Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 5 Feb

Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Last Day of the Prosecution Case
Court is sitting despite Underground Stirke
Further Prosecution documents are provided to the Jury
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Oskiewicz
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines
The Last Items of the Prosecution Case
Prosecution Counsel presents the final agreed facts
Agreed facts on archived and deleted emails
Witness Statement from James Shelley (Ministry of Defence Press Officer)
Further Prosecution evidence on the hacking of Brooks and Coulson
Emails between Rebekah Brooks and Ross Kemp
Letter from Rebekah Brooks to Andy Coulson
Further Admissions
The Prosecution Case Ends

The Last Day of the Prosecution Case
Court is sitting despite Underground Stirke
Back at the #hackingtrial despite transport delays for what could be the last day of the prosecution case.
Saunders thanks the jury at #hackingtrial for “struggling in – the Dunkirk spirit survives”
Further Prosecution documents are provided to the Jury
As Andrew Edis put it the other day the jury are now doing “something exciting with dividers”: agreed transcript of Coulson/Blunkett put in
Timothy Langdale QC, counsel for Coulson, asks for a copy of what has just gone into the jury bundles.
Rebecca Chalkley, for the crown, introduces more amended schedules for the jury bundles.
Chalkley introduces some five new emails into the schedule.
“These emails have been put up on screen or referred to previously,” says Chalkley for the crown about this filing exercise.
“Though we could do this for you,” says Saunders to Jury about filing exercise “it’s probably better that you know what goes in.”
Witness – Operation Weeting Detective DC Oskiewicz
Prosecution Counsel questions DC Oskiewicz
Bryant Heron for the crown recalls DC Oskiewicz to take us through some of the new schedules introduced.
DC Oskiewicz has previously given evidence on the “top left schedules” – the taskings in the top left of Glenn Mulcaire’s notebooks.
The Weeting detective has been us to come up with completed “top left schedules” for the period of Coulson’s editorship of NOTW.
If a Mulcaire tasking and target relates to an individual and related News of the World story it gets a tick.
“You can’t assume that because a tick is there these means a NOTW story is the result of phone hacking,” says Bryant Heron of the new list
The four NOTW news editors mentioned in the Mulcaire taskings are each colour coded in these documents.
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines
Pople, junior counsel for Coulson, cross examines DC Oskiewicz on the taskings during the period 2003-2006. Some are duplicates.
“We’ve identified nine,” says Pople of the number of the duplicates “Not a huge number… raising the point for clarification.”
Pople clarifies “News of the World story identified… relates to person relevant to investigation column.. connected or related”
“The same story may have been used twice… it doesn’t mean an individual with unique story,” Pople confirms with Weeting detective.
In a “small number of instances” – eight – the tasking actually comes after the NOTW story, establishes Pople for Coulson.
Pople cross examines the Weeting detective on Miskiw’s taskings after he moved to Manchester 08/12/03 – there are 450 entries.
When Miskiw left for Mercury Press Agency in August 2005 there are 73 taskings of Glenn Mulcaire.
206 undated Miskiw taskings on this top left schedule which can’t be definitely appended to the NOTW era.
“There are three entries known to the police where a human source was paid money for items on the schedule,” says Pople
The Last Items of the Prosecution Case
Prosecution Counsel presents the final agreed facts
Bryant Heron for the crown says “there are about 3 items left and some admissions” to be sorted out this afternoon before prosecution closes
Court back at 2.05 for the last afternoon – an hour or so – of the prosecution case in the #hackingtrial.
Now read the Deng/Blair piece on Vanity Fair: previous articles have alleged News Corp has copies of emails. Gossip question: cui bono?
Chuffed to be able to cover the defence which begin 10 days. One day left to sign up for any additional perks or info http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/live-tweeting-the-hacking-trial-till-the-verdict/x/5292122
Back at the #hackingtrial on Day 57 for what could be the last afternoon of the prosecution case
Bryant Heron for the crown gives the jury the final round of ‘admissions’ – jointly agreed facts by both sides – in the #hackingtrial
Through agreement between counsel there’s a revised page of admissions on the disclosure of material by News International.
Bryant Heron reads the new admissions on source of email data: NI took nightly backup of email stored on tapes for 6 months.
Agreed facts on archived and deleted emails
HCL did the backup of NI computers: they would often fail to complete. HCL might not have retained for 6 months consistently
In addition to computer backups, Essential Computers advised a backup of system on internal computer during migration to new servers
12/01/11 a successful back up was made. In Feb police ask for backup. In June 2011 NI confirm backup secure.
29/06/11 Cheeseborough provides a list of backup, but that did not include back up email. NI provided internal archive backup.
