Getting Away with Murder: How the Fifth Morgan Murder Inquiry was Subverted and Ongoing Intimidation

12 Nov. 2015

Over the course of three decades, Daniel Morgan is the most investigated murder in British history. Now Byline can reveal how News of the World tried to derail the final fifth investigation, and how intimidation of the murder inquiry team continues to this day

13 Years of Harassment and Intimidation 

Thanks to the exclusive revelations by former News of the World news editor, Greg Miskiw, we now know that the Sunday tabloid targeted the fourth murder inquiry into the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry on behalf of the murder suspects.

But now Byline can reveal those same former murder suspects have continued a campaign of planned revenge and intimidation right up to the present.

“Purely on the revenge side of things, I want to punish Haslam – Haslam and Cook and all those to do with the Morgan murder trial  ” Jonathan Rees in 2013

Back in 2002, Alex Marunchak commissioned a campaign against the lead officer in one of the sensitive murder inquiries in the country, involving hacking, surveillance and gathering illicit financial information

In  January 2003 the then News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was warned that her senior executive Alex Marunchak had a 16 -year association with the suspects at the private detective agency, Southern Investigations.

She did nothing about it.

Instead, Marunchak was allowed to continue at his senior role at the Sunday tabloid.

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