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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Charlie Brooks Closing Statement
Neil Saunders QC presents the Closing Statement for Charlie Brooks
Summary of Charlie Brooks background
The events of 2011
Rebekah Brooks Arrest
Missing devices
Mark Hanna Closing Statement
William Clegg QC presents the Closing Statement for Mark Hanna
Hanna’s Background
Legal Directions
The Prosecution Case against Hanna
The Events of July 2011
The Fire Pit Evidence
Twelve Points that Prove Innocence

Charlie Brooks Closing Statement
Neil Saunders QC presents the Closing Statement for Charlie Brooks
It’s Neil Saunders time to make his closing address for Charlie Brooks: he wanted an early sitting and apologises to jury at #hackingtrial
Neil Saunders wanted to play a clip of the CCTV from Chelsea Harbour but Edis, who’s adept with the video clips, isn’t here.
Saunders says in the time that has passed “even I’ve forgotten some of the important elements of Charlie Brooks‘ evidence”
Saunders outlines what this case is NOT about: the movement of Charlie Brooks property: “you must be sure some additional missing property”
Neil Saunders goes through the route to verdict for the jury to decide if Charlie Brooks is part of alleged conspiracy
Charlie Brooks‘ case is that it was his property, and he was trying to avoid “personal embarrassment”
Charlie’s case is that he was fearful of leaks to Guardian by police, and that his actions were not criminal.
Saunders for Charlie Brooks asks the jury to consider “whether the prosecution has proven” his client’s guilt. He has to prove nothing.
Saunders says the prosecution have been “theory driven rather than evidence led” and “fixated” on his property.
There was “nothing relevant” on any device says Saunders, asking why Brooks would leave “his property overnight in the underground garage”
BREAKING: Neil Saunders says Charlie Brooks‘ actions on the weekend of his wife’s arrest were “possibly driven by drink”
Neil Saunders says the prosecution allegations are of “care actions, military precision of a group of people in a web of deceit”
Saunders describes Charlie Brooks as a “man under pressure who made mistakes while trying to hide his property”
Neil Saunders goes back to Charlie Brooks‘ original police statement: he asks “why would Charlie Brooks wait till last minute?”
Neil Saunders asks why Charlie Brooks would involve Hanna, Paul Edwards and Daryl Jorsling
Saunders accepts his client’s actions were “stupid… but not criminal”
Summary of Charlie Brooks background
Saunders talks about how some of Charlie’s evidence “even brought a smile to the prosecution team”: he talks about Charlie’s character
Saunders gives a brief biography of Charlie Brooks from school to horse trainer: and his “incredibly stupid decision” to buy training school
Saunders talks about the character witnesses and the “only part reported in newspapers”: drinking a pint of Fairy Liquid to cure hangover
Saunders talks about Charlie Brooks‘ early ventures into writing: “a really dreadful column for the Evening Standard”
“Too many deadlines were killing any bone of creativity I had” said Brooks of early writing.
Saunders goes through Charlie Brooks‘ business ventures: Sundown Park, Cryotherapy, Hypoxic training for horses.
“He is honest to the point of losing money” said another character witness of Charlie Brooks. Saunders talks about previous relationship
“He was no defender of a tabloid papers” says Saunders of Charlie Brooks: and how he would have been “wary” of Rebekah Brooks
The events of 2011
Saunders talks about Charlie Brooks‘ “lovely support for his wife” during the crisis of 2011
Saunders talks about the reduction of ‘Missing Devices” from 10 to 7 during the trial:
“The question we invite you to ask is ‘how accurate are the records at News International'” says Saunders to jury over ‘missing devices’
Saunders says that devices were occasionally lost, and he cites an email between the Brooks’ where an iPad is lost.
Many of these devices were unused says Neil Saunders. He now turns to the period in spring 2011 when Brooks felt she could be arrested.
