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Thursday 15 May 2014

The Defence of Clive Goodman Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues to cross-examine Clive Goodman
Goodman questioned on who knew about Phone Hacking
Goodman treatment at News of the World
Stuart Kuttner’s report on Clive Goodman
Goodman doesn’t go on overseas Royal visit
Hacking of Royal Household Phones
Goodman questioned on more internal emails

The Defence of Clive Goodman Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson continues to cross-examine Clive Goodman
Back at the #hackingtrial with continued cross examination of former NOTW Royal Editor Clive Goodman by Timothy Langdale QC, for Coulson
Justice Saunders explains to the jury Clive Goodman‘s medical problems – side effects of his angiogram – more breaks during his evidence.
Goodman questioned on who knew about Phone Hacking
Langdale goes back to his point yesterday: was another senior NOTW journalist told about the Alexander agreement.
“He had to be told something” says Goodman of rival NOTW journo, suggesting he would have been briefed by Coulson: “I’ll square it with xxx”
“You’ll have to ask your own client that” Goodman says to Langdale about the briefing of this other senior NOTW journalist.
Langdale goes back to Goodman’s legal statement – proof of evidence – after his arrest: document is dated 29/10/06
Langdale cites paragraph 28 “I first became aware of Glenn Mulcaire… this is something you yourself have drafted.”
Goodman cannot remember whether he was revising a document prepared by Henri Brandman, his solicitor, or it was entirely his own draft.
Goodman says it “looks like a joint effort we’ve agreed in some way”. “I’m putting to you that it’s your work,” says Langdale for Coulson
This document contains an explanation of Mulcaire’s £500 pw trial agreed with Coulson and Kuttner: another NOTW journo “aware of agreement”
“We would discuss the stories it produced often” says Goodman of other NOTW journo: “He was not aware it was with Nine Consultancy”
Goodman denies informing this other NOTW journo was “contradictory” with keeping Mulcaire a secret.
“I don’t know what Andy told him, and what he told Andy” says Goodman of this project to produce “good Royal stories”
The document says “he was aware of the agreement and we discussed ‘it’: Goodman says this means the ‘results of the agreement’ with Mulcaire
Proof of Evidence says “all payments were made with the knowledge” of this other senior NOTW journalist: he “had to sign off the credits”
Goodman talks about ‘revising the proofs”: “the only reason these are in the public domain is because I waived my privilege”
“If its true why did it change?” asks Langdale:
Goodman on his proof: “My legal team were paid by News International… they thought the judge would take a dim view if I blamed others”
Langdale: “You keep changing your story” Goodman: “No… I’ve had a very clear story since day one”
Goodman says mentioning other NOTW journalists in employment hearing “wasn’t relevant to my appeal”
20/03/07 appeal Langdale says Goodman did mention other NOTW journalists: Spens establishes Goodman said “he wasn’t sure” before
Saunders cuts off Goodman mid sentence as he protests saying: “Ssssh…. It’s not good for your heart”
Goodman refreshes his memory with a recording of his first NI internal employment appeal.
17/04/07 transcript of a tape recording of Goodman’s meeting with Cloke: he recorded it without their knowledge.
A section on “senior knowledge and support” at Goodman’s NI dismissal appeal names Coulson, Kuttner, another NOTW exec but not NOTW journo
Goodman says he received advice from a senior employment specialist: wasn’t “important in scheme of things” to mention other NOTW journo
The transcript of employment hearing mentions Mulcaire this other NOTW journo and cross questioning by Daniel Cloke.
Goodman had told Cloke there are phone records showing lots of contact between Mulcaire and another NOTW journalist.
“X was interested and curious about some of the information that came up” says Goodman about Mulcaire and the Alexander project.
“He was interested that I could also do this” said Goodman to Cloke. Goodman says the other NOTW journo was suspicious.
He was “curious I could produce stories… he twigged I could get difficult stories” says Goodman of another NOTW journo
“As far as I’m aware he didn’t know” says Goodman.
“There isn’t a significant story produced by NOTW in the last two years… .that wasn’t the result… of tampering with voicemail”
BREAKING: Goodman told NI in 2007 that there “wasn’t a significant story in NOTW in the last two years that wasn’t the result” of hacking.
