Charlie Brooks Will Lewis email exchange: Chris Bryant MP “making stuff up”

Here’s the email exchange cited today in court between Rebekah Brooks‘ husband Charlie, and Will Lewis, formerly a senior executive at the Telegraph and then a senior News International executive.  It was prompted by questions raised in the House of Commons by the Labour MP Chris Bryant.

Will Lewis went on to run, under Lord Grabiner, the Management and Standards Committee, which provided evidence to the three MPS investigations – Operation Weeting, Elveden and Tuleta – as proof of co-operation with the police and compliance with US Department of Justice requirements under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Lewis is now a senior News Corp executive in New York.

The date, May 11th 2011, is two months before the Milly Dowler news turned the hacking scandal into global news. It marks, however, a crucial moment in the history of the scandal, when the renewed Metropolitan police investigation Operation Weeting, had made several new arrests.

The mention of Brooks spending all day with Rupert Murdoch relates to News Corp meeting in Murdoch’s Mayfair apartment, related in my book The Fall of the House of Murdoch, when board level discussions of the handling of the crisis led to high level resignations in the News Corp email-from-will-lewis-to-charlie-brooks-11-mar-2

2 thoughts on “Charlie Brooks Will Lewis email exchange: Chris Bryant MP “making stuff up”

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  2. Reblogged this on David Hencke and commented:
    This little gem from Peter Jukes comes from documents released in the hacking trial and shows the dislike in the Murdoch Empire for Chris Bryant having the temerity to suggest they could have been. involved in phone hacking. Note BBC Panorama being ” hit” by two legal letters and the determination that Rebekah Brooks must be protected from any suggestion that phone hacking took place prior to 2005. ” We will not let this happen”says Will Lewis. No comment is necessary now.

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