NI found a backup of email from 2010 before purge: of 4.9 million deleted emails, 1.49 recovered: rebuilt as DP 1.
Three other reconstructed datapools were created. So there were four datapools of partial rebuild:
There was duplication of data between DP 1, 2, 3 and 7 – the four reconstructions of emails.
So there are still a large number of missing emails.
Brooks email archive. She never opted into original archive in 2005. Her own emails not retained, but those sent to others would be retained
It is not known what percentage of Brooks’ email was recovered.
The HERMES content management system at NI had a ‘transient system’ of legal referral. The text remains 2-6 weeks. Purged to legal archive
The legal archive was set to purge after three years so no data remains for the period of the indictment.
Disclosure of docs by NI to police admissions: Stroz Friedberg instructed 23/01/11 to reconstruct database called NOMAD
The emails extracted by NOMAD was attached to ‘custodians’ – or persons of interest.
23/03/11 21/02/12 two Memorandums of Understanding between MSC and Metropolitan police about examining the NI database.
Police accessed some backup tapes during the prosecution and were allowed access to sub schema of data.
R Brooks’ old hard drive admissions: as part of move to TMS and upgrade NI staff provided with new equipment and told to leave old behind
Between 2010-11 lots of old computer equipment destroyed to protect company and employees from data theft and protect sources.
Prior to Jan 2010 computers disposed of in ad hoc fashion. But during move to TMS executive equipment stored securely.
Paul Cheeseborough asked Gareth Wright to remove the hard drive from Brooks’ PC. It was put in Jiffy bag.
By the time the hard drive had arrived in Cheeseborough it was a bit lock encrypted hard drive with a different operation system (XP)
An audit conducted in May 2011 found no hard drive in Brooks’ old computer.
Hamilton Asset Management were tasked to destroy executive hard drives but it was halted in June 2011.
Cheeseborough told employees that only those named employees hard drives should be retained – it did not include R Brooks.
BREAKING: admissions at #hackingtrial show that the hard drive of Rebekah Brooks computer destroyed in June 2011
Witness Statement from James Shelley (Ministry of Defence Press Officer)
A statement by James Shelley at MOD press offices is read out to the jury by Anthony Edis QC.
James Shelley explains the relationship between his department on Bettina Jordan Barber “known to me as Betsy”
Shelley explains the various roles of the MOD press office in his written statement read out to the #hackingtrial
Shelley talks about his relationship with a Sun journalists “a people person… we would mainly have contact over the phone…”
Shelley explains he’s supposed to build relationships with journalists. He spoke to Sun journalist frequently, then latterly once a month.
“I’m not going to lie and tell a journalist it’s wrong,’ says MOD press officer when confronted with an accurate story.
‘There could be occasions when I’ve been contacted with info on a story which I think gratuitous or personally damaging to an individual”
“Usually such requests would be unsuccessful, but I would attempt to change detail or timing of story,” MOD press officer says.
MOD press officer says meeting with journalists would be recorded in the appropriate manner.
Further Prosecution evidence on the hacking of Brooks and Coulson
Edis has some more documents for bundle two.
Edis QC: “this material…. relates to Mulcaire’s hacking of Rebekah Wade and Andy Coulson
“Andy Coulsden and Rebecca Wade” appears in taskings in Nov 05. “Coulsden and Voda” appears in private tasking” – a hacking narrative
‘Rebecca Wade’ appears on another page of Mulcaire’s book. Under a ‘Clive’ tasking is an “ask Rebecca” note
Another document seems to be handwritten transcript of a voice mail with the name “Rebecca” at top of page.
Another Mulcaire “Clive” tasking refers to Wade. And another to both Wade and Ross Kemp. A third has her mobile number, DDM and PIN
The previous tasking was Greg. Two more entries for Rebekah Wade, a reference to salary and a Sun staff member
Andy Coulsden appears three more times under ‘Clive’ tasking. Helen Asprey appears on one page. Another untasked page has hacking details
A filofax page with info on MR Coulson, now correctly spelled, recovered from Mulcaire’s belongings. Computer has entries on R Wade.
Edis cites a Mulcaire ‘networking’ whiteboard where the name Rebekah Wade appears
01/02/06 t0 July 06 shows some Mulcaire hacks of Coulson. 01/03/06 to July 06 some call data on hacking Rebekah Brooks
Emails between Rebekah Brooks and Ross Kemp
Edis introduces some emails from Brooks’ blackberry to evidence. 23/06/11 to Ross Kemp
“Need to talk to you about phone hacking” writes Brooks to Kemp. The emails PAs about 2002 diaries.
