06/01/12 police arrive at 7 am in the morning – Carter thought something had happened to her son
Carter arrested that day: “Not very nice – you get swabbed. They took my passport”: Carter kept in cells 4 hours. Husband got lawyer.
Carter got quite distressed during second police interview that her arrest had appeared in the news – didn’t want kids to find out that way
Carter says she had no records during that interview. She explains the number of “errors” about Brooks’ movements: “Not deliberate lies”
“Two and half years later they still have my passport” Carter says of the police
Carter says she thought the “police would sort it”: her family left for Australia on 22/01/12 while stayed in her mother in laws house
In March 2012, Carter’s husband returned for her bail, and she was charged. Her kids came home.
“You can’t believe it” says Carter of being charged on allegation of coverup.
Brooks returned with her new solicitor, Henri Brandman, to Putney Police to identify objects.
Carter was a beneficiary of Brooks’ insurance policy at NI.
Carter says she had no knowledge of Brooks’ affair with Andy Coulson.
“I’m not scared of Rebekah…. I would not commit a crime for Rebekah Brooks.” says Carter.
“She’s the most hard working person I’ve met… the kindest, most sincere person ever…. an amazing mum now” says Carter
“I didn’t and I don’t” says Carter of believing whether Brooks was ever involved in phone hacking.
Back after a break: Cheryl Carter has finished her evidence in chief. Now to be cross examined by other defence counsel and prosecution
Cheryl Carter is Cross-examined by Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
Jonathan Laidlaw QC questions Cheryl Carter
Mr Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, has some questions for Carter: first over Brooks’ use of notebooks.
Laidlaw asks about what happened to Brooks’ partially filled notebooks when she had to move office.
Carter says Brooks would generally use three or four pages – or if more – the notebooks would still be thrown away.
Laidlaw asks “what did archiving mean to you before we started the case?” Carter says “I’d never use the word archiving at all”
Carter reiterates that Brooks had “no involvement at all” with clearing out the office during her various moves.
What was kept or not was “my business” says Carter over the items in Brooks offices during her various changes of office.
Laidlaw cites a text from Carter “leaving with Rebekah” the day she resigns: she thought it was a leave of absence.
Laidlaw says Carter is mistaken about leave of absence. He goes back over the timeline from breaking of Milly Dowler story on 04/07/11
Laidlaw goes to the Saturday Rupert Murdoch arrived in London during the hacking crisis, and the week after when Brooks was ‘exhausted’
“Maybe a great deal was kept from you” says Laidlaw to Carter: “Pretty clear Mrs Brooks was leaving News International”
By late on 14/07/11 Brooks leave of absence had become a resignation. Following morning everyone knew Brooks was resigning
Laidlaw goes to the 28/07/11 return of 8 crates to Jubilee Barn “an area of some confusion” he says.
Before she left, Carter packed up the pod workstation of Brooks’ office. Jane Viner came to inspect what Carter had packed.
Carter explains the 8 crates from NI offices mainly concerned surrogacy, bank statements “there is a bit of work stuff” she concedes.
“Everything I believe that was to do with News International” was left behind in the office, says Carter. She showed Jane Viner “everything”
Carter says she left two full cupboards and a whole locker behind at TMS.
“When I arrived I went through the crates” says Carter of taking 8 office crates to Brooks: she recalls saying “These are you desk diaries”
Laidlaw says Brooks cannot recall Carter saying anything about “archives”. Carter says she might have mentioned “archives”.
Carter says there was no conversation with Brooks in late July about her taking 7 boxes out of archives on 08/07/11
Carter goes through the few items she remembers belonging to Brooks that were in those 7 boxes: a telephone call book from days at the Sun
“There’s no thought process” says Carter of why she filed away the 2007 phone book in archives in 2009 – but explains date to 2007
A 1994 contact list from a filofax and address was also packed in archives, says Carter.
Cheryl Carter is Cross-examined by the Prosecution
Mr Anthony Edis QC questions Cheryl Carter on Archiving
Laidlaw has finished his cross examination. Edis for the crown starts his.
“You have always said there were 30 of your notebooks in those boxes haven’t you?” says Edis. Carter: “Yes I have”
Edis asks Carter if Henri Brandman helped her identify the items she recognised at Putney Police station. He produces a letter.
15/10/12 from Brandman to CPS about meeting with Brooks’ solicitors and police. He wants to view the items urgently.
Carter knew the list of “non sensitive material” came from Kingsley Napley; there was “no gamble” she concedes in identifying anything
Edis counters the suggestion from Burke yesterday, that identifying any items held by police was “extremely risky” thing for Carter to do.
