Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 31 Jan

Friday 31 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
Mr Justice Saunders thanks the jury for overcoming transport problems
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues his cross examination of Dan Evans
Evans asked about use of drugs
Further Prosecution questions to Dan Evans
Witness – Sienna Miller
Counsel for the Prosecution questions Sienna Miller
Counsel for Coulson cross-examines Sienna Miller

The Prosecution Case Continues
Mr Justice Saunders thanks the jury for overcoming transport problems
Back at #hackingtrial with the third day of cross examination of Dan Evans, former NOTW journalist, by Timothy Langdale QC for Andy Coulson
“We’ve had rain, landslips, bridges falling down, and next week we have a tube strike,” Justice Saunders talks to jury about transport
“You all been amazing getting here so far,” Saunders praises the jury for overcoming transport problem.
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues his cross examination of Dan Evans
Langdale refers back to some more internal NOTW emails – around 05/10/05 to Coulson re Sienna Miller‘s movements.
“Is it necessary to go into this particular… It’s the content I’m concerned about,” intervenes Saunders re: email about Miller and Craig
“Do you really have to have every word of this read out?” asks Saunders about personal details of Miller and Craig. “Yes,” says Langdale
Still 05/10/05 still more newspaper articles on Miller. 06/10/05 More on Jude Law. Langdale goes back to a Dan Evans piece on Jade Goody
Another NOTW email to Coulson and others on 06/05/11 about Miller going to Marrakech. “Send” agreement for journo to pursue
06/10/05 Another NOTW email on “Sienna Meetings” and talking about ‘doing deal’ with a source cited by Timothy Langdale QC for Coulson
Langdale says it’s the same source for the Jude Law NOTW information as for the Sienna Miller email just cited.
NOTW email talks of Sienna Miller texting her ex, and more detail about people close to her.
“You would have been kept apprized of that?” asks Langdale of other NOTW emails on Miller. “Quite possibly,” replies Dan Evans
Saunders asks the press to use discretion about the reporting of these private matters.
Langdale now cites a draft article from Dan Evans, dated 6th October in previous civil proceedings against NGN
“World Exclusive” is attached to this Dan Evan’s draft piece about Sienna Miller falling for Daniel Craig. It says Law called Craig.
Article says Law “confronted ” Craig: Evans says “I hope Saskia doesn’t find out” line was directly gleaned from hacking Craig’s voicemail
“He’s had it out with Daniel,” says article “Where does that come from?” Evans says subsequent conversations from PR people and door stepping
Dan Evans’ draft NOTW world exclusive was the “version of a story which would then be developed” in conversation with publicity people
“Hey, this is tabloid news stories,” says Evans of contradictions in his draft articles. “What is actually relevant are the sources.”
“This is how I’ve been asked to treat the information, play it down,” says Evans of 1st draft NOTW police which contained denials of affair
“Jude Law says he didn’t leave a voicemail message,” says Langdale. “He did. I heard it,” says Evans,
“Why in all the interviews you had with police in 2012, you made no mention at all of having intercepted such a voicemail message,” Langdale
“The very first time you mentioned intercepting this voice message was the 6th September last year” says Langdale about hear Law message
Langdale goes back to the two first mentions in a statement and transcript of Jude Law voice message.
Evans is handed a copy of his 2013 statement.
Langdale reads “if our source said Jude phoned Daniel in Baltimore… ” “Where does that come from?” asks Langdale.
“The power that receiving that message gives you…. we’re talking about dressing things up as a source quote to obfuscate things,” Evans
“I’ll explain to you slowly. If you have a message… in tabloid terms at this time it would not be unusual to draft a quote” says Evans
“I don’t think I ever hacked Jude Law’s phone,” said Evans to police in 2013.
“Rather important… this confirmation. Would you have taken that tape in?” asks Langdale. “Yes” says Evans. Can’t remember doing with this
“What I couldn’t write was ‘last night our reporter hacked the voicemail of Daniel Craig and heard a voicemail by Jude Law,” says Evans
Evans says he probably got details of Craig’s other relationship in draft article from another NOTW journalist.
Evans of draft NOTW article on Law’s anger toward Craig; “I inferred from the fact he called him… dripping with sarcasm…”
Evans: “You can’t run a story Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller DIDN’T have an affair. That’s not a story. I’d like to see the final article.”
