Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 25 Nov

Monday 25 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
A witness from Los Angeles later this week
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Fletcher
Witness – Fiona Makin (former PA to Stuart Kuttner)
Prosecution Counsel questions Fiona Makin
Counsel for Stuart Kuttner cross examines Fiona Makin
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Fiona Makin
Timeline – Eimear Cook (wife of golfer Colin Montgomery)
Counsel for the Prosecution Andrew Edis QC
Eimear Cook delayed
Evidence on Andy Coulson
More Evidence on Andy Coulson
Clive Goodman recorded conversation with Andy Coulson
Timeline – Eimear Cook (wife of golfer Colin Montgomery)
Prosecution Counsel questions Eimear Cook
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Eimear Cook
Further Prosecution question to Eimear Cook

The Prosecution Case Continues
A witness from Los Angeles later this week
Is it Groundhog Day? I’m back in the same place, same people, same view: ah, no. It’s week 5 of the #hackingtrial
The jury is not required on Wednesday morning discussions about shortening case. Thurs PM a witness via video link from Los Angeles
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Fletcher
Bryant Heron for crown recalls DC Fletcher from Weeting. Going through bundle 2 of count 1, conspiracy to phone hack, documents
We’re going through a number of emails about Brooks’ running of her papers, which are more relevant at a later stage: no screen shots
There’s an email to Brooks from Kuttner about expenditure on pictures: another from Miskiw about 7.5k payment for story and which budget.
Other email Brooks expresses concern about News desk expenditure to Thurlbeck and Miskiw: Kuttner: “I’m going to be unbelievably tough”
Another email from Brooks “It’s madness” about Miskiw in 2001, asking Kuttner to authorise anything over £2k
Another from Kuttner cc’ed to Brooks and Coulson, to picture desk 2001 about overspend: “ed’s instruction all depts must operate in budget”
Another 2001 email from managing ed on NOTW overspend from outside contributors. Brooks to Miskiw asking about ongoing stories in July 01
A 2-page exhibit in reply to Brooks gives reporters responses, and she directs the content of the paper, the jury hears
Still in July 01: email to Brooks about McCartney getting engaged. In Sept: Miskiw reports back to Brooks about a story – she instructs
More emails from 2001 showing Brooks supervising employment, the appearance and NOTW, chasing Miskiw for stories and tell him to progress
Email from Brooks in Feb 02 discussing reduction in budgets. 14/04/02 more cuts. Brooks supervising a Sven Goran Eriksson story
June 2002 Brooks to Miskiw, Scott and others about Mail on Sunday article they must ‘weave in’ at 8.44 pm on Saturday evening
22nd June 02 Brooks replies to stories in Sunday Mirror: Brooks says they must update the NOTW ‘Sven’ story
July 2002: Brooks to Scott and Akass about Shipman coverage
Three page exhibit about a draft story sent to Brooks and asking about PCC. “No problem as long as it’s accurate….. public interest”
Jury shown raft letter from Coulson to Brooks among others on a story about Heather Mills from August 2002.
Sept 2002, Brooks to Coulson, Thurlbeck etc demanding to know how Mirror got exclusive picture of Maxine Carr (Soham murders)
Saturday afternoon in Dec 02, Brooks asking NOTW staff “come on guys what have you got?
Another email about a court appearance in 2002, Brooks suggests an approach to the story: maybe Kuttner can get info from Chief Constable
Jury shown a draft article from Jeff Webster: Brooks makes extensive notes
Jury shown 2 page exhibit from Brooks’ office Sept 02 setting out stories that need sorting out by ‘night conference’ – Dowler story at top
“We can’t be beaten by the Mail on Sunday” says Brooks, sending out a photographer to get a picture in 2002
8pm on a Saturday evening, Brooks to telling news desk to read ‘Sunday Mirror Angus Deayton buyout’ immediately
Brooks back to then NI CEO, Les Hinton, early 2002 NOTW was on “a high’ compared with competitors, circulation, and relationship with Sun
Brooks to Hinton concludes: “failing to meet lead budgets”
We now move on to Jan 2011: Brooks to her PAs, cc’ed to Coulson: “Need to see Andy tomorrow somewhere discrete, like a hotel”
Carter replies to Brooks with a Hotel. Coulson replies from a yahoo address: Can we make it 7.44? Brooks was CEO NI, Coulson working for Cam
14th Jan 2011: electronic note of meeting with Coulson at 7.54 AM.