Carter says there were just these four items of Brooks’ in the 7 archive boxes. Edis produces an archive box.
Carter explains why she only filled the boxes two thirds of the way with six of her notebooks. He points out 30 notebooks could fill 3 boxes
Edis claims everything would fill 4 boxes: “Did you file three empty boxes” he asks Carter. “No I did not.”
Edis goes back to Carter’s 1st statement to police claiming archives chasing her to get rid of boxes back in July. Brooks away on boot camp
Carter says she binned her 30 notebooks on reclaiming the 7 boxes. Back then she had a different list of Brooks’ property to police.
Carter says she accidentally filed a desk diary. She misattributed some of the items in first interview with police she later corrected.
Edis adduces the 2007 Brooks “call book” 09/05/07 random entries “Andy, Deborah, Matthew Freud -no value at all when calls had been made”
“It’s got telephone numbers in, so it’s Rebekah’s… I wouldn’t throw them away” says Carter.
Edis says Carter had claimed she wanted to get away “old shit… which was worthless”. “I just wanted it out the way” says Carter.
“You were quite regularly throwing her stuff away without ever telling her” says Edis to Carter of Brooks’ stuff.
“Most people doing that job would check with the boss” says Edis. “I never checked with the boss” says Carter.
Edis gives Carter one of the two filofaxes Carter claimed were in the archive boxes. “Contact numbers” says Carter. In Brooks’ writing
Carter says she transferred contacts across from this filofax into electronic system: used until 1997. She archived it in 2009
“I didn’t think that should be thrown away,” says Carter: “It’s Rebekah’s”
Carter says she’d throw away old notebooks, but “not anything Rebekah’s”
Carter given another filofax with phone numbers circa 2003. It has Brooks’ handwriting. She says it was redundant for 6 years when archived
Edis holds up desk diary and says she would have been in trouble had Brooks known it had been put in archives. “It’s a personal document”
Edis points out it was business diary not a personal diary.
Edis points out that Carter shouldn’t have returned 1999 business diary as it was a business record. Carter says she thought it personal.
Carter says she needed help to move the archive stuff because they were “quite heavy” and she “needed help”.
Carter Questioned on her Police Interviews
Edis goes through first interview with police in 2011. Carter agrees the closure of the NOTW was “a very memorable day”
“I wasn’t concerned, I’d done nothing wrong” Carter says of first police interview.
Carter concedes she’d got rid of the contents of seven boxes marked Rebekah Brooks notebooks, but thought the police would clear it up
Carter says she didn’t talk to her son Nick about his police interview. She thinks “may be I did” have a copy of Nick’s witness statement
Edis goes back through the first statement that claimed Nick Mays contacted Carter in April 2011 about the archive boxes.
“I probably didn’t want them at the time” says Carter of the archive boxes in April 2011: “Would have left them in archive”
“It was my stuff so I wouldn’t have needed it” says Carter of archive boxes. “Apart from Rebekah’s notebooks I would have kept”
Carter says she wanted to see the contents of the boxes when there was a dispute over her ‘Famous’ trademark.
“I think I just wanted to see if there was anything in there that might have been relevant” says Carter of trademark dispute and archive
Saunders asks Carter if her memory about trademark issue was only jogged recently when she saw the email.
“Is that something you actually remember” ask Edis. “After seeing the emails it could have been something I remembered” says Carter
Carter agrees that yesterday is the first mention of this trademark dispute being the reason for seeing the 7 boxes.
There’s no mention of trademark dispute in all Carter’s statements up until 2013.
Carter says “nothing was resolved at all” about trademark dispute. “There wasn’t any files…. at all” on the Famous brand she says.
Carter says she thinks some emails about her trademark dispute might have been in the 7 archive boxes with her beauty stuff.
Carter eventually found the emails about the trademark dispute at home – she says these are the only documents about her Famous brand
Carter confirms in her work as a PA she was used to preparing business documents.
Cheryl Carter confirms her first statement was a “big mistake” and she apologises.
“You hadn’t had long to get a story together,” says Edis. “That’s wrong” says Carter. But agrees she hadn’t had much time to think abt boxes
Carter agrees she had about an hour to call her son at the stopover in Singapore on the way back from Australia. She didn’t call Rebekah
“I wasn’t worried about anything… at all” says Carter. “There wasn’t anything to tell her,” she says
Edis asks Carter why she didn’t forewarn Brooks about her son’s police interview. She reiterates she had no concern
In her original statement Carter had erroneously said Brooks was at boot camp: “It wasn’t a lie… it was in my recollection.. 2 years later
Edis says the day after NOTW closure announced was the “busiest day of the year… top priority items only”
Carter had said in first witness statement that Brooks’ absence meant she wasn’t so busy.
