As Justice Saunders Sums Up: Review the Prosecution and Defence Cases

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For a limited period during the summing up, and by way of thanks to all of you who have supported me over 7 months and nearly 3 million keystrokes from the Old Bailey, I’m releasing a PDF book version of the Prosecution and Defence cases as they have been expressed before the jury in Court 12.

These have been compiled by the admirable and indefatigable Jon Lippitt.

The Prosecution Case

The Defence Case

You can get more of these by subscribing to my new book which tells you all the things I couldn’t tweet


Both iPad and Kindle versions of these books – plus the as yet unfinished Closing Speeches and Summing Up books –  are included if you buy a copy my forthcoming paperback TITLE EMBARGOED: Inside the Phone Hacking Trial, published by Martin Hickman.

Do support us with pre-sales if you can, as this effectively crowd funds the onerous publication costs, and ensures the book can come out swiftly after verdicts and possible sentencing.


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