Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 7 Nov

Thursday 7 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Statement from the Judge
Bryant Heron for the Prosecution
Timeline – Sven-Goran Eriksson, Faria Alam continues
Bryant Heron for the Prosecution
Timeline – Andy Gilchrist
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Giving evidence – Guy Patrick (former Sun journalist)
Statement from Candy Kandolum
Statement from John McGee
Statement from Kenneth Cameron
Timeline – Milly Dowler Cross Examination
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks questions DS Greg Smith
Timeline – David Blunkett
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Meeting between Coulson and Blunkett

The Prosecution Case continues
Statement from the Judge
Saunders to Jury on media reporting: “Some reports in papers maybe misleading… there is a sub editor looking for eye catching headline”
Saunders: “Eye catching headlines don’t catch the tenor of the case of the whole… An example of that is Sven-Goran Eriksson
Saunders: “The suggestion NOTW was hacking his phone for six years or so is not an established fact, or necessarily part of prosecution case
Saunders; “Listen to what the advocates are saying here, and particularly what witnesses saying, don’t rely on newspaper reports”
Saunders: “What we’re concerned about it that a headline gets fixed in your mind as an established fact” #hackingtrial
Bryant Heron for the Prosecution
Bryant Heron, for prosecution, goes back to ‘agreed fact’ on Milly Dowler and Mark Hancox of recruitment agency talking to Kutner
Timeline – Sven-Goran Eriksson, Faria Alam continues
Bryant Heron for the Prosecution
Back to Eriksson Alam timeline at #hackingtrial: prosecution reads statement from former England Manager.
Prosecution summarises: “that when S G-E was shown info (from Mulcaire noteboos) he didn’t recognise number and other information”
Bryant Heron goes through details of mobile number, st ives and other locations. Sven-Goren Eriksson said he didn’t recognise these details
Mulcaire’s notes associate certain numbers with Ericsson in early entries which he says “I cannot attribute those no’s on Feb 05”
More written statements from Sven G-E: “DC Evans plays me a tape from Angelo… a football player agent… you can get 40 calls day…”
Sven G-E: “I cannot recall that message and can only assume it relates to my time before I was England manager.”
Sven G-E: “I rang the number the caller left…. Luciana Merangon answered the call….He is an agent representing a TV company.”
Sven G-E: “The company represented by Luciano wanted me to appear in an Italian Big Brother programme.” The item is now dated 06
On Alam statement: “After I joined the FA Sven used to pursue me… Sven would hire a private dining room (at Kettners’) I was impressed.
Alam: “Sven would call me 5 or 6 times. He was smart and positive and I was getting attached. I flew out to his house in Sweden”
Alam: “His house is on an inlet… we saw the press arrive… I stayed in the house.” 17th July 2004 “Sven was coming to see me..”
Alam: “We were in a suite at the Leonard hotel, and David Davies called me saying NOTW were alleging we were having an affair.”
Alam assures FA David Davies she wasn’t having affair with Eriksson: “He didn’t want to go back to Andy Coulson and sound like an idiot.”
Alam: “After NOTW article published… (Secret Lover headline) Accompanying article was picture of me by Tooley St flat.”
Alam: “I was summoned to a meeting with FA legal dept, David Davies kept bombarding me with questions. I admitted dinner dates nothing more”
Alam: “I managed to get to a car and get away…. Another contingent of press outside my home… girlfriend took me to her place.”
Alam: “I was constantly appearing in the headlines… I never returned to FA. Gibson told me to talk to NOTW and when I wouldn’t got abusive
Alam: “I was dismissed by FA in September. In August 04 Max Clifford. represented me” 100k offered by NOTW and Mail on Sunday for her story
Prosecution shows more from Mulcaire’s records: Project Faria Alam: Alam confirms numbers, address, additional info I do not recognise
Alam on Mulcaire records: “Yes this the PIN number from my voice number” #hackingtrial
More from Alam’s witness statement confirming Mulcaire records “this the FA contact number for S G-E on T-Mobile network”
Of records of 2nd June 2004 “this is my old address…. this is Sven’s mobile number…” Alam “any intrusion has been done without consent”
Bryant Heron for the prosecution “This concludes the evidence on the timeline of Faria Alam and Sven-Goran Eriksson
Timeline – Andy Gilchrist
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Bryant Heron: “I’m now going to call evidence on the Andy Gilchrist…” and calls DC Nicholas Oskiewicz
DC Nicholas Oskiewicz from Operation Weeting is the case officer eho compiled evidential report on Andy Gilchrist timeline.