PA Carter to Brooks and 30/01/11 telling her that police called Andy Coulson. Weeting started four days before
Back to 2002 and a letter of condolence from Brooks in 2002 to the parents of Milly Dowler after her body was discovered
05/07/11 Brooks to Chief Constable of Surrey Police, and cce’d to chief investigator on Weeting, asking why NOTW not given notice of hacking
Brooks asks Surrey Police chief for more information on Dolwer hacking
Handwritten diary entry from 12th April 2007 shows Brooks setting up meeting with Clive Goodman at RAC club: followed by receipt for £67.40
May 07 Brooks to Goodman on working for Sun “I really need a decision on Diana project… sub editors training course… well paid…”.
Goodman writes to his lawyer Tony Lorenzo about “passing” on freelance contract but still talking about sub-editorship
18th May 07 Brooks replies to Goodman on sub-ed job with PA/Sun “we’ll get you the contract”/
Email from Jeff Webster to Wade on Mail theory Milly Dowler‘s body has been found.
Sept 05 20th Brooks work diary “lunch Rafi, Amir. Monty” – to be explained later
The jury is shown a schedule of Brooks Coulson phone calls Feb 04: Bryant Heron says “we’ll return to this in due course”
Witness – Fiona Makin (former PA to Stuart Kuttner)
Prosecution Counsel questions Fiona Makin
Prosecution calls Fiona Makin, who was PA to Stuart Kuttner (she couldn’t make last week so slightly out of sequence)
Makin was in Kuttner’s office from 1997 to 2004, and promoted to deputy managing editor,
Making explains expenses, contributor payments, contracts and discipline all came through Kuttner’s office
Makin says she initially had a ‘signing limit’ that rose to £50,000
Makin cannot remember authorising payments to Glenn Mulcaire
Makin is shown July 13 04 email to Ian Edmondson with his contract for re-employment inclosing a pamphlet ‘Integrity, Honesty and Fair Play’
Makin shown a cash docket 27/01/06 £150 cash payment p38/Hall/Goodman.txt out of managing editors budget.
Makin says Clive Goodman‘s ‘Blackadder’ Royal column might have been separated and come under managing editor’s budget
BREAKING: Makin from NOTW Managing Editors is shown a Euro Research contract for 92k Mulcaire’s company. She says: “I knew them by name.”
Asking who would know about £92k, Making says “my assumption was managing editors office approved it.”
Counsel for Stuart Kuttner cross examines Fiona Makin
Makin cross examined by Kuttner’s counsel: she explains she was secretary before joining Managing editor’s office from 1997 to mid 2002
Makin says she was supported by Kuttner and had an aptitude for that job “I had maths at A Level’. Kuttner supported her move to HR in 2002
Makin says Managing Editors office was “very busy”
Makin is shown (again) a doc from 20/04/02 from Kuttner to press officer Surrey Police saying DS McEntee passed on detail of Dowler messages
Makin agrees Kuttner was hard working, thorough, old fashioned, that “he didn’t adapt to new technology readily.”
