Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 12 Nov

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Timeline – Delia Smith
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Detect Oskiewicz
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Detect Oskiewicz
Timeline – Eunice Huthart (Angelina Jolie’s body double)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Timeline – Wayne Rooney, Patricia Tierney and Laura Rooney
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Corinne Young
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Corinne Young
Further Prosecution evidence
Timeline – Tessa Jowell and David Mills
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC DC Ryall
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Ryall
Timeline – Lord Prescott
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Trial interrupted by Harry Nilsson’s “Everyone’s Talking at Me”
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Weeting Detective
Timeline – Lord Frederick Windsor
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Timeline – Mark Oaten
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Timeline – Sir Paul McCartney
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves

The Prosecution Case continues
Back at the Old Bailey
Back in Court 12 for the #hackingtrial – today the jury will have no live witnesses, but go through a timeline with written evidence
There’s a problem with the sound today – so Bryant Heron for the prosecution sounds like a Dalek. He’s going through Mulcaire’s notebooks
Timeline – Delia Smith
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Edis is back on his feet and is calling a Weeting Detective to look at the Delia Smith timeline of phone hacking
A page of Mulcaire’s notes has addresses for Delia Smith and Wynn Jones.
The Weeting Detective confirms a number of pages with extensive personal details for the Bruno family
The Bruno family were friends with Delia Smith
There’s an email chain from Thurlbeck to Coulson about the tactics for covering the Delia Smith
There are three stories in NOTW following up the Delia Smith ‘incident in Norwich’
The Mulcaire notes have extensive details for Wynne Jones – including an entry for Hospital 08/05/05 Greg Miskiw tasking
Phone records are cross referenced between Mulcaire and Miskiw. Mulcaire then calls a variety of hospitals near Norwich
Mulcaire then calls Lucy Crabbe’s number – a former colleague and chef of Delia Smith 09/05/05
Calls from Mulcaire to Ian Christmas – who has a number very similar to Delia Smith.
06/04/05 a email from Neville Thurlbeck continuing to make inquiries about her
Mulcaire emails Thurlbeck with an invoice for background checks on Delia SmithIan Edmondson is also included in the email chain
There are undated Mulcaire notebook entries: Delia Smith and her husband have made witness statements on these
Delia Smith recognises her married name from the notes, two mobile phone numbers, her address.
Mr Wynne Jones – her husband – recognises the password to his phone on the Mulcaire notes.
Wynne Jones’ witness statement also confirms his address and old phone mobile numbers, DOB, and PIN number. His other name also appears
Delia Smith recognises the names of Pierre Bruno’s family on another set of Mulcaire’s notes
Delia Smith‘s written statement recognises the name of Lucy Crabbe, and the numbers of her agent and a personal assistant
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines Detect Oskiewicz
Detect Oskiewicz is cross examined by Mr Laidlaw for Brooks. He goes back to an email reference to a ‘Rebecca’ – not Brooks he alleges
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Detect Oskiewicz
Mr Langdale counsel for Coulson asks if this relates to Rebecca Loos. The Weeting DC can’t confirm this
Langdale asks if there’s any evidence Mulcaire actually accessed voice mail messages. DC says there’s call data evidence
There are no transcripts or recordings to suggest Delia Smith and associates were successfully hacked
Timeline – Eunice Huthart (Angelina Jolie’s body double)
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
Edis calls DC Hargreaves from Weeting for the timeline of Eunice Huthart (Angelina Jolie’s body double)
Edis reads Huthart’s statement to explain who she is to the jury. A former Gladiators star and then a stunt woman in various movies
Huthart has been a stunt double for Hollywood stars, including Jolie. She was working in LA with Jolie and Brad Pitt
Huthart says she had a PIN code, but it didn’t work every time she tried to used it. She often complained to vodaphone
Huthart confirms a Mulcaire handwritten entry: 06/07/05 she was filming Mr and Mrs Jones in LA
Mulcaire’s notes contain her ex-directory landline. Huthart was sharing a house with Angelina Jolie during the filming
Huthart recognises a Vodaphone PIN, and her direct dial messaging number. Its a ‘Nev’ tasking
10/07/05 NOTW article about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. 17/07 another about her child. Another in August. 25/09 another
Three more articles the following year. Edis goes through the call data between Mulcaire and Thurlbeck.
