Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 7 May

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Wednesday 7 May 2014

Justice Saunders explains the proceedings for the day
Medical Reports expected on Clive Goodman
The Prosecution Present Admissions for Rebekah Brooks
Further evidence on Rebekah Brooks
The Prosecution Closing Statement Begins
Anthony Edis QC introduces his Closing Statement
The Prosecution Case on Count 1
The Prosecution Case on Count 5
The Prosecution Case on Count 7
The Prosecution goes over the chronology of Phone Hacking
Glen Mulcaire’s Payments
The Recruitment of Dan Evans
Goodman’s Arrest
The Events leading to the Closure of the News of the World
Archived Boxes
Max Clifford’s Settlement and Email deletion

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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 27 Jan

Monday 27 January 2014

The Prosecution Case Continues
The Prosecution return to Count 1 – Phone Hacking
Witness – Jude Law
Prosecution Counsel questions Jude Law
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines Jude Law
Further Prosecution questions to Jude Law
A member of Jude Law’s family sold stories to the News of the World
Witness – Dan Evans (Former Sunday Mirror and News of the World Journalist)
Dan Evans name is added to Count 1
Dan Evans has pleaded guilty to four counts
Prosecution Counsel questions Dan Evans
Dan Evans meets Andy Coulson
Dan Evans given list of Phone Hacking tragets

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