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Fiona Makin
One question by Langdale on behalf of Coulson: Makin agrees she’d heard nothing of phone hacking till Goodman/Mulcaire case in 2006
Ten minute break
Timeline – Eimear Cook (wife of golfer Colin Montgomery)
Counsel for the Prosecution Andrew Edis QC
Andrew Edis QC, counsel for the prosecution, now takes the jury back to a timeline on Eimear Cook, wife of Golfer Colin Montgomery
Eimear Cook will be giving evidence later, but Edis says first he’ll go through the timeline with DC Fletcher case officer for this timeline
First document is back to NOTW article from 02/06/06 “Macca throws Heather’s ring out of the Window”
According to the NOTW article, the ring throwing moment with McCartney and Mills happened in Miami
A Sunday People article from the same date has a different story – exclusive about a family rift among the McCartney’s over Mills marriage
Jury shown a ‘Greg’ tasking to Mulcaire from September 02 “re Colin Montgomery” with numbers, bank account, and no of ex wife Eimear Cook
The next (undated) Mulcaire page has “call America” and “most favoured calls” with the word ‘Alabama’ and Eimear Cook’s old mobile number
The Mulcaire entry has “30 times” circled. The note ‘just talk’ and name and number of Mrs Atkinson – a friend of Eimear Cook’s mother
A dated Mulcaire entry 10/07/04 “Greg’ tasking: ‘reset voicemail PIN with names of Montgomery and Eimear: reset pin 3333
Third line up from Mulcaire’s Montgomery notes: “Cust password of the day” – which DC Fletcher thinks is the network password
Another Greg tasking for Eimear and Montgomerie 07/07/04: Mulcaire notes addresses and service providers, crossing out all but Vodaphone
Mulcaire’s computer has an entry for Colin and Eimear Montgomerie’s mobiles. NOTW 13/01/05 “unresolved divorce settlement turned nasty”
Eimear Cook delayed
Calling of Eimear Cook as witness is delayed because of some missing documents.
Another short break for legal matters to be discussed
Evidence on Andy Coulson
More Evidence on Andy Coulson
While we wait for Eimear Montgomerie, Edis for the crown takes us to more evidence on Andy Coulson, including a tape
8th Nov 2006 Goodman and Mulcaire arrested: 29th entered guilty pleas:
Clive Goodman recorded conversation with Andy Coulson
BREAKING: Coulson taped by Goodman from November 06 between arrest and guilty plea
Tape hard to hear but jury have transcript
Goodman first gets voicemail. Finally an answer put through to Andy Coulson‘s office: Nov 8th 2006
Coulson asks “How are you?” Goodman “It should have never happened.” Pretty inaudible here in annex
Coulson talks about “not widening out the charges” (I think) “There are very few guarantees in life.”
Goodman talks about the situation with vodaphone numbers
Coulson says at one point “I don’t know which numbers are traceable”
Coulson to Goodman”The intention is to give you every possible support through this process…. but I needed to see paper work over weekend”
Coulson to Goodman after hacking arrest: “I’m telling you now… at the end of this process, I’ve every intention of re-employing you”
Coulson to Goodman about being suspended and “your role in terms of Royal…. Because of what’s happened, that’s going to be very difficult”
Goodman talks to Coulson about meetings with his barrister and about Glenn Mulcaire “feels quite bad. He’s worried about his future.”
Coulson talks about (I think) Goodman’s pension payments. Something “From what I understand they’re not trading those names for a favour”
Goodman talks about lack of forensics on other victims – 21 names. Coulson confirms “there are no charges related to those inviduals’
Coulson to Goodman: “We mean what we say… the prospect of this must be an absolute fucking nightmare for you.”
Coulson: “I appreciate what it must be like for you, you can’t see beyond the nightmare.Goodman: “It’s a terrifying time. I can’t believe it
Coulson tells Goodman: “If I hear any more I’ll let you know.”
Coulson agrees Mulcaire “Must be feel hard done by”. Goodman “He’s worried about his future earnings…”
Langdale counsel for Coulson goes back over the transcript of the tape: some differences between the two
Edis explains some of the names in the tape – Kelsey=Kelsey Fry the barrister representing Goodman. Break now till 2pm
I seem to have got most the snatched phrases from Coulson/Goodman tape right: but check out @SkyFixerJim and @Fhamiltontimes for more
Apologies for typos or errrors. I try to correct in time, because “Every time you make a typo, the errorists win” pic.twitter.com/HdkwCuwls3 f
Timeline – Eimear Cook (wife of golfer Colin Montgomery)
Prosecution Counsel questions Eimear Cook
Back in Court 12: Edis for the crown calls Eimear Cook as a prosecution witness in #hackingtrial
Cook confirms she was married to Colin Montgomerie in 1990, she was divorced in 2004.
