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Thursday 5 June 2014

The Summing Up Continues
Justice Saunders QC continues his review of the Evidence on Count One
Continued review of the Milly Dowler related Evidence
Sven-Goran Eriksson

The Summing Up Continues
Justice Saunders QC continues his review of the Evidence on Count One
Slight delay but back at the #hackingtrial with Justice Saunders‘ second day of summing up
Saunders’ says “now is not a moment for the Dunkirk spirit” and tells jurors that if listening to him has given them a migraine, he’ll stop
Continued review of the Milly Dowler related Evidence
Saunders looks at the 10/04/02 Mulcaire entry for Milly Dowler – tasked by Thurlbeck: a Wednesday. Phone records show Brooks didn’t call
But there are voicemails Brooks picked up in Dubai before tasking, but she doesn’t talk to anyone at NOTW till Thursday
Brooks’ evidence is she knew nothing of Dowler: prosecution say she must have known because finding Milly would have been NOTW lead
No phone records for Mulcaire in 2002, but we know that voicemail messages must have been downloaded by Friday,
There is a 24 hour lag at least between NOTW downloading messages and informing police.
Saunders points out it would have been v serious for NOTW if something had happened to Dowler and they didn’t inform police.
“But who made that decision?” asks Justice Saunders.
Kuttner was still thinking Dowler could be a victim of predatory paedophile the week before this, according to emails
Kuttner said that when he contacted police it was usually on the instruction of the editor – Coulson was acting editor at this point
Saunders says it’s obvious reporters were sent to Telford on the basis of the Milly Dowler hack.
A team of reporters on the payroll of NOTW were sent to Telford, says Saunders – six seem to be the number.
Others were in contact with Monday Recruitment on the Friday – NOTW reporters said they were working with police, one pretended to be mother
The mother and son who ran the recruitment agency were approached by reporters from NOTW on the morning of the Friday
Mark Hancox was rung by a man who said he was ‘”editor or editor in chief or senior figure” at NOTW about Milly Dowler on Friday morning
Mark Hancox listened to voices at Leveson Inquiry and he recognised voice like Head Teacher – it was Stuart Kuttner “sure same man”
Mark Hancox remembered the name Kuttner – so he must have known about voicemail in the morning – CORRECTION – Saturday morning
One of the NOTW reporters said that around 4pm the Telford “wild goose chase was called off” – Kuttner called Surrey Police 3.11 pm
Kuttner wanted to speak to a senior officer – Sergeant McKentee: notes of this conversation are in jury bundle.
Kuttner told police that he had a recording of Milly Dowler voicemail – and her mobile number had been confirmed with schoofriends.
McKentee told Kuttner it could be a ‘hoaxer’: Kuttner said he would check and call back. Thurlbeck called police with default PIN for Dowler
Thurlbeck talked to Surrey police press officer, telling them they had two stories ready to go – too late to change for first edition.
14/02/02 is the critical NOTW first edition – front page about Greco leaving East Enders – tallies with Brooks/Coulson calls to his agent
Saunders takes the jury to the two first editions of Missing Milly story – identical except for by line. Third edition radically changed
Brooks’ evidence is that she only read the third edition, because that’s delivered to her Battersea home
Saunders points out that the Wednesday before Brooks started contacting the NOTW office.
Kuttner was still in contact with Surrey police after this NOTW edition which quotes her voicemail: important email on 19/04/02
In this Kuttner email on 19/04/02 he tells police “messages… left on Amanda’s phone” and talks about hoaxer theory
Prosecution say Kuttner was checking with police to update story on the next edition – Brooks was back from holiday: how did she not know?
There were further stories on Dowler when Brooks had returned from Dubai: police knew voicemail hacking – did deputy and editor know?
The police took no action against NOTW for this phone hack – though they were told number and PIN came from school children
“We do not know why the police didn’t do anything” says Saunders of Milly hacking: “but this is not relevant to your consideration”
Brooks admits that finding Milly would have affected joint Sun/NOTW buy up of Michael Greco story and front page.