Saunders cites an email forwarded from Charlie to Will Lewis about Chris Bryant’s allegations in April 2011 of hacking at NOTW
Saunders talks about the ‘leaks’ around the arrests of Thurlbeck and Weatherup – in the latter NI had “cleared the desk”
Brooks email asking about why Weatherup’s desk was cleared suggest she didn’t know what was going on says Saunders.
They were trying to avoid the “killer photo” of Brooks being arrested and “photographed by paps” says Saunders.
“Mega Fallout” is how Saunders describes the Milly Dowler revelations: Tom Watson MP “hated Rebekah” wrote Charlie Brooks in an email
“Rebekah became a hated figure… front page news.. internationally: clamour… from politicians to resign” says Saunders
“Think Swan baby” wrote Charlie: he said “I knew she was under the cosh and the wolves were after her”
“It’s been nine years with two police forces” wrote Charlie, reassuring his wife about police investigations.
Saunders recalls the occasion Rebekah made Charlie get dressed in the middle of the night because of a police raid: but it was bin men
Charlie rang Rupert Murdoch, recalls Saunders, who wanted to persuade her not to resign.
“Try and stay strong baby” Charlie texts during the Dowler crisis: “I’m so proud of you baby. The way you’re standing up to this”
09/07/11 Simon Greenberg emails “the Telegraph says you may be questioned under arrest”
Saunders talks about the meeting on 10/07/11 between the Brooks and James and Rupert Murdoch
“It’s ironic,” says Saunders of police statement about “leaks” which it blamed on News International: “only source… a police officer”
Saunders reminds the jury of Charlie’s support for Brooks when she was exhausted during the Dowler crisis.
ICP security team was protecting the Brooks’: “security was high – it had never been higher” wrote Jane Viner of News International
Charlie is emailed by his publisher about his book “I’m dreading what he’s going to come back with”
“Charlie is quite modest about his writing abilities” Saunders reminds th jury “I’m all over the place” he said in evidence.
Rebekah Brooks Arrest
Charlie is called by James Murdoch at 16.29 for 11 minutes seeking Brooks’s resignation. Charlie calls Rebekah for 4 mins to pass on message
Following morning 15/07/11 Rebekah is “unceremoniously marched off NI premises” – and notified of police interview on the Sunday
“Burton Copeland were no longer able to work for her” Saunders says of R Brooks “imagine how stressful that was for her”
16/07/11 Brooks spends the whole day discussing the police interview with her new laywers Kingsley Napley: postman delivers mail on Sat/Sun
“Just one or two of these events would have been difficult for anyone” says Saunders asking the jury to understand pressure Brooks’ faced
“With this background Charlie Brooks was going to make a foolish or stupid error of judgement” says Neil Saunders “but not criminal”
Charlie agreed with prosecution that Brooks’ arrest was “one of the most telegraphed in history”
Saunders explains Charlie went back to Jubilee Barn to “collect shoes” for Rebekah, and then called her mother.
Saunders says the “shoe collection” moment was in Charlie’s original witness statement.
Saunders says that the prosecution “theory” the breakfast at Enstone was a fake is not “relevant”
Saunders says that Edis did not ask many questions of Charlie’s return to Jubilee Barn: but suggested Hanna removed devices.
Saunders says this is “desperation” in the prosecution: why didn’t Charlie just remove the devices and take back to Enstone?
Saunders talks about Edis “theatrical gesture” about Charlie throwing car keys to Hanna: mocking the idea it was a last minute decision
Saunders says last minute nature of that decision is proven by News International having to arrange insurance for Hanna and Charlie’s car
Charlie’s evidence is that he wanted to preserve his new novel Switch from a police search.
Saunders goes throught the text messages around Brooks’ arrests: Charlie texts James Murdoch, then JRM calls back around noon
“it’s that moment that Charlie Brooks removes his stuff” says Saunders describing Charlie’s “Jacqui Smith” moment to remove “smut”
“It’s not suggested Mr McBride was party to this” says Saunders of Charlie’s removal of devices and docs: “but why have him there at all”
Saunders goes through the evidence of William Geddes, a security operative, and the Blackhawk security detail
Saunders talks about Hanna’s return with Charlie’s Brown suitcase, he was surprised: he then asked Hanna to look after Jiffy Bag with porn
Saunders asks why, if a coverup, they’d take Charlie’s Bags to News International “where there was an obvious police presence”
Saunders says Charlie’s computers were not opened at Thomas More Square and so had not been “filtered”
Saunders asks why they would take devices back to NI to be filtered. 15 minute break.