Edis asks about the timing of the divorce: Cook; “We separated in 2000, then got back together, then I filed for divorce in 2003”
Cook had three children with Montgomerie: Cook says the media knew from the first point they separated “he lived in the public eye”
Cook agrees that their split became public knowledge because she no longer accompanied Montgomerie to matches
When Cook separated from Montgomerie, there was media interest, but it died down when they reconciled. flared up when she filed for divorce
Cook was no aware of investigations into her. She confirms her vodaphone mobile and its voicemail facility and PIN number – default 333
Cook regularly retrieved her voicemail messages from abroad, and from a landline.
In Feb 2012 the police showed Eimear Cook pages from Mulcaire’s notebook. Edis brings them up on a screen for the court again
Cook confirms the documents (seen earlier today) were shown to her by police. The Pall Mall number refers to her bank, Cook tells the court
Scrolling down, Cook identifies her mother’s Orange mobile number, and an address in Surrey which used to be their matrimonial home
Cook explains the ‘America’ reference in Mulcaire’s notebook could refer to her sister who lived there.
Edis shows Cook another page from Mulcaire’s notebook: Eimear Cook confirms her sister’s number in Alabama
Cook also recognises a password from her husband with a golfing connotation. ‘Most favoured calls’ refers to sister and friend of mother
The mother’s friend came down to look after Cook’s mother when she was unwell, and probably left a message
Cook says she her mother’s friend told her she left a message, but she can’t herself recollect
Edis shows Eimear Cook Mulcaire pages from 2004 (the others from 2002) with the HQ of IMG address.
Edis asks about an entry by ‘system’ and the name ‘Gemini’ – but it means nothing to Eimear Cook.
One last Mulcaire page probably 17th July 2004: Cook says ‘Strand on the Green’ refers to IMG offices (sports management for Montgomerie)
Edis asks if the password ‘Manchester’ was a personal password, but Cook says it didn’t belong to her
Cook says she had heard of Mulcaire when police interviewed her, but had never met him.
Cook says there were stories “about the state of her marriage”” Edis asks about the general nature of those stories and the ‘truth’ of them
Cook says she felt “The papers were dealing with a hatchet job and not revealing what the nature of the breakdown was.”
Cook says the papers alleged “she had numerous multiple affairs” Edis: “Was that true?” Cook: “No!”
Cook says “it was extremely wholly unexpected and extremely upsetting. I was looking after three children, and dealing with breakdown”
Cook: “To have all these lies published about me… There were reporters outside the house all day. I was followed to the shops.”
Cook: “I found these extremely stressful…. the press were outside the house for 10 days. Pictures wld emerge of me out shopping”
Cook: “I was in the newspapers a lot…. I was granted decree nisi quickly but financial settlement took 2 years”
Cook: “My friends thought I had been extremely badly treated by presss. But I never exercised my right of reply. I tried to keep my chin up
Cook: “My friends – Mr and Mrs Malukian – suggested I meet someone high up in the press.”
Cook: “They introduced me to Rebekah Wade, as she was then. They invited me to lunch in their house in Pond Street. Four of us”
Cook was at lunch “probably an hour an half.” She’d never met Brooks properly before, and not since.
Cook thinks this lunch took place before Jan divorce hearing – so Sept October 2004 for date
Cooks things it a “well meaning effort” on behalf of her friends to “feel better about the media”
Cook remembers Brooks had had to come a long way from Fleet Street to Pond Street and was quite late.
Cook remembers talking to Brooks about “public figures… in a gossipy fun way.”
