Trial Summary Week 18

Here’s a summary of Peter Jukes’ Live Tweets from Week 18 of the Hacking Trial. Click on the dates below to see the full trial Live twitter feed for that day.

All the defendants deny all the charges and the trial continues.

Monday 17 March 2014
Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues
Jury Member unwell and is discharged
Goodman questioned further on the Royal Directories
Payments to Fake Identities
Cash payments to sources of Royal Stories
Goodman questioned on Count 2 – Green Books
Pressure to get stories
Goodman claims Piers Morgan exposed source
Goodman asked about Phone Hacking
Tuesday 18 March 2014
Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Phone Hacking
Goodman questioned on Phone Hacking
Hacking of Royal Phones
Goodman’s first knowledge of Glen Mulcaire
The Goodman and Mulcaire Project
Goodman says he told Andy Coulson about the Royal Phone Project
Transcript of Prince Harry voicemail message
Goodman downloads emails after arrest
Prince William Shot Story
Payments to Glen Mulcaire
The Editor’s Conferences
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Story
Prince William Training Exercise Story
Wednesday 19 March 2014
Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Green Books and Phone Hacking
Royal Green Books and Telephone Directories
Clive Goodman’s Arrest in 2006
The “Lone Wolf”
Coulson contacts Goodman after arrest
Goodman downloads emails from NI
Café meeting of Coulson and Goodman
Goodman suspended but offered work
Goodman’s Proof of Evidence
NI are given Goodman’s Case Documents
Transcript of conversation between Coulson and Goodman
Meeting between Goodman and NI Lawyer
Goodman pleads Guilty in 2006
Sentencing Hearing
Goodman Sentenced
Goodman meeting with Brooks 2007
Goodman’s Second Arrest
Thursday 20 March 2014
Clive Goodman is Cross Examined by Counsel for Andy Coulson
Langdale questions Goodman on Phone Hacking
Cash Payments
Goodman questioned on Articles and Payments
Editor’s Conferences
Goodman questioned on Coulson
More questions on Hacking

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