Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 6 Nov

Wednesday 6 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Peter Jukes is Back in Court
Timeline – Milly Dowler continues
Giving evidence – Robert Kellaway former NOTW reporter
Cross Examination – Counsel for Andy Counsel questions Robert Kellaway
Statements from Surrey Police Officers
Statement from Vanessa Altin – former NOTW journalist
Statement from Chris Bucktin – former NOTW journalist
Statement from Ann Hancox – Monday Recruitment Services Ltd
Statement from Mark Hancox
Lunch Break
Statement from Operation Ruby Detective DC Alice Barr
Counsel for Andy Coulson questions Greg Smith
More Agreed Facts
Timeline – Sven-Goran Eriksson, Faria Alam
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Corinne Young

The Prosecution Case continues
Peter Jukes is Back in Court
Other journos have also been incredibly generous, given the fact I’m taking their gig. But now all my donors ‘own’ me: I’m your reporter
Can’t quite believe what you’ve all done. My keyboard is quaking. My RSI is beginning to tingle again. But now we all get what we want
If I overshoot the fundraiser, I’ll just (gamble it away and drink it – NO!`) carry on reporting the #hackingtrial longer after Christmas.
I’m told court reporting is a dying art. Shame. It’s where journalists the hard difference between fact and comment -latter ends in contempt
Might miss first five minutes this morning. Slightly unexpected situation (understatement), But I’ll catch up from colleagues #hackingtrial
I’m in – I haven’t missed anything reportable #hackingtrial
Just to explain I can only tweet what the jury hear. They’re not in yet in the #hackingtrial
Early morning in jury trials is usually a time for other business. There’s a public gallery at the Old Bailey if you want to see
FYI: I haven’t run off to the Cayman Islands. There’s a break after non reportable session #hackingtrial
OK the jury is back in Court 12 for the #hackingtrial
There’s no live tweeting of this session but I will update my blog and publish in the break. Link coming soon #hackingtrial
Timeline – Milly Dowler continues
Giving evidence – Robert Kellaway former NOTW reporter
Back to Live tweeting with Robert Kellaway former NOTW reporter #hackingtrial
Edis shows Kellaway the Milly Dowler article from 02: “Did you write it?” Kellaway: “I don’t know… First time I saw this was in 2011”
Edis: “Do you remember every working on the Milly Dowler story?” Kellaway: “I think I was assigned…” Judge asks him to speak up
Edis: “Do you remember ever working on story when she was missing (02) Kellaway: “No.”
Edis: “How does a story bear your name that you didn’t work on?” Kellaway: “Could have been a production error….”
Kellaway: “A key performance indicator is number of byelines… a newsdesk might append your name to keep your byeline count up”
Cross Examination – Counsel for Andy Counsel questions Robert Kellaway
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, asks Kellaway more about ‘what can happen’ on byelines.
Langdale asks if a name could go on a story even if they hadn’t contributed to it and that could help count. Kellway: “Yes”
Kellaway: “About 40 to 50 byelines a year in the news department at NOTW… ” Langdale: “And dozens of stories without your name?” Yes
Kellaway: “There was a lot of wastage in reporting…. The cut off point was around Thursday night. Come Sunday, lo and behold not in paper”
Langdale asks about pitching to newsdesk. Kellaway formerly of NOTW: “They had pretty strong ideas… about what stories they are keen on”
Kellaway confirms he knew nothing of phone hacking or Milly Dowler‘s voicemails being accessed.
Langdale asks about Coulson’s time as editor (Jan 03-07): “Did you find him a fair boss, Fair and reasonable ?” Kellawtay Yes. “
Kellaway confirms he enjoyed his time at NOTW. Langdale cites Kellaway’s undercover job as a journalist smuggling guns.
Kellaway confirms the paper gave support when he was arrested. “They were occasions when it wasn’t quite as good as that.”
Kellaway smuggled a gun after BA declared Gatwick safest airport. Three weeks later arrested. Released without charge
Langdale finishes his questioning of Kellaway: Edis asks more about Thursday cut off point for NOTW. “The curse of Thursday night.”
Edis: “Who took those decisions…” Kellaway: “I don’t know.” Edis: “So you just looked at the paper on the Sunday and your story not there
Statements from Surrey Police Officers
Now having statements read in – agreed evidence. Bryant Heron leading for prosecution
David Elliott of Surrey police involved in Operation Ruby – Milly Dowler search. He put credit on Milly’s phone to receive more messages
Elliott: “Real concerns for Milly’s safety… she’d just vanished from near the station and nobody had seen where she had gone.”
