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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Rebekah Brooks Closing Statement continues
Closing Statement continues on Count 1 with the evidence of Eimear Cook
Closing Statement on Count 5
Closing Statement on Counts 6 and 7
Closing Statement on Count 7
Allegation of Corporate Cover Up
Email Deletion Policy
Rebekah Brooks Defence concludes its Closing Statement

Rebekah Brooks Closing Statement continues
Closing Statement continues on Count 1 with the evidence of Eimear Cook
NOTE: Special Guest Tweeter today is James Doleman. Tweets are tagged.
PJ: At the #hackingtrial Jonathan Laidlaw QC is back on his feet with his closing speech for his client Rebekah Brooks
PJ: Laidlaw turns to Eimear Cook “she must have been considered an important witness for the prosecution”
PJ: “Here was someone at last who could provide knowledge of Mrs Brooks’ knowledge of hacking” says Laidlaw of Cook.
PJ: “There are people prepared to go to the police and make up allegations” says Laidlaw of Cook.
PJ: Laidlaw says of Cook “she was a liar and the police and prosecution should have known that before she was called as a witness”
PJ: Laidlaw recapitulates Cooks evidence that Brooks “light-heartedly spoke of her arrest… but it did not take place until some months after”
PJ: Laidlaw quotes Edis on Cook that the Ross Kemp anecdote couldn’t have happened “she got that wrong”
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis was in a “state of denial” about Eimear Cook.
PJ: “On Mrs Cook’s own account she’s only had one conversation with Mrs Brooks” says Laidlaw
PJ: “There is simply no possibility Mrs Cook has got it wrong – she was lying…. it was pure fabrication” says Laidlaw.
PJ: “How is it that the prosecution came to call this evidence to you?” asks Laidlaw of Eimear Cook. He calls up her original witness statement
JD: Laidlaw on Eimar Cook “she was a liar, the police and prosecution should have known that before she was called as a witness” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says the police knew the date of this lunch September 2005, and they knew the assault was in November.
JD: Laidlaw on Eimar Cook’s testimony “”It was not just a lie but a lie cynically told.” #hackingtrial
PJ: “Why did they call this witness when they knew it was a lie… cynically told” says Laidlaw “a laughing chatting Mrs Brooks”
PJ: “You cannot believe a word she said about Mrs Brooks and phone hacking” says Laidlaw of Cook.
PJ: Laidlaw says Cook also lied about courting publicity.
PJ: Laidlaw says the “police already had reason to doubt what Cook said about phone hacking” and he cites the Manoukians say no conversation.
JD: Cook testified Brooks joked about arrest for assault on Ross Kemp, which did not happen until a month after the lunch date #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw then turns to the Annette Witheridge account of the Macca Ring story (McCartney argument with Mills)
PJ: Laidlaw says the police didn’t interview or call Annette Witheridge, who appeared as a defence witness.
PJ: Laidlaw asks the jury if Witheridge would have travelled all the way to London “to tell them lies”?
PJ: “That story didn’t come from phone hacking” says Laidlaw of Macca Ring story. Mulcaire tasked a year before that story, and month after
PJ: “It doesn’t come from phone hacking, the Macca story” says Laidlaw, complaining without defence police could have called “a lying witness”
PJ: “It is deeply deeply worrying” says Laidlaw of prosecution calling Eimear Cook.
PJ: Laidlaw says Cooks’ motives “probably don’t matter” but turns to her civil claim against NI for aggravated damages for phone hacking.
PJ: Laidlaw suggests Cook had a personal grudge against Brooks, having opened up to her with information about her marriage to Montgomerie
PJ: Laldlaw suggests that Brooks reaction to Cook “I cannot help you… unless you open up” about the marriage could have caused the grudge
PJ: “The prosecution feel desperate enough on Count One for Rebekah Brooks to field a witness like that” says Laidlaw of Cook
JD: Laidlaw on Cook “the fact is the prosecution were desperate enough to call a witness like that” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw turns away from chasing “thin air” on Count One to an email.