Cook remembers “laughing” because Brooks had been in the paper for a “domestic row” and Kate Mosse had just called lost contract with Chanel
BREAKING: Eimear Cook had a conversation with Rebekah Brooks about ease of voicemail hacking in Nov 2004
Cook says Brooks said “it was so easy to so. Couldn;t believe that people with all their advisors don’t know to change PIN code”
Cook alleges Brooks told her about the McCartney Mills ‘ring throwing session’: Cook had impression she was talking about voicemail messages
BREAKING: Cook alleges Brooks was talking about McCartney Mills argument in terms of ‘not having secure voicemail”
Cook says Brooks tone of conversation about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills argument was “quite flippant”
Cook says Brooks how “ludicrous it was people didn’t secure voicemails” and then went on to Mills/McCartney Ring argument
Cook says she exchanged emails once about a domestic violence charity Brooks was a trustee of
Edis shows Cook a NOTW article 20/01/05 “Colin Montgomerie’s Unresolved Divorce Settlement”
Cook remembers that article about her divorce settlement appearing.
The story contains 3 suggestions 1/Montgomerie wasn’t allowed into her home 2/ They weren’t talking 3/ Montgomerie’s filthy temper
Cook says none of three facts were in the public domain before; “I’ve never spoken to the press”
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Eimear Cook
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks tells Eimear Cook to sit down “You might be there some time”
Laidlaw asks Cook to reflect on her statement “I’ve never talked to the press”. Cook replies “Not about my marriage”
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, goes through Cook’s written statement in summary.
Laidlaw focuses on Cook’s line “I’ve never courted the press, or sought media attention, and always strived to have a private life”
Counsel for Brooks focuses on line “I’ve never given my address, numbers, private details to any journalist or member of the press”
Laidlaw focuses on Cook statement on the “Mail asking for interviews. Mail, Mirror and Sun particularly interested in me.”
Laidlaw goes to end of statement: Cooks line “I am incredibly private person…. the thought they were listening to message… abhorrent”
Cook says this reflects her position as a single woman. When she was married to Montgomerie it was ‘different’ and ‘not my choice’
Laidlaw brings up a Hello Magazine 23/06/03 that an article ‘The wife of top golfer talks frankly about past marital difficulties\
Laidlaw suggest Cook was doing “precisely the opposite to her witness statement” Cook says that they had got back together.
Cook: “There’s a distinction about my life with Colin. When we got back together… not about intricacies of my life”
Cook: “When I filed from divorce from Colin I thought I was no longer in the public eye and deserved my privacy.”
Laidlaw reminds Cook “she is on oath.” He goes to next edition of Hello for Sept 2004, beyond the date of filing for divorce
Hello Magazine, p118, full page article on Cook in a fashion shoot. “I did that for a friend…”
Cooks says fashion shoot was favour for friend of hers who was bringing a book out “I didn’t talk about the marriage”
Cook to Laidlaw: “I don’t think giving a glossy photo shoot is the same as giving permission to access my private life.”
Laidlaw goes to Daily Mail article Jan 2005 “Monty still won’t talk to me” He says it’s an interview with Richard Kay
Cook says it wasn’t Richard Kay but Helen Minsky: “This took place after my divorce… taken at party. It’s extremely embellished.”
Cook: “She’s expanded on a couple of comments I did make while talking at a party. Hard to bite my tongue with bullying press against me”
Cook: “My statement says I did not court the press. This woman I knew for years came up to. Report Mont. couldn’t come to house untrue”
Cook says she’s never met Richard Kay, the author of this article
Cook agrees the Mail article is very misleading. Jury is shown a copy of it
Laidlaw is on page 39 of the Mail by Richard Kay, who Eimear Cooks she never met. Kay used phrase “tells me” twice.
Cooks says she spoke to Helen Minsky at a party, but not Kay. “I’ve never met him,” Cook says.
Laidlaw bring up Mail 2nd Feb 2006 and says to Cook “You seem to have found yourself on the front page again.”
An article on page 6 has a byline of Kay with another and Helen Minsky. “I didn’t speak to anybody.”
