Phone Hacking? You ain’t seen Nothing Yet: Daniel Morgan Murder 2000-2006

Following the chronology of the Daniel Morgan murder – the most investigated murder in British history – we have now arrived at the phone hacking era. But a timeline reveals Glenn Mulcaire’s work to be the relatively benign tip of a much darker iceberg

Most people are aware of the phone hacking scandal and the high profile defendants at the phone hacking ‘trial of the century’ last year.  But neither Andy Coulson, nor Rebekah Brooks, nor privacy intrusion, are anything like as important as the real scandal of the News of the World, which involves much more serious crimes that threaten the pillars of the criminal justice system in Britain.

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  1. Evidence that Southern Investigations conducted burglaries for News of the World
  2. Evidence that decisions over a fifth murder inquiry were leaking out from Commissioner Ian Blair’s Inner Sanctum to Alex Marunchak and then to the murder suspect Jonathan Rees.
  3. Though Rupert Murdoch couldn’t remember meeting crime editor and and then senior NOTW exec Alex Marunchak, a 2006 intelligence reported recorded Marunchak 0″highly thought of by Murdoch and can do no wrong.”
  4. New evidence NOTW interfered with 5th Murder Inquiry in 2006 despite direct warning to Rebekah Brooks about interfering with the fourth murder inquiry in 2003
  5. Documentary evidence Andy Coulson’s NOTW hired a convicted criminal IN 2006

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