Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 27 Nov

Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Peter Jukes Bunks Off Early
Prosecution Evidence on Stuart Kuttner
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
90 million Email Messages Recovered from NI
10 million NI Email Messages Deleted in 2010

The Prosecution Case Continues
Peter Jukes Bunks Off Early
Back at #hackingtrial – but will have to bunk off half an hour early for live interview with R4 media show at 4.30 with @steve_hewlett
I know – I’m a very very naughty attention seeking boy: but it’s a long standing commitment
Tomorrow court will start at 11.30 because of video link: #hackingtrial
Prosecution Evidence on Stuart Kuttner
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Bryant Heron for prosecution is going through Stuart Kuttner documents, former NOTW managing editor: he calls Weeting detective to verify
A three page memorandum from NI archive from 06/10/99 from Kuttner to Miskiw “Research and survellance Costs” more than £167k per annum
On the same Kuttner/Miskiw 1999 memo is the cost of external contributors for 98-99 total £265k – almost £14k a month
Kuttner email 15/08/01 to several recipients about tax treatment of external contributors unless true freelancers “treat as de facto staff”
3-page memo from Kuttner to Brooks (09/10/01) cc’ing Coulson details managing editorial budget of £17k per week. £7k for contributors
02/10/01 (just after Mulcaire first contract) Kuttner writes no new commitments. 11/10/01 Costs Review from Kuttner to staff on Staff Frieze
2002 Kuttner gives Miskiw a £1k bonus for “diligent stewardship” of his budget
06/02/02 Brooks email to Kuttner and Coulson on ‘serious consequences’ after drop of ad revenue. Kuttner replies about picture desk budget
Email from Neville Thurlbeck asking Kuttner for a new laptop
23/09/03 Email from Thurlbeck’s home account to Kuttner detailing costs of a few hundred for an ongoing investigation. Girl will cost £1k
A three page doc from NI archive 23/05/05 from Surrey police to Coulson complaining about behaviour of NOTW reporter McGee
Kuttner replies to assistant chief constable of Surrey reiterating NOTW’s and his personal promise to help in Milly Dowler case
Email 06/05/09 from Kuttner to Colin Myler (then NOTW editor) “NOTW been my life for 29 years… PI activities, bridging journalist and mgmt
The Kuttner email is a response to Myler “recasting his role”: he asks to “resume his existing role” with PCC etc or a “clean break”
Myler forwards to Cloke FYI – Kuttner resigns in 2009
Now moving onto documents jury have already seen in timeline with Bryant Heron for the crown, Weeting DC verifying
Many redactions in these documents – “nothing suspicious just about relevance” says Bryant Heron to Justice Saunders
The first handwritten note from Kuttner re Milly Dowler “something is happening – M to run it” and lists a Surrey police email and numbers
Kuttner notes Sarah MacGregor at Surrey Police press office and Ricky Sutton’s number (NOTW journo); Clark and O’Connor senior officers
03/05/02 Kuttner note says “New Pic of Milly” and name checks ‘Sarah Arnold’: Staines police station tagged ‘Ricky’
15/05/02 Kuttner handwritten note has another reference to ‘Milly’ August 02 note has “Milly Squat”
A note from Gill, financial controller at NI, with the policy on approval for contributor payments and their limits
More documents the jury have already seen in the Milly Dowler timeline, but now part of Kuttner bundle:
Bryant Heron explains it’s a draft NOTW leader from 30/03/02 about Milly Dowler‘s disappearance
Email from Kuttner 12/04/02 to ACC Surrey Police asking a series of questions about the Dowler investigation – read before in court
Email jury have seen before from Kuttner to Surrey Police press office referring to messages left on Dowler’s phone: advises other nos
01/05/02 another email from Kuttner to Surrey ACC offering a reward for information on Dowler and advantages of it to police investigation
19/03/02 staff officer writes to Surrey Chief constable about reporter Ricky Sutton complaining police weren’t listening to NOTW ideas
Another email seen before attaching Kuttner’s further offer of a NOTW reward to Surrey Police
Email from Goodman to Kuttner costing elements in his ‘Blackadder’ column.
Edis for the crown steps in to record the approval rates from 2002-2011 for the clarity of Justice Saunders
Bryant Heron has a list of further ‘admissions’ or ‘agreed facts’ by all sides, for the jury in the #hackingtrial
A short break once the jury have reassembled their bundles #hackingtrial
Bryant Heron goes through admissions on the ‘treatment of emails at NI”