PJ: Laidlaw says this email wasn’t produced by the prosecution, though it came from them. It’s dated April 2001 and addressed to Greg Miskiw
JD: Laidlaw: prosecution “chasing thin air” #hackingtrial
PJ: “We have to learn lessons from Sophie [Wessex]… to be so careful about what we do… and make sure everything inside the law” Brooks wrote
PJ: Laidlaw says this email is inconsistent with Brooks sanctioning phone hacking
PJ: “Whatever phone hacking occurred at NOTW, Mrs Brooks knew nothing. Edis… has tried to twist those words” says Laidlaw
PJ: “Edis is thinking a little bit too much like a lawyer and not like a human being” says Laidlaw: “so busy picking apart words of this email”
PJ: Laidlaw says phone hacking only happened one and that was when Brooks was away from the office.
PJ: Laidlaw: “Mrs Brooks… expected high standards from investigations and news room. She cannot be guilty of hacking of Milly Dowler‘s phone
JD: Laidlaw: lead prosecutor Andrew Edis “is thinking a little bit too much like a lawyer and not like a human being.” #hackingtrial
PJ: “I invite you to acquit Mrs Brooks on Count One… the evidence cries out for you to do” says Laidlaw to jury closing on first charge
Closing Statement on Count 5
PJ: Laidlaw now turns to Count 5 – knowingly paying money to an MOD official during her time at the Sun
PJ: Laidlaw says Count 5 has been brought to the jury on a “false basis”
JD: Defence: not guilty is “the right verdict and the verdict that Mrs Brooks deserves.” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw turns to Edis’ opening “some stories were about things coming to the public domain anyway…. no reason for…. leaking”
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis “couldn’t have been more wrong… misleading you badly” about stories coming out anyway: the majority weren’t.
JD: Laidlaw “Mr Edis could not have been more wrong, he was, no doubt unintentionally, misleading you” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw takes on Edis’ suggestion paying Jordan Barber “harmed the public good” especially on death or injury of soldiers.
PJ: Laidlaw claims that Edis says Jordan Barber show gross “abuse of public trust” by revealing “war dead” before announced publicly
PJ: “The Sun did not publish stories insensitive to timing” say Laidlaw, claiming that Edis misled the jury.
JD: Defence challenges prosecution’s argument that news of military casualties published by the Sun before families informed. #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw talks about the 09/12/13 evidence of a military official who spoke of two stories of military dead published “prematurely”
PJ: Brigadier Donnelly’s evidence “never really rang true if you knew the context” says Laidlaw – there would have been a complaint to Sun
JD: “If Sun published news of casualties before families informed the Ministry of defence would have been down the Sun’s throat.” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says Brigadier’s Donelly’s evidence was “false” on the death of Major Roberts and a Corporal
JD: Laidlaw calls testimony of brigadier John Donnelly on military casualties “false” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw goes to the death of Major Roberts on 04/10/07: normally a few hours grace for the family before fatality notice on the 05/10/07
PJ: The Sun did not publish anything until 06/10/07, says Laidlaw according to material available both to MOD and the prosecution.
PJ: Laidlaw says Donelly made the claim the Sun had gone too early on basis of what police showed him: Laidlaw: “Just how bad can things get”
PJ: “It wasn’t his fault, but his evidence was wrong, and could have misled you” says Laidlaw of Brigadier Donelly on death of Major Roberts.
PJ: Laidlaw talks to the death of paratrooper Corporal Budd being posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.
JD: Laidlaw “that was a brigadier, no doubt a brave soldier in action, a witness you as a jury should be entitled to trust,” #hackingtrial
PJ: A reinvestigation suggested Budd had been killed by friendly fire. Brigadier Donnelly complained about Sun coverage before briefing of wife
PJ: Laidlaw says the Sun published after the private briefing to the family of Corporal Budd.
PJ: “Doubtless the Brigadier’s evidence of Corporal Budd… would not have been given to you had he seen the evidence” says Laidlaw
JD: Story that corporal Budd,was killed by Nato issue bullets was not published by the Sun until after the family had been briefed #hackingtrial
PJ: “You are the ultimate arbiters of the facts of this case” says Laidlaw to jury: “Can it be right that public scrutiny not directed to MOD?”
PJ: Laidlaw says “how can the public have any trust in the integrity” of the MOD ‘if it all happens without public knowing what’s going on?”