24/02/06 Another Mulcaire call to Huthart’s phone and then to NOTW, followed by an article.
There are four undated Mulcaire pages relating to Huthart, redacted by police to hide personal numbers
Huthart identifies six entries on Mulcaire’s notes: her name, number, acc no, direct dial numbers, and a reset PIN
Huthart recognises more details from another Mulcaire page and then a ‘target evaluation list’ of 16 people including Huthart.
Edis reads admissions or ‘agreed facts’ on the Huthart timeline
Huthart was working on Mr and Mrs Smith when Pitt and Jolie first started their relationship
Timeline – Wayne Rooney, Patricia Tierney and Laura Rooney
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Corinne Young
DC Corinne Young is called to give evidence on the Laura Rooney timeline – no relative of Wayne but assumed to be so
Laura Rooney was a beauty consult with no connection to Wayne. Agreed facts she was hacked 4 times by Mulcaire
A new timeline on Wayne and Laura Rooney is given to the jury at #hackingtrial
There are six articles from the Sun about Wayne Rooney, one concerning his suggested use of prostitutes 04-05
Edis takes DC Young to a Mulcaire notebook entry late August early September 2005, though the DC can’t remember how
Statement from Patricia Tierney who received a lot of attention for an untrue incident at a massage parlour in Liverpool
Patricia Tierney says she warned Rooney not to come to massage parlour because his life would be ‘destroyed’
Mulcaire has ‘Sun’ notation, £250 and entries for both Patricia Tierney and Wayne Rooney.
26/08 shows contact between Weatherup and Edmondson and Mulcaire. Then the timeline breaks off until 18th Jan next year
Mulcaire starts investigating Laura Rooney according to the timeline 18/01/06.
Mulcaire’s notebook has various personal details for Laura Rooney including mother’s maiden name
Another Mulcaire entry shows Wayne Rooney‘s mother’s name and her address.
Edmondson and Mulcaire make contact. Mulcaire then calls Miskiw. And then call data that he calls Laura Rooney
Mulcaire calls Laura Rooney’s Unique Voicemail Number, and so does someone at News International
There was no NOTW article (obviously) about Laura Rooney
10th and 11th May 2006 – various conversations between Mulcaire and Edmondson. 27th of July notebook entries mention Greg and Ian
28/07/06 story in NOTW. More stories about Rooney in both NOTW and the Sun. Mulcaire notes show continued interest in the footballer
Edis for prosecution reads Laura Rooney’s statement on Mulcaire notes 18/01/06 she was working in Harrods at the time
Laura Rooney recognises two of the numbers in Mulcaire’s notes
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Corinne Young
Mr Laidlaw, QC, counsel for Brooks goes back over Laura Rooney timeline with DC Corinne Young
Laidlaw suggests the Sun reference in Mulcaire notebook is “puzzling”
Laidlaw notes that there are 8000 pages of Mulcaire notes, some in bound notebooks, other loose pages.
Laidlaw: “Among those 8000 pages this is the only reference to the Sun?” DC Young: “I don’t know that.”
Laidlaw QC: among the top left tasking references in Mulcaire notes, there is no reference to a Sun journalist. “This is an unusual entry”
Laidlaw hones in on the fact the Weeting DC was struggling to explain the confirmation of dates of some Mulcaire entries
26/08 to 01/09 2005 Laidlaw emphasises there is no call data evidence of Mulcaire contact with the Sun, and no evidence of payment to him
Laidlaw points out there is no evidence of a hack here, or an subsequent story in the Sun
Suggestion that Patrizia Tierney was offered £250 by the Sun has no evidence suggests Laidlaw. Confirmation she was offered £30k by NOTW
Laidlaw explains that the 6 Sun articles on Wayne Rooney in Aug 04 and April 05 follows a scoop by the Sunday Mirror on 24/08/04
The allegations against Rooney ended up in allegations against Patricia Tierney, and had much wider coverage
Laidlaw goes back to that ‘isolated’ Sun entry in Mulcaire’s books. By summer 2005 Tierney was in process of suing the Sun
Laidlaw says Tierney’s libel case against the Sun failed.