BREAKING: Eimear Cook says Daily Mail piece by Kay and Minsky which gave the impression she was talking to them: “Completely untrue”
Cook on Helen Minsky after she met new Partner. “She had my number, she called me and said ‘It’s all great thankyou’ and left it at that'”
Laidlaw brings up Mail March 2006: Cook wrote two travel pieces “absolutely no reference to my private life or former husband,” she says
Cook says “I can categorically say I never gave an interview about the difficulties of my marriage”
“From the point of being a single woman, when I filed for divorce, I wanted nothing to do with being in the public eye.” Cook tells Jury
“As for travel articles and fashion shoots, I draw a great distinction between that and reveal items from my private life,” Cook to court
Laidlaw goes back to the lunch with Brooks in Pond Street: they were joint friends with the Manukians (spelling?)
Cook agrees the lunch was “an act of kindness by Brooks because of her friendship Manukians”
Laidlaw checks the date – September or so 2004. “We’ve all been told it was a 20th 2005” Cook says it was ‘definitely before my divorce’
Laidlaw calls up Brooks table diary from September 2005. Cook says final divorce hearing was actually 2006. So Brooks’ diary correct
Laidlaw cross refers Cook to the Kate Moss ‘drug incident’ which Brooks spoke about at the lunch: that was actually September 2005
The timing of the Kate Moss loss of ‘Chanel’ contract means that the Cook Brooks lunch was the 20th September 2005 not 2004
Laidlaw goes back to police statement where Cook says the Manukians were present.
Cook says she did know Charlie Brooks, though he hadn’t met Rebekah at this point.
Laidlaw alleges Cook had ‘told lies’ and let’s everyone see the witness statement
Laidlaw, counsel for Brooks, goes to Cook’s 9 page statement date 20/03/12 for his ‘serious allegations’
Cook remembers that her police statement had gone through at least one previous draft. Police contacted her in January
Laidlaw says Cook called Operation Weeting back on 16/01/06 after she was told her phone was hacked.
Cook took legal advice from Mark Thompson. She met police in his presence. A draft witness statement was produced, and revised
Laidlaw is coming to a ‘pretty confined passage’ on pages 7-9 but runs through a summary of Cook’s marriage and separationn
Laidlaw goes to the bottom of page 7 of Cook’s statement: MANOUKIAN is the spelling
Laidlaw goes to page about the lunch with client, Rebekah Brooks. Statement reads AUTUMN 2005 – in variance with verbal evidence
Laidlaw explains the Manoukian’s house in Knightsbridge is very big; Cook says they ate in the intimate private dining upstairs
“Rebekah arrived late… initially a bit grumpy. A frank and open person about the assault on her husband Ross Kemp” Cook on Brooks
“She was laughing while regaling me the story” of telling her boss Rupert Murdoch about her arrest: Cook on Rebekah Brooks
Cook confirms that “yes she was light hearted” about the Ross Kemp. She can bring that story back to her mind’s eye
Laidlaw asks: “Did this happen?” Cook: “Why would I make this up?” “This is quite impossible… She wasn’t subject to his event till Nov 05”
Laidlaw: “Not only did this not happen…. it could not have happened.” Cook: “I did not it up. I have no greivance against Mrs Brooks”
Laidlaw says: “I’m suggesting this couldn’t have happened for a few weeks. It’s a lie” Cook: “No other time did I have a convo with her”
Laidlaw brings up evidence for Brooks’ alleged assault on Ross Kemp: “this event could not have happened for another six weeks.”
Cook says “perhaps there was another incident of this sort. I didn’t make this up. I didn’t lie. I have nothing to gain”
Laidlaw: “there’s also the embellishment of this story that she was laughing” Cook: “I have no interest in manipulating facts”
Cook on Brooks at that dinner. “I certainly did not ask her to run a story on my ex husband.”
Laidlaw: “Did you have any vendetta?” Cook: “Absolutely not. I was asked by the police to be here.”
Laidlaw asks if Cook “made these things up” because she wanted aggravated damages for phone hacking. “I never made anything up”
Cook said she has never met Heather Mills, and did not know she was also one of Mark Thompson’s clients
Cook agrees with Laidlaw that she spoke with Brooks about the targeting of women
Laidlaw asks if the Mail was particularly pursuing her. Cook says she didn’t read the papers.