PJ: “Is it not that kind of secrecy which undermines the public trust in the military?” says Laidlaw.
JD: “Should the MOD be allowed to investigate these issues behind closed doors” Laidlaw asked #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says the jury has to decide whether Jordan Barber actually did commit misconduct, and a “serious breach” in public trust.
PJ: Laidlaw reiterates Edis was “misleading” the jury over the idea MOD “stories were going to come out anyway”
BREAKING: Laidlaw says the MOD “protect the government of the day, and put a lid on bad news” in defence of Brooks misconduct charge
PJ: “With the exception of death of service personnel,” says Laidlaw of MOD “there was no intention any of these stories should come out”
PJ: Laidlaw says there’s no openness about courts martial in the army.
PJ: Laidlaw says the army’s “openness” only came after a Guardian article. But that it an “inclination to put a lid on bad news”
PJ: Laidlaw goes back to a witness Mrs Vern, and the standing orders of governing Jordan Barber “leaks of official information”
PJ: “You may like to ask yourselves whether the MOD’s approach… to protect information that might embarrass the govt… serves public good?”
PJ: Laidlaw talks about how “pervasive” Army secrecy is, and its affect on the “grass roots”
PJ: Laidlaw cites a story leaked to Sun about a recruit being injured by army sergeant during drill with a baton.
PJ: Laidlaw says neither the recruit or the others present complained: he then collapsed into a coma. A ‘defensive briefing’ said he’d tripped
JD: Laidlaw “what the army tells the world about itself is strictly controlled to avoid political embarrassment” #hackingtrial
PJ: “It was not until 3 days after the incident that a fellow instructor spoke out about what the drill sergeant had done” says Laidlaw
PJ: Laidlaw points out the death of four recruits at Deepcut barracks had only just been published.
JD: Laidlaw brings into evidence Sun story about army recruit being injured by drill Sgt, says MOD tried to cover it up #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw repeats Edis statement “we’re not talking about a whistleblower…”
PJ: “Not anything of any real significance” said Edis of Jordan Barber stories. Laidlaw asks if this is fair reflection of Jordan Barber stories
PJ: “Some of the stories would have had you shaking your head in disbelief” says Laidlaw of Jordan Barber sourced stories.
PJ: Laidlaw goes through various stories – a live grenade being thrown, a recruit secretly giving birth in army barracks.
PJ: Laidlaw says “you may think it’s something of a simplification to think if money changes hands… black and white… everyone’s guilty”
PJ: Laidlaw says Jordan Barber was taking a risk which is usually compensated by money.
PJ: Laidlaw asks if payment if the only factor in misconduct, why did the prosecution “falsely” say there was no public interest in MOD stories.
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis did not repeat the “false” suggestion Sun stories caused “pain to grieving stories” – he just “threw a bit of mud”
JD: Laidlaw calls prosecutor’s closing argument “misleading” and “false” “he just threw a bit of mud at Mrs Brooks and the Sun” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says emphasis on public interest of these stories entitle Brooks “to a verdict of not guilty because she had no committed a crime”
PJ: Laidlaw turns to Edis “quip” on defence documents: he “wanted to ridicule the Sun”
JD: Laidlaw accused prosecution of “ridiculing the Sun” in their closing argument, says it was the “squaddies paper” #hackingtrial
PJ: “There is a rich irony” says Laidlaw of Edis quip because “the Sun was the squaddies paper”
PJ: Laidlaw says the Sun “ethos” under Brooks’ editorship was “devoted to the army forces” and the good of the soldiers.
JD: Brooks not above law says Laidlaw but is “entitled to a verdict of not guilty because she has not committed a crime” #hackingtrial
PJ: “What Bettina Jordan Barber gave to [Sun Journalist] did matter” says Laidlaw asking jury to consider whether it was “abuse of trust”
PJ: 15 minute break
PJ: Laidlaw continues with his closing defence speech for Brooks – now onto Count 5 – and the 29 stories published in the Sun
PJ: “Those emails do not provide evidence… to be sure Mrs Brooks knew” says Laidlaw of payment authorisation for Jordan Barber
PJ: Laidlaw paints a distinction between Count 5 and Counts 2 and 3 – where a Royal Officer is named by Goodman.