Back with Neil Saunders for Charlie Brooks, giving his closing address to the #hackingtrial jury
Saunders asks how many chances the Brooks’ had to destroy property before the 17th July 2011.
Saunders says the police searched the Brooks’ flat in London for two hours, but not Charlie or his car: left with “arm loads of material”
To prosecution claim that Oxfordshire property had been emptied of devices, Saunders says it was an occasional weekend property.
BREAKING: Saunders talks about police officer leaving bag behind during police search 17/07/11: one of “two forgetful bag” episodes that day
Saunders talks about an “epiphany” by a police officer over a Lesbian DVD seen at the Brooks’ flat.
Saunders then goes through retired police officer’s evidence: it wasn’t a porn DVD, but she heard a pornographic magazine mentioned.
Saunders says he doesn’t accuse officers of perverting the course of justice, but if defendants Edis would be ridiculing them as Porngate
Saunders talks about the Pizzagate allegation that “I have a plan” text from Hanna: it had to change when real Pizza time revealed
Saunders goes back over Pizza delivery evidence and returning Charlie’s bags in bin bags.
“All is lost in translation, all is Chinese Whispers” says Saunders of Jorsling’s return of Charlie’s bags to Thames Quay.
“Mr Brooks was prepared to accept he may be wrong” says Saunders about his client’s explanation for the black bag.
He says divergences in evidence are because both Hanna and Charlie “have been doing their best” to recall what happened.
“It’s not Charlie Brooks‘ fault” says Saunders that other people involved it the transfer of these bags are not part of this trial.
Two Golf cars are part of this movement of bags on the night of Rebekah Brooks‘ arrest.
Fingerprint evidence suggest, says Saunders, that outer as well as inner bin bags that covered Charlie’s Bags came from News International
Brief break for jury: Justice Saunders asks Neil Saunders some question
Justice Saunders explains to the jury he was confused whether this is the moment the black bag was returned: it’s not. He goes back to car
Neil Saunders says the point was that Charlie could not be ‘orchestrating’ things because of the timing of the call.
“If it wasn’t conversation about the bins, what could the conversation be?” ask Saunders of Charlie’s conversation with security operative
This is all about return of Charlie’s Bags wrapped in two bin bags: the pizza is handed over to Chris Palmer, but the bin bags left behind.
Saunders addresses the question why Charlie didn’t ask his friend Chris Palmer where his bags were.
Saunders says, in his “drunken state” Charlie was distracted by Sky News and didn’t ask about his bags.
“It is clear from the CCTV that Charlie is not falling over drunk” when his wife returns from police station: but he doesn’t recover bags
Saunders asks why, if part of a criminal plan, Charlie and Rebekah Brooks didn’t recover Charlie’s bags then.
Saunders asks why Brooks’ driver didn’t recover the bags with “non criminal items” that morning. Instead a cleaner found them.
Neil Saunders asks how the cleaner knew the computer was broken. Nascimento also said if he’d seen the porn he might have got it
Saunders explains that Rebekah Brooks was exhausted, between arrest and DCMS committee, and wouldn’t wanted to have known about bags
Neil Saunders now reprises the evidence of the Brooks’ return to the underground car park after Charlie’s bags had been removed by cleaner
Saunders is now reprising the sequence of events when a cleaning supervisor called the police after recovering Charlie’s Bags.
“Can you imagine the prosecution theory if a deliberate lie like that had been told by Mr Brooks?” says Saunders of conflicting evidence
“Thank God the police were called” says Saunders of the recovered devices, or the police would be “theorising” about contents
Saunders says his client Charlie Brooks thought he would “lose his book deal and not get another” if he lost Harper Collins manuscript
Saunders says he approached the police “because I wanted to put right the really stupid mistake I’d made”
Saunders says the police should have “reconsidered” their decision to prosecute once they inspected all the computers.