“It was common knowledge… everyone at the newspaper knew what happened” said Goodman of phone hacking to NI hearing in 2007
“I wasn’t doing anything like this until Nov 2005” said Goodman in 2007. Goodman says this meant editorial discussions of hacking
“This is a very hostile confrontation between 2 senior NI execs and me, and so things got tense” says Goodman of Cloke and Myler meeting.
Goodman said he’d been sent to prison by this time, and had “paid a very high price” already for phone hacking by this time in 2007
Goodman treatment at News of the World
Langdale is now going through a number of documents: he wants to know 1/ they show Goodman had a number of non hacking sources.
Langdale seeks to prove with these document that Goodman was “frequently trying to get cash payments through” and “not being bullied”
Langdale cites a Kuttner email in 2005 to Goodman about the “extra 22%” cost of cash payments.
Goodman says the “1000 plus” restriction “was a standard email that went out every Saturday night”
Coulson emails about Prince William, and Goodman’s unavailability on a Saturday night cited by Langdale.
Another Coulson email to Goodman “can I politely ask why the hell you’re at the gym?” is cited.
Goodman says that most NOTW journalists would be drinking on Saturday night: he was at NI gym with its own phoneline and mobile.
Another Coulson email cited by Langdale: Goodman agrees “perfectly normal traffic”
A Coulson email to Kuttner about Goodman reporting to the news desk but still attending conference is cited by Langdale.
“It was a demotion… back to a reporter” says Goodman of reporting direct to news desk. Previously he had reported direct to the editor.
Langdale suggests that post arrest Goodman “has built up an increasing volume of resentment he didn’t feel at the time”
“I was unhappy, and did say I was unhappy” says Goodman: “It was difficult to express in a newspaper environment”
“Editors are in their own world” says Goodman of NOTW: “You don’t really have a voice. If they tell you to do something, you do it”
Goodman email to deputy managing editor Paul Nicholas cited by Langdale: 05/11/05
Langdale quotes last line “I’m perfectly content working through news desk as I’ve always done”
Goodman explains he’s “always worked THROUGH the news desk, not for it…. I’m trying to hang on to my job, not make too many waves”
Another Coulson/Goodman email about William and Kate cited, where Goodman asks not to present details of a story at conference.
Goodman asks to “cut evening conference” in an email: Coulson replies “Fine”: Goodman says “it’s typically dismissive Coulsonism”
Justice Saunders asks of this one word reply by Coulson to Goodman, incredulously: “What else did you want him to say?”
Langdale asks about another previously seen email about “cash payments” to three people one “taking potentially life altering risks”
Goodman explains that “life altering risk” means this newspaper source “might have got the sack” if exposed.
“Perfectly civilised and normal communications” between Goodman and another senior NOTW journo cited by Langdale in his cross examination
Another email mentions Michael Fawcett – Goodman agrees this is the same person he went on to hack.
Goodman agrees that an email about a “long standing utterly reliable source” was one of his sources and nothing to do with hacking
“You’re reasonable and he’s reasonable, and everyone is reasonable at NOTW” says Saunders of these “perfectly civilised” communications
“I didn’t mean any disrespect to NOTW” says Justice Saunders, apologising for his ‘comment’
Sorry – should have explained. There will be a series of short breaks during Goodman’s cross exam because of his health problems.
“We’ll have another ten minute break at 10 past twelve” explains Saunders to the jury.
Langdale cites another Goodman email to Coulson about missing conference: Coulson “I need a story this week… something of substance”
Langdale says “this is perfectly reasonable… editor is entitled” Goodman: “He’s clearly making a judgement… thought it was unfair”
Langdale cites another email from managing editor about cash payments for Goodman’s Blackadder column.
Langdale asks about Goodman’s email to his sister Fran about Paul Nicholas “I want to peel the skin off his skull”
“Fran is my sister and as such was one of the few friends I had on the newspaper” says Goodman of this email about Paul Nicholas.
“I took it on the chin” says Goodman of criticisms of his work: “What I didn’t like was people deliberately trying to make life difficult”
More emails between Kuttner and Goodman adduced by Langdale: previously seen complaint that Goodman re-running someone else’s stories.