JD: Laidlaw There is no direct evidence that Mrs Brooks was ever told who the source was or that she was a public official” #hackingtrial
PJ: “Mr Edis seeks to convince you those 11 emails prove Mrs Brooks… knew Bettina Jordan Barber was a public official” says Laidlaw.
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis’ exercise was “artificial” by putting all 11 emails “side by side” to convince jury Jordan Barber was public official.
PJ: ‘Even if you were to line all the 11 emails side by side, Mrs Brooks could think of other possible sources” says Laidlaw
JD: Laidlaw calls prosecution case “entirely artificial” #hackingtrial
PJ: “It was possible….. another journalist” was source for the stories says Laidlaw: “a military contact doesn’t mean someone inside military”
PJ: Laidlaw talks of another journalist being a paid source of this Sun journalist.
PJ: Laidlaw adduces a Sun email to Brooks from the 24/11 “second is my very good prison contact”: he tells the jury to note admission 256
PJ: 256 is ‘to this effect that the MSC… have confirmed this payment was to a journalist… by BACs transfer” says Laidlaw.
PJ: Laidlaw talks about the Sun journalist wanting to “keep quiet” source was journalist because it would “dent his reputation”
PJ: Laidlaw points out that Brooks said the source could have been “an ex military source” and reminds jury of Edis’ picture of “bath chair”
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis image “not helpful” – many military people retire when young, and could become an “ace military contact”
JD: Mrs Brooks “an expert in the field of journalism” defence barrister tells jury #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says these possibilities “cannot be rejected out of hand… but did not occur to Mrs Brooks at the time she received these emails”
PJ: “These were thoughts which occurred to her only in retrospect” says Laidlaw of Brooks.
PJ: Laidlaw says Brooks did not conduct this “artificial exercise” because of the “passage of time” – first email 28/11/06 last 04/08/09
PJ: That is a “period of 32 months… you cannot concertina those emails together…. that is artificial, to do that unfair” says Laidlaw
PJ: Laidlaw says once she received an email she could well have forgotten the previous one.
PJ: “How much more transient would be the memory of an editor… when the impact of stories last for one day” says Laidlaw.
PJ: Laidlaw cites the 8000 emails found on Brooks’ Blackberry to highlight the volume of emails she received.
PJ: “In between each of those emails” Laidlaw shows a calendar of time between each of the 11 emails, and just military articles in Sun
PJ: Laidlaw shows the jury the thumbnail images of Sun frontpages to “show volume of water that passed under the bridge” between emails.
JD: Brooks received 8000 emails in six weeks defence say #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw points out that final stories in Sun had official comment and “original tipster” might well have been forgotten.
PJ: Laidlaw addresses the “speed” of Brooks’ response to requests for payment: Edis said it meant she knew who she was paying.
PJ: Brooks evidence was that “she did not not even think about it” says Laidlaw: “but not because she didn’t care is already knew”
PJ: Laidlaw says the Sun journalist was the most trusted on the paper, and highly regarded in Fleet Street “for all time”
PJ: Brooks says the Sun journalist never raised the issue of public interest with her, repeats Laidlaw
PJ: “Mrs Brooks would not be reading between the lines… looking for coded clues” says Laidlaw: “she was not policing” the Sun journalist
JD: Brooks “did not even consider” military source was a public official” as journalist involved “one of the best on Fleet St” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says Brooks did not regard payments by Thomas Cook any indication “anything was amiss or wrong”
PJ: Laidlaw points out that other sources rather than Jordan Barber were paid for several of these stories.
JD: Brooks “not policing this man, not because she didn’t care but because she trusted this exceptional reporter.” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says “these 11 eleven emails do not prove Mrs Brooks knew… to a public official” because she wouldn’t be “alive to possibility”
PJ: Laidlaw deals with a ‘handful’ of other emails cited by the prosecution: “indicate Mrs Brooks didn’t care about payments to public officials
PJ: Laidlaw says these emails show “no such thing”
PJ: The emails speak quite openly about MI5 officers, serving soldiers, police officers and detective: they also suggest source might be paid
PJ: “This shows you Brooks staff at Sun were not coy about telling her” about public officials: so other Sun journalist more like to tell her
PJ: Laidlaw talks of George Michael tipster and MI5 man emails – no “clear sign” of payment to public officials.
