Some of the Mysteries of Phone Hacking – Unlocked

English: Motorola L71 (China Mobile customised...

English: Motorola L71 (China Mobile customised model) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a guest post by Chris Brace (AKA Mr Ceebs on Twitter) who helped me compile the Leveson Amnesia Appendix to my book, The Fall of the House of Murdoch, and will soon be joining the new Bellingcat site set up by Brown Moses, who has a phenomenal record in documenting both Hackgate and the Syrian civil war

Chris is writing in response to new evidence at the Hacking Trial. Rebekah Brooks, in her testimony, expressed astonishment that Glenn Mulcaire had managed to hack her phone (on the orders of another News of the World  journalist the jury have been told) even though she’d changed her default PIN number to a personalised one.

Clive Goodman, the former NOTW Royal Editor, also told the court that Mulcaire provided both personalised PIN numbers and direct dial numbers for voicemails. 

Previous prosecution evidence had shown Mulcaire blagging, using engineering passwords, a reset to default from the customer service lines of mobile phone companies. But how could he get hold of a personalised PIN number?. Goodman claimed he had met a contact of Mulcaire’s from the security services and that they provided key data.

These claims have not been thoroughly tested in evidence in Court 12, and much remains speculation. But Chris has devised a thought experiment about how to get hold of personalised pins.

Glenn Mulcaire has pleaded guilty to further charges of conspiracy to intercept voice-mails. But all the defendants at Court 12 deny all the charges and the trial continues. 

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