“Why did you decide to use this day to get these boxes?” asks Edis.
Carter concedes she and Brooks were “extremely close… she tasked me with stuff, but I ran my office myself”
Carter says there was hardly any time for a coffee or a chat: “We did speak a bit… How’s your mum? How’s Charlie?”
Carter reiterates that Brooks never gave her verbal instructions, only by email and text. Only ‘occassionally’ spoke about work.
Edis asks that during this time when everyone was distressed at NOTW closure: “Your first thought was to attend to a bit of filing?”
Carter confirms her son Nick was working at the Times in the advertising section. He could easily deliver home.
“You didn’t involve him in a criminal conspiracy because you didn’t tell him why these boxes should go home” says Edis. Carter: “No”
In original statement Carter mentions retrieving 3 pictures: she accepts it was just one framed Man City shirt.
Carter also says “I got that wrong too” about unpacking the boxes. “I was trying my very best” she says of misremembering.
“Those boxes contained what it said on the tin, Rebekah’s notebooks” says Edis. Carter says she meant the notepads and filofaxes
Carter thinks she confused a call back book with a list of party invitations when she flicked through.
“Mr Edis, it’s not an invention. I’ve tried my hardest to help the police” says Carter.
In her statement Carter had said she already had a job at a News International paper in Australia. Now she says it was provisional
“I recognised them straight away” says Carter of the filofaxes and diary on her trip to Kingsley Napley a year later.
06/01/12 police interview after Carter’s arrest. Interviews began at noon. Carter agrees she’d had plenty of time to talk to solicitor
DS Massey cautioned Carter before interview. “If you mention something later judge or jury might think you’ve made it up or lying”
Lunch break till 2.05 pm
Saunders explains to Jury Goodman’s health will not be known till this evening and Carter’s witnesses can only come on Friday.
So tomorrow may be a short day at the #hackingtrial
Edis takes Carter back 13/05/11 email about archives: she thinks she had a call from Nick Mays to retrieve archive boxes that April
In the May 11 email from Nick Mays he refers to material stored in 2010 – not the same time as the archive boxes, which were 2009
Mays email says he had collected the JRM portrait: he wants ‘guidance’ on what to do with other memorabilia.
“You were the PA to CEO and in a position to tell him what to do with her property,” says Edis.
Carter says she misread May email as a request for downsizing: “That’s how I would have read it in a busy office”
Carter’s interview under caution from 06/01/12 again says Brooks was away at boot camp.
Carter says she called Brooks after initial search she was “very alarmed”: Carter doesn’t think she told Brooks boxes had her name on
Carter also says she did not tell Brooks in November 2011 about the destruction of contents of boxes. “I thought it would just go away”
Carter concedes she was “worried” during initial search. She didn’t tell Brooks that some documents from archive had been returned to her
Edis says “the police might want to go and find them at the barn”. Carter agrees.
Carter says she was worried about police coming to her house, but not concerned about the boxes.
Carter says she told Brooks about the search, but can’t remember saying anything about police statement, or boot camp reference.
“I felt she ought to know the police had been at my doorstep and there is nothing to worry about,” says Carter of conversation with Brooks
“Mr Edis, I was brought up very well and I’m not dishonest” says Carter to crown’s accusation she is lying.
Edis goes back to caution statement where she said she found “three pads” in the archive boxes.
Carter concedes she should have said filofaxes rather than pads.
Edis says out “the word ‘pads’ is used on a number of occasions in this interview” with Carter in January 2012
Carter says in police caution interview that she didn’t explore “pads” any further because they were in Brooks’ handwriting.
In statement Carter says three pictures went back to her office pod: but there was only one recovered – a Man City shirt.
In previous statement in 2012 Carter says it was these three pads “were spiral…. these were blue” Edis:”These equal filofax in your mind?”
Edis on spiral notepads and filxofax: “You understand the suggestion they’re completely different things” Carter: “I do Mr Edis”
Edis goes back to the 8 crates Carter packed in July 2011 when she resigned.
Edis points out there were supplies of notebooks in Carter’s stationary cupboards. “Why did you need those if you didn’t need them?”
Carter says she kept copies of notebooks anyway.
Edis goes through a filing list created by a temp; “she took it upon herself to do this task” says Carter
This filing list was made on 12/07/11 soon after closure of NOTW: Carter says she didn’t know what the temp was doing.