PJ: “The Mayor of Tetbury’s wife swapping story a good example” says Laidlaw “a police office could never have got that through official duties”
PJ: “The really important of those other emails is that none of them are reflected in an actual charge on that indictment” says Laidlaw.
PJ: “The journalists will not face charges” over these points out Laidlaw over Mike Sullivan and John Coles emails
PJ: Laidlaw also points out there’s no sign of Brooks replying to these emails. The only one is about Prince William Bikini picture.
PJ: That count has now been dropped because the picture was taken at a fancy dress James Bond party “attended by many people”
JD: Defence reminds jury about count 4, since dropped, that Brooks paid £4k for pic of Prince William in a bikini #hackingtrial
PJ: “This picture has absolutely nothing to do with military secret…. and Mrs Brooks is entirely justified in treating it the way she did”
PJ: “It just so happened he was famous, he was a Royal, so picture was of value to the paper” says Laidlaw of Prince William Bikini photo.
PJ: “It’s the 11 emails themselves which we ask you to consider… in the context of the real circumstances” says Laidlaw of Count Five.
PJ: Laidlaw asks the jury to remember to Brooks’ “mindset… she did not read these emails as a detective”: he then ends Count Five speech.
PJ: Laidlaw addresses the issue of cross admissibility of Counts One and Five: “it’s up to you”
PJ: Laidlaw points out Edis case that Counts 1 and 5 show “unlawful” ways of gaining stories: and maybe they should consider Count 5 first.
PJ: Laidlaw asks the jury not to follow “that line of reasoning”
PJ: Laidlaw reminds the jury Brooks had openly admitted paying a public official – once to MI5 over an “anthrax warning”
JD: Brooks admits paying a member of MI5 over a story that Saddam Hussain “smuggling anthrax into UK in duty free perfume” #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw says that Brooks “acting in the public interest” over anthrax cannot be likened “to hacking people’s phones for tittle tattle”
PJ: Justice Saunders intervenes and corrects Laidlaw: it was a marine who was paid for Anthrax story, not an MI5 officer.
JD: Judge corrects Laidlaw, it was a Royal Marine who was paid for Anthrax story not a MI5 officer #hackingtrial
PJ: Laidlaw turns to Edis claim that Brooks was an editor “who thought she was beyond the law”: suggesting a “predisposition”
BREAKING: Laidlaw’s defence: “Mrs Brooks is not beyond the law… but there has been a tension between investigative journalism and the law”
PJ: “Committing some form of crime is for the public good” says Laidlaw citing example of journalists taking guns airside to test security
PJ: Going under cover to purchase drugs to expose a serious public concern, Laidlaw also cites as a public interest crime.
PJ: Laidlaw talks of CPS public interest considerations in journalism.
PJ: Laidlaw says its “inappropriate…. verging on the unfair” to use Brooks’ admission of breaking law for public interest against her.
JD: Laidlaw “there has always been a tension between investigative journalism and the law” #hackingtrial
PJ: “It comes down to two small numbers” says Laidlaw: 12 phone hacking entries in Mulcaire notes at NOTW: 6 yrs at Sun 11 times public official
PJ: “It’s not large scale is it?” says Laidlaw of the 12 hacking entries and 11 payments “over a course of 9 years” of Brooks’ newspaper career
Closing Statement on Counts 6 and 7
PJ: Now to Counts 6 and 7: Laidlaw apologies “not easy to listen to my voice… it’s not easy for me to listen to my voice”
PJ: Ten minute break and the #hackingtrial will go on past 1pm. Meanwhile I have to disappear for the next hour
JD: Laidlaw “inappropriate verging on the unfair” to use Brooks’ admission of breaking law for public interest against her.” #hackingtrial
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JD: Judge says jury willing to have shorter lunch so Laidlaw can finish his speech today #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw now moving to counts six and seven, perverting the course of justice #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw will leave much of the detail of six and seven to the lawyers representing Cheryl Carter, Mark Hanna and Charlie Brooks.