Ten minute break
Neil Saunders is now onto the Guardian leaks about the underground car park moment: Charlie’s fears of publicity had “come to fruition”
Neil Saunders says that Charlie’s account relayed in Telegraph soon after made an innocent mistake about who dropped off the bags.
Neill Saunders goes through the Guardian leaks: he says Edis had to withdraw suggestion Charlie had only recently mentioned leaks as factor
Lawyers representing Charlie Brooks wrote to the police about concern about leaks in 2012.
Neil Saunders now goes through the removal of some archive items from NI – it was taken to Oxfordshire, but then returned to NI
Saunders says that “there was always an element of security” around Rebekah Brooks because her anti-racist and anti-paedophile campaigns
Security increased around Milly Dowler with death threats: a “double edged sword” because the Brooks’ could not trust them
Saunders recalls the pie moment with Rupert Murdoch at the DCSM committee and how he was “defended by his diminutive wife”
Saunders says security show “no loyalty” towards the Brooks, and “even relished their discomfort”: he cites laughter at Brooks’ sacking
Saunders cites Edis on Brooks and Coulson on Count 1, that “getting on” is important for conspiracy: somehow not relevant on Count 7 he says
Saunders says that Charlie removing his property from his flat “is not a criminal offence”
Saunders says the “chicken in the pot” text from security text would be “plucked and filleted the chicken” if elements removed.
“If they were involved in a carefully constructed criminal exercise, surely they wouldn’t have sent texts in that way” says Saunders
Saunders now goes through the evidence and usage of Charlie’s laptops – refers to two novels, Citizen and Switch
“Writing a book is not just about writing a book” said Charlie of his Harper Collins novel. He was concerned it might be dumped
“Marketing of Switch was non existent” said Charlie: he really thought Harper Collins wanted to get rid of him and it after hacking scndal
Saunders is now going through the evidence that Charlie’s laptop could have been used by R Brooks: more likely docs sent to him from her
One of documents “Labour’s Lost It’ Sun editorial, found on machine “may explain some of the hatred felt to her in parliament” says Saunders
Saunders says a user account named Rebekah on this computer is no more significant than a “photo of her on a screensaver”
Missing devices
Neil Saunders says the “screen shot” of Jubilee Barn Router showing missing devices has been a “complete red herring”
Saunders says the prosecution could have “traced all the devices” through Apple computers.
Saunders says you can’t trust the screen shot of the Jubilee Barn computer because it “inexplicably” didn’t log onto the router.
Evidence is the Sony laptop was only used by Charlie: police officer says she was asked to check if it was Charlie’s or not
Saunders says the police officers tasking to check Sony Laptop suggests the police did not have an open mind.
The number of Rebekah Brooks emails – 521 lines – was actually only because Charlie was either sent them or cc’ed
Police officer admitted she might had been “erroneous” in assuming Rebekah Brooks sent emails from Sony Vaio.
CORRECTION: Saunders was talking about the Apple Computer in previous tweets, not the Sony Vaio: very old and unused since 2007
Saunders reprises evidence of the “novel ideas” contained on Sony Vaio: a modern Mrs Beeton and the offside rule: Bill Bryson for horses
Saunders addresses prosecution point he would “risk so much for little” over the Sony Vaio: there was some ‘smut’ on that too.
“Knowing what was on the machines” asks Saunders, why would Rebekah Brooks put herself in such jeopardy by concealing them
17/07/11 Charlie requests user names and backups from News International IT for the police.
“Are these the requests of a conspirator or a man trying to prove his innocence” says Saunders of Charlie passing on passwords to police
Saunders now goes through the moment after Charlie spoke to James Murdoch: he left Hewlett Packard in the flat with love letter on it.
