4 DAYS LEFT: You Crowdfunded my Court Reporting: now be part of the Hacking Trial Book

Pre-order and get your name on the book

Pre-order the Book: Get eternal life.

Once more thanks so much for supporting my live tweeting the phone hacking trial. I live tweeted nearly 500,000 words in 2.5 million keystrokes from the Old Bailey thanks to you. The trial finally concluded last week with the sentencing of Dan Evans – and the announcement of a likely Phone Hacking Trial Two with the charging of former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis, and features editor Jules Stenson

But nothing will ever again match the size, length and cost of the 8 month trial of Regina v Brooks and Others. For those of you who may have missed it, I’ve written a long form profile of Brooks for the New Statesman

More importantly, I’ve just finished Beyond Contempt:The Inside Story of the Phone Hacking Trial – which reveals all the legal argument, media campaigns and police activities that we’re going on in the background – as well as my own adventures and misadventures.
Beyond Contempt will be published  as an ebook next week, and a paperback shortly after. There’s also a chance to attend the launch party, where I will be holding court, so to speak, along with some high-profile individuals associated with the scandal.

This will be the first time a journalism project has been funded all the way from live-tweeting to a book by the public. Many of you have already ordered, for which you have my eternal thanks.

If any of you would like to play a larger part in journalism history, there’s still time. You can order a copy of Beyond Contempt at www.hackingtrial.com. You can read the current version of the preface here

In the meantime, thanks again for your support – and have a great summer


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