JD: Laidlaw “the grounds I firmly stand on that she is innocent of these charges” #hackingtrial
JD: If Brooks knew about phone hacking would she have “created and left behind evidence of her guilt?” #hackingtrial
JD: For Brooks to keep notes on phone hacking would be “reckless and risky” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw notes that when Clive Goodman was arrested in 2006 Dan Evans destroyed any evidence he had hacked phones #hackingtrial
JD: “If she had been guilty why didn’t she [Brooks] get rid of her notebooks when police raided News International in 2006?” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw “The prosecution case doesn’t make any sense, but the theory becomes more bizzare as it goes on.” #hackingtrial
JD: If Brooks knew she was guilty “”she would have known the timebomb was going to go off” and would have put notes in shredder” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw says prosecution case is Brooks”instructed her assistants to carefully archive the evidence of guilt for posterity, it’s absurd.”
JD: Laidlaw prosecution case “nothing short of ridiculous”
JD: Defence counsel tells the court that Mrs Brooks did not routinely use notebooks #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw “to find Brooks guilty on this charge you would have to believe she was a complete idiot.” #hackingtrial
JD: “How many times can the prosecution make the same errors of logic” Laidlaw asks? #hackingtrial
Closing Statement on Count 7
JD: Laidlaw “The prosecutions propensity to write fiction grows worse as we get to count seven” #hackingtrial
JD: “The prosecution has lost it’s way and lost it’s grip on the reality of how people behave” Laidlaw #hackingtrial
JD: Charlie Brooks hid his porn because “he loved his wife” defence say #hackingtrial
JD: Charlie had hid his pornography as it’s nature, “lesbian psychodramas” could have led to”damaging headlines for his wife” #hackingtrial
JD: Charlie Brooks wanted to avoid a “Jackie Smith” moment for his wife #hackingtrial
JD: Prosecution case, Laidlaw says, “is less of a novel and more of a pantomime” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw asks jury if they could really believed Brooks mother, husband, secretary and head of security would all lie on her behalf.
JD: And that’s lunch, full report on this morning’s proceedings soon at the Drum
JD: Jury returns for conclusion of Jonthan Laidlaw QC’s closing address on behalf of his client, Rebekah Brooks. #hackingtrial
JD: Judge Saunders just borrowing a schedule on missing devices as he has “taken his out” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw shows the jury one of the laptops hidden in the underground car park by Charlie Brooks. #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw calls prosecution case “twisted and distorted.” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw shows jury laptop on which Brooks wrote letter to Coulson #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw points out that Brooks’ work laptop was not hidden from police #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw Charlie Brooks actions “may well have been stupid but is not incomprehensible” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw “in an attempt to “salvage something from the wreckage of their case” prosecution raised the question of “missing devices”
JD: Prosecution list of missing devices “not worth the paper it was written on” #hackingtrial
JD: News International records of which electronic devices were used by which people unreliable Laidlaw tells jury #hackingtrial
JD: Only in 2011 did News International employ an asset management system for electronic devices #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw on missing devices “what data could be on them in 2011 about phone hacking in 2003” #hackingtrial
JD: Laidlaw Brooks only ever used one News International email address all stored in the same place whatever device they were written on.
JD: Laidlaw “we started with 10 missing devices, now only six “perhaps if we waited another six months there would be none”
JD: Laidlaw asks why Crown relying on screenshot of what was connected to a router at the Brooks home rather than examining the router itself
JD: #hackingtrial morning report “Case against Rebekah Brooks a ‘pantomome’ defence suggest http://po.st/rTczXb via @thedrum
PJ: Back at #hackingtrial – apologies for slight interruption: congrats to @GuidoFawkes for winning Press Club Blog of the Year
PJ: Laidlaw is now going through the missing devices – his key points: they recovered her Hewlett Packard
PJ: Laidlaw also says that there would be little on those 2011 devices which would have anything about phone hacking
PJ: Laidlaw says its important that “all her emails would be stored” on web based system, and documents going back throughout her career found
PJ: Laidlaw points out 8,300 emails from “course of last six weeks of her work” were found on Brooks’ Blackberry surrendered to police.