Langdale now goes to the second draft of Evan’s ‘World Exclusive’ about the Miller/Craig affair and ‘Jilted Jude’ additions
“Bitterly confronted… clearly not a voicemail message,” says Langdale. Evans maintains it is based on the voicemail message Law left Craig
Draft article speaks of Law and Craig arguing: that came from PR says Law.
“Absolutely emphatically wrong,” says Evans in response to Langdale’s assertion there was no voicemail left by Law
Email between two other NOTW staff about story: “who’s this from?” Other info from sources to other journalists on the paper
“X’s info so far on Jude and Sienna…. working on an affidavit, Daniel in Baltimore” reply from other NOTW journo.
“My contact doesn’t think Jude has talked to Daniel yet,” says another NOTW journo during that week building up to world exclusive.
Langdale establishes that one NOTW journalist had two sources, another had one. Coulson emails for a “view on the story”
“This guy should know where all the bodies are buried,” internal NOTW email; “I think we should get him… before he runs to Max Clifford
Dan Evans says he’s not aware of these other internal emails between NOTW journos.
Langdale cites the transcript another NOTW journalist of Jude Law’s publicits. Evans typed out, but hasn’t seen for 9 years.
Langdale says the story came from other journos “sources and not the voicemail you claim you heard on Daniel Craig‘s phone.”
Langdale explains this document is redacted. Source says the first time they knew of Miller/Craig affair was when they were at the Ivy
Transcribed source says Miller panicked “Can’t believe the papers are going to go with this”. 2nd meeting she was hiding behind Craig’s door
Transcribed sources talks to NOTW jour about two meetings between Miller and Craig: “Your guys knew…. they were there anyway”
Transcription talks about “lots of traffic” between Miller and Craig. Langdale asks Evans if that was material he got from trace agents.
Transcript of two sources to NOTW journo talks disparagingly about Miller’s relationships with men: “stalker” “keeping them dangling” etc.
“I just wonder why PR people are people who should be kept anonymous,” says Saunders of naming one of the sources in transcript
“Source two is someone from the PR team of Jude Law,” establishes Justice Saunders.
NOTW journo talks about “covering our tracks” for his sources about Law and Miller during the falling out after Craig affair.
“She’ll sit and chat on that mobile phone like she”s right next door, and I’m sure that’s where a lot of these stories originated” source 1
Evans can’t remember second transcript of tape to source one. “I haven’t seen this for nine years…. not clapped eyes on this.”
“I’ve been interested in seeing this for quite a while,” says Evans of transcribed tape of another NOTW journo with PR source.
“So Jude rang Daniel and confronted him and Daniel admitted having affair with Sienna,” says source.
“Of course it was to do with voicemail messages. One thing happened and then this happened,” says Evans.
Second source, associated with Law’s PR team, discusses in detail Law and Miller “they’re both as bad as each other”
08/10/05 Another taped talk between NOTW journo and second source. “Don’t let me down or I’ll tip off xxxxx” jokes source
Source two wants the story big, and agrees to meet NOTW lawyer.
“Will you backdate it,” says second source from Law’s PR team, ” so she cheated first, that’s what he wants in. “
“Run with the headline,” says source. “That was from him?” asks NOTW journalist. Source says the article had Law’s approval.
Source two claims Law wanted the story of Sienna Miller cheating first would counteract what was being said in other tabloids.
Evans asks for a two minute comfort break. Ten minute break for all court.
Back after the break. Langdale reiterates his suggestion there was no voicemail message left by Jude Law on Daniel Craig‘s voicemail
Evans asked about use of drugs
Langdale asks: “was your work affected by your drug use?” Evans: “I never went to work under the influence… I was a recreational drug user
Langdale goes back to SOCPA agreement between Evans and the police
The SOCPA agreement deals with a number of Evan’s potentially prosecutable drug offences: cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy use.
Evans statement say he provided cannabis to someone else on two occasions.
“These are related to stories.. I was required to buy things in the course of my work, or writing a story,” Evans says of some drug offences
Langdale asks again about the Sienna Miller left from Groucho: is it “derived in any way from Kate Moss’s phone when at Sunday Mirror”
BREAKING: Evan’s reveals he hacked Kate Moss’s phone at Sunday Mirror and a message declaring love left by Daniel Craig.