90 million Email Messages Recovered from NI
Approx 90 million email messages from NI have been recovered, including duplicates. This does not represent ALL email messages
Millions of emails missing: before 2005 no archiving policy – so individuals could have deleted all their emails
After 2005 archiving only took place after 14 days, so any deleted before them. Users could also opt out of archiving system, about half did
10 million NI Email Messages Deleted in 2010
Approximate 10 million emails deleted in 2010 – purges through maintenance and disk maintenance. Now not available
Those above emails cannot be retrieved because they predate any backup. 2007-2010 more millions of emails deleted.
The email deletion policy at NI: after Jan 05 NI archive grew year on year. By 08 system beginning to creak and log ins slow
In 2009, with the move to Thomas More Square, IT department redesigned system and gave a time limit to storage
November 09. Senior Execs launch a more aggressive purging policy. In 2010 a new policy was created over storage of emails
Document ‘NI Framework for Email Retention Policy’ all email between 96 and 2010 – 12 terabytes of data accumulated.
Archived emails over 6 months are hardly ever activated, says NI document. “Eliminate in consistent manner… emails that can be unhelfpul”
The date of that Retention Policy is date 27/01/10
12/05/10 Brooks wrote to NI legal director asking what happens to her emails with deletion. Chapman replies emails before 07 gone forever
On 18/05/10 Hickey from IT emails Brooks and others about revised ’email retention” discussed with Brooks.
29/07/10 Brooks emails Chapman “How come we still haven’t done email deletion policy?…. Another reason for Andy to be consulted”
By August 2010 new policy agreed; kept for 3 months prior to deletion. Move from Wapping to Thomas More Square underway
All these statements are ‘admissions’ or ‘agreed facts’
04/08/10 Brooks emails team on email deletion “anything before Jan 2010 will not be kept”
Hickey replies to Brooks about “company policy…. in case it is miscontrued”. Several people at work for move to Thomas More
Hickey “Your note mentions Jan 2010 as cut off date…. this differs from previous statement july 07… everything pre JRM (James Murdoch)
Brooks to Hickey: “Completely agree re company wide coms. Yes to Jan 2010. Clean Sweep.”
But in September 2010 the migration did not take place because of problems with transferring volumes of emails
07/10/10 Brooks chases up Chapman on “email deletion policy”; 08/10/10 writes to head of IT cc’ing Brooks
“Giving continuing interest in NOTW” hacking “emails will be preserved… Coulson, Thurlbeck, Wallis, Miskiw, Evans” says Chapman
Chapman writes that Brooks and James Murdoch email will also have to be preserved.
NI contracted Essential Computing to go over to PST system for Microsoft Outlook “only for the last twelve months”
In Jan 11, Will Lewis writes that he needs Edmondson, Coulson, Thurlbeck, Hall, Kuttner, Mulcaire, Marunchak, Wallis emails preserved
Because of “outstanding matters” IT told to preserve same names (I missed Crone) whose email archive needed extracting
The extraction started with 10 users, and grew to 29, when contractors arrived in mid January 2011.
The email preservation policy extends after chat with Chapman and Julian Pike: all Coulson, Kuttner, Wallis NOTW emails
New policy: all news desk correspondence with more than 90s names. All emails sent to (including previous names) Crone, Singh, Taylor, Evans
12/01/11 29 users mailboxes extracted and 8 executives (the latter back to Jan 09) only. On 14/01 further 16 mailboxes extracted
Those emails extracted were transferred to a laptop PST file. The source data was then deleted.
18/01/11 A further 52 mailboxes extracted from NI archives; first group all mail, the second 05-6. 105 different users mail boxes extracted
The deletion took place in stages: first batch before Jan 07, second all 07. First batch deleted last weekend of Jan 2011
Deletion recommenced on 7th Feb – by then no emails beyond Dec 08 existed.
Edis admits “This sort of information is always tedious and difficult’ and moves onto a new section
Edis reads out further admissions or agreed facts over Eimear Cook
Going to have to scoot to Radio 4 interview; follow @jamesdoleman or @martin_hickman @Fhamiltontimes @SkyFixerJim @robindbrant
Some comic confusion in Broadcasting House reception: BBC Chief Salmon almost took my place. Lovely funny bloke though
On at end of #R4Media show, so time to catch up on news Mulcaire was paid £7k to track the Bulger killers, then on witness protection

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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