Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 1 Nov

Friday 1 November 2013

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Prosecution Counsel continues to present evidence for Count 1 – Hacking
Coulson: “Do his phone.”
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 2 – Misconduct
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 3 – Misconduct
Prosecution Councel presents evidence for Count 4 – Misconduct
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 5 – Misconduct

The Prosecution Opening Statement continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Back into the fray at the Old Bailey. Worth remembering this is just the prosecution’s opening statement – not evidence #hackingtrial
Though the revelations of Coulson Brooks affair grabbed the headlines, the Milly Dowler and Blunkett evidence is what stays #hackingtrial
And as fellow reporter @jamesdoleman said, Brooks’ heartbroken letter to Coulson should remind us – the accused aren’t tabloid caricatures
For deep background on the #hackingtrial check out http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-House-Murdoch-Peter-Jukes-ebook/dp/B0091US5MU/ref=zg_bs_362569031_5 … and books by @martin_hickman @NeilChenoweth @davidfolkenflik
The most in depth book will no doubt be ‘Hack Attack’ by inspiring @Bynickdavies – but that won’t be out till after #hackingtrials
Prosecution Counsel continues to present evidence for Count 1 – Hacking
Anthony Edis QC for the prosecution picks up where he left yesterday after the Blunkett affair – with the next Home Secretary #hackingtrial
Edis: “This concerns Charles Clarke and Hannah Pawlby… who continued to work for him when HS in December 2004
Edis: “There was a rumour Pawlby was having an affair with Clarke… this was not true… but NOTW were interested” #hackingtrial
Edis: “A tasking designed to lead to the investigation of this rumour” in Mulcaire’s notebooks. #hackingtrial
Edis: “An important email exchange… between two targetings of Mr Blunkett… Coulson in May 2005 fully in the know about phone hacking”
Edis: “Jules Stenson…. editor of features desk to Wallis and Coulson…. copied to Weatherup… blonde attractive special adviser Pawlby”
Edis on Stenson email: “Spoke to Kirby…. news working on this through Neville…. already has her mobile” #hackingtrial
Edis “this is the features desk taking an interest…. Neville already has the phone number…. “This sounds like a non runner”
Edis: “This email suggests that everyone knew how news got their stories… by getting a phone number…” #hackingtrial
Edis: “NOTW interested in Pawlby… Greg tasks Mulcaire on 17th June… names of Pawlby’s neighbour, Clarke’s number. ” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Was Coulson involved in this… yes he was… left message on Pawlby’s phone on the 18th June. Coulson was attempting to contact her”
Edis: “18th June Thurlbeck to Weatherup… girl up, gone to shops, visited by friends… our man not here.. Nothing new of message front”
Edis: Thurlbeck on doorstepping and surveillance: “easy during rush hour but hard during weekend” #hackingtrial
Edis: Weatherup to Neville: “Derek will cover on Monday.” Edis “They’d been standing outside her house since the Saturday”
Edis: “Coulson leaves a voicemail on Pawlby’s phone.”Hello… sorry to bother you… I’ve got a story we;re planning to run tomorrow..”
Edis on Coulson voicemail: “It’s quite a serious story… can you ask Charles to give me a call…. or call me yourself.” #hackingtrial
Edis says Coulson call Pawlby a second time to talk to her boss. “We know what Coulson likes to do when he finds a Home Sec having an affair
Edis cites the case of Blunkett yesterday. “But when Clarke was contacted, there was no story. There was no affair. Chasing shadows”
Edis on MO: “They get a tip… they task Mulcaire… and send Neville and Derek to stand outside house… and then doorstepping….”