Langdale says he reported tape from Kate Moss’s phone to Sunday Mirror executives. Evans says he is “not conflating that” with Miller
More NOTW emails cited: this time about Evans working on Jade Goody story.
More NOTW emails between other journalists discussing the Miller/Law/Miller triangle.
Langdale is now moving towards final NOTW article drafted by Evans which drops all caveats about Miller/Craig affair.
“I typed this,” says Evans of 09/10/05 NOTW article. “This goes up to the subs, there’s a process….” but agrees essentially his story
“Avoid describing Law as a love rat or sex addict” writes back Andy Coulson of final NOTW Dan Evans article.
Email from Coulson and other NOTW staff sets out ‘World Exclusive’: there are differences from final version. Evans show amendments.
The amendments are mainly additions to the NOTW Miller/Craig story made by another journalist.
“This still doesn’t mean its come from a source,” says Evans of additions saying “a source says” but consistent with other journo’s sources
“I would not write about interception of voice mail messages in this story,” says Evans of absence of any mention of hacking in NOTW piece
When Mirror published a Miller piece later that week saying “I love you” to Craig: “I immediately thought they’d hacked his voicemail’ Evans
“Just think please… did you have Daniel Craig contacts?” asks Langdale. “My contact was his voicemail,” says Evans.
“You do add a comment that invites a comment back,” Saunders says to Langdale QC. “M,lud. You’re absolutely right”
“I’d had a decent week,” says Evans of staff turning from bullying to encouraging. “X could be at times, but completely self serving.”
31/10/09 internal NOTW email to Evans “I know I can be a grumpy and demanding bastard… but we turned around a huge story.”
“To be fair this is one short email sent to whole department, one in tens of thousands I was receiving a the time,” Evans says of nice email
Evans asked about Mirror coverage of the Miller/Law/Craig story – he says he can’t really remember it.
Evans recollected to police that John Prescott diaries took precedence that week at NOTW, so didn’t splash it.
“This is your story, how could you forget? (what the picture was on front page)” asks Langdale. “Prescott diaries were following year. “
Jury shown Prescott diaries NOTW front page from 2006: Evans says he got mixed up because another story of his on front page.
The exclusive from October 9th 2005 didn’t credit Evans on front page splash of NOTW. “I knew I kicked off,” about another credit, he says
Langdale refers to the People and other coverage that weekend of affair that weekend of the 09/10/05
NOTW email talks about changing the last edition of the paper because the Sunday Mirror had copied story: “very common”
Langdale asks if Coulson every said thankyou? “It was never discussed again,” says Evans
Langdale talks about Coulson regularly sent “herogrammes” but asks why not to Evans: “X said I was a company man now,” replies Evans
Evans is asked about an expenses claim for “meal with Daniel Craig contact”; “I was having a meal with my girlfriend.”
BREAKING: “This was a tabloid way of life, part of our culture at the paper,” Evans says of “fiddling his expenses” on Daniel Craig story
Langdale shows Evans his “byline count” from a NOTW internal document.
“Spreads 12 total bylines 33” the document says. “Is that successful for you?” Evans “A difficult first year, a square pin in a round hole”
More internal email traffic and other stories cited by Langdale for the week after Dan Evan’s “World Exclusive” on Miller/Craig
Email outlines someone is ‘offering’ NOTW information from the Sienna Miller camp. “Problem is someone always wants silly amounts of cash”
Email from 15/10/05 Evans is offering other stories about Roy Keane from Man U yoga teacher, and permission to use ‘checks’
27/10/05 another email from Evans to NOTW staff about Lord XXXXX “ELI are shit,” writes Evans about inquiry agents.
“It won’t be disputed, that’s from contemporaneous notes…” writes Evans. Other NOTW journalists talk about putting stuff on tape.
‘My worry is that it’s on the Craig Sienna Miller tape that I destroyed,” says an email from Evans 21/10/05.
Evans says “It indicates that X knew of the destruction of the Sienna Miller tape…:” to Langdale’s assertion timing means he’s lying.
Another email says “Get Rob Palmer to do it” means that Evans was contact inquiry agent to ‘spin’ a number (get residential details etc.)
Langdale goes back 2 civil proceedings. Evans never saw he the transcript he was ‘exhibiting it’: “Never read it since transcribed it”
Langdale asks if “it made any sense at all” why Coulson would be pressing another journo for source of story if he knew of hacking.