Laidlaw claims ‘pretty irrelevant and extraneous material’ has been put on the Laura Rooney timeline.
Laidlaw suggest that Mulcaire might have taken it upon himself to get involved in Tierney during the litigation
Laidlaw suggests Sun article on Rooney was common in other papers, and has nothing to do with NOTW hacking
A break
Further Prosecution evidence
Edis reads in the evidence of Patricia Tierney who recognises the name of her mother, a hospital number (she had health problems)
Tierney recognises her mothers date of birth, and two doctors. She says her mother had various calls from men purporting to be Red Cross
Tierney claims a reporter from NOTW offered her 30k but she refused
Edis confirms this is the only Mulcaire note with Sun in top left of the page and £250. Tierney says another magazine offered her that
Tierney recognises the name of both her ex and current husband in the Mulcaire notes
Tierney was also shown a document from Mulcaire’s computer and recognised her name. That concludes the Wayne Rooney timeline
Timeline – Tessa Jowell and David Mills
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC DC Ryall
Bryant Heron for prosecution now goes through Tessa Jowell and David Mills time. Jowell was culture and Olympics minister married to Mills
In 2006, Mulcaire accessed Jowell phone and police retrieved a recording from her phone. Mulcaire accessed it 19 times in first half 2006
Bryant Heron calls an operation Weeting detective to go over the Jowell/Mills timeline
Bryant Heron asks DC Ryall, case officer on this timeline, over a log of texts between Sunday Times journalist to Sue Mullins
The ST journalist Gareth Walsh accusing Sue Mullins of making a false statement about Jowell’s/Mill tax affairs
Gareth Walsh offers to keep Mullins name out of the Sunday Times if she breaks client confidentiality over Jowell’s tax March 2006
04/03/06 call data. Text from Edmondson at NOTW news desk to Mulcaire. Call from Mulcaire to Tessa Jowell‘s mobile number
On the same day at 11.26 to David Mills mobile from Mulcaire. 11.27 a three minute 9 sec call to Jowell’s UVN (another hack)
At 11.54 a ten minute call from Edmondson to Mulcaire. 25 mins late a call from News International to Jowell’s unique voicemail number
The private wire line at News International, explains DC detective, shows all calls routed through one line at cheaper rate
12.35 the same day Edmondson uses his mobile to call Mulcaire. Next day, 5th March 2006, a series of NOTW articles on Tessa Jowell
Bryant Heron for prosecution goes through newsbank ‘Tessa in a Messa’ NOTW article about her loans and tax affairs
March 5th 2006 NOTW edition also has an interview with Jowell’s sister about an alleged marriage split from David Mills
Same edition of NOTW another article about Jowell and Blair. “This gives a flavour of the reporting,” according to Bryant Heron for crown
12th March 06 shows Mulcaire ‘Jowell Assist’ invoice to NOTW for £250
This is a contributor self billing invoice from Mulcaire, held by Burton Copeland solicitors working for News International
Further NOTW opinion pieces and an article that week about Mills and Jowell, including on letters pages
15th of March telephone calls from Edmondson to Mulcaire – last lasting 17 minutes, followed by another Mulcaire hack of Jowell
17th March 06: call evidence Edmondson texted Mulcaire in the morning. In the afternoon Mulcaire hacked Jowell’s voicemail again.