November 2002 Fire-brigade Union went on strike: Gilchrist was lead negotiator. 30/11 gave a speech to Campaign Group in Manchester
Oskiewicz confirms that 01/12 there was an NOTW Editorial: ‘This strike has lit up the truth’ ‘belligerent… self promoting…glory seeking
‘Reform or be Fired’ NOTW article about Gilchrist shown to Jury. He’s pictured and quoted about money to bomb Iraq
5th December FB Union issued a press release about Gilchrist being ‘stalked’
Oskiewicz confirms 4th Dec 02 Miskiw calls Mulcaire. His notes ‘Re Andy Gilchrist’ name, address and numbers of his wife and friends
Freelance journalist uses Twitter appeal to raise expense money to tweet Brooks trial. http://on.wsj.com/Hype3l
DC Nicholas Oskiewicz explains how these particular Mulcaire entries verified by ESDA testing (imprint of previous writings)
Prosecution confirm with Weeting DC further calls between Greg Miskiw (then NOTW news editor) and Mulcaire around time of Gilchrist hacking
13/01/03 Brooks became Sun Editor. 20/01 ‘Fire Strike Leader is a Love Cheat… a love rat that cheated on his wife… year long fling”
Another Sun article has a kiss and tell from Gilchrist lover. Joke about a ‘fireman’s pole’ and allegations Union money paid for affair
Sun Editorial “Bad enough Gilchrist is a Marxist rabble rouser but now we expose him as a low life, cheating fornicator” next day a strike
21st Jan 03 Sun pictures Gilchrist with the headline “I’m Away with the Fairies” pointing out his voicemail greeting
The Weeting DC is cross examined by Ms Simpson (standing in for Laidlaw) representing Brooks over “buy-up” of Gilchirst kiss and tell
Defence establish Gilchrist/Holland affair started and stopped in 1998. Also that there was “widespread interest… across the press” in him
Defence counsel for Brooks asks Weeting DC to look at ‘Flaming Idiot’ ‘Fire Union Chiefs are Saddam Stooges’ in November 02
Defence point out there were 15 articles on Gilchrist and Fire Strike in the two months before Brooks took up editorship
‘I’m Away with the Fairies: Cheap Gilchrist Message’ article from 03 (Brooks’ editorship) is a voicemail greeting message from home line
Mid morning break for ten mins
Back with Bryant Heron reading statements from Andy Gilchrist from March last year. He was a firefighter from 76-96. 2002 General sec
Gilchrist: “Oct 02 to 03 – during this time I could have up to 60 or 70 messages on my mobile. Very busy time. Didn’t have PIN number”
Gilchrist: “I was fairly regularly followed and harassed by individuals from various papers.. in 2002 about an affair with Tracy Holland”
Gilchrist’s statement then verifies the other evidence on his timeline – first on Mulcaire entries. 04/12 entry significant.”
Gilchrist’ PA was called by journalist about affair. In Jan Sun journalist rang a private mobile, and then knocked on his door.
Sun journalist handed Gilchrist’s brother Sam a letter saying they were going to run story about affair. Ran story on 20th Jan
Gilchrist also recalled the story was run a few days after Brooks left NOTW for Sun. He confirms wife’s details and home address
Gilchrist doesn’t recognise an account number in M’s notes. He does confirm an ex directory phone number only given to close friends
Gilchrist notices two numbers from colleagues, with generic Fire Brigade digits, with some errors
Gilchrist on his phone number: “members of staff were explicitly directed not to give this number out”
Gilchrist on him and his wife’s middle names “I don’t know how anyone apart from close family would know our middle names… never use them”
Gilchrist: “I never had any personal contacts with journos from Sun and NOTW as they were hostile to union issues.”