“We had 16 diaries in that cupboard… there would be a section in here” says Carter of filing list
Removal of Archived Boxes
Edis turns back to Carter’s email saying the need for the archive boxes was ‘urgent’: “All my emails say ‘urgent'” says Carter.
Carter on picking up 7 boxes on 08/07/11 “I don’t think I did want them that day, but maybe because of makeup dispute…. wasn’t urgent”
Carter says there was “no pressure” for expedited delivery. Carter says the urgency came from the archivist Nick Mays
Edis cites email “Urgent – can you call me” – “Was it urgent?” Edis asks. “If it was to do with my make up dispute,” says Carter.
Carter concedes she told the police the call for boxes wasn’t urgent – but now agrees it was. She may have asked Mays for urgent delivery
Edis cites email from Carter to NIck Mays: “Can you give me an urgent call” Another “Can you call me asap?”
Keegan passes on Mays mobile number: she didn’t use it. “I didn’t think it was urgent at all” . She spoke to Mays at 10 am.
More emails showing Carter trying to call Mays again that morning of 08/07/11. Carter: “I don’t think it was urgent at all”
Edis turns to another bundle on Count 6 – the charge that Carter faces.
Carter claimed that description of Brooks archived notebooks was just on one post-it note: “quite a big post it note” Edis says.
Carter reiterates she would never have put ‘nee Wade’ on the archive forms.
Back to Carter’s post arrest interview in 2012 in which she says she was responsible for archive descriptions. “I would have done that”
Carter says she carefully mounted all her columns and files. “You would have needed these in Australia?”
“Why did you put your work in boxes you described as ‘old shit’?” asks Edis. “I’m sorry I said that,” says Carter. “
“At first you do want to keep them because you’re proud, but they…. move on” says Carter. But she paid £3000 for a container to Australia
“I don’t even keep my child’s birthday columns, it’s a terrible thing to say… I don’t like clutter” says Carter.
Edis points out Carter described “notebooks” ten times on one page of her interview.
Edis asks Carter why she told Mays about contents of the boxes being hers. “Because I’m a talkative person”
Edis says there was a good reason – police were investigating phone hacking during the period.
Carter says it “never occurred to me” that it would seem peculiar she was removing boxes on that week during phone hacking scandal
Carter denies she was “attempting to destroy evidence”
Carter explains of the move to CEO back in 2009 “we threw everything in”
Carter agrees she moved a lot of Brooks’ Sun material to the new CEO office. This stuff was archived by a temp says Carter.
“You have a pretty clear recollection of what happened?” asks Edis. “Yes. I remember some things” says Carter.
Back to interview under caution in which Carter says she stored her own stuff using Brooks name “I don’t think secretaries are”
“But you were a columnist” says Edis. “I thought of myself as a secretary.” says Carter.
Edis points out that Keegan had archived stuff before in her name, and was working with Carter that day: “Did she never tell you?”
“She was lucky to archive stuff in her name” says Carter of fellow PA Keegan: “I didn’t think we could”
“It doesn’t seem like shit necessarily” says police officer in original interview with Carter of filed notebooks in archives.
Carter clearly remembers Keegan was there helping with the packing, but might not have helped with the archive boxes
“I’m not sure Deborah helped me at all” says Police interview. Carter says she is talking about a different day.
Carter says she’s describing the Friday at the Sun, not the Sunday when Keegan came in.
Edis establishes there were boxes for archives, bin bags for rubbish and crates for stuff they wanted to keep.
Edis says Carter has “invented” everything since she heard Keegan’s evidence.
Carter says she make errors with police because was cold and scared and “I did my very best with her interview with police”
Carter says the emails she’s seen since helped her to remember. But they didn’t help with categories of rubbish, archive and crates.
Edis points out a temp archived some boxes at that point. Carter says she didn’t know they were archived anything at all.
Edis goes to Brooks’ will, stored in the office, which made Carter a 10% beneficiary of her insurance.
“Please return Rebekah’s notebooks” says an email from Carter to Mays in 2011.
Carter says all the boxes were unsealed, with Rebekah’s notebooks put on one post it note on one box. The archivist could look inside boxes
“Someone has written on this form was the boxes contained Rebekah Wade’s notebooks, but it wasn’t you” asks Edis. Carter agrees.