After that Jowell hack there were three subsequent calls and a text from Edmondson to Mulcaire. Further NOTW articles followed that Sunday
28th-March to April 10th 2006: a series of calls from Mulcaire to Tessa Jowell‘s unique voicemail numbers
12th April Edmondson calls Mulcaire twice that day and then Mulcaire hacks Jowell’s phone again late afternoon
14th April another Edmondson call to Mulcaire followed by a hack of Tessa Jowell‘s phone. Edmondson calls him soon after
Sunday 16th April 2006: NOTW article ‘Tessa’s Cronies’ about the Olympics
19th April on Mulcaire’s notebooks has Jowell and Mills phone numbers and UVN numbers – with the left hand corner tasking ‘Ian’
19th April 2006 hacked Tessa Jowell‘s phone that morning. On the 20th Edmondson calls Mulcaire in the morning. Mulcaire hacks Jowell twice
Mulcaire also calls David Mills mobile on 20th April. Prosecution call up Edmondson email ‘that closed News of the World’
Mulcaire’s email to Edmondson provides Jowell and Mill’s number and PIN with note “substantial… looks like she is selling”
Saunders: this is the email that was disclosed in 2011 by News International that started Operation Weeting
The day of that email there was the first hack of David Mills
That was 20th April 06: subsequent day there are two further hacks of Jowell. Three calls on 26th all from Edmondson to Mulcaire
26th April 06: two further calls from Edmondson to Mulcaire followed by another hack that morning. One further in the afternoon
Similar pattern 28th and 29th April – calls and text from Edmondson to Mulcaire, followed by hacks. NOTW article ‘How Could they Refuge’
3rd and 12th of May 2006 – calls and texts from Edmondson to Mulcaire, followed by hacks. Another on 23rd of May 2006
4th June NOTW article saying “Mills: I’m in the Clear”. 7th of June more phone contact between Edmondson and Mulcaire
Bryant Heron shows an invoice from 25/06/06 from Mulcaire to NOTW for ‘Mills Assist: Urgent’ charging £250 for additional work
26th June a further NOTW article. And on 2nd July. 6th of July another hack. Further NOTW articles on 9th and 16th of July
A tape of a hacked call from Jowell’s mobile was seized from Mulcaire’s home address that she had identified
Prosecution show a page from Mulcaire’s notes: Tessa is named, plus entries for mum and other names
Another Tessa Jowell entry in Mulcaire’s notes with the name ‘Neville’ and Anthony from New York
More Mulcaire notes on Mills and Jowell and note ’19 messages’. Ian is in the top left of tasking details
Two more Mulcaire notes on Jowell: first tasking ‘Ian’, Jowell mentioned and the name ‘Nigel’.
Another email recovered from News International, shown to the jury at #hackingtrial gives more Tessa Jowell numbers
Bryant Heron reads out the statement of Tessa Jowell explaining her background. 2001-2007 Secretary of State DCMS
Jowell: In 2006 my husband facing an investigaiton from Italian tax authorities… we agreed to separate… and left a lot of voice messages
Jowell’s statement confirms her phone numbers and the email disclosed from NI called ‘Tessa’
Jowell confirms the content of the email in terms in numbers, and says she’s never met Mulcaire or given out her PIN number
Jowell on the Mulcaire notes exhibits: she confirms a message she received from friend in 2006.
Jowell confirms the number of Bill Bush, her special advisor at the time.
Jowell confirms office number, mobile number, family number a home in Mulcaire’s notes
Jowell confirms Nigel Warners number, a later special advisor 06-07, in Mulcaire’s notebooks
Tessa Jowell confirms Sunday Times copy of her email address and her tax advisor Sue Mullins
Another Mulcaire entry confirmed by Tessa Jowell with her family home and Mills’ address when they separated. All numbers and PINs correct
David Mills statement to court explains his background and the Italian charges of being bribed by Berlusconi. ST ran story mortgage paid off
Mills: “frequent speculation our separation was a sham… we talked often about our children and grandchildren.” He confirms details
Break for lunch till 2
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DC Ryall
Bryant Heron recalls Weeting Officer to be cross examined on Tessa Jowell evidence by Langdale, counsel for Coulson
Langdale asks the DC Ryall about a NOTW article of 5th March ‘A Split Dodgy’ referring to a Mills’ solicitor statement
Langdale turns to the statement of Mills’ solicitor in 4th March 2006, day before newspaper article
The Mills statement is about the separation of Mills and Jowell, and Langdale gets it established in a timeline
Timeline – Lord Prescott
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Bryant Heron moves on to the case of Lord Prescott and those associated with him.
Prescott was deputy PM to 2008. In 2006 Mulcaire hacked Tracey Temple’s mobile number and that of Joan Hammond, Prescott’s assistant
Various friends of Temple’s are detailed in Mulcaire’s notebooks. So too were MoS journalists Dennis and Seb Hamilton.