Laidlaw turns to claim that rich people were stupid to leave their voice mails unattended. Were the Manoukians there. Cook says in and out
Laidlaw points to her line “I can’t remember how the subject of phone hacking came up. I suggest it is a lie” Cook: “this is not a lie”
Laidlaw puts it Cook that she told Brooks that Montgomerie had been violent towards her: Cook says “yes, I did.”
Twitter lock out – been tweeting too much
Cook absolutely denies she asked Brooks if she could run with that story of Montgomerie’s violence.
Cook says about running violence allegation “Completely untrue” and she never had conversation about an affidavit
Cook vaguely remembers Brooks talking about a charity she was connected to about domestic violence
Laidlaw mentions a campaign Brooks was running about domestic violence and changing the law: Cook doesn’t remember the details
Those last tweets were catchups; Laidlaw now reads out a police note that says Cook met Brooks over “an alleged affair with footballer”
Laidlaw shows Cook the police note: it was 2005. She had a bugbear about these false stories about affair with footballer
Cook says the alleged affair with footballer was “part of the content” of discussion but not most of it.
Cook agrees that in her civil claim she spoke of humiliation she felt. Edis for prosecution asks her about that in follow up
Further Prosecution question to Eimear Cook
Edis for prosecution now does his follow up examination of Cook, and brings up NOTW article 02/06/02 three years before the lunch
This is the Paul McCartney Heather Mills ring story: Cook says she heard of it “only from what Miss Wade told me”
Edis asks Cook exactly what Brooks said about her domestic violence incident. “She mentioned it at the beginning of the lunch”
Cook on Ross Kemp allegations “She was laughing about it. She didn’t say she’d been arrested.”
Edis asks about the allegation Cook wanted her story in Brooks paper. Cook says she’s been offered ‘quite a lot of money’ for her story
Cook says she never accepted those offers of money for her story
Edis brings up the Hello article from June 2003, first cited by Brooks’ counsel. “Wife of Top Golfer Colin talks frankly about difficulties”
Cook: “His management company wanted top PR spin” but she says there’s nothing in it about “past marital difficulties”
Edis brings up the Hello article about the dresses “Bruce Oldfield’s friend Eimear Montgomerie” with pictures of her
Cook says “It was all Bruce who gave the interview” and there was nothing about her private life
Back to the Daily Mai Richard Kay article: “How much of this came from you and how did it get from you to the paper?”
Cook: “Helen Minsky, a society journalist… I was wary of being mauled by the press, so I tried to be polite but very succinct”
Mail line “Eimear Cook refuses to discuss the High Court Battle”. Cook says she was “extremely nervous of talking to a journalist”
Edis goes to Mail article Feb 06; “Did any of this come from you?” Cook says again “No” and no idea what the sources were
Cook says she did deny allegations Montgomerie had been banned from the house “because it was so hurtful to the children,”
Cook points out the Mail picture is “extremely out of date” for the piece. She had nothing to do with them getting the picture
Edis goes back to Cook’s civil claim against NI for phone hacking. She only made claim ‘after’ she spoke to the police.
Until Cook spoke to the police she didn’t know she was a victim of phone hacking “but suspected I might have been”
Cook did not engage Mark Thompson until she was told by police she was phone hacking victim
Edis asks about Cook’s civil claim she felt ‘humiliated’ and she confirms that Mulcaire notes made her feel that way
Cook says she feels “like I had no private life whatsoever”.
Edis asks Cook if she stands by her statement that Brooks was making fun of her. But she wasn’t being that specific
JUST TO BE CLEAR: while locked out of twitter, counsel for Brooks told the jury Cook was lying about her evidence over the Brooks lunch
Not to be forgotten: all eight defendants deny all the charges against them. The trial continues tomorrow
Transcript of the Goodman’s call to Coulson after being charged with Phone Hacking in 2006 http://wp.me/p1YHIt-5x

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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