Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 21 Nov

Thursday 21 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Additional Evidence presented to Jury
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Henron
Witness – Beverley Stokes
Prosecution Counsel questions Beverley Stokes
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Beverley Stokes
Counsel for Stuart Kuttner cross examines Beverley Stokes
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Ryall
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Ryall
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Andrea Fletcher
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Andrea Fletcher

The Prosecution Case Continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Back at the Old Bailey for the last day of the #hackingtrial this week – opening delayed by legal arguments
Additional Evidence presented to Jury
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Henron
Bryant Heron has some amendments to a bundle of evidence on count one – conspiracy to hack phones: Jury given new index & additional pages
Bryant Heron explains that the annotations on an email from Edmondson, was recovered from Mulcaire’s home address
Witness – Beverley Stokes
Prosecution Counsel questions Beverley Stokes
Bryant Heron calls Beverley Stokes as a witness: Stokes worked at NOTW as PA to Stuart Kuttner, the managing editor, 2005- 2009
Stokes was responsible for diary management, HR contracts, and authorised some payments on behalf of Kuttner and his deputy Paul Nicholas
Stokes, former NOTW pa, explains the authorisation process via the deskhead and to managing editor if over £1,999 circa 2005
Stokes explains the position with confidential cash payments: originally hand written by desk head, then entered electronically
Stokes recalls Clive Goodman making confidential cash requests for ‘Hall’ and ‘Alexander’: authorised by desk head and then managing editor
Stokes she never discussed these confidential cash payments with Stuart Kuttner #hackingtrial
Stokes explains that the managing editor annually set budgets for individual departments in consultation with NOTW editor
If a department went over budget, the managing editor would talk to the desk head, according to Beverley Stokes, former NOTW PA
Bryant Heron shows the jury an email from Goodman to Kuttner and Stokes 15/02/06 request for three ‘Blackadder’ payments page 32
The Goodman payments to Hall and Alexander under editorial management rather than the news desk: Managing Editor would make that decision
The Goodman email for three outside payments (total £900) is sent on to James Morgan with text “this week’s lucky winners are”
Prosecution call up a note Stokes made in 21/01/05 “Paul Williams £500 Greg Miskiw”: she can’t recall how it came to be made
Jury is shown a memo: “Proposed Savings for 2006/7 Editorial budget” “Reduce Nine Consultance to £76k to news desk saving £28k”
Stokes confirms document about Nine Consultancy savings would have come from the managing editor’s office.
Nine Consultancy, mentioned in 06/07 cost savings, was Mulcaire’s company
Stokes says she sent out an email to desk heads for any story that cost £1000 on a weekly spend.
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Beverley Stokes
Langdale counsel for Coulson cross examines Stokes who says Coulson was “nice enough guy… a bit aloof”
Langdale calls up an email from Stokes thanking Coulson for a pay rise.
Stokes had more email contact with Goodman than any other reporter: they had “good working relationship… jokey…. at times”
Stokes confirms she made a lot of cash payments for Goodman. She concedes he could be a ‘bit overdramatic at times’
“I couldn’t possibly comment” Stokes on Goodman exaggerating. Judge Saunders intervenes “That’s not an acceptable answer”. Stokes says “no”
Jury is shown an email from Goodman to Stokes 12/04/06 about ‘Alexander’ cash payments and Prince Harry story. (Alexander was Mulcaire)
Later in same email chain about ‘Alexander Payment’ Goodman jokes about being drowned in the Thames. Another email shows same jokey tone
Goodman on payments to officers “Two are in uniform – them, you, me, the editor – would all end up in jail if anyone traced their payments”
BREAKING: Goodman email to Managing Editor PA about cash to officials says we “could all end up in jail if anyone traced their payments:
Another Goodman email on “Kate’s Sex swap dealer” chasing up £250 for an Alec Hall.
BREAKING: Another email 21/01/06 from Goodman “Mr Farish…. because of his extremely sensitive job. Curtains for him and us…”
Edmondson email to Kuttner and Bev Stokes 01/02/06 talks of £1000 for another “confidential source”
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, calls up another email from Stokes to Coulson about other large payments 17/05/06
Email removed from screen on Justice Saunders concern for confidentiality of other NOTW columnist and annual payments from £40k to £182k
Another Goodman Stokes email exchange 26th July 2006 pressing to get cash payments for Alexander again
Counsel for Edmondson cross examines Stokes on the managing editor role in hiring and firing: very much the managing editors role
Counsel for Stuart Kuttner cross examines Beverley Stokes
Caplan, counsel for Kuttner, cross examines Stokes on her impressions of Kuttner: she agrees he worked long hours, a “stickler” she agrees
Stokes agrees Kuttner was “somewhat old fashioned” and that he wanted to reduce spending at desk head levels.