Alan Schofield was Prescott’s press advisor – he was also hacked by Mulcaire in 2006.
Bryant Heron for prosecution is now going through the Prescott timeline with the Operation Weeting detective responsible for the case work
It starts on 25th April 2006 with notes from Mulcaire, tasked by ‘Ian’. Tracey Temple name and mobile number are identified
Temple’s ex boyfriend Barry Williams also appears on Mulcaire’s notes, and where she lived in 06.
More pages from Mulcaire’s notes have details of Temple’s ex husband: on same date 5 calls from Edmondson to Mulcaire and an email 26/04
More calls from Edmondson and NI to Mulcaire and email exchange with Coulson “I’ve got Temple’s number will shock her with offer”
Coulson says “start at 100k”. Weatherup looped into conversation saying “If Glenn can assist” in relation to Temple connected to Prescott
Soon after Edmondson/Coulson/Weatherup email Tracey Temple’s unique voicemail number is hacked.
Ian Kirby email to Coulson: “Mirror were rumbled when blag calls failed”
Mulcaire hacks Alan Schofields voicemail same date, various texts from Edmondson to Mulcaire
Following day, 27th, Mirror exclusive on Temple’s ex, Bolden. Then the Sun publishes a piece on the story
27th shows calls from Mulcaire and Alan Schofield, two way exchange of calls and texts between him and Edmondson on NOTW news desk
Keith Gladdis NOTW Whitehall editor emails Edmondson 27/04/06 with Joan Hammell’s mobile number, but ‘no mobile for prescott’
On the 26th Mulcaire hacks Joan Hammell’s number. NI landline calls to him. A further hack of Hammell’s unique voicemail
Correction that was 28th April: Mulcaire’s notes for that day have mobile and unique voicemail and PIN for Hammell
One of the three emails that started the Weeting Investigation from Mulcaire to Edmondson with Hammell’s number and hacking instructions
On 28th April various call data of six calls between Edmondson and Mulcaire: then 17:49 first Dennis Rice call and Sebastian Hamilton calls
8 mins after those calls, Mulcaire hacked Rice’s phone through the unique voicemail number, and then Hamilton’s number
After more calls from Edmondson Mulcaire hacks Dennis Rice, MoS journalist, again.
At quarter past 6 that evening, the NOTW landline hacks Dennis Rice’s phone, and then Sebastian Hamiltons’
Then there are further hacks from Mulcaire to Seb Hamilton’s phone. Minutes later more NOTW landline hacks in the minutes after 6pm
If that is right, according to Bryant Heron, Mulcaire and NI were hacking Rice and Hamilton simultaneously over Temple story
Later that evening more texts from Mulcaire to Edmondson, and more hacks from NI private wire line. More the next morning
Email on 29th from Edmondson to several including Coulson and Weatherup. “This is the planned spoiled… TBC secret sex diary”
Repeated hacking of Rice and Hamilton from NI private wire line (NOTW landline) continues the next day and evening
29th April 2006: Goodman emails Edmondson ‘CGPrescott1 with you’
NOTW produced three articles on Prescott that weekend.
Following week in early May 06 more hacks of Mail on Sunday journalists from Mulcaire.