24/06/11 Ross Kemp replies “over a month away is too long.. am I in trouble. I’m always in trouble. “
05/07/11 Keegan writes to Brooks “Ross called… really good to see you and Charlie at the weekend.”
08/07/11 – day of removal of archive boxes – Brooks to Carter: “Coffee and hot milk separately – this is disgusting.” Carter: “Coming up
Letter from Rebekah Brooks to Andy Coulson
Edis asks the jury to read a letter quietly to themselves from Feb 2004
Complete quiet in court for several minutes
After nearly 5 minutes Edis reads out a paragraph from this letter.
“How do we really work this new relationship…. you are my very best friend,” this is the letter Brooks wrote to Coulson when they broke up
These paras about the future post affair Brooks Coulson relationship have been read before in the opening.
“If it’s necessary… that we two editors will deal with it, then we will,” wrote Brooks to Coulson
Admission on email evidence: send and receive timings accurate except for a faulty clock setting on one of the computers.
Further Admissions
BREAKING: Bettina Jordan Barber has already entered a plea she had committed misconduct in office
However, Bettina Jordan Barber that info passed onto Sun wasn’t always from her work.
03/02/05 Sun journo emailed Brooks about £500 payment to unknown source but not charged with any criminal offence.
Admissions on Ambi Sitham on Coulson’s Party: she has since confirmed it could have taken place in 04 rather than 03
Admissions on police seizures of Rebekah Brooks‘ office in July 2011.
Analysis of a computer in August shows that one of them had been used by Rebekah Brooks between June and July 2011
Various documents from other computers are dated and written into evidence.
These computers were also used to visit Brooks’ mail boxes at News International.
Admissions goes through the access to Brooks email boxes: seem only to go back to June 2011, though could have been accessed earlier
Operation Sacha admissions: archivist Nick Mays confirmed 45 boxes related to Brooks’ time at Sun, or CEO, and are still in storage at Crown
Admission on Count 7: the black Range Rover was driven into car park by Mark Hanna and was not searched by police officers.
Charlie Brooks was using a blackberry during 2011 search but it was not seized until 2012.
The Charles iPad device connected to Jubilee Barn did belonged to Sir Charles Dunstone, connecting 20/11/10
05/07/11 Robert Peston appeared on 10 O’clock news talking of payments to police men at NOTW – an investigation that began Operation Elveden
Peston was aware Vanity Fair was planning to prepare a report on Elveden.
Police statement issued on 11/07/11 was in response to a Evening Standard piece about Operation Elveden earlier that day.
Senior Weeting officer apologised to Andy Coulson‘s solicitor on 22/08/11
Cell Site admissions: Since Cutts gave evidence it has be reviewed by another expert, Baxter.
Baxter concludes the cell site evidence is consistent with Mark Hanna being in Enstone Manor farm the night of 16/07/11
Cell site evidence consistent with Hanna’s phone being at Enstone the next morning
Only one call puts Hanna in the vicinity of Jubilee barn the next morning but cannot tell if Hanna entered the building.
“The effect of this,” says Saunders is correct Cutts’ evidence, but is consistent with current schedule.
New admissions on phone hacking of Alam and Goran Eriksson identifying people for the benefit of defence counsel
Bill Kenwright and James Beatty’s biographies are now entered as admissions.
Admissions on Andy Gilchrist: describes his bio as Fire Brigade Union chief. Between Oct 02 to May 03 many articles in other papers.
Admissions cite article noting that Andy Gilchrist has a picture of Che Guevara
Edis “for reasons that are quite urgent” needs to update the judge in absence of the jury.
Saunders explains to the jury only four more pages of admissions.
Admissions include Sun articles on Gilchirst: e.g. “Fire Union Chiefs are Saddam Stooges”
A Sun Says article refers to Che Guevara picture in 2002, then that he is a “posh schoolkid” two more Sun Says pieces on Gilchrist.
More Sun editorials on Gilchrist in November 2002.
Saunders previously explained his “Dunkirk spirit” comment related to the weather.
Last page of admissions on phone hacking. 15/09/05 Daily Mail photos on Kate Moss and then Chanel Contract.
03/11/05 police attend residence of Wade and Kemp – reported in a number of newspapers. Only occasion police ever called.
This is the only alleged assault by Brooks at any time. Jury are told this relates to evidence of Eimear Cook.
Late BREAKING: news; final numbers show Rebekah Brooks was hacked 44 times by Glenn Mulcaire and Andy Coulson 21
The Prosecution Case Ends
Jury leave till Monday February 17th. Prosecution case over.
So, after 57 days, one million keystrokes, 200,000 words – my live tweeting of prosecution case is over in #hackingtrial

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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