Stokes says that occasionally her former boss Kuttner would appear on television as a spokesman for the newspaper
Stokes explains she had signing authority only after six months, she thinks to a limit of £5,000.
Stokes confirms that paymentt not come into Kuttner’s office, with exception of “editorial management’ covered by senior editorial levels
Caplan produces 2005 attendance record for Kuttner’s diary showing a whole week in July and days in August he was on holiday or sick leave
Caplan explains his reason for adducing these absences: some of the Goodman emails were sent to Kuttner when he was away
Bryant Heron says Beverley Stokes may be required again as witness, but no further questions for her today
Brief break
Jury back in Court 12 after a break for legal arguments #hackingtrial
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Ryall
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Ryall
The crown recalls DC Ryall from Operation Weeting to go over Count One evidence – allegations of conspiracy to hack phones
Ryall, case officer for Ian Edmondson investgation confirms at 27/04/06 email to Mulcaire email about “edward paschal quigley” mobile nos
Jury is shown as sequence of email to Edmondson from Mulcaire with details of phone numbers, addresses, and targets
These emails to Edmondson from Mulcaire have been provided by News Corp’s Management and Standards Committee.
Email from Muclaire (using Williams alias) to Thurlbeck in 31/08/05 requesting £1k payable to Nine Consultancy over investigation of “Excel’
Thurlbeck ask please send company info. Mulcaire gives Nine Consultancy. Thurlbeck cc’s in Edmondson and Morgan for ‘Delia Smith‘ checks
Bryant Heron then draws up Mulcaire notes we have seen before on Calum Best timeline. Coulson reply to Edmondson; “Do his phone”
More documents from Jowell and Prescott timeline shown to jury in Edmondson bundle – seen in previous evidence
Jury are shown again the Tessa Jowell email from Edmondson, billed by Crown as “the email that closed the News of the World” #hackingtrial
The Edmondson bundle now moves into The Lord Frederick Windsor timeline of Mulcaire hacks
As I said before lunch, we’re on Lord Frederick Windsor Timeline: Goodman email to Edmondson, followed by 27/04/06 email on pin and numbers
Edmondson email on Frederick Windsor‘s mobile number and PIN was one of 3 which initiated Operation Weeting – the MPS hacking investigation
Jury is now shown the graphic (seen before) about voice mail message transcripts from Thurlbeck, to Edmondson and Weatherup #hackingtrial
Jury shown again 10/12/05 Goodman to Edmondson email about Harry at Sandhurst in reference to Paddy Harverson, Royal Aide
We’re now looking at the Paddy Harverson timeline: Goodman to Edmondson email on draft Harry article “massively dangerous to source”
Jury is shown again the third of three emails that initiated the current police phone hacking investigation: the Kerry Katona email
Jury is shown an email from Keith Gladdis 03/07/08 email to Edmondson with mobile number for Mark Croft and Kerry Katona
Jury is shown a Goodman, Weatherup, Edmondson exchange about Tom Parker-Bowles: Goodman writes “Getting Greg to do a few dark arts”
Jury shown again two emails from 25/02/05 with Edmondson trying to terminate the services of Mulcaire.