“Why on earth would she not remove this one” asks Saunders of the ‘loveletter’ Hewlett Packard recovered from cupboard at Thames Quay
Saunders reprises the prosecution allegation over computers “the low risk stuff goes back” he asks why no cross examination over HP computer
“Why did you not take out the hewlett packard?” Charlie was asked. “It wasn’t mine to take out” he replied: not behaviour of conspirator
Saunders goes to the March 2012 search of Brooks’ house 9 months later. Charlie says he was “ashamed… furious…. mortified…. horrified”
“I’m furious at myself” said Charlie of his arrest, feeling he’d given people “ammunition to smear” his wife.
Saunders goes through Charlie’s no comment police interview, and allegation that he’d “tailored his evidence later to suit his case”
Saunders says Charlie was upset at this dawn raid with a young baby “it felt gratuitious”: police “aggressive” to 82 year old mother.
“On autopilot and in a state of shock” said Charlie of giving a no comment interview: it was a “pragmatic decision” to take legal advice
Saunders addresses allegation Charlie was “changing his account” and “keeping his powder dry”
Saunders concludes with character statements: “unjudgemental but often ill judged”: a devoted husband and son
Saunders concludes Charlie Brooks case at #hackingtrial : he “is a man capable of drinking a bottle of fairly liquid, but not this crime”
Break till 2pm and last closing defence speech at #hackingtrial – William Clegg QC for Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna Closing Statement
William Clegg QC presents the Closing Statement for Mark Hanna
Back at #hackingtrial with William Clegg QC, on this feet for his client Mark Hanna, head of security for News UK (currently suspended)
Clegg’s will be the final speech before Justice Saunders begins his summing up at the #hackingtrial
Of his upgrading to the front desk Clegg says “I feel a chap who travelled to Sydney…. only to be upgraded on a short flight to Melbourne”
“You will be making one of the most important decisions in the life of Mark Hanna when you retired to make your verdict” says Clegg
“There were no arch bishops and lords of the realm speaking for him” says Clegg of Hanna: “the only time he saw Tony Blair was on TV”
Clegg says Hanna is on the “less glamorous” end of the indictment: he’s not a man of great success, but “middle management”
“While they’re dining in style” says Clegg of Hanna in regard to the Brooks “he’s walking the perimeter of Enstone Manor”
“He was genuinely middle management” says Clegg putting Hanna in the pecking order at News International: “this was the best job he’d had”
Hanna’s Background
Clegg points out Hanna was in the army for 13 years, did well “but not a meteoric rise through the ranks” he retired as Lance Sergeant.
Clegg points out Hanna had to deal with loss of petty cash, fire alarms, reading nuisance letters “no exactly the work of a proper executive
Clegg says Edis tried to “promote Mr Hanna up the corporate ladder” because it “hinges on what Charlie Brooks said to him”
Legal Directions
“You must find Mark Hanna not guilty if you find Charlie Brooks not guilty… but the reverse does not apply” says Clegg of legal directions
Clegg says promotion of Hanna is because prosecution case is that C Brooks “must have told Mark Hanna about the plan” to destroy evidence
“Unless Charlie Brooks tells Mark Hanna of the crime…. there is no way Mark Hanna can possibly be guilty” says Clegg “has to know & agree”
“Not someone he sees at the racecourse” says Clegg of Charlie trusting Hanna: “what a risk… why tell him?”
“He might tell the police. He might just say no and gossip about it afterwards” says Clegg of Hanna: “it’s not just about hiding porn”
“Did they trust him enough to tell him they were going to pervert the course of justice” says Clegg “wouldn’t even tell him going to police”
Clegg: “No one is suggesting he’s being paid for helping. When and how he was recruited has evaded the overactive imagination of Mr Edis.”
To laughter Clegg goes through editions of the Racing Post and Gin and Tonics: “on Sunday panic… got to get rid of incriminating material”
To more laughter, Clegg asks if Charlie Brooks is “the Moriaty of the Chipping Norton set” he didn’t dispose of items before the Sunday
The Prosecution Case against Hanna
Clegg says that Jubilee Barn is the only location Hanna can have removed “extra material” from: some things destroyed prosecution say
“The evidence doesn’t quite stack up” says Clegg noticing how the prosecution case changed “as the evidence unfolded”
“A case that changes significantly as a trial progresses, is not based on sound evidence” says Clegg of prosecution arguments.