Gilchrist on NOTW and Sun journalists: ‘They also seemed to know where I was going before I got there”
Gilchrist on another Mulcaire document – he recognises number John McGee, a fellow Union official, and name ‘Warren G’ – regional treasurer
Gilchrist: “We knew we were being followed… and knew our phone messages were being listened to. We joked it was MI5 or MI6”
Gilchrist in December 2002 “it was obvious I was being followed and we issued a press release to that effect”
Statement of Tracey Holland, who had affair with Gilchrist in 1998. Statement from 30th August 2012
Holland recalls her interactions with reporters. Daily Mirror knocked on her door in late 02. She wouldn’t discuss it and he left
Holland called Gilchrist’s office and spoke to PA. Two months later approached by reporter Guy Patrick, accompanied by photographer
Holland refused to speak. Later that evening Patrick called: Andy was married at the time “I told him to go away.”
Patrick told Holland the next day to co-operate, or “they would talk to her friends and family”. Feeling trapped, she agreed to cooperate
Holland: “The Sun offered me 25k. I accepted.” Sun journalist got wind of Union intervening; “He attached a small black box to me telephone’
Guy Patrick taped the conversation saying Brooks wouldn’t run story. “I’ll have to play it back to her, I report back every night”
Holland testifies Guy Patrick was also trying to obtain info about Gilchrist’s financial records. I stayed with Sun for 3 days
Holland asked Guy Patrick where he obtained financial information, but he wouldn’t say. Brooks kept informed daily she believed.
Holland contacted by NOTW a few weeks later about an expenses story but Holland couldn’t remember name of reporter
Holland was contacted by Guardian and Mail in regard to Gilchrist phone hacking in 2012
Bryant Heron reads further statement from Holland about Mulcaire’s notes. Another page doesn’t have info relevant to me
Ms Simpson for Brooks says tasking from 2002 doesn’t relate to Holland
Giving evidence – Guy Patrick (former Sun journalist)
Prosecution calls in Guy Patrick – former Sun journalist – as a witness
Guy David Patrick is now a journalist for northern news echo. In late 2002 early 2003 journalist for the Sun
Prosecution asks him about Gilchrist story: Manchester officer received a ‘ring in’ from member of the public…. Gilchrist having affair”
Patrick: “From memory… Manchester news desk took call…. Peter Sherlock.”
Patrick: “Dispatched with photographer… went to her address to check a) if it was true and b) if she’d do a story”
Patrick: “Every story is different… generally you’re expected to take control of the thing…. If big money involved… go to superiors”
Patrick confirms that money of that amout, 25k, would concern the editor of the time (Brooks)
Patrick: “From memory we were given a name… used search engines available to public… Then I went and basically knocked on her door”
Patrick: “She was a bit reticent initially…. wanted to think about it overnight… I went back to see her Sat morning. “
Patrick: “Intimated she would do it if the price was right…she was put up in the hotel for two or three days.” Prosecution pull up article
‘Fire Strike Leader is a Love Cheat’ Guy Patrick confirms shared byeline for 20th. Article on 21st “I would have sat with the writers”
Guy Patrick cross examined by Brooks’ counsel, Simpson. She asks about 25k payment to Holland.
Simpson: “Who would apply judgement if it was worth it.” Patrick “A bit of Cat and Mouse… reported back to Sherlock… Brooks brought in”
Patrick; “I spoke to Brooks the friday night. I worked with her at NOTW. Lot of money involved…. wise move to keep new boss in the loop”
“The Friday” is the 17th the day Patrick first saw Holland. Saturday she agreed price. Article came out on the Monday
Statement from Candy Kandolum
Statement Candy Kandolum (sp) who worked for Sun and other papers, recalling her involvement in Gilchrist story.
Kandolum remembers confronting Mrs Gilchrist and getting some quotes. “I had no contact with the editor… only news editor”
Statement from John McGee
Statement of John McGee, Fire Brigade national officer, recalling time up 2005 when he was working for Gilchrist during 02/03 strike
McGee was campaign manager in discussion with government and officials during negotiations and then strike
McGee: “Gilchrist was targeted by the media, particularly the tabloids, because he…. as general secretary… had authority to call strike”
McGee: “So concerned for his safety… Andy installed CCTV at his house… his wife and children were followed.”
McGee doesn’t specifically recall any approach from Sun or NOTW during this period
McGee confirms some personal details found among Mulcaire’s notes.