Brooks’ evidence is that she heard nothing of this while in Dubai. Two witnesses met Brooks with Ross Kemp there: Keyworth and Hennessy
Keyworth and Hennessy were told Brooks was in Dubai by Walsh – a marketing specialist. So Brooks and Kemp moved into new hotel via them
One night, probably 13/04/02, Brooks and Kemp met with Keyworth and Hennessy in Dubai hotel night club.
Keyworth remembers all five going out – he talked to Kemp about leaving East Enders: they had lunch together the next day.
Keyworth, Hennessy and Brooks were left alone – Keyworth says Brooks was on the phone a lot.
Keyworth has no recollection of anything being said about Milly Dowler: Hennessy had a precise date of meetings because of receipt
Hennessy says he remembers an occasion with Brooks leaving to take call – Kemp remonstrated “you’re always working”
Hennessy said that Brooks said she was on the phone in Dubai about a “missing Surrey schoolgirl”
Hennessy was only interviewed by police in 2012 because of text messages discovered.
Hennessy said it wasn’t Sarah Payne Brooks was talking about but Milly Dowler: Saunders asks the jury to consider all this.
Laidlaw’s defence is that whatever Hennessy said is irrelevant because the hack had already taken place.
Brooks says Dowler would have been of interest because Sara Payne only lived a few streets away from the Dowlers.
Milly’s father was interviewed by police later in April: Brooks said only the police steer he was suspect allowed her to go on holiday.
Brooks said at that time, though she did have a relationship with Coulson, that was not happening in April 2002
Brooks said that he recovered love letter to Coulson was not accurate saying in 2004 she’d been a relationship with him for six years.
Saunders says the nature of the Brooks Coulson friendship is clearly “relevant” in this case.
Brooks’ evidence is that she couldn’t supervise layout from Dubai in those days, but was interested in Michael Greco story.
Brooks’ evidence was she didn’t hear about Dowler, and didn’t remember much of Keyworth, no recollection of Hennessy.
Brooks says that, from phone records, she was on the phone in Dubai less than normal. She thinks she spoke about Sara Payne.
Brooks says she heard nothing of Kuttner’s contact with police, or any hacking, when she returned. Dowler remained on news list for weeks
“Prosecution say how can that possibly be true?” says Saunders of failure of anyone to tell Brooks of Telford trip and Dowler story.
A joint reward with Sun for info on Dowler was agreed later. Milly found dead in September. Father entirely clear. Levi Bellfield convicted
Saunder moves to the 04/07/11 Guardian article revealed Milly Dowler hack. The voicemail deletion was incorrect, and they corrected.
BREAKING: Saunders says that Muclaire hacking Dowler and saving it could have led to deletion, but could not be false hope moment
Saunders cites Brooks’ letters to staff, Surrey police and family after Guardian broke the story – saying she knew nothing of hacking
Saunders back after a break and Brooks’ case she didn’t know about Milly Dowler hack until 04/07/11 – prosecution say not consistent
Saunders cites email to Ross Kemp about “phone hacking” 23/06/11 “need my 2002/03 diaries” soon after.
Brooks evidence is that the Kemp email is about Olswang meeting with police about Mulcaire notes related to her – with Kemps’ no and PIN
Brooks evidence is that this is the first time she know Kemp was targeted by Mulcaire.
Kemp was out in Afghanistan. Brooks says she wanted to talk to him about hacking of his phone.
On asking for 2002/03 diaries Brooks thinks this was either about a Channel 4 Dispatches program about PIs working at NOTW
Or the request for 02/03 could have come from Burton Copeland investigation of Harbottle and Lewis emails about hacking.
“The defence say she didn’t know. Prosecution say she must have know” says Saunders summing up to jury Brooks and Dowler: ‘You decide”
Coulson evidence is that he didn’t know of the journalists going to Telford on Dowler story – that’s the job of news editors.