In his email reply, Goodman says to Kuttner it was an original story but agrees to cut fee from £650 to £300.
“I clearly thought it was a valid story,” says Goodman of a story found in other papers: “I took the criticism that it wasn’t worth £650”
Another NOTW journalist replies sarcastically to Goodman about the Royal photographs: “Yeah, right Clive”
Another “perfectly normal interchange” adduced by Langdale in internal NOTW email: Goodman: “Yes, there were perfectly normal interchanges”
An email of Harry and Chelsy cited: “we’ve been having a quiet look at this independently” wrote Goodman. “A multisourced story” he says now
Goodman talks about another senior NOTW journalist close to Miskiw “very good friends”
Another senior NOTW exec uses “quite strong language” about Goodman.
Stuart Kuttner’s report on Clive Goodman
Langdale now goes through a series of emails leading up to Stuart Kuttner‘s report on Clive Goodman.
Goodman explains that others had a tip off from the Royal Reporter at the Standard about the Camilla/Charles marriage they couldn’t stand up
“Some months later it transpired to be true” says Goodman of Camilla/Charles marriage.
Complaints about Goodman at NOTW include the fact he kept on emailing Coulson direct: Goodman: “All Andy had to say was don’t contact me”
Langdale now turns to Kuttner’s note on a meeting with Goodman to criticise his work at NOTW.
Goodman tells Saunders he was completely unaware about this Kuttner note at the time.
Langdale says “you’re quite capable of putting what your position is” in terms of Kuttner’s criticisms.
“Some of it is what I said” says Goodman of Kuttner’s note of their meeting to review his NOTW work.
Kuttner note says Goodman wanted “more directions”: Goodman explains “columns live or die on what the editor thinks”
“I could see what he was saying” says Goodman of Kuttner: but surprised by “being hauled over the coals for lack of exclusives”
“I was flabbergasted they chose that particular week” says Goodman of Kuttner meeting, because he’d just had an exclusive
Stuart Kuttner was one of those people doing the bullying” says Goodman in response to Langdale’s query about not mentioning of bullying
Goodman says Fawcett was never a source: “My goodness, no, he’d never talk to us.”
“‘Matey’ is a pretty common term when you don’t want to use someone’s name” says Goodman of ‘matey’ reference to a (non Mulcaire) source
Series of emails quizzing Goodman in October 2005 about his meeting with Coulson about Alexander project
Langdale adduces more “perfectly normal” interchanges with Goodman and others at NOTW about sourcing pictures of Prince William at Sandhurst
Goodman doesn’t go on overseas Royal visit
Langdale goes to another email exchange about Prince Charles visit to New Orleans: Goodman didn’t want to go because of timing of agenda.
“It was a long way to go, and a lot of money spent, to get something with limited access” says Goodman of US Camilla/Charles trip.
“Based on going round the world with the Royals three times” says Goodman this trip would be “just standing behind barriers”
Ryan Sabey is sent instead: his task “to crack the Wills Harry group”: Goodman couldn’t go to New Orleans – 6month old baby.
Goodman said he couldn’t go because wife had been summoned to France to meet a new executive: “Andy was not happy… he kicked the desk”
Goodman was told that another reporter would cover “the young royals”: “I’d pretty much be out of a job” says Goodman.
Langdale says email is inconsistent with account of Coulson kicking the desk. “Yes, it was” says Goodman “professional suicide”
“i’m the most travelled reporter the NOTW of the world had” says Goodman “there’s not a continent I haven’t visited.”
Goodman says the internal account of not going to the US “is highly inaccurate”: Goodman thinks the document came from Kuttner.
“I’m sick of telling you this… you work to the news desk” writes another NOTW journo to Goodman: replies “I was filing at 2am no news desk”
“Perfect harmony on the news desk” jokes Justice Saunders of these barbed emails between Goodman and another senior NOTW journo.
More barbed emails between Paul Nicholas and Goodman cited, about sending stuff to news desk: Kuttner gets involved.
“Time to bring down the curtain on this time-wasting pantomime” writes Kuttner about Goodman not wanting to follow Charles to New Orleans.