Clegg summarises the opening case against Hanna “they went to strip out the Barn…. there was nothing there so they must be guilty”
Clegg reminds the jury of appearance of Mr Cutts – the cell site expert: “My cross examination was not some clever dick defence trick”
“It was a simple exercise in establishing the truth” says Clegg of cell site expert whose evidence “was utterly wrong and misleading”
Clegg goes to the alteration of prosecution case rather than “stripped” the barn, they “nipped in” to collect items gathered by C Brooks.
Clegg talks of Edis’ “most remarkable sentence…. we cannot say they entered Jubilee Barn… maybe Mr Brooks collected some material”
Clegg quotes Margaret Thatcher’s “This Lady’s not for turning. That’s not a phrase Mr Edis could use… turning, if not spinning” he says
“You may thinks it’s disgraceful” says Clegg of Cutts evidence threatening the freedom of a citizen
“Mum’s evidence… don’t forget her” says Clegg: “her evidence Hanna never entered the barn was never challenged” by the crown, he says
Deborah Weir’s evidence was that there was a lawyer waiting for her at Jubilee Barn, she can’t remember Hanna leaving the car.
“Not rehearsed, not coached” says Clegg of ‘mum’: and the prosecution case “collapses completely”
Clegg talks of the “rather desperate attack on Mum” by Edis over the “bacon sandwich” evidence at Enstone Manor on Monday.
“Our case hinges on Jubilee Barn” says Clegg, prosecution case collapses if they “nail their colours” to this: the evidence has failed
Short break for 10 minutes.
The Events of July 2011
Back with William Clegg QC – last hour of closing counsel speeches at the #hackingtrial
Clegg is now onto the journey from Enstone to Wapping “some cunning plan agreed beforehand” he says summing up prosecution case.
Edis had said it wasn’t a “spontaneous” and the Wapping trip was “a strange thing to do”
Clegg says that there was no insurance for Hanna until the Sunday for Charlie’s car “if a cunning plan, why no insurance”
“It must be the only time in this building anyone has used a Clio as a getaway vehicle” says Clegg of cars used in moving Charlies’ bags
“If Jane Viner hadn’t cancelled Mark Hanna’s holiday he wouldn’t be here today” says Clegg: “how does that fit in with this plan?”
Clegg goes through the journey from Oxon, to Bedfordshire, then to Wapping “to collect the Clio… Hanna never left the car park”
“It’s fortunate you can see on CCTV” says Clegg of Chelsea Harbour “you can see everything that Hanna did there”
Clegg says you can see Hanna only removes “the same property you can see the next day” – in which case, “not guilty as a matter of law”
Clegg says the removal of Charlie’s brown bag (or indeed the Black Bag) there’s nothing relevant to Brooks recovered, so not criminal
Clegg says the prosecution has changed their case over Hanna’s movements in London on 17/07/11: initially a short time at Wapping
“Having heard evidence of own witness Jagger, and evidence from Clio” says Clegg of prosecution a “new case invented against Mark Hanna”
“First he’s dropping everything off… he’s collecting something. Everything Hanna does is guilty. Is this a fair case” Clegg asks jury
“The evidence now does conclusively prove he does take it to TMS. The last thing a guilty person would do. Police in and out like yoyos”
“If there is anything dishonest going on, he had ample opportunity to hide it, take it home, sling it in the Thames” says Clegg of Hanna.
Clegg emulates Edis’ response if Hanna hadn’t gone to TMS: “You didn’t take it to Wapping… because that would expose your wicked crime.”
