2014 in Review: Guess the most popular pieces on my hacking trial blog

Was it key pieces of evidence from the Hacking Trial? The revealing messages between Tony Blair and Rebekah Brooks? Or the electrifying evidence of former News of the World reporter and supergrass/whistleblower Dan Evans? Or was it the near disastrous intervention of David Cameron over the partial verdicts on his former head of communications Andy Coulson.

No. The two most popular posts were…. wait for the fireworks….

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The Millions of Deleted Emails from News International

Some of the agreed facts from the hacking trial put another complexion on the 3 million missing emails mentioned in the Guardian coverage of Kingston trial.

If you read the last paragraph of the agreed facts from the phone hacking trial earlier this year, the number is more like 13 million missing emails.

156, In excess of 90 million email messages emanating from the NI email systems have been retrieved in order to be searched for the purpose of this prosecution. They  represent available or potentially available messages from across the organization and are not limited to persons of interest to the police investigation and include duplicates of messages and also messages recovered for the years up to 2011.

157 This does not represent all email messages ever sent or received by current and historic employees of NOTW and The Sun. Not every email message ever sent or received within NI still exists. This is for a number of reasons.

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The Hacking Trial Costs Issue – News UK withdraw their claim for millions: Saunders’ Memo

Back in June, when Rebekah Brooks, Stuart Kuttner, Cheryl Carter and Mark Hanna were all acquitted at the phone hacking trial, their barristers made it clear they would be applying (as is their right) for a refund of their court costs. Already, at this point, it was clear that News UK would have to be party to these hearings on costs, since they had indemnified all the cleared defendants bar Charlie Brooks. The initial quantum for that claim was reported to be £25 million in legal costs. This was reduced two weeks ago to £7 million by the Crown Prosecution Service on the basis of equivalent legal aid, rather than private, legal costings.  Continue reading

As Justice Saunders Sums Up: Review the Prosecution and Defence Cases

English: Old Bailey, London, from NW, photo by...

For a limited period during the summing up, and by way of thanks to all of you who have supported me over 7 months and nearly 3 million keystrokes from the Old Bailey, I’m releasing a PDF book version of the Prosecution and Defence cases as they have been expressed before the jury in Court 12.

These have been compiled by the admirable and indefatigable Jon Lippitt.

The Prosecution Case

The Defence Case

You can get more of these by subscribing to my new book which tells you all the things I couldn’t tweet


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The Brooks “Plan B” and “Blair Unofficial Adviser” emails

Picture courtesy of Prix Pics

Copyright Prixpics – used with kind permission

A clearer copy of email evidence submitted in the jury bundles on the last part of the prosecution case has been released by the CPS. The first email, from 11th of July 2011 shows an exchange between Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch, which starts with a discussion of the sales for the last edition on the News of the World.

James Murdoch replies, querying why Brooks would put such things on email. The Daily Telegraph had reported that day on the ‘smoking emails’ which caused the closure of the News of the World. It was also the day that The Times led on reports that the police wanted to interview Brooks.  Continue reading