Edis: “When it’s someone really important, the editor contacts the minister and puts it to him. Surveillance… hacking… confrontation”
Edis: “They’re all working as a team and he (Coulson) is the head of the team” #hackingtrial
Edis: “The irony is of course that those voicemails Coulson left were picked up by Mulcaire who was hacking her (Pawlby) that day”
Edis: “The NOTW contains nothing about Clarke’s personal life… nothing that would require editor to talk to Home Secretary himself”
Edis: “No doubt it happened… loads of pages relating to her, her relatives and friends and Charles Clarke.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “We’ve seen what happened to Prescott and Blunkett, and here it is happening again” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Nobody is saying everything in NOTW came from phone hacking… or discovered by it…. they would not just hack a random”
Edis: “Commonly they would have some kind of source… Stenson email from Westminster…. they have source, investigate, stand up”
Edis: “It’s a perfectly rational but illegal system” #hackingtrial
Edis sums up timeline so far, including the three emails to Edmondson which “caused the whole stack of cards to collapse” #hackingtrial
Edis shows some victims Sven Goran Ericksoon, Delia Smith, Jude Law, Huthart, McCartney, Gordon Taylor, Lord Archer, Nigel Farage, Kerry Katona
Edis; “Those are the people who have been hacked” (other names I missed)
Edis now turns to Edmondson in more detail #hackingtrial
Edis: “Mr Edmondson has his doubts about Mulcaire in Feb 05 but happy with his value by March 06. He also used to his own hacking”
Edis: “Gordon Taylor, chief executive of professional footballers association, in 2004 he was being intensively phone hacked and survellance
Edis: “Transcripts of the hacked voice mails were provided by NOTW staff. One became quite famous… ‘For Neville’ #hackingtrial
Edis: “This tells you how these transcripts were treated… on 11th May… transcript sent to Weatherup and Edmondson”
Edis: “Might this be why Edmondson changed his mind about the value of Mulcaire.. well it might be”
Edis: Thurlbeck email to Weatherup and Edmondson: “This is a splash, get Derek on to it…. followed by transcripts of voicemails”
Edis: “Edmondson’s taskings of Mulcaire start after this (For Neville email).. he starts using him himself when he sees how good is info is”
Edis goes through timeline of ‘Ian’ timeline of “frenetic activity… pages and pages of it” #hackingtrial
Edis “it includes Jude Law , Sienna Miller, and Sadie Frost.. tasked by Ian and Greg Miskiw.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “This is evidence they both must have known what was going on…. this is teamwork” #hackingtrial
Edis: “We will deal with this in detail during evidence… Jude Law, Sienna Miller and people associated with them”
Edis: “There was also another political target…. Mark Oaten… one time candidate for leadership of Lib Dems, hacked Jan 2006″
Edis: “Soon after that they discovered he was having an affair with a young man who sold his story to NOTW” #hackingtrial
Edis: “As a result of this affair… investigated by the use of hacking… but went into paper because they paid Chadwick a lot of money”
Edis: “Here is an example of hacking working with other methods… you find Chadwick… give him a lot of money…”
Edis: “You’re not in the position Coulson was with Blunkett… you know the story is true but can’t say why”
Edis: “It works in different ways with different stories… but inevitably involves phone hacking” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Laura Rooney was hacked because they thought she was related to Wayne Rooney… she’s a hairdresser who doesn’t know Wayne”
Ediss: “Calum Best subject of media interest… which shows you what a wonderful footballer his father must have been”
Edis: “The evidence we have doesn’t reveal there was any phone hacking of Calum Best… even though Mulcaire was tasked.” #hackingtrial
Edis on “something of considerable interest… during investigation of Calum Best… thought to be father of child born to Hogan”
Edis: “They were paying Hogan a lot of money for this story…. they were concerned about ‘leaks’… Calum may leak to competition”
Coulson: “Do his phone.”
Edis: Coulson to Edmondson “You think Calum a leak?” Edmondson “She’s a nightmare” Coulson; “DO HIS PHONE”
Edis reiterates Coulson’s email: “Do his phone” #hackingtrial
Edis: “That exchange published the day before NOTW published “Bests First Grandchild”
Edis refers back to 2002 McCartney Mills wedding ring story. Edmondson was tasking Mulcaire in 2005-6
Edis: “Does Kerry Katona mean anything to you… Atomic Kitten and Westlife.. Ian tasked Mulcaire… a full hacking narrative, stories.”
Edis shows two final documents relating to Edmondson: E to Paul Williams, who used ‘Shadowmen’ email address – that is Mulcaire
Edis: “You may wonder what Edmondson thought of someone using false names…..Emmerdale actors the target.”
Edis: “A specific tasking by email… that didn’t happen very often. We only have this because Mr Mulcaire kept it.”
