Smoking Emails from Mirror Group Phone Hacking Case

Some new details from Jim Cusick at the Independent about the civil phone hacking cases involving the Trinity Mirror group.

The company has also been co-operating with the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Golding, by handing over evidence that could be connected to potential wrong-doing. Among the material given to the Met, and subsequently disclosed to victims’ lawyers, is a bundle of 22 emails, a cache of 587 calls from MGN landlines, and 51 invoices from private investigators which relate to four hacking claims.

One internal email sent by an MGN journalist to a colleague in March 2002 concerns information on the relationship between two former EastEnders actors, Lucy Benjamin and Steve McFadden. The two were in an off-screen relationship at that time.

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Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 28 Nov

Thursday 28 November 2013

The Prosecution Case Continues
Delays due to Legal Arguments
Video link will not happen today
Prosecution Evidence on Glen Mulcaire
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DC Teresa Thompson
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DC Teresa Thompson
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Guest
Glen Mulcaire’s Whiteboards
Giving evidence – Operation Weeting Detective DS Fitzgerald
How they Hacked Voicemail
24 Hacking calls in one day
Neil Wallis phone Hacked
Counsel for Rebekah Brooks cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Counsel for Andy Coulson cross examines DS Fitzgerald
Prosecution Evidence on Max Clifford
Prosecution Counsel Bryant Heron

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