Statement from Kenneth Cameron
Statement from Kenneth Cameron confirms his mobile number for 15 years, and landline. Predecessor as Gen Sec of Fire Brigade Union
Kenneth Cameron confirms he would have spoken to Gilchrist during the period of negotiations and leading up to strike
Statement of Nuwalla (sp) Cameron (wife of former Fire Brigade Official Kenneth Cameron) who confirms her mobile number in Mulcaire records
Witness statement confirms that voice message ‘dinner is in the dust bin’ is the kind of message she would have left for her husband
Bryant Heron then reads in the agreed facts over Gilchrist which basically outline the timeline, including acceptance Mulcaire hacked
Timeline – Milly Dowler Cross Examination
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks questions DS Greg Smith
DS Greg Smith from Weeting returns to stand to confirm something more from Milly Dowler timelines
Sibson asks some questions of DS Smith on behalf of Rebekah Brooks about calls to Coulson
Concerns second edition of NOTW which removes verbatim references to contents of message of Milly Dowler‘s phone
Sibson establishes three different editions of NOTW in April 02 with two different versions of Missing Milly story
Defence for Brooks, Ms Sibson establishes details of Scottish edition, and another midway addition with tiny change in NOTW caption
“Hello Mandy we’re ringing because we have some interviews” message on Dowler’s phone quoted in NOTW. Break till 2.10
Timeline – David Blunkett
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Edis for the crown calls DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting for the David Blunkett and other people timeline #hackingtrial
DC Hargreaves is the case officer dealing with phones hacked ‘connected to Mr Blunkett’ – his phone wasn’t hacked.
Edis: “You’re here… essentially to establish the facts” of the Blunkett timeline. Computer system problem so hard copies of timeline used
Edis explains how Blunkett timeline contains Mulcaire’s notes, telephone billing and other information starts Jan 04 ‘Greg’ tasking
DC Hargreaves agrees info contains personal details of Blunkett including his sons, and Hugh Edmonds (SPAD to Blunkett)
Hugh Edmonds – Special adviser to Blunkett – to be called on Monday
Edis reads from Blunkett witness statement: it contains his address for 15 years, landline for Sheffield address, and his mobile no
Blunkett confirms that Hugh EVANs (not Edmonds) number on file. His oldest son. And number similar to second son. His old address too
More details including Home Office numbers and Sheffield hospital confirmed by Blunkett in written statement in court.
More entries related to multiple recordings, over 330 messages, from Kimberley Quinn‘s voicemail in 2004.
These 330 messages are all left by Blunkett and recordings found. There are also police transcripts of recovered from Mulcaire
Recordings of voicemails were recovered from two places from Mulcaire, and also from safe of News International, DC Hargreaves confirms
DC Hargreaves confirms that some of the voice mail recordings were not recovered in previous investigations – but from NI safe
These voice mail recordings of Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett from Kimberly Quinn’s phones to be clear.
Edis now produces pages from a spiral notebook, details relating to Kimberley Quinn, husbands name, passwords etc. Blunkett confirms details
David Blunkett written statement confirms Quinn’s address and date of birth and her former mobile number, and his former number
Tasking to Mulcaire named ‘Greg’ and named Kimberley Fortier, also details a voicemail message left by medical clinic on her phone
The message from Kimberley Quinn‘s phone transcribed by Mulcaire talks about the results of a ‘scan’ from a birth clinic
Another Mulcaire notation relates to Simon Hoggart with his address and mobile number.
DC Hargreaves explains new document found in News International safe of Tom Crone, a lawyer working for the company
Edis explains that in Crone’s safe were recordings and documents, the documents fall into several categories
Edis on Crone’s documents: A three page draft article by Neville Thurlbeck which refers to two people Noddy and Big Ears
Edis explains finally article appeared in NOTW 15th August 2004 without NOddy and Big Ears names
Edis cites another draft article from Crone’s safe from Thurlbeck which quotes the woman involved in Blunkett affair. This article appeared
From Crone’s safe: another draft with Blunkett and Kimberley Quinn named. Her name was removed before going to press
Edis on documents from 04 Crone’s safe: “NOddy and Big Ears summary…. message says ‘I yearn for you. What can happen in three years.”