Edis shows jury “when you access system and print it out, you will get the URL and date, and where it came from”
Edis: “It looks like Mulcaire has managed to access the NI system”
Second Edmondson document: “This is from someone at NOTW to Edmondson 6/7/06… just before the balloon went up with arrests”
Email: “Here’s the voicemail Abigail left on Ben Luntz’s phone….. “I’m just on the beach you should see the waves.”
Edis: “That’s the transcript of a hacked voice mail message isn’t it?” #hackingtrial
Edis: “The date of the email was 6th of July 2006…. tasking re Abigail Clancy… tasking name ‘Ian'” #hackingtrial
Edis: “The prosecution say, frankly, that the evidence against Ian Edmondson is overwhelming… Count One” conspiracy to phone hack
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 2 – Misconduct
Edis now moves onto two and three against Coulson and Good, and “alleged conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office”
Edis: “Goodman described as Royal Editor…. but we’ve seen he was directly answered to Edmondson who was his line manager”
Edis: “We’ve know that Goodman already convicted of phone hacking through the ‘Alexander Payments’…. weekly payments to Mulcaire”
Edis: “That was for help in generating stories related to the Royal Family…. that’s what Goodman was convicted of”
Edis: “Since then Harbottle and Lewis documents have become available”
Edis: “In 2007 when Goodman was dismissed, he complained he had been unfairly treated. NI commissioned H&L to look at emails”
Edis: “The idea was solicitors were to… assess whether phone hacking involved anyone senior to him”
Edis more on the Harbottle and Lewis emails procured from News International during Goodman complaints.
Edis says “these documents weren’t available to original 06 police investigation”
Edis: “We say these emails show that in 2003 and 2005 Goodman wanted to acquire a Royal Telephone direction from Royal Protection Squad”
Edis: “Royal Police provided directories…. the Green Book and another directory for members of the Royal Household”
Edis: “Goodman had a total of 15 royal directories recovered from his house… but out of date information no good for blagging”
Edis: “We’re not suggesting all 15 green books were result of payments to palace police. But we are suggesting these two were”
Edis: “In the case of one it has police officer’s fingerprint… doesn’t mean it was sold, but had been in possession of police”
Edis: “There’s a form of document examination… clear it had the handwriting of another police officer. So two subject of emails”
20 minute break
Edis is back on the Harbottle and Lewis emails which show an exchange between Clive Goodman, Royal Reporter, and his editor, Andy Coulson
Edis: “in the NOTW financial statements for £750 for Royal Directory approved to David Farish for a Green Book”
Edis: “Jan 2003 second payment to Farish for Green book…. false name.., recorded in books.” Now going back to Harbottle and Lewis Emails
Edis explains Lawyer’s name at top of email, John Chapman, who accessed the print outs of HL emails in 2007.
BREAKING: Edis quotes 03 Goodman email to Coulson “if discovered selling stuff they end up on criminal charges, so do we.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Is Goodman telling truth…. there was a cash credit for a story paid that week, context verified by cash payment”
Edis on next email “another version of same document… something odd has happened… what’s missing…” mention of illegal payments
Edis; “How did those last words go, where did they go, did Coulson get whole email…. we will invite to think he has the whole email”
Edis: “But even without last lines he knows…” Coulson replies “This is fine. Didn’t I approve the payout for another green book earlier?”
Goodman replies “this is the harder to get one which has the Queens’ direct lines to the family”
Edis: 25 mins later. Email from Goodman to Kuttner. “I’ve left a deliberately cryptic credit payment form in your intray” #hackingtrial
Edis: “the cryptic credit note does exist, and was paid in 03…. He gets Coulson to sign off, and then authorised by Mr Kuttner”
“We say this is the clearest indication possible of a conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office” Edis prosecutor at #hackingtrial
Edis on 24/01/03 “Mulcaire tasked by Miskiw to investigation Michael Peat… mentioned in Goodman email”
Edis: “You see name, address, landline and date 24/01/03 – Greg tasking, no mobile number, affair?”
Edis: “There is no mobile number when that (Mulcaire) note is written… but new note now contains address, and numbers from Green Book”
Edis: “One might assume… Goodman gets info from book, gives to Miskiw, who passes on to Mulcaire.”