A ‘Neville’ tasking in Mulcaire’s notebooks refers to Joyce Matheson who worked with Prescott with name, DOB, address
Invoice entries to NI from Mulcaire detail “Prescott Assist” recovered from NI solicitors
Trial interrupted by Harry Nilsson’s “Everyone’s Talking at Me”
Trial interrupted briefly by phone alert playing ‘Everyone’s Talking About It”
More hacks of MoS journalists in mid may, followed by another Mulcaire invoice for the 11th May
12th May 2 Mulcaire hacks from Mulcaire and three from NI offices
16th May Hamilton and Hammell are hacked, Edmondson and Mulcaire contacts. 17th Rice hacked again. More invoices from Mulcaire
19th May to 14th June 06 same pattern – hacks of Hamilton, Rice and Hammell, and calls between Edmondson and Mulcaire, most hacks from NI
Tracey Temple remained of interest through June; on 17th NI private line hacked Seb Hamilton. Mulcaire hacked Temple
Early July 06 – more hacks by Mulcaire and NOTW landline of Dennis Rice and Sebastian Hamilton at Mail on Sunday
Bryant Heron, for crown, summarises the undated entries in Mulcaire’s notebooks. A note of the £250 fee. Joan Hammell with an Ian tasking
Another three undated entries in Mulcaire’s notebooks have details of Tracey Temple
Mulcaire notes on son of John Prescott in Hull, the names of a friend of Tracey Temple, details of Rice and Hamilton PIN codes and numbers
BREAKING: Log in details for Associated Press computer system and IT support line for Mail on Sunday in Mulcaire’s notes
Dennis Rice has confirmed that number of tape recordings seized from Mulcaire’s address were left for him. So does Sebastian Hamilton
Rice identifies voice message left by Ben Shepherd and Mr Jeffs – tallying with notes in Mulcaire’s documents
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Weeting Detective
Langdale, counsel for Coulson, goes back over timeline with Weeting Detective and case officer
Langdale goes back to the emails between Edmondson, Coulson and Weatherup concerning Tracey Temple. “How deep are your pockets”
Coulson replies almost immediately “Start at 100k” further emails between Edmondson and Weatherup do not include Coulson
The ‘Glen can assist’ Weatherup line was not circulated to Coulson
Langdale goes back to Kirby email to Coulson, Wallis and Thompson about “Mirror blag failing” then just forwarded to Edmondson
Timeline – Lord Frederick Windsor
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Moving on to Lord Frederick Windsor timeline with Bryant Heron counsel for the prosecution. Son of Princess Michael of Kent
Agreed facts and admissions: Windsor was hacked and eight messages left for him recovered from Mulcaire’s house. Friends have id’ed them
2nd April 2006 the NOTW refers to Lord Frederick Windsor. Towards the end of April a series of calls between Edmondson and Mulcaire
26th April 2006 Clive Goodman emails Edmondson with ‘Fred’ employment, address, date of birth
Edmondson replies to Goodman email: “What name will he use… Freddie Windsor?” Goodman replies “Fredidie but official forms Frederick”
Before the first email reply Edmondson calls Mulcaire. After reply Mulcaire calls Windsor’s mobile phone, and then hacks it twice
Mulcaire calls Marina Handry, a friend of Windsor’s minutes later. Edmondson calls him. Three more hacks of Windsor’s phone.
Following morning more Edmondson and Mulcaire contact followed by a hack of Windsor’s mobile phone. More texts. Three hacks that afternoon
After the final hack that day on 27/04/06 Mulcaire emails Edmondson emails with mobile numbers and hacking PIN instructions
Thirty minutes after that email the NI landline hacks Windsor’s mobile phone
28th of April hack of Windsor, friend Mary Chateris – then Edmondson calls Mulcaire. NI hacks Windsor’s landline.
More hacks the next day. Then 3rd of May Windsor and Chateris’ phone hacked again. More Edmondson Mulcaire texts and calls
4th May 06 NI landline hacks Windsor and Chateris. 5th May more Mulcaire/Edmondson contacts. Mulcaire hacks Chateris again.
6th, 9th, 10th of May more contact until more hacks on the 10th, 11th, 16th of May
Entries for Mulcaire for the 26th May 06 (though wrongly dated 05 out of sequence with others): detective says bound pages – mistake
Another hack of Lord Frederick Windsor on 31/05 or Chateris on 01/06/06
Bryant Heron for the prosecution confirms with Operation Weeting Detectives the various Mulcaire entries for Windsor and family
5 minute break
CORRECTION: it was “Everyone’s Talking at Me” by Harry Nilsson from Midnight Cowboy that interrupted the trial, Saunders QC for C Brooks
Timeline – Mark Oaten
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective
Andrew Edis QC for crown now takes us to the hacking timeline of Mark Oaten, former Liberal Democrat MP #hackingtrial
Edis goes through the admissions or ‘agreed facts’ on the Oaten timeline, his career as MP 97-2010. Leadership bid in 2006
Recording of four voicemails from Mark Oaten‘s phone found in Mulcaire’s belongings, all identified by those who left them
Various hacks of Oaten’s phone agreed by both sides. DC Hargreaves from Operation Weeting gives witness evidence to support the timeline
Weeting DC confirms lots of calls from Neville, Mulcaire and Edmondson around the time of entries in Mulcaire’s notebook
The Oaten timeline concerns allegations of an affair with Ian Chadwick, Mulcaire called his phone and then NOTW newsdesk editor Edmondson
13/01/06 the jury is shown the Tom Crone agreement with Ian Chadwick for an exclusive for £20k
That January Oaten withdrew from Lib Dem leadership, and stood down from front bench on 21st. More calls to Chadwick’s phone.