Elliott: “I was asked to make contact with mobile phone network provider.” he had no credit card, colleague authorised his card. £5 approx
I’ll publish earlier non-live tweeting evidence at lunchtime.
More written statements from Surrey police officers involved in Operation Ruby into abduction and murder of Milly Dowler:
Surrey officer goes through recordings from 2002 “I dialled her mobile number… it went straight to automated message.,,,”
Statement of Stephen Pott, another officer from Surrey Police on Operation Ruby from Technical Support Unit
Pott’s statement explains how Surrey Police listened to Milly’s messages: PIN number from company. They recorded the messages
Pott explains how there were saved and new messages. One sounded like children playing. Another silent message had been listened to
Potts: “another silent fourth message… the fifth message is from a recruitment agency… I clearly save all five messages.”
Statement from Vanessa Altin – former NOTW journalist
Witness statement from Vanessa Altin, former NOTW journo. Remembers being undercover in Sugar Lounge looking for Man City players
Altin: “Called by Neville…. told to go to Ironbridge. But thought it an impossible waste of time… a wild goose chase.”
Altin: “Very unlikely a child could have worked there. But Neville sent a team of photographers and journos.”
Altin: “It was only the next day Neville realised it was a wild goose chase, but he kept a couple of journos on stake out… very unusual”
Statement from Chris Bucktin – former NOTW journalist
Chris Bucktin, another NOTW journo during Dowler period, has written statement read out in #hackingtrial
Bucktin was attached to NOTW in 12/042002 “tasked by newsdesk to go to Telford… Given my junior status unusual to be told the source.”
Bucktin’s expenses claim relates to “Milly Dowler Voice Messages’ signed by Thurlbeck and Kuttner. #hackingtrial
Bucktin “I refute the allegation I said I was working with the police.” from a complaint by a member of the public.
Bucktin: “As many journalists I was aware of the rumours about phone hacking… but never practised myself”
Heron Bryant for the prosecution now goes to a statement from head of recruitment agency who erroneously called M Dowler phone
Recruitment manager gets a call from someone posing as Milly Dowler‘s mother, telling her she was too young to work.
Recruitment manager was never approached by the police, but by NOTW journalists, who also approach other employees
Statement from Ann Hancox – Monday Recruitment Services Ltd
Statement of Valerie Ann Hancox of Monday Recruitment Services Ltd, which erroneously called Milly’s number
Hancox explains a call came in asking if Milly Dowler was working for them. The second posed as Milly’s mother
Hancox: a NOTW reporter arrived the next morning with photographer “not aggressive…. well mannered….”
Hancox: “He said he was working with the police… I was scared. I rang to check there was no Milly Dowler working for us”
Hancox: “I thought the reporter would leave… but he didn’t and sat in his car. Surrey police confirmed they weren’t working with NOTW”
Statement from Mark Hancox
Statement from Mark Hancox, son of Valerie: “Heavily set man knocked on my door…. I felt very incompatible with that man… a call came in
Stephanie Hardy from Monday Recruitment: “Woman saying her daughter was Amanda Dowler and was she working for them?”
Lunch Break
Written statements concluded. Back at 2pm
Old Bailey Hacking Trial – Wednesday November 7th http://wp.me/p1YHIt-2S UNEDITED details from non-livetweeted session #hackingtrial
Not completely comfortable with being news rather than covering it. Have NUJ card reported for two years Newsweek and @thedailybeast
Nice to be called a pioneer in a new model of journalism: but many – like @Brown_Moses (top on Syrian and Hackgate) really burnt the trail
Nice to be called a pioneer of journalism 3.0 – but many (including @brown_moses expert on Syrian and Hackgate) burnt the trail before me
Statement from Operation Ruby Detective DC Alice Barr
Jury back back in court 12. Alice Barr’s statement lodged by defence. Read out by Bryant Heron for the prosecution team #hackingtrial
Alice Barr was a DC in 2002 attached to Operation Ruby – family liaison assigned to Dowler family
03/02 The false hope moment. Milly’s mother finds her daughter’s phone box no longer full 13/03/02 Milly’s dad told of message on her phone
According to Barr: “Milly’s father was told it was probably a hoax by Surrey Police”
Counsel for Andy Coulson questions Greg Smith
Langdale QC, counsel for Coulson, is questioning Greg Smith from MPS Operation Weeting. #hackingtrial
Langdale is querying the timing of two text messages sent from Brooks to Coulson during the Dowler affair.