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Andrea Fletcher
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Andrea Fletcher
We’re now moving onto section 2 of this bundle – associated with Brooks. DC Andrea Fletcher, Weeting case officer, is sworn in
DC Fletcher is helping to verify Brooks related evidence: firstly a PCC letter from March 07 after original Goodman/Mulcaire convictions
The jury is shown Brooks’ reply to PCC eight days later on 27/03/07 – document supplied by Linklaters
In reply to PCC on “phone message tapping” Brooks says deplores practices exposed by Goodman case, and talks of instant dismissal
Brooks also says no cash payments to contributors are made by the Sun without personal approval by herself, the editor
The letter talks about “complete consultation with Rebekah” but then is signed in her name
PCC appeal to Brooks in 23/07/09 when she was CEO of News International about parliamentary in “phone tapping” after Guardian artIcles
Baroness Buscombe, chair of PCC, asking Brooks for help to prove to Parliament sufficient had been done by the press over phone hacking
Brooks’ reply to Baroness Buscombe 14/09/09 about the select committee hearings: explains changes in contracts at NI, data protection etc
Brooks’ letter explains that all 4 papers under her control, NOTW, Sun, Times and Sunday Times, have strict data protection processes
Brooks writes that ‘subterfuge’ only decided at editorial level for stories in sufficient public interest defence: arms dealing, child abuse
On cash payments, Brooks writes about strict protocols; confidential sources must be explained to managing editor, and checks against ID
Brooks’ 2009 conclusion “there can be no journalist work for NI.. who is not regularly reminded of PCC code, and consequence of ignoring”
March 2011 Daisy Dunlop writes to senior execs Chris Bryant allegations about that hacking began under Rebekah Brooks
Daisy Dunlop is transcribing questions in the House by MP @ChrisBryantMP
Dunlop email is forwarded to Charlie Brooks email address, and the next day email from Brooks to Will Lewis: “Bryant…pretty aggressive”
BREAKING: Lewis writes back to Charlie Brooks: “Bryant is clearly making stuff up… He, other MPs, Panorama… attempt to target Rebekah”
Charlie writes back to Lewis: “Thanks Will…. I’m glad she has you belong side her”
All these documents found on an Apple Mac PC found at Brooks’ London address
Email 07/03/11 from Simon Greenberg to Will Lewis cc’ing Brooks subject ‘mea’ about a response to phone hacking allegations
Greenberg amends the News International statement about how the ‘rogue reporter’ defence was wrong.
Greenberg draft announcement deals with civil claims and concludes “To those who would use past events to restrict our industry’s freedom”
Will Lewis responds to ‘Mea” and says “I don’t think we should the rogue reporter phrase in this statement”
Brooks replies: “Send to me please”. Rewrite “we intend to engage & challenge those who clearly wish to restrict our industry’s freedom”
From same Apple Mac PC at Brooks’ London property: internal email to News International Staff 08/04/11 with attached NI statement
Email from Phillip Dunne MP to Charlie Brooks 04/07/11: “Charlie thought you ought to see this…” email about Milly Dowler phone hacking
Charlie Brooks replies “Is the problem below a problem for Rebekah” Lewis replies “Another attempted hit on Rebekah from Watson….”
05/07/11 1.30 am Greenberg statement address to Brooks and Lewis; “Draft RB statement” is then forwarded to Charlie’s email.
Brooks draft email to staff at 12:18 about the “sickening… devastating” hacking of Dowler’s voice mail
“News Int has had no visibility of the evidence available” writes Brooks to staff in July 5th, 2011
Brooks adds 05/07/11 “It is almost too horrific to believe a… journalist or even freelance inquiry agent… could behave in this way”
“I hope that you all realise it is inconceivable that I knew, or worse, sanctioned these appalling allegations” Brooks to Staff
June 2000 news clip, retreived from Mulcaire’s address about Miskiw being removed from NYC by Brooks and setting up investigations unit
Email from Kuttner to Miskiw about being over budget in September 2000 copying in Coulson and Brooks
Email from Thurlbeck to Brooks 27/09/00 about his salary. She replies to Coulson and Kuttner “I want Neville to have that promotion ASAP”
DC Fletcher says this email highlights that Brooks always wanted to be in the loop in staffing decisions
Edis explains how Thurlbeck was prosecuted and acquitted in a previous unrelated case, referred to in that email
29/09/00 Brooks to Kuttner promoting and giving pay rises to Thurlbeck and Stenson “two self generating journalists”
Jury shown fax from Brooks to Sir Donald Irvine head of GMC 27/10/00 about doctors misconduct story in the NOTW
Jury shown a Nov 2000 costs letter to Brooks and Coulson about saving £2302 a week on TV listings
Jury shown a 2001 redesign letter for NOTW: cites budget control “£500 limit on heads of department”
Jury shown email from Judy McGuire to Brooks asking to give senior sub payrise. (Not shown on screen)
Brooks email 01/03/01 “issues”: summarised by prosecution as showing her over details of NOTW
Email from Brooks on a trip to Ireland to NOTW staff “I’ll be checking in regularly”
Jury shown several emails from Brooks which prosecution allege show close supervision of NOTW
Brooks ‘confidential’ email establishing Greg Miskiw’s special investigations unit in 2001
More emails from 2001 show Brooks managing budgets, giving bonuses for anyone who reduces costs, and regular meetings with desk heads
Saunders closes the court earlier today. Back on Monday morning
Here’s the Tom Watson point of order on Milly Dowler, featured in Charlie Brooks/Lewis emails revealed in court today http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2011-07-04a.1249.0#g1250.2

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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