Goodman says this email was about a Royal a photo – he sent through news desk: thought he was being “helpful” – others “took exception”
Yet another Goodman email to Coulson adduced by Langdale: Goodman was “under the cosh” and wanted to skip conferences.
Goodman writes of “very sharp people” on a story. “Ex MI6 and SAS” Goodman says relates to Royal minders, trained “routinely” this way.
Another ten minute break
Langdale now moving swiftly through some other emails until he comes to a ‘ski-ing trip’ and tracking ‘Harry and Chelsy” 22/11/05
Goodman can’t remember what he meant when he wrote he had “an excellent way into” Harry and Chelsy
An email of the time explains how Mark Dyer was becoming “more cautious” about approaches from Goodman and NOTW.
06/12/06 email from Goodman about Prince William‘s private secretary invited to Home Office “extremely squeaky nature”: Goodman re-reads
Goodman can’t recall if “extremely squeaky nature of the information” in this email referred to phone hacking.
Hacking of Royal Household Phones
Langdale now goes through a series of payments for Goodman stories – mostly cash.
Goodman confirms that he hacked Royal Aide Jamie Lowther Pinkerton’s unique voicemail number from NI phone.
Jury now shown Goodman transcript of Lowther Pinkerton voicemail around 08/12/05 and emails about “full briefing” for Coulson based on it.
BREAKING: “He was shown the transcript” says Goodman of briefing Coulson on story based on hacking Royal Aide Lowther Pinkerton in Dec 2005
Langdale asks “what was the point” of Goodman emailing himself a transcript on 09/12/05 which he’d shown Coulson two days before.
Goodman says he thinks both he and Glenn Mulcaire hacked Lowther Pinkerton – and he was comparing versions: Spens interrupts.
Lunch till 2pm.
Langdale goes back to the microcassette with a voicemail message left on Lowther Pinkerton’s phone – Goodman thinks tape was at NOTW office
Goodman confirms the tape was recovered by police from his NOTW desk – he was taken there by police after his arrest.
Goodman says the police might not have had a warrant – they were stopped by executives of NOTW.
Goodman recalls identifying to the police an ‘area’ he worked, not specific desk. “I assumed they were going to search the whole building”
Goodman thinks the voicemail was originally hacked by Mulcaire, he listened again to see if it was accurate.
“It was no secret I was hacking Lowther Pinkerton myself” says Goodman in reply to Langdale’s assertion the voicemail was from his hack.
Langdale goes through a call schedule showing Goodman hacking Lowther Pinkerton on 08/12/05 and 09/12/05
A call schedule of Mulcaire hacks suggest he didn’t hack Lowther Pinkerton until January 2006
15/12/05 Coulson emails Goodman about Blackadder lead: cash payments adduced by Langdale. Goodman “I’m not sure they all are cash payments”
18/12/05 Blackadder column published based on the Lowther Pinkerton story.
Goodman says Kuttner told them “to write memos justifying cash payments…. I’m not certain he chose exact form of words at this distance”
“I was required to do this by a corporate… form of words suggested by Stuart Kuttner” says Goodman of explanation on cash payments.
Saunders jokes about a “long discussion” which school Kate Middleton attended.
Goodman email talks about someone “very covert” looking at Harry: “Glenn Mulcaire didn’t go out to look at stories” – this is someone else
“Greg was investigations editor” says Goodman of contacting Miskiw about Prince Harry and “someone familiar with the territory” at Sandhurst
Goodman memo to Kuttner adduced by Langdale: “a document I was required to type for cash payments, or they didn’t get paid.”
“Greg’s man still watching” says follow up email about surveillance on Prince Harry while at Sandhurst.
Goodman says he can’t say who Farish was “protection of sources…. under human rights act” but he was a newspaper employee.
“Curtains for him and us” Goodman explains as an exaggeration of Farish’s status to increase the importance of his source.
We’re now at 2006 and the voicemail of Prince William telling Kate Middleton of night exercise when he was shot with blanks
Goodman can’t say if it was him or Mulcaire hacked Kate Middleton at that point – “may have been both of us”
Langdale points out previous Goodman statement where he said voicemail was from Lowther Pinkterton: Goodman: “it might have been that too”
25/01/06 Goodman hacking of Kate Middleton adduced by Langdale: 26th and 27th too.