Thurlbecks on affair details the fact Blunkett thought KQ was “tall and blonde” she was small and dark
BREAKING: NI Lawyer had copy of birth certificate of Kimberley Quinn‘s child in his safe
Thurlbeck on Quinn “we have cars and motorcycles on her… very low key”. “I have a phone no for Noddy… but we should use for obv reasons:
More info from Thurlbeck; “She has something she has to tell Noddy she must tell him face to face.” DC confirms voicemail to him
DC confirms messages from two other Kimberley suitors detailed by Thurlbeck in documents contained in NI safe
Edis now checking with DC Hargreaves related transcript messages of Mr Hoggart and Mr X who rang Kimberley Quinn
Prosecution checks with Weeting Case officer on some more dated and timed messages from Kimberley Quinn recovered from News International
Edis does not read out “these are messages in which Mr Blunkett is professing his love.”
On one transcribed message there is a written comment “He does live there…” Named of Blunkett’s children blanked out for court
Series of Blunkett messages July 2004, Edis asks Jury to read; “He keeps expressing his love for her” He says “You are breaking my heart”
DC Hargreaves “Deeply intrusive personal messages…” agrees the summary Blunkett was deeply distressed Quinn wanted to end their affair
Blunkett message 22nd July 2004: “I’m going to Rebekah wade’s husband’s 40th Birthday and then going to collapse into bed”
Various other messages from Blunkett to Quinn in following days in 2004 checked by Jury but not read out in court
July 23rd 2004: Blunkett leaves message with his own nickname ‘Big Ears’ which the NOTW picked up
The last of messages in this clip of material on Blunkett and Quinn is shown to the jury but not to press
DC Hargreaves confirms these are NI transcript. “There’s a voicemail relates to each of these transcripts… I confirm they are correct”
DC Hargreaves confirms photocopy of envelope which contained the voice mail tapes and were found in Tom Crone’s safe
Edis then ties up with envelope from safe ’12/08/04 Thurlbeck NOTW Noddy Big Ears’ with an entry in Tom Crone’s diary
DC Hargreaves confirms Mulcaire note of invoice for £750 and note “We need to triangle late calls… It needs to stand up on it’s own”
Phone contacts for that day entered in evidence: Coulson Thurlbeck contacts and four contacts between Brooks and Coulson that night
The next two days show over 20 contacts between Brooks and Coulson from call data.
Meeting between Coulson and Blunkett
Meeting between between Coulson and Blunkett Sat 13th minutes after a phone contact between Coulson and Brooks.
Edis then plays into evidence entire 25 minutes of recorded meeting between Coulson and Blunkett (very inaudible in annex)
Blunkett “I always had a view my private life is private… sticking to that… it’s crucial. Coulson:”Some matters have to be dealt with”
Blunkett: “It’s a secret I met Kimberley as a friend.” Coulson; “I won’t reveal my sources… but I’m extremely confident of my info”
Blunkett: “What is the information” Coulson: “You had a liaison at her cottage…” Blunkett: “What is this alleged evidence?”
Blunkett: “The reason I’m querying is I get this all the time.” Coulson “My job is to make sure I sift out the nonsense. I believe this info
Coulson: “My job is to help you stop another paper getting this. It’s a well known fact.” Blunkett: What’s it based on?”
Coulson: It’s a very good source. Blunkett: “Everyone says that.” Coulson: “I’m very keen on defending you… “
Coulson: “We believe it to be true… I’m prepared to run this story and keep Kimberley’s name out of it”
Blunkett: “I can’t stop you… My private life is my own. I’ve been divorced for 14 years”
Coulson: “You’ve been having an affair with a married woman… A short statement…. You’re the Home Secretary that’s public interest”
Blunkett: “You’ve got to have something more. Coulson: “I’m prepared to say it’s true”.
Blunkett: “The implication no one can have a good friendship… doesn;t mean I’ve had sexual relations with them.”
Coulson: “This is an extreme set of circumstances… Blunkett: “Quite dangerous. I’m not talking about having affairs, just friendships”
Coulson: “We can run this story your way” Blunkett: “But anyone can come in from the street and say this.”
Coulson: “Someone has taken a big risk by coming forward about an affair with a Home Secretary…. that’s the story”
Coulson on Quinn staying at Blunkett’s cottage: “That’s one piece of info prepared to reveal”
Blunkett: “Someone made an assumption just because we met on Thursday” Coulson: “I’m not sure whether relationship is ongoing?”