Edis: “If that’s right this book is useful for phone hacking. Sir M Peat targeted the same day book is paid for” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Another email showing more on the abortive investigation of Peat…. 24/01/ Goodman to Coulson:
Edis: Goodman passes on details to Coulson “long term rumour about affair…. turning off phone. He is a pain.” (i.e. Peat) #hackingtrial
Edis: “On the very same day the phone book obtained, Goodman telling Coulson about Peat’s phone being off”
Edis on another H&L email: “24/01 later that afternoon” – “Should have Peat’s reg… Greg’s people turning his mobile”
Edis says Greg means Glen: new email on 6th Feb. Email to Neil Wallis “now have his mobile so we can check out this end of it”
Edis goes to 2nd April email, Goodman to Coulson: “Peat talking to Prince of Wales… I might hear later on the mobile… if not later”
Edis: That is count two (misconduct in office).. this is quite simple. We’ve seen how it came about. And there was phone hacking context
Edis: “That is all much earlier than Goodman’s conviction for Alexander payments in 05-06” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Goodman made unfair dismissal case in 07… that is when these emails saw the light of day”
Edis; “Harbottle and Lewis gave NI a clean bill of health after these emails…. but why they did that is not for you to decide”
Edis: “This archive came to attention of police… in July 11 when they were handed over by NI”
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 3 – Misconduct
Edis on second misconduct count between Goodman and Coulson, H&L never produced these emails. Handed to police by solicitors
Edis: 14/04/05 “Andy…one of our palace cops has got hold of a book… a very risky document for him to nick… OK to put credit through”
Edis: sent again on 1st of June: “Andy OK to pay this…” Coulson: FINE
Edis: a book from this era found in Goodman’s house. And 1k payment to source authorised by Kuttner named “research assist”
Edis: “The use of the word ‘nick’ explaining how policeman was getting hold of this book knows Coulson knew how it would be procured”
Edis: Neither of the sources has been identified; “But how could public have trust… when they will sell private information… for money”
Edis: “As it happened the directories not particularly closely guarded, lots of copies made, the system is no doubt tighter now”
Edis: “Goodman is actually saying they are not as easy to get… and going rate is £1k”
Edis: email 24/08 email “Virtually all Goodman’s payments for his Blackadder column are for cash… extra tax”
Email on Goodman: “Goodman.. must get out more and get some stories that are free. And old fashioned idea I know”
Goodman replies to Nicholas; “Hi Paul…. only 3 protected sources… other 2 sources impossible to pay in another other way.”
BREAKING: Goodman “any other source or audit trail.., could put them and me in prison.”
Edis; Goodman extremely annoyed by this; “I feel like peeling his face off his skull…. I think this is payback for being a failed 80s hack
Edis: “Payments to these sources did continue. Who were they? Farish and Anderson paid from 01 to 06 under these false names”
Edis:”They often relate to stories about the police and royal protection squad… I’ll get to it in the evidence.”
Edis: “Prosecution say you can safely take these emails at face value” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Why would you put in something that could put you in jail if you didn’t have to. It would be terribly terribly stupid”
Edis: “Since Mr Coulson saw those emails… they both knew… and the evidence couldn’t be clearer” #hackingtrial
Edis on context: “He’s right in the thick of it now, with Blunkett and Clarke, when it comes to phone hacking”
Edis: “If you accept green books are related to phone hacking, it takes us back to Count One too”
Edis on Mulclaire: “October 2005 to June 2006 12,300 pound, weekly retainer of £500, irregular payments… attributed to particular items”
Edis itemises payments – Fergus, Harry, Will and Wills. These are Alexander payments. #hackingtrial
Edis focuses on another H&L email exchange: 03/02/06 Goodman to Coulson “Stuart told me about Matey’s weekly payments”
Edis on Goodman’s email; itemises names numbers and connections “We’re way in the black on this… has become particularly productive”
Goodman: “We are getting stories of Will and Kate no one else is getting”
Edis goes to another version of the email “It tells us all we need to know”
Edis on origin of this other version of email: “Goodman arrested… on 10th August he accessed the NOTW system… and download some emails”
Edis: Goodman identified emails that implicate Mr Coulson in misconduc
Edis: this is full version of Coulson email, via Operation Weeting
Edis: “On NI system there was a complete version… how come H&L got incomplete version”
Edis on ‘Matey’s Payment” new bit of email omitted from H&L version. on Kate and William.