Evans was asked of his Bond Girl story of 12/02/06 being Eva Green coming from phone hacking. “It was…” “Just think.” “I’ve thought”
“I don’t know why I would have said that because it did,” replies Evans to Langdale’s assertion Bond Girl story didn’t come from hacking
Statement to police says hack to Craig’s phone of Barbara Broccoli’s message led to original story.
Evans asks to see the Feb 2006 story to check: Langdale says that will be arranged as soon as possible. “If I might just have a moment..”
Langdale shows NOTW 12/02/06 article about new Bond Girl to Dan Evans
“The original story about her being a Bond girl came from me and voice mail message left on Daniel Craig‘s phone,” says Evans.
“This was presented to me by lawyers… the mistake is merely because this is follow up story and not the original story,” says Evans
Saunders reads “Sexy Eva Green proves no one does it better than a Bond girl,” pretty good reading I must say of one para piece.
“If a cutting service was to be done… it would have shown when the story appeared… probably not long before (the piece show) says Evans
Langdale goes back to Evans statement of a meeting with Coulson at 1 Aldwych. “Did Mr Coulson ask about previous rejections” “Not to memory”
“It’s my strong belief,” says Evans that he was sold to Andy Coulson on his ability to hack phones. “X wanted me to give my patter”
Evans says he discussed with Coulson “stuff to do with phones… and described… front pages Sunday Mirror… (from) voicemail interception
“A good way of getting big stories cheaply,” Evans says he described voicemail hacking.
“I suggest to you the reason you cannot give much detail about this meeting is that you didn’t discuss hacking phones,” says Langdale.
Evans insists he did discuss with Coulson. End of cross examination.
Further Prosecution questions to Dan Evans
Edis for the crown re-examines Dan Evans, and goes to the first time he ever discussed phone hacking with his lawyers Peters and Peters
Evans original statement was to solicitors in February 2011. Edis cites a junior who took notes of four hour meeting.
O”Kane gave Evans advice about “professional embarassment” – he didn’t want to compromise himself professionally.
O’Kane says they should talk ‘hypothetically’ to see if Evans was a ‘candidate for immunity’: he talked about Sunday Mirror activities
Evans only got to NOTW right at the end of that first session with his lawyers: “breakfast meeting… discussed phone hacking with Coulson”
Original statement confirms subsequent statements about “good at screwing phones”
Second interview on 09/02/12 O’Kane changed advice: he should seek immunity through police co-operation.
Evans leaves while a sound problem is sorted out.
Should have said that we’ve now broken for lunch and video link test. Back around 2.15
Memo to my employers (you!): I can’t be at trial early Monday morning because of commitment to be at reading of my new radio play,
FYI it’s a pilot for a new Radio 4 drama series – Day Release starring @ITISLENNYHENRY. We’ve moved dates a few times because of #trial
Usually I’m there for whole 2 days of recording (this was commissioned 2 years ago) but will only attend read-through Monday a.m.
Hopefully, I should be online and able to RT all the other great journos at the #hackingtrial that morning
Evans confirms that News International were funding his defence during first statement
Original statement to lawyers of Evans talks of his meeting with Coulson during recruitment phase.
The original statement also says he was offered more “undercover journalism” but NOTW interested in his “tapping skills”
The bullying email is mentioned: “jump off a cliff” in this first lawyer statement by Evans
O’Kane, Evan’s lawyer, asked him to tell of stories sourced from phone hacking: he cited back in 2012 the Sienna Miller “I love you” message
The original account deals with Jiffy bag and Sienna tape, and another NOTW journo providing a high level of info
There’s no note in original lawyer’s meeting of when the Sienna Miller hack happened
Another note from 14/03/12 records Evan’s telling his lawyers “of his illegal activities at Sunday Mirror and NOTW” Edis establishes.
Another note of discussion between solicitors and counsel on 10/07/12 Evans conceding that he did hack Hoppen and Button.
“We have advised D Evans, following the SOCPA interview, he is much more likely to get section 73 than a section 71 (full immunity)”
Turner’s advice was for Evans to tell the truth to the police. He did that.