Coulson to Blunkett: “If for example another paper covered this story, for example the Daily Mail….”
Coulson: “This isn’t the situation that you’ve been trailed and some airy fairy assumption. I wouldn’t be sitting here today if it was that”
Blunkett: “I have two concerns. Kimberley being damaged.. a terrible thing to do. And the second to prevent open season on my private life”
Blunkett: “In 1984/5 when Tories in pickle, I said what goes on behind closed doors is private.”
Coulson: “You don’t think someone who has an affair with a married woman…. Blunkett: “If they treat each other with respect, private”
Coulson: “I don’t want to be fair game in future…. I like my job… anything about private life interferes with that.”
Coulson: “Is the story true?” Blunkett: “Already said… What I do in my private life is none of your business”
Blunkett: “I’ve seen a great deal of her. She’s read books to me. Come to concerts with me… You can pen what you want to pen.”
Coulson to Blunkett: “By denying this story there are now going to be a flood of accusations…”
Coulson: “This is an extreme situation… in terms of what I publish this weekend. I’ve got some serious thinking.”
Coulson: “I’m prepared to run this story, and effectively kill this story… not good for NOTW. After holiday it will be done and dusted”
Coulson: “That’s my suggestion… I run this story… without her name.”
Tape ends: Counsel for Coulson has tried to provide a fuller transcript but no salient differences
Sorry 10 O’Clock 13th August 2004. More phone contacts between Brooks and Coulson
Edis asks DC Hargreaves who confirms Noddy and Big Ears is actually News International codes – Blunkett and Quinn never used those names
Edis has got legible versions of the NOTW articles: “Love for Mum of One’ on Aug 15th 04 ‘secret affair with married mum for 3 years’
NOTW quotes source saying ‘they’re in love’ but ‘they don’t know what the future will hold’ plus photos of both a Blunkett’s London address
Another NOTW piece on Blunkett; “Devotion” again quotes ‘source’ which seem to be quotations from the source.
12 contact events between Coulson on Brooks on Sunday Blunkett story published in Coulson-edited NOTW
On the following Monday the Sun front page: “The Blunkett Affair” and mentions “I told him I was tall and blond” from AQ
The “tall and blonde” joke on Monday Sun was in Thurlbeck’s draft for NOTW
On the Tuesday 17th Sun article “David Blunkett‘s secret lover is 5 months Pregnant” cites Kimberley Quinn “telling friends”
Edis cites Mulcaire bill for “Project Blunkett’ a few days later for £750
Edis: “on day pregnancy story published there’s contact between Coulson and Brooks.”
More on timeline: Blunkett confirms number of nanny employed by Kimberley Quinn in Mulcaire’s notes
Mulcaire’s notes have details of benefit agency – Blunkett says he doesn’t know why his surname appears on this page
Simon Hoggart is called by Stuart Kuttner 18th December 2004
Witness statement by Simon Hoggart: “I have no knowledge of phone hacking… or involved in any way.”
Hoggart statement confirms that Mulcaire page “I recognise my name, my address, my landline number, my parent’s landline number”
Simon Hoggart then confirms that recording given to police from News International (same as Blunkett) is one of his voicemail messages
Hoggart: “I recall week before Xmas 18/12/04… from Stuart Kuttner… about my affair with her which initially denied”
Hoggart: “On the day before Christmas Eve Neville Thurlbeck rang with accusations of another affair.. which wasn’t true”
Before Saunders ends, he warns jury not to pay attention to press over the weekend. Back on Monday
End of week one with the jury. Tomorrow is a case management day. No reporting. Back on Monday
Just to be clear: the allegation that Blunkett used code names came from Thurlbeck’s notes. Turned out to be completely false
Between state and marketplace, there’s a host of human activity that is civil, co-operative, spontaneous. That’s what this week taught me
To my new followers. Be aware the ‘dark arts’ of the hacking scandal first incubated around the Daniel Morgan murder http://ln.is/thedailybeast.com/NBDZ
Dwayne Fields | The First Black Briton to Conquer the North Pole http://dwayne-fields.com/ via @polaboy
For future reference: if you just want my tweets on #hackingtrial and not my responses to others try this https://twitter.com/peterjukes/lists/phone-hacking-trial

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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