Clegg has only one bit of visual evidence to show the jury again “the photographs of the bags”: doublebags taken on “two separate occasions”
The black bag is added to brown bag, and Jiffy bag and laptop at TMS says Clegg: the bag returned to Chelsea is “much bigger”
“The mystery of the black bag… is supported entirely by fingerprints” which show no fingerprints of Hanna on outer bag including black bag
Marva Ingram’s prints are on the only two black bin bags Mark Hanna’s prints our found on: consistent with her holding them open for him
The third bag with security operatives prints on also have Marva Ingrams prints on: Clegg goes back to Edis’ closing speech ‘experiment’
“He produced like a rabbit from a hat a roll of bin liners” says Clegg of Edis closing speech: “I’m going to tell you to ignore that”
“I will not conduct an experiment in court” says Clegg of the bin bag moment: “I am sadly unable… to cross examine Mr Edis”
“Perhaps Mr Edis wasn’t going to risk it again” suggest Clegg of recalling Marva Ingram “a palpably honest witness”
Ingram had said she “never worked Sundays… not a promising start for me” Clegg reminds the jury.
“No witness who had been told what to say, who had been coached, would have said that” says Clegg of Marva Ingram’s evidence.
“There’s no evidence Mr Hanna had possession of the black bag” says Clegg: “Charlie Brooks admitted he probably got that wrong”
Clegg goes to the “I have a plan” text from Hanna – originally supposed by prosecution to be an order for Pizza’s to cover up return of bags
Clegg complains that the prosecution never got “off their behinds” to check the evidence of Pizza Hut (not Express as Clegg says in error)
Clegg says “the Pizza was ordered before the text message ever sent…. a little bit of effort would have established the truth”
“It’s another about turn…. you can see why I mentioned spinning” says Clegg of change of prosecution case over Pizza delivery plan.
“Everyone agrees that what came back was not incriminating… all related solely to Charlie” says Clegg “not panic about anything criminal”
The Fire Pit Evidence
Clegg talks of the fire pit evidence of Hernandez, who claimed he talked with Hanna on the night the NOTW printing last edition.
Clegg says Hernandez got everything wrong in terms of Hanna being a “back up driver” for Brooks, digging a hole to burn stuff
Clegg explains “huge wash of abusive messages sent to Brooks and the Murdochs” is there in their evidence: Hanna could have said he burnt
“Quite why Mark Hanna… should confess the commission of a criminal offence to Hernandez is unexplained” says Clegg.
“We would invite you to conclude, people have put two and two together and made five” says Clegg over Hernandez evidence.
“Final hurdle” says Clegg over Hanna’s “silence in final interview” allegations he “made up a defence he hadn’t thought of”
Clegg says it’s ironic the prosecution accuse Hanna of making up stories to suit changing evidence, when they’ve done that themselves.
Clegg asks the jury to look at “Hanna’s defence case statement…. remained the same throughout… in contrast with case he’d have to meet”
Clegg says NI provided Hanna with a lawyer, and he took the lawyer’s advice over no comment interview: “you must decide if criticism fair”
Clegg. “If you wife, or children were in trouble, and their employers sent along some ritzy lawyer, would you criticise for taking advice”
Twelve Points that Prove Innocence
Clegg gives his ‘Hanna Dozen’ headlines proving innocence.
1. Never went in Barn. 2. No necessity Charlie to tell him 3. Hanna not told of Sunday plans. 4. No plan to drive Range Rover 5. Clio
6. Nothing unloaded at house 7. Hernandez a desperate red herring 8. Never had the black bag 9. Only took property from charlie
10. TMS last place to take property if guilty 11. Never sent buy a pizza text 12. Hanna not the man who would do this – look at characer
“What Mark Hanna did was to help C Brooks hide property from Chelsea… he must be found not guilty” says Clegg.
Clegg says “additional property” must have come from somewhere. “He is a man who has been caught in a dreadful sensational case”
“What sort of man is he?” asks Clegg citing Jane Viner. “Hard working, conscientous, fair, honest, trustworthy, commendations from police”
“An all round lovely man” says character witness for Hanna. Clegg thanks jury for the “care I know you will give his case”
Jury out till 10 a.m. – when Justice Saunders starts his summing up

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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