“I accept I hacked her phone” says Goodman of Kate Middleton: “But I think Mulcaire hacked her phone too” #hackingtrial
“Holy Moly” writes Coulson to Goodman about “nicking stories”: Goodman explains everyone was doing that in 2006 in early days of internet.
Goodman shown more cash payments: but one of them is a “Damien Hirst Pants BACS payment” points out Saunders.
“Perfectly relaxed relationship” says Langdale of Goodman internal emails to NOTW journo: Goodman: “You will find emails that are relaxed”
Another email to Goodman “Got anything that will save the week”: news list at NOTW “going from bad to worse”
Goodman emails Bev Stokes about a “new arrangement” for Mulcaire: he explains “he gets paid for what he makes” rather than a weekly retainer
“What are you doing in the office?” Goodman is asked by senior NOTW journo. Told to head out and cover a story.
Goodman explains that as a Royal Reporter, his face is known to people protecting the family, and that sitting outside in car wouldn’t help
February 2006 Coulson emails Goodman about following Princess Beatrice.
Another “perfectly civilised” email communication with another NOTW journo and Goodman adduced by Langdale.
Another “matey” reference: Goodman says “clearly someone who has rung in”
Another email chained in March 2006 cited: “Clive I’m not going to say this again… you write a story, file it to newsdesk…”
“Don’t try me on this one” says email from NOTW journo to Goodman who says “I think he’s gone off half cock”
“No intention of trying to subvert the order” writes Goodman to NOTW journo and CGWelsh story. Journo asks for confirmation.
Goodman replies to NOTW journo “this is a fact”: Saunders asks “Did the story come from a hack?” Goodman: “Yes”. He puts email in context
NOTW journo “say me talking to my sister” says Goodman of confusion over two stories: and thought he was “trying to subvert the system”
16/03/06 email cited by Langdale: Nothing to do with hacking says Goodman.
Momentary concern a juror had fallen asleep – but false alarm.
Goodman can’t comment on another document “not without seeing the rest of this email”: Langdale checks he’s finished with this file.
Back to the “you are meeting current spook” text from Mulcaire, as Langdale goes to another file and through each document.
Goodman not sure which of the stories in this email to NOTW journo are based on hacking. Prince William “beagling” story was he confirms
Ten minute break
Goodman questioned on more internal emails
More internal NOTW emails concerning Clive Goodman cited by Langdale
These emails between Goodman and another NOTW journo are about ‘sources’: Goodman confirms to Langdale “nothing to do with hacking”
Another email with NOTW senior journo getting “irritated” with Goodman about missing a meeting.
Goodman explains Saturday night NOTW conversation about People getting a scoop on Prince William “a leak inside the paper… just a theory”
Goodman emails NOTW journo about “not being on the ball” because his daughter was up all night with a fever. Goodman agrees amicable enough
Goodman thinks he’s been to Sandhurst once, but couldn’t give a street address. He put in an expense claim.
Interchange between Coulson and Goodman about William singing the national anthem at a football match. “All bound up in Royal Protocol”
Goodman looks at some more documents in the jury bundle: Justice Saunders says he can comment on them if he wants.
Goodman addresses a “set of pictures” of Harry “seen entering and emerging from Mark Dyer’s house” – nothing to do with hacking
Langdale adduces another email chain about going to the Somme saying it’s an example of him “not wanting to go on assignment”
Goodman says that his “experience of covering these events” there would be contact and a “waste of time and money”
But Goodman didn’t mind going to France for Somme memorial “which is exactly what I did” he tells jury
“I want an explanation why you tried to take another’s story and tried to pass it off as your own” says email to Goodman abt NOTW conference
“I was more frequently a victim of this” says Goodman of this accusation of internal plagiarism of NOTW journalists.
“I’m not trying to be evasive, I’m trying to remember” says Goodman of 100% accurate sourcing coming from hacking: “I think it was” he says
Text message talks about “doesn’t look like she’s going out tonight”: Goodman says it doesn’t ring any bells “without further detail”
That’s the end of the 2006 pre arrest material says Langdale of the bundle he has been cross examining Goodman on.
Jury leave till 10 am tomorrow, as Goodman is tired and still recovering his health.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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