“You can run a job by micromanaging” said Coulson of Dowler story. He thought rumours of job in Telford were “nonsense”
Coulson said that Page 9 was relatively important part of paper: Dowler story only there because of new picture.
Coulson said he was not aware of Thurlbeck and Kuttner’s contact with police, and he didn’t talk about it with Brooks.
Coulson says that if he had read story he might have thought police source because non exclusive, it would have been read by lawyer.
Coulson agrees he would have been responsible for moving Dowler story, a major redraw of mono pages because of “lack of glamour”
Coulson says he would have avoided any conversation with Brooks about Dowler story because he got the “mix wrong”
“The prosecution say… despite conferences and Fri Sat… none told him where stories came from… how could he not be aware… important”
“Perfect apparent the police made no investigation” says Saunders “but it might have been a breach of the PCC…. others not friendly”
Coulson says Thurlbeck and Kuttner could have acted alone: Saunders “you’ll have to consider whether possible when all there on back bench”
Kuttner’s evidence is that listening to voicemails is “so far removed” from what he would do. He says “synergy” between Dowler and Payne
Kuttner says he would have told police immediately about any info on Dowler – believed he was told about voicemails by Thurlbeck.
Saunders tells the jury of Kuttner’s position on Dowler: “you’ll remember the evidence I’ve read to you coming from Telford”
Milly Dowler still on the agenda and Kuttner following up with police on Brooks’ return: “were people on NOTW hiding it from Brooks?”
Various suggestions by Brooks’ defence cited on why the Dowler story might have been hidden from the editor of NOTW “a non story”
You’ll have to ask yourselves why Kuttner contacting Surrey police on the next Saturday if NOTW ‘not interested in it'” says Saunders.
Prosecution say Brooks is lying about Dowler because she was part of an agreement to hack. Defence say, even if she did know, no agreement
Does not doing anything about hacking mean an agreement asks Saunders: no say the defence
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Saunders goes to the Sven Goran Eriksson timeline “always a popular person in the tabloid press – not always for his football”
In 2002 NOTW clearly interested in Eriksson- Mulcaire tasking but no indication of successful hacks. Hacking in 2005
Bill Kenwright targeted in 2005/06 could be in relation to the former football manager.
Another Mulcaire page has details on Eriksson and Faria Alam – she sold her story for £150k: “Sven believed their phones were bugged”
Coulson was involved in big Faria Alam buy-up “affected ability to concentrate on Blunkett”
Abbi Titmuss and John Leslie timelines explored by Saunders, first in the news in 2002 in regard to allegations
Titmuss was a nurse who was Leslie’s girlfriend at the time – high profile from 2003 – 2007. Mulcaire tasked by Miskiw in “do both mobiles”
26/10/02 Kuttner rings Mark Stevens – a representative of John Leslie. Titmuss was hacked by Mulcaire as recovered tapes show.
Titmuss didn’t have a UVN so hacking must have been “old fashioned methods” i.e. double tap to activate voicemail
Andy Gilchrist timeline cited by Saunders after strike action 2002/03 – Brooks became editor of the Sun on 13/01/03 “crossing the period”
Sun was hostile to Gilchrist before Brooks arrived, but NOTW also hostile prior to her leaving it: hacking of Gilchrist in early Dec 2002
Mulcaire was hacking Gilchrist, associated friends. “Whether NOTW gained anything to assist them against fire Brigade Union we don’t know”
Gilchrist was followed and harassed by a number of national papers. He was called by an unknown journo about historic affair in 1998
“The story of the affair and an editorial that was disparaging of Gilchrist appear in the Sun” soon after Brooks arrived. A call in
Gilchrist’s former lover, Tracey Holland, agreed to sell story for £25k 20/01/03 “I”m away with fairies’ voicemail in subsequent story.
Brooks says she had nothing to do with phone hacking, but was interested in Gilchrist.
That’s it for today at the #hackingtrial because a juror is not well.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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