Edis then goes to a series of 5 days taped interviews by police in July and September 2012
Edis goes to section of interview about Coulson: “very very shouty emails… all capital letters… If I don’t come up with a fucking story”
Evans; “I went home that weekend with my head in my hands. And Boom. Daniel Evans and Kate Moss’ voicemails.” then Miller message
“It was the sort of story I knew Andrew Coulson… would love….” reaction: “Great. Fucking great. Well done,son” from police interview
“I think this was Tuesday morning…. I was dispatched to go and front up poor Daniel Craig that Friday,” says original police interview
Edis distributes some further documents to add to the Dan Evans jury bundle.
Apparently some of these documents are on “cheap” paper and some on “more expensive” paper. “Pop these into that file,” says Edis
Edis explains there are some more expenses documents and phone schedules in these new papers added to jury bundles.
Edis cites 09/09/05 internal NOTW email mentions Dan Evans “checks” of Sven Goran Eriksson and being “surreptitious”
23/09/05 email to Coulson and others about SFX agenc: “Dan Evans has picked this up from this ‘checks'” Struan Marshall was an agent
“I was hacking to keep an eye on,” Evans says. “What do these checks mean,” asks Edis. “Voice mail hacks” says Evans 28/09/05
A new call schedule is produced by the prosecution in the Dan Evans testimony
Edis just wants to look at a few pages of a 16 page document. The second 10 page document is explained.
Edis has made additional entries to Langdale’s call schedule produced on Wednesday. Langdale says his “based on information supplied”
The duration of some of those calls has been amended, but “nothing that need detain us this afternoon” says Edis. But the purple doc does.
Evans couldn’t remember what the Craig UVN was, so can’t identify it or obtain call data. No data available for the burners Evans used.
But Edis has a schedule for outgoing calls for September 05 from the News International hub.
Evans asked about to Clare Dobbs and Vicky Kim – regular calls.
Evans identifies a hack of Jensen Button’s girlfriend on that Saturday.
On Sunday, Evans NI hub phone hacked Lauren Hope. He can see no other hacks. On the Monday 26/09/05 Evans’ mobile made 9 calls.
No hacks from Evans mobile on the Monday. Nearly 100 lines of data for Tuesday. League of Cruel sports was not a hack, says Evans.
The first ‘very possible hack’ of Stephen Gerrard’s agent is cited. Daniel Craig, Jenny Seagrove, Cilla Black and others hacked that day.
“Louise Griffiths, Vicky Kim, Jenny Seagrove, Jackson Scott, probably Jade. Ian Monk… Mark Wallah… would have been a hack, yeah.” Evans
Struan Marshall… Jackson Frost all established as hacks by Evans on this day in September
“Heather White 8 mins… probably talking to her… the rest are not hacks… in the purple, Kate Moss, Orange voicemail….” says Evans.
These are all still on one day 27th September… Heather White,” says Evans
Evans asked to return at 10.30 on Monday morning as we have video link from US
Edis will continue his re-examination of Dan Evans on Monday: meanwhile we’re testing video evidence.
Witness – Sienna Miller
Counsel for the Prosecution questions Sienna Miller
BREAKING: Sienna Miller appears at the #hackingtrial via video link from New Orleans.
Miller is accompanied by an FBI man who identifies himself – no one else in the room but himself and Miller. She has affirmation on monitor
Miller is to be questioned by Edis and then cross examined by Langdale. “A small number of questions from me,’ says Edis
Miller is asked about Kelly Hoppen’s phone in July 05 – her step mother from 5 to age 18: “now my ex step mother”
Miller confirms she was having “a degree of difficulty’ in a relationship and discussed that with Kelly Hoppen.
“It’s very difficult to remember voice mail messages left 9 year ago, at a very difficult time, but absolutely feasible,” says Miller.
Miller is asked if she communicated with Daniel Craig using phones “for a long period of time he was one of my closest friends.”
“My membership was always a little bit of a hazy issue, but I was there a lot of the time” says Miller of the Groucho Club.
“It’s likely… I was in constant communication with him. It’s likely I would have called him. And likely I was there, ” says Miller
“Since we’d become close friends, I always left a message ‘I love you’. I often did with family and friends. That makes is most likely”
Counsel for Coulson cross-examines Sienna Miller
Langdale for Coulson introduces himself to Sienna Miller over video link
‘We’ve turned ours up,” says Miller of volume. Langdale speaks up and admits going back to August 2005 is hardly easy.