PJ: “She was not hiding anything at time of her arrest” says Laidlaw of Brooks: “what more could police want?” of devices seized by pollice
PJ: “What room is there here for any missing device of her life” says Laidlaw of allegations of hiding stuff from police.
JD: Brooks Blackberry had private messages from former prime ministers, which could have caused embarrassment she was not hiding anything.”
Allegation of Corporate Cover Up
PJ: Laidlaw addresses allegation “Mrs Brooks was engaged in corporate coverup after arrest of Clive Goodman in 2006″
PJ: “For all Mr Edis’ suggestion she was a woman wearing a mask” there is no denial of this.
PJ: Brooks offered Goodman to a job in 2007 for what “she believed to be false allegations”.
PJ: Laidlaw says Brooks met with DCI Surtees in 2006 because police “were hoping she’d be a witness in their prosecution” against Mulcaire
PJ: “DCI Surtees told Mrs Brooks nothing to make her hacking had gone on” during her tenure at NOTW.
PJ: DCI Surtees told Brooks police looking at hacking going back to 2004: “it reassured her that hacking had not gone on during her editorship
JD: Brooks was one of the most frequent victims of Glenn Mulcaire’s phone hacking in 2006 police keen to use her as a prosecution witness.
PJ: As for Goodman job offer from Brooks: it was stopping him making “false allegations against Andy Coulson” – no allegations against her.
PJ: “Clive Goodman…. has never said hacking went on during Clive Goodman’s editorship” says Laidlaw. “Not covering up own guilt”
PJ: Laidlaw says it was “not entirely fair” for Edis to “saddle” Brooks with coverup over Goodman – she was an editor for the Sun at the time.
PJ: Laidlaw talks about the time Brooks became CEO in 2009: “the one rogue reporter had been openly shattered” by Guardian with For Nevill email
PJ: Laidlaw says that as soon as Brooks became CEO she “did nothing to investigate” phone hacking – only “forced to do so by civil litigation”
PJ: “It may not to you be very attractive, and we are the first to accept that” says Laidlaw of Brooks role of CEO “to protect reputation”
BREAKING: Laidlaw concedes that Brooks did “nothing to investigate’ phone hacking as CEO – but that was her corporate responsibility
PJ: Laidlaw says none of this was about covering up her own involvement in phone hacking, but was to protect the company
JD: Brooks not investigating hacking “It may not be very attractive but she will not be the last CEO to do things to protect the company”
PJ: Of Max Clifford payout, Laidlaw says this was decided with Queens’ Solicitors Farrer and Co: she was acting on legal instruction.
PJ: “There can be no suggestion” settling Max Clifford claim was “to prevent Muclaire naming her”
PJ: Laidlaw agrees Brooks behaviour then “does not reflect well upon her”: but it does not amount to a criminal offence.
PJ: “None of this history goes anyway to prove Brooks was involved in hacking” says Laidlaw: “not acting to cover up her own involvement”
JD: “Brooks’ response to the phone hacking scandal “may not reflect well on her but it does not constitute a criminal offence”
Email Deletion Policy
PJ: Laidlaw turns to ’email deletion’: “it’s pretty obvious prosecution were hoping to make a lot more ground against Mrs Brooks on policy”
PJ: “There’s nothing wrong with the policy itself” says Laidlaw of email deletion, and talks of prosecution case based on a “single email chain”
PJ: “It’s yet another badly made point” says Laidlaw of 04/08/10 email: staff already knew the policy was subject to important legal exceptions
PJ: Laidlaw explains how email deletion policy was not complete – and had exceptions over pending legal cases.
PJ: “You really have to scrape hard to interpret this as Mrs Brooks subverting the retention policy” says Laidlaw of email deletion.
PJ: Of the 3 million missing emails, “Mr Edis cannot prove those emails were purged” except for technical reasons.
PJ: Laidlaw: “Only a small proportion of those lost emails would have anything to do with NOTW, and even smaller proportion to do with Brooks”
PJ: Laidlaw points out that there are several emails retrieved from Brooks’ career, going back to 2000
Rebekah Brooks Defence concludes its Closing Statement
PJ: 10 minute break
PJ: Back at the #hackingtrial with the closing part of Jonathan Laidlaw QC’s closing speech for the defence of Rebekah Brooks.
