As Justice Saunders Sums Up: Review the Prosecution and Defence Cases

English: Old Bailey, London, from NW, photo by...

For a limited period during the summing up, and by way of thanks to all of you who have supported me over 7 months and nearly 3 million keystrokes from the Old Bailey, I’m releasing a PDF book version of the Prosecution and Defence cases as they have been expressed before the jury in Court 12.

These have been compiled by the admirable and indefatigable Jon Lippitt.

The Prosecution Case

The Defence Case

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How the Kindness of Strangers crowd funded my Hacking Trial coverage

Now that my second crowd funding campaign has ended successfully, I’m fulfilling a promise to share the data from Indiegogo, and publicise (without naming individual contributors) the source of funding from across the world, the most effective social networking platforms and sharing tools. I’m not doing this to sound my own trumpet but because I know there are many people interested in how to raise money for journalism.

Mine was a very specific campaign, with a clear deadline set by the phone hacking trial, and a clear service to be delivered – live tweeting from the court. I suspect it might be harder to fund something less immediately topical and time dependent. On the other hand, most people paid for a service which was not exclusive, and others would be getting for free.

So follow me below the fold for the data.

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