Edis on Goodman; “There are costs for Matey… or he’ll run it elsewhere… he’s not a hack… Few weeks ago you asked me for new way”
Goodman: “It’s safe, productive and I’m convinced will become a great source of stories” Goodman then lists many stories from Mulcaire
Edis on Goodman stories: “Harry’s aide helps on Sandhurst exams… that story based directly on phone hacking”
Edis: “Payment requests for Matey/Alexander/Mulcaire… all have ‘identity is security sensitive’. But full email makes clear Coulson knew
Edis: “How can Goodman say all this, if Mr Coulson didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t write back ‘What are you talking about?”
Edis: “Mr Coulson is just as guilty of the Alexander/Matey payments as Mr Goodman was, because he approved it”
Five minute walkaround to stretch legs
No, we’re actually breaking now till 2pm. Back then
Briefly out of courtroom for lunch. Press annex a fury of typing and writing, especially when prosecution went through H&L Goodman emails
For deep background on the #hackingtrial check out http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fall-House-Murdoch-Peter-Jukes-ebook/dp/B0091US5MU/ref=zg_bs_362569031_5 … and books by @martin_hickman @NeilChenoweth @davidfolkenflik
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The prosecution’s opening case will probably conclude this afternoon – after that no live tweeting. But I will continue to cover in breaks
Back again with counsel for prosecution Anthony Edis QC, probably coming to the closing of his opening by the end of today #hackingtrial
Edis on Alexander/Matey payments “and whether Coulson is guilty of conspiracy… some recently acquired documents”
Edis “they were found because Goodman only recently decided to waive his legal privilege during 2007 unfair dismissal claim”
Edis uses overhead projector to show some of the documents in Goodman’s files: to prove “he was sanctioned at a high level” #hackingtrial
Edis “a reasonably accurate transcript of a hacked voicemail message…. in Mr Goodman’s file 06/07 on Prince Harry and Lowther-Pinkerton
Edis: “Harry was training at Sandhurst to become an officer… transcribing going to gym, questions about siege on Iranian Embassy”
Edis on Prince Harry transcription voicemail to Pinkerton Louth, his Royal Aide, asking for help in writing an essay
Edis: “This is evidence of phone hack, and it was investigated.” New email with a URL from NI system, downloaded 11/08/06 2 days aftr arrest
Edis Goodman email to Coulson about Harry ‘cheating’: “As we know 100 % fact. Embassy siege too specific to get through.”
Edis on NOTW story: “Harry asked L-P Royal Aide to do his research for him”
Edis on Goodman to Coulson: “We know its 100% fact…. How did they know? …. Why no specific ref… because they would be exposed.”
Edis 10th Dec 2005 Coulson to Goodman “What’s happening with your story” Goodman back “Just finished calling… need to go thru tapes…”
Edis reading Goodman email: “I couldn’t press forward (talking to Clarence House) without exposing the Source.”
Edis: “As we know Harry wasn’t only asking for books…but for information. Sandhurst putting most positive spin on rulebook” #hackingtrial
Edis: “A story did appear…. you see it on a list of Matey’s successes…”
Edis on “Matey’s results…. William got shot during a night exercise (pretend shot) recording of voice mail confirms that.”
Edis: Mr Goodman’s copy of Matey/Alexander payments tallying with stories at the time Coulson says “I’m sorry he has to go”
Goodman to Coulson: “OK….you’re the boss… but it will be a pretty big loss to my network” Must have known to have discussion about Matey
Another story 20/4/06; “Coulson asking the ‘editor’s question’…. how do we know Harry true?” Goodman replies: “Its from same source”
Goodman to Coulson: “We absolutely know it to be true… It comes from the same source on retainer. I’ll have to blag a confession tomorrow.
Edis: “We’re back to Blunkett. You can’t use voicemail. So you have to use info on voicemail to get a confession.” #hackingtrial
Edis: “Last two docs in this clip…. 28th July. Goodman to Coulson “sourcing that fellah who used to be on a monthly retainer to us”
Edis, one more Goodman email “Something similar…. another Royal story… from a reliable source… can only manage it from a UK landline”
Edis on email Goodman to Kuttner: “Andy agreed to keep him on…. good royal stories…” more details about one off payments #hackingtrial
Goodman emailing Edmondson: 03/06 “The tale comes from William himself” Edm “What?” Gdmn “not on email,” Edm “Think I understand”
Edis: “those are really quite explicit emails… though not as explicit as they might be….they understand they need to be guarded”
Ed: “All of this kept by Goodman as a consequence of his arrest. He was prosecuted. Prosecution suggested Coulson and others at NI worried”
Edis: “We can see they had every reason to be worried. Goodman had kept an cache of emails to prove we suggest, he was officially sanctioned
Edis: Goodman and Coulson keep in contact during arrest and guilty plea. A recorded conversation shows Coulson calling Goodman.