PJ: Laidlaw wants to “step back even further from detail of evidence” and turns to the “arguments of Mr Edis is the last few weeks ago”
PJ: Laidlaw calls Edis case “stories, tales, pantomime”: he’s now onto “folklore and myth” and texts from Kath Raymond after Dowler broke
JD: Laidlaw: prosecution “writing stories” about the defendants and their witnesses. #hackingtrial
PJ: Raymond wrote: “this is pretty misogynist” Brooks replied: “feeling like a sexist witch hunt at times”
BREAKING: Laidlaw says his client Brooks was at the “centre of a witch hunt” in July 2011.
PJ: Laidlaw talks of the “perfect storm” around Mill Dowler trial and then “false devastating allegation” that hacking caused “false hope”
PJ: Laidlaw talks of this perfect storm combining police, celebrities and politicians.
PJ: “If in July 2011 Kath Raymond found some of the language a dead giveaway” for sexist “what would she say of Edis’ closing speech”
PJ: Laidlaw for Brooks talks of mediaeval witch craft and ducking stools
PJ: Laidlaw says he isn’t calling this trial a medieval witch hunt.
BREAKING: Laidlaw says the prosecutions approach to Brooks has been a “witch hunt”: Mr Edis will interpret everything she says as guilt
PJ: “If Mrs Brooks writes an email to a member of her staff, instructiing member of staff to act lawfully” says Laidlaw of Edis as guilt
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis claims Brooks charm is a mask, her stories “carefully scripted”
JD: Laidlaw compared prosecution approach to “medieval witch trial” #hackingtrial
JD: “if she comes across as a likeable person she is putting on an act, if her evidence is convincing it is a carefully constructed script.”
PJ: Laidlaw says Edis was accusing Brooks of “perjury of the deepest kind” and that those charges could be directed to him too.
PJ: Laidlaw says “scripting” of Brooks’ remarks be “cynical perjury by Brooks… and professional misconduct by me”
PJ: Laidlaw asks rhetorical question for prosecution: “What would an innocent Mrs Brooks like in the witness box?”
PJ: Laidlaw says nothing would open the prosecution to the possibility or acknowledgement to the fact Brooks “is not guilty”
JD: “Was there was anything his client could have said that would convince the prosecution that she might be innocent”
BREAKING: Laidlaw talks of the “degree of scrutiny Mrs Brooks has been exposed to… unprecedented in history of British justice”
PJ: Laidlaw talks about the number of witnesses, including her husband, lover and mother – many private emails and texts written in “anguish”
PJ: “You can probably see deeper into Rebekah Brooks‘ inner life than anyone else… even of people you feel you know well” says Laidlaw
PJ: “If what if Mr Edis claims you’ve seen is a mask, then Mrs Brooks must be a witch with supernatural powers” says Laidlaw
PJ: Laidlaw says Brooks never portrayed herself as a “paragon of virtue” talking freely of break up with Kemp, and reaction as CEO to hacking.
JD: Laidlaw to jury “You have probably seen deeper into Rebekah Brooks life than anyone else you have ever encountered” #hackingtrial
PJ: “Mr Edis describes her as wearing a mask, because he failed to demonstrate in 5 days of cross examination… she didn’t drown” says Laidlaw
PJ: Laidlaw says Brooks has “become since Milly Dowler a controversial figure… many people hate her”
JD: Laidlaw on Brooks “She is a controversial figure and many people hate her” #hackingtrial
PJ: “Not one former colleague has come forward to say she had anything to do with phone hacking” says Laidlaw of Brooks.
JD: Laidlaw on Brooks not a single former disgruntled employee, including Clive Goodman, has alleged she was involved in phone hacking.”
PJ: Laidlaw talks of “apparently limitless resources poured into investigation” all the police have come up is with 11 emails.
PJ: “The investigation into Rebekah Brooks has been afforded…. legitimate and illegitimate” special treatment says Laidlaw.
PJ: “We ask no special treatment” says Laidlaw: just to look at evidence and say “the prosecution has fallen woefully short”
PJ: With that Jonathan Laidlaw QC closes his defence speech for Rebekah Brooks: jury not back till 10 am on Tuesday.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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