Langdale asks Miller about the wedding of her sister Savannah: Saturday 24th: “I would be in a lot of trouble if I got that wrong”
Miller confirms Jude Law came down after the wedding, and they spent the Sat night in West Country. She doesn’t recall Cliveden stay.
“If he remembers that I’m sure he’s correct,” says Miller of Jude Law’s recollection of staying at Cliveden on return to London
Miller says “it’s a very leading question… to see things in good and bad” about her relationship with the media.
Langdale asks if “on occasion” Miller will talk about her private life. “I would be willing to talk about myself as I seem fit.”
“I wouldn’t say I talked about things I felt uncomfortable with”, says Miller.
FBI agent gives bundle to Sienna Miller in New Orleans. Told to look to page 2 by Langdale counsel for Coulson.
Miller shown copy of NOTW 13/02/05 and a photo of herself relating to Jude Law.
Photo shows Miller in company of another NOTW journalist. “Never had contacts with X personally… just posed with him at party.”
“Most of this has been misconstrued, and invented… common for journos to ask for a picture… I said “please stop”‘ says Miller.
“There’s no way I would have said ‘I love him so much and I wanted to marry him'”. says Miller. X wasn’t carrying a tape recorder.
“i probably said he one of the nicest kindest people I know and you’re misrepresenting him” says Miller of her convo with NOTW journo.
“Never, ever… hand on my heart,” says Miller of letting photographers know in advance where she was for pics.
Langdale asks about “on off” relationship with Jude Law. “Was it clear to you people connected with Law were in contact… with NOTW?”
“No… at some point at the end of the year I did suspect someone who has since been revealed as a source,” says Miller.
“The only person who I do know was in contact with the NOTW was my then publicist Kieran Parkes,” says Miller
Miller confirms she’s been visited by DI Setter over Dan Evans: she has seen a transcript between NOTW journo and two sources.
Langdale asks if Miller remembers on 10th December visit from police officer. “Yes.”
Miller says she was shown evidence that indicated Evans intercepted a voice mail left by her. Another interview this year shown statements
“We looked at some of the Dan Evan’s comments and articles in NOTW,” says Miller.
“That sounds like a message I would have left… but nine years ago can’t say definitely,” says Miller.
“You just told me you loved me and I interrupted you,” says Miller to Langdale. Court erupts in loud laughter.
“I always ended my phone calls to Daniel with “I love you” – it was a declaration of friendship,” says Miller.
“This is a very uncomfortable part of my life.. .to release to the world media, and be vilified… it was a brief encounter.” says Miller.
“It’s kind of been turned into this tittilating piece of information… and I regret this,” says Miller.
“The timing was significant,” says Miller of the ‘I love you’ message being the basis of a story.
“If a journalist got hold of that piece of information… it could be the basis of a story. If they didn’t understand the relationship”
“‘I love you’ could be exciting to a journalist who didn’t understand our relationship,” says Miller to #hackingtrial jury
As for message on Kelly Hoppen’s voicemail: “it’s a difficult time to remember… I think I was crying a lot of the time…”
“I don’t think I would crying on a voicemail message to Kelly Hoppen,” says Miller.
“It’s a very difficult thing to be certain of any of these things.” Miller tells Langdale about voicemail messages left on phones.
Sienna Miller referred to NOTW piece on July 24th 2005 that says “Sienna turned to her mum… a pal of Sienna’s said…”
Miller says it’s feasible Kelly Hoppen would have given advice at that time.
“Were you aware in July 05 any associated with you was providing info to NOTW” ask Langdale. “No,” says Miller.
Langdale promises this is the last document to show to Sienna Miller. “Is this an email?” asks Saunders.
Miller has not seen this NOTW internal email before: it’s all about her personal life
“Right. I’ve read it,” says Miller. “I was not in the best of ways.” She agrees the internal NOTW email reflects the general situation
Edis has one re-examination question for Sienna Miller about the email: “sourced through someone who knows Sienna’s mum, but not well”
“I don’t remember losing half a stone in weight, or being flat chested, I’ve always bitten my nails,” says Miller. Edis apologises.
“I didn’t mean to make you ask a question to say all that,” says Edis.
“I am very sorry that was has been said in court and reported in the press has caused you upset,” says Saunders: “But it been necessary”
10.30 on Monday

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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