CPS drop Charges against Daniel Morgan Murder Detective

Brief comment on the news the CPS will not be prosecuting former DCS Dave Cook after an IPCC investigation into Misconduct in Public Office

One of the most shocking aspects of the phone hacking scandal was the way that News International, through its Management and Standards Committee, shopped over a hundred confidential sources and journalists to the Met Police in an attempt to avoid corporate charges in the US under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

While very few journalists have been convicted under the Misconduct in Public Office law, at least 27 public officials have received sentences for receiving money for stories.

Much  more shocking even than this is the way News International used selective disclosure to pursue vendettas and silence possible witnesses. In the former category I would suggest the outing of Vicky Pryce’s allegations against her ex husband Chris Huhne would count as revenge for his position on phone hacking.

But most disturbing of all was their handing over of correspondence between former Detective Chief Superintendent Dave Cook and the Sun’s crime correspondent Mike Sullivan towards the end of 2011.

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