Mulcaire’s notes have a ‘Ian’ tasking and are marked with Mark Oaten and the number of a former employee. NOTW publish the Chadwick story
Various calls from NI to Oaten after that story: Edis refers to tape of Mulcaire blag heard in opening for personal phone details
Jury is shown Mulcaire’s notes on his own call data to various Oaten related contacts.
Timeline – Sir Paul McCartney
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Hargreaves
We now move to the timeline of Sir Paul McCartney with same Weeting Detective – DC Hargreaves
Admissions in regard to McCartney: May 06 he separated from Heather Mills. Mulcaire investigated and intercepted sister, Fiona Mills
Alan Edwards was McCartney’s publicist – he was hacked. Stuart Bell – his personal assistant – was also hacked: ‘agreed facts’
Another target was previous boyfriend of Heather Mills in 1999 – notes found in undated Mulcaire entries. Other notes confirmed by victims
24/07/2001 a Greg tasking to Mulcaire includes Heather Mills – but with no other info
Macca Throws Ring out of Window exclusive in NOTW, looking for 15k sapphire and diamond ring. Security guard found ring by torchlight
More Mulcaire notes on Heather Mills address, DOB, service provider and phone numbers.
Another notebook entry has old carphone number for Heather Mills and a mobile number for her sister Fiona
Those entries were from 2002. Now onto 2004 when NI called Mills’ phone. An article 20th and 27th March 05 two NOTW stories
In 2005 more calls to Heather and Stuart Mills – more NOTW articles.
Mulcaire new note has a ‘redirect number’ for Mills and that of her personal assisant. 7/07/06 Heather’s Moved Out NOTW exclusive
Another note has an address for Mick McGee – a mispelling of name but correct address of Paul McCartney‘s brother
Another ‘Ian’ tasking has details on McCartney’s publicist Edwards and a PIN for McCartney’s brother.
‘Macca’s Still on his Own’ appears in the NOTW soon after.
17th May Mulcaire hacks Edwards number 4 times then email from Weatherup to Mulcaire giving details of Mills’ relatives and friends
Weatherup asks for numbers for Fiona Mills from Mulcaire in the email
Whole list of voicemail recordings have been recovered from Mulcaire related to Mills McCartney timelines, identified by those who left them
Weatherup email to Mulcaire asks for details of Chris Terrell. More hacks of friends and assistants of Heather Mills
Mulcaire hacks Edwards: Ni continue to call Terrell after Weatherup provided with details. Another NOTW story.
Lots of traffic between Edmondson and Mulcaire, followed by hacking of Mills and associates
Code name for Mills McCartney hacking was ‘Abbey Road’: Miskiw writes to Sun journalist about Mills mobile “nothing new”
BREAKING: email shows Greg Miskiw writing to Sun journalist about Heather Mills phone ‘not being used’ and ‘nothing new’
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Hargreaves
Laidlaw, for Brooks, cross examines DC over hacking on May/June 2006
Laidlaw focuses on the period before Jan 2003 when Brooks was still editor of NOTW (had gone to Sun on later hacking)
DC Hargreaves identifies evidence of tasking of Heather Mills in 2001, but agrees theres ‘no evidence of a hack in the notes’
DC Hargreaves agrees ‘no evidence of a hack’ in early entries on Mills.
Email from Miskiw to Sun Journalist was 29th May 2006. Court now finished
CPS have redacted names in Mulcaire’s Target Evaluation List not relevant to current #hackingtrial pic.twitter.com/AQGp7bk0ZQ ht @robindbrant

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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