“I would never fill in any form like this” says Carter “I’m not stupid, no. But I never found out…. I put a post-it note on top of 7 boxes
“I would have just expected it to be done” says Carter of archiving form. “I expect Nick Mays”
Carter says she doesn’t remember telling Mays to expedite boxes, despite evidence of archivist and urgent email: 10 minute break
Edis wraps up looking at her interview under caution on 06/01/12 and delivery of items to Carter’s mother-in-law’s garage
Edis suggests the police would not be able to search Carter’s mother in law’s garage: Carter says there’s no truth in that allegation.
Carter explains her own garage was full up with her husband’s stuff. “Why not to Rebekah Brook’s house” asks Edis.
“Why wouldn’t she want couriers going to her home address?” asks Edis. Carter says she doesn’t know why.
“But there was going to be a delivery by strangers to her private address” says Edis of delivery of furniture.
Edis asks why Securicor weren’t hired: “Sounds like a better bet than your mother in laws address” “They were always there, they’re 80”
Carter says Brooks asked her to bring these items to her ‘privately’ on 28/07/11
Carter says Brooks’ belongs went to mother in law’s on the 22/07/11 via courier company organised by Jane Viner, NI exec.
Cheryl Carter claims News International knew Brooks’ business documents were being stored at her mother in laws house
Edis ask if “Mr Brandman, who’s quite well connected at News International” ever asked for the documents about delivery of boxes by Viner
Jury leave for a short bit of legal argument
Saunders tries to explain in a “neutral way” about inquiries to News International about Viner booking form.
Saunders explains that Carter’s team used the police to make NI request, but could have done so themselves
Edis moves onto Carter’s visits to Jubilee Barn in Oxfordshire – 4 or 5 times a year – to help with running home and paperwork
Carter accepts she went to Oxfordshire three times in July 2011 – takes about 1.30 mins to get there Carter says.
“You were driving for three hours and stayed there for how long” ask Edis. “Probably a couple of hours” says Carter.
Carter says the Deborah Weir was accompanied by her friend Hazel, and Charlie’s mother.
“I’m very close to her. She’s like a mother. Rebekah says ‘please check my mum’s OK'” says Carter of trip to Oxfordshire on 10/07/11
Carter says she went through her cuttings books on Saturday and Sunday evening.
Edis asks why Carter told Mays about going through her cuttings, and didn’t mention anything about the trip to Oxfordshire.
Emigrating to Australia
Carter on Mays: “My thinking was I was going to Australia anyway, so if he had the hump with me putting stuff in…. wouldn’t have mattered”
Carters says that by 10/07/11 she had decided to relocate to Australia.
Edis turns to 15/07/11 email to Carter “Is this now Oz?” Carter replies “I don’t know”.
Carter says her husband wasn’t sure he wanted to go to Australia.
Another email from Carter to a friend 13/07/11 : “I stand shoulder to shoulder with Rebekah – I have been with her 18 years”
“Were you shoulder to shoulder with her or emigrating?” asks Edis. Carter says she wanted to support Brooks but still got to Australia
Electronic Devices
Edis turns to some new emails from Carter’s Blackberry.
Carter to Brooks about new iPad 20/06/11 Brooks “Has all my emails on” Carter: “Mustn’t keep any old devices”
Edis asks about the “old devices”: Carter says there were about 100 iPads in the office, for different CEOs at the Times etc.
“I think my emails saying I didn’t want to get muddled” says Carter. She was helping.
“I told them they mustn’t keep any old devices” says email from Carter. She says she told IT department this.
“At this time there was a police investigation into phone hacking and you knew that?” says Edis. Carter “I wouldn’t have known any of that”
BREAKING: Carter claims the first she knew of Operation Weeting was on the 4th July 2011
Edis points out that Brooks thought she could be arrested as early as April. No chat about other arrests – Weatherup and Thurlbeck.
Carter accepts her job was to help Brooks but says “I knew nothing” of phone hacking inquiry “at all” until July 4th 2011
Carter concedes she knew about MSC and requests from Gideon Wynn Davies for Brooks’ bank statements.
Carter says she knew MSC was to investigate phone hacking and wanted Brooks bank records “something was going on”
“Why wasn’t it appropriate for IT dept to have ‘old devices’ of Rebekah Brooks?” asks Edis. “I didn’t want them to get muddled” says Carter
Carter says she needed old iPad back so as not to get muddled with the 100 iPads in her office.
Carter says Brooks needed lots of Blackberries because they wore out or she “dropped them in water”.
Carter says she let the IT department kept her old Blackberries. “Old devices” says Edis. “Yes”
Carter thinks Brooks had two iPads that year. She didn’t normally get old devices back from IT.
Break till 10 am.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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