Edis: “This recorded convo shows Coulson concerned about Goodman… though he caused great risk to NI, you’d think they’d be cross with him”
Edis: “They kept him on the payroll for a long time. Coulson on telephone is reassuring Goodman he’ll have job even if he goes to prison”
Edis: “Emails in H&L file show discussions between Crone and Coulson of risk that when Goodman meets his probation officer he may talk”
Edis: “Crone said to Coulson i email, there is a risk Goodman may ‘stray off the preferred line’ and let the cat out of the bag”
Edis on emails: “Coulson worried probation service have adverse agenda against NOtW because of Sarah’s law”
Edis: “Coulson limiting the damage to paper… but also damage to himself.”
Edis: Email day before the plea. Coulson deciding what statement to put out. Edis shows draft statement.
Edis quotes Coulson’s official statement on Goodman conviction draft: “I have put in place measures WHAT ARE THEY? so this won’t be repeated
Edis: “Wallis deputy editor response to Coulson’s email… concerned Goodman could ‘throw spanners’ in statement. Possible CAPS were Wallis
Edis on another Coulson email to Les Hinton: “looks like he has put in an additional paragraph in italics and underscore.” Rules in place
Email exchange between Brooks and Coulson on day of sentence: “The Guardian have been on about my phone and Dacre and other journos”
Edis: “As it happens Brooks was hacked. 29/11/06 “I know this is Les; idea… not helpful… Mulcaire will think they’ve leaked it”
Edis: “Why would they be worried about Mulcaire unless they knew”. Brooks “police have presumably told everyone they interviewed”
Coulson reply: “I just don’t think it’s helpful when it’s going so well…. just creates more intrigue, and encourages papers to go for you”
Edis on another email Crone to Coulson: “I suspect Goodman might stray off preferred line…’ Coulson “how do you know that?”
Edis on Crone’s reply: “Henry… Goodman’s solicitor”
Edis: “Goodman sent to prison… Coulson resigned. No longer in position to influence things, but Mrs Brooks was.”
Edis: “Did she treat him as she said… instant dismissal. In fact she tried to help him get a job while unfair dismissal claim unresolved”
Edis on Brooks – she took Goodman out to lunch at RAC, NI expenses document proves. Only 18 days after she told PCC how she would dismiss
Edis on two emails from Brooks to Goodman
Edis 9/05/07: Brooks “Clive I need a decision on the Diana Project… she wanted someone to write it… she chasing it up.
Edis on Brooks email to Goodman: “a genuine offer of work from one old colleague to another” re a subbing job at the Sun #hackingtrial
Edis 18/05/07 Brooks to Goodman: “Sub situation… starts July 5th… It’s a great opportunity”
Edis “They’ve treated him in a very different way from how Brooks told PCC she would treat anyone caught in criminal actions”
Edis: “They felt a little sorry for him… but also quite eager to keep him on board.” #hackingtrial
Edis Counts 4, 5, 6 and 7 are “relatively straightforward” – not less important, just happen to be simple”
Prosecution Councel presents evidence for Count 4 – Misconduct
Edis: ‘Counts 4 and 5 allege corrupt payments” he cites sun employee and MOD officials
Edis takes jury through a clip of documents relating to Brooks’ time at the Sun #hackingtrial
Edis 15/06/06 sun employees emails re Sandhurst contacts and various stories (have to be vague for legal reasons)
Edis details money in reward for pictures from MOD officials from NI employees.
Edis: Ni employee sends email chain to Brooks; “What do you think boss? “OK” writes back Brooks quickly. Payment made
Edis: “Brooks knew this was a payment to a public official because that’s what the email says.”
Edis: “Minutes of payments via Thomas Cook… £4000.. Prince William wearing a Bikini exclusive”
Edis on payments “If you pay people in cash they have to pay the tax… it’s something you do if the source is exposed to danger.”