Some clarification from Edis QC that the outbound Coulson text is UK time, outbound Brooks text is Dubai time, or thereabouts
Langdale establishes that Coulson message was around the same time as that from Keyworth (previous witness in Dubai)
Langdale querying case officer about Dave Reed, Ross Kemp’s PR person, who received texts from Coulson 11,12, 13 April.
Langdale Counsel for Coulson, points out Dave Reed, was also PR person to other soap stars.
Langdale goes through the timeline of Coulson’s texts and reminds jury about the front page splash in April 02, nothing to do with Dowler
Langdale goes to ‘false hope’ personalised message of Dowlers – an hour late police/NOTW contact. Then Mr Dowler contacted by NOTW
More Agreed Facts
Bryant Heron for the prosecution left a page out of agreed facts – adds some more admissions (49-58) agreed on all sides
Bryant Heron reads in more ‘agreed facts’ of remote interception of voice mails from various mobile phone companies in the period 2000-2006
More Milly Dowler admissions ‘agreed facts’ are read in. Glenn Mulcaire intercepted her voice mail 10-12th March 02 and supplied to NOTW
Break for at least 30 mins
Saunders apologies to Jury for the amount of evidence “bears no relation to what you see…. we try to whittle down”
Justice says that the Jury won’t be required for the next three Fridays (arrangements to reduce amount of evidence)
Timeline – Sven-Goran Eriksson, Faria Alam
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Corinne Young
Bryant Heron ‘agreed facts’ admissions in relation to Sven-Goran Eriksson and Faria Alam
Eriksson and Alam agreed facts: England Manager 01-06. G-E’s voicemail hacked by Mulcaire between Jan and June 2006
DC Corinne Young called as witness and case officer for Operation Weeting. #hackingtrial
DC Young is the case officer on the Alam Eriksson hacking. She goes through the timeline
DC Young confirms details of messages intercepted from Bill Kenwright and an Italian ex-footballer, from Mulcaire’s notebooks
DC Young confirms entries in Mulcaire’s notebooks 02.06.04 Giving addresses and numbers for Alam and Eriksson.
Bryant Heron confirming with DC: June 04 – possibly 20th – Greg tasking to Mulcaire with a new Eriksson number (manager not manufacturer)
Mulcaire’s notes say ‘reset voice pin’ and gives a number. (NB Today Eriksson is in High Court with hacking claim against Trinity Mirror)
‘Sven’s Secret Affair’ appears 18th July 2004 in NOTW
Prosecution highlights newspaper article “I Bedded Sven and his Boss” from NOTW via Newsbank library
01/08/04 Another Eriksson article: “I’m Giving You Chapter and Verse” – more on the same subject of Alam affair
“Fariah on Nancy” NOTW piece on 8th August. Then email to Mulcaire ‘More FA Sex and Lies’.
27/05/05 More NOTW calls to Alam, and then in July. Then from Mulcaire calls to Eriksson. Five calls in Jan 06
22/01/06 NOTW article ‘This Man is a Crook’ is a undercover sting by Mahmer Mahood against Eriksson, after Mulcaire hacks
Two more calls on 25, 27th Jan 06 from Mulcaire to Eriksson’s other number – prosecution claims they are hacks too
29th Jan 2006 NOWT runs an article ‘I was Sacked From Best Job in the World’ after Eriksson says he will resign in summer after NOTW expose
Article concentrates on controversial trip to Dubai and Eriksson announcing he will step down from job summer 06
More Mulcaire calls through Feb, March, (not May) 9th and 28th June 06 to Eriksson: 4 NI calls to Ms Alam (can’t say hacks)
Two tape recordings seized from Mulcaire’s address related to Eriksson. Jury are shown transcripts.
Message from Bill Kenwright to Eriksson about signing an unknown player in Mulcaire’s tapes. DC Young is finished
Back again tomorrow morning
Re: #hackingtrial Some of my recent tweets might seem dry and repetitive compared to prosecution opening: but this is reading in evidence
Meanwhile, elsewhere in court. Appendix one makes interesting reading on alleged Mirror phone hacking http://hackinginquiry.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Gulati-ors-v-MGN-6-11-13-_2_-public-version.pdf … HT @bilbocroft
Col Allan’s tactics might have ‘worked’ in Australia: failed in New York @NeilChenoweth @davrosz http://nypost.com/cover/ ht @DemocracyFail
Tweeps crowdsource independent journalist for #Hackingtrial http://storify.com/gabriellenyc/tweeps-crowdsource-independent-journalist-for-hack … via @gabriellenyc Lump in throat time, read in sequence

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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