Edis: “It’s a special measure… There’s the story. They used a mock up. But they got the story. But that’s what they wanted.”
Edis; “I said I’d be quite brief about count 4 – and so I have. I won’t be able to go through count 5 at such a lick”
Prosecution Counsel presents evidence for Count 5 – Misconduct
Edis opens new document bundle: “I’m going to show some emails… Bettina Jordan-Barber… I’ve told you about her already”
Edis: “Box refers to security clearance and vetting, various postings… fourth page is where payments start” #hackingtrial
Edis associates Jordan-Barber stories and payment, and then who authorised them. “You can see at glance who authorised”
Edis: “In early phase Brooks herself did not authorise payments, but after arrests in 06, things appear to tighten up”
Edis: “We get to autumn 06 Brooks authorises personally 3 payments… they carry on… on page 11 more stories.”
Edis: “In some cases these stories which were paid for were coming into public domain anyway, in which case no good reason to pay BJB..”
Edis: “Unless the sun wanted an exclusive. It really matters. Someone getting killed or injured in public service.”
Edis: “When we do this in evidence, we’ll be able to see this story. Brooks herself personally authorised 40k. The Sun paid twice that sum”
Edis shows “Emails which are evidence of Brooks’ authorisations”
Edis 28/11/06 email to Brooks. ‘You’re email Okaying them is all that’s needed” Three stories worth 4.5k “I think cheap at the price”
Edis: “These are stories that come from one source, as employee says ‘my number 1 military contact’. Stories from Sandhurst to Iraq
Edis: “This is a quite well placed source”. Less than a minute later Brooks says “Of course.”
Edis another email “much to same effect” 15/10/07 email sun employee on ‘belting exclusive’ ‘pay contact 3k through Thomas Cook”
Edis on Sun employee “If you approve… when you have spare 5 mins I have an idea about a blood transfusion story”
Edis: “that story was adduced to Bettina Jordan-Barber” Brooks responds “Brilliant scoop. Whenever you want i’m here”
Edis on another email: “Morning boss, can you please approve by Thomas Cook payment my ace military contact”
Another email “My ace military contact again….” Edis details stories; “Makes 3k can you please make the same email approval”
Edis then cross references these email and stories with the actual publication in the Sun
Andrew Edis goes to next email: “Morning boss… authorise 2 more payments for my ace military source…. 3k… cheap at the price”
Yet another NI employee email to Brooks “3k cheap at the price” Responded to by Brooks on same day “Yes”
Email to Brooks; “Morning boss… ace military contact… 3k… and my very good prison contact…” Brooks replies; “Fine, thanks.”
Edis notes another for 3.5k ‘military contact’ two stories ‘soldier losing leg’: Brooks approves in minutes.
Edis: “What does all that mean? You might think the source was someone who works at MOD. Or you might know that already”
Edis 28/05/09 NI employee cites 2 stories. 15 mins later Brooks replies ‘Thanks’
Edis another one for 4k for ‘number one military contact Thomas Cook’ “an approval in very short order from Mrs Brooks”
And again “No. One Military Contact” – 4 stories cited. Reply in 60 mins. Reply forwarded “As per usual positive reply from boss”
Edis: “The prosecution suggest that in behaving that way Brooks was conspiring to commit misconduct in public office, and she knew it”
May 2009 – the end of Brooks time at the Sun: “she starts as CEO in 2009”: “this shows her approval several more stories”
Edis: “Then of course there are no more authorisations after Aug 2009 because she leaves…. Suffice it to say payments continue”
The judge invites Edis to take a break till Monday. He willingly accedes. The press annex erupt in joy. Back on Monday morning
So I overestimated everyone’s stamina: opening argument (and live tweeting) to continue Monday morning on coverup allegations #hackingtrial
Having known the backstory to the #hackingtrial for several years, I’ll try to think of the highlights from the court in the last few days
However things pan out, some word of thanks to @Bynickdavies @MarkLewisLawyer and @tom_watson who worked tirelessly over many years
The four tweets I marked BREAKING: 1/Four Guilty Pleas 2/Brooks Coulson affair 3/Tapes in NI Lawyers safe 4/Goodman emails to Coulson

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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