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Wednesday 14 May 2014

The Defence of Clive Goodman Continues
Clive Goodman returns to give evidence after illness
Justice Saunders reviews Clive Goodman’s evidence prior to his absence
Counsel for Andy Coulson resumes his Cross Examination of Clive Goodman
Timothy Langdale QC questions Clive Goodman on Phone Hacking
Goodman question on his and Mulcaires Phone Hacking
Goodman’s hacking of members of the Royal Family
Goodman’s contact within the Security Services
Goodman questioned on further hacking
Andy Coulson’s knowledge of Phone Hacking

The Defence of Clive Goodman Continues
Clive Goodman returns to give evidence after illness
This is the 114th day the court has sat during the #hackingtrial: though we haven’t had one full 5 day week with the jury
The #hackingtrial was also supposed to ‘paperless’: but every spare worktop at Court 12 is covered with towering bundles of files.
BREAKING: Former NOTW Royal Editor Clive Goodman returns to witness box at the #hackingtrial after an 8 week absence.
The last time Clive Goodman appeared at the #hackingtrial was 20th March https://fothom.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/hacking-trial-live-tweets-20-Mar/ … He was then taken ill with a heart condition
Justice Saunders explains Goodman has been ill, and needed various tests for his medical condition before he has been fit to continue.
Justice Saunders apologises to the jury for the delay and will update them on a timetable.
Saunders explains Goodman was midway through a cross examination by Langdale on behalf of Coulson. Saunders will read his summary so far.
Justice Saunders reviews Clive Goodman’s evidence prior to his absence
Saunders runs through Goodman’s evidence: his career as journalist becoming Assistant Editor Royal of NOTW in 2001.
Saunders also runs through the arrival of another senior member of NOTW editorial staff who Goodman alleges didn’t get on with him.
Saunders goes through Goodman’s allegations of “bullying” at NOTW, including his former friend Andy Coulson.
Goodman spoke of the “threatening” atmosphere at NOTW. Saunders runs through Goodman’s purchases of Royal Directories.
Goodman claimed he bought those Royal Directories, but not from a police officer: these books included no personal details of Royal Family
Goodman claimed he used these Royal Directories to stand up stories when the press office closed or unhelpful
Saunders runs through various stories Goodman claimed he sourced through Royal Directories, but not using phone hacking.
Justice Saunders cites a document about “turning” Sir Michael Peat‘s phone number – Goodman says this meant getting an address.
Goodman has said previously that the Royal Directories had nothing to do with any phone hacking he ever did.
Of the 15 Royal Directories, Goodman said 2 came from Prince Charles‘ former valets – no money passed. Another came from Princess Diana.
On the Count 2 charge, Goodman said he got the directories from a source code named Farish and Anderson – working in newspaper industry
Goodman had said that he paid sources cash to prevent employees of Royal Household being identified.
Goodman says that the emails about paying police officers were only to get rapid payments, but not really police sources.
On phone hacking, Goodman has accepted that he has hacked phones beyond his original 2006 guilty pleas with Mulcaire.
Goodman says he did not know that phone hacking was illegal but did know it was unethical.
Beyond the original guilty pleas Goodman admitted at Miskiw asked him to hack Helen Asprey, Mark Dyer and Parker Bowles
Goodman had heard that Mulcaire had a reputation for “cracking impossible stories”: Miskiw only told him full extent in 2005
At this point Goodman said the phone hacking was all done through Miskiw – he had no direct contact with Mulcaire: documents cited.
Saunders a 23/02/06 voicemail of Prince William to Kate Middleton found in Goodman’s possession.
Goodman says than scammed/scanned did not mean hacking and Coulson didn’t know at this point.
Saunders then adduces the “scanned from Helen Asprey” hack about Prince Harry injuries: Goodman said tipped off by Miskiw: he was paid £700
Last week of October 2005 is the beginning of Alexander payments: Goodman approached by Mulcaire with DDN’s and PIN numbers.
Mulcaire told Goodman that he had connections with security services who provided hacking details, said Goodman in previous evidence.
Goodman said he wanted stories about the Royal Princes, but needed budget and approached Coulson about the Mulcaire/Alexander project.
Goodman claimed he told Coulson about the phone hacking project: Coulson agreed a 2 month trial paid by editorial budget.
Saunders reprises Kuttner’s authorisation of Alexander payments – and how the money was delivered to Mulcaire.
Goodman said that Coulson and senior editorial staff knew exactly what was going on: a voicemail transcript he claimed he showed them cited
Saunders says that an email saying “we know it’s true” about a Royal Princes story is – according to Goodman – a reference to transcript
The original Alexander trial was extended by a month, then another week – but then was “payment by result” paid by news desk.
Saunders reprises Goodman’s arrest, his solicitor Henri Brandman, and Goodman’s concern he’d “get all the blame for all the phone hacking”
Goodman claimed Brandman told him to say he was a “lone wolf”. Kuttner quizzed him about whether he named others to police.
Coulson called Goodman in August 2006 after arrest: Goodman claimed Coulson was in contact with home office and police.
Goodman claims Coulson told him he wouldn’t be facing a custodial sentence if he pleaded guilty – he felt bounced, downloaded emails
Goodman said he downloaded emails related to phone hacking from News Int when disturbed by Coulson conversation “self protection”
Goodman was concerned he was being “hung out to dry” and forwarded these emails to an employment solicitor.
Henri Brandman once again in August suggested a “lone wolf” plea. Coulson met Goodman and recorded it at Cafe Rouge.
Once again, according to Goodman, he says Coulson offered him a job if he said he “acted alone… and went off the reservation”
Goodman claimed Coulson knew lots of details of his case which he assumed came from Brandman.
Goodman said that Coulson’s use of the same term “lone wolf” as Henri Brandman “put the fear of God” in him.
Saunders then runs through the various ‘proofs of evidence’ in Goodman’s case prepared by his solicitor Henri Brandman
The earlier Proofs of Evidence for Goodman’s case included references to the editor knowing about phone hacking at NOTW.
Goodman was told by Brandman judge would take a more benign view if he didn’t say others involved.
Goodman also said he expressly told his lawyer Brandman not to share prosecution papers against him.
A further legal meeting with his lawyer and barrister involved an NI lawyer: discussions of mitigation plea.
Goodman says he was told by NI lawyer that his further employment could only be guaranteed if he removed references to Coulson in statements
Goodman was advised by Kelsey Fry QC that “the judge would take a dim view of it if he implicated others” – Goodman took this legal advice
In the final proof of evidence, all references to others removed from Goodman’s statement, and excised from mitigation plea.
Goodman wrote an email to his lawyer Brandman complaining about attendance of NI lawyer.
Goodman told his probation officer about the involvement of Coulson.
Goodman’s contract was terminated in Feb 2007. Colin Myler wrote to PCC setting out the “single rogue reporter” explanation of hacking
Legal correspondence between Goodman and NI cited as he fought the company on an unfair dismissal case in 2007
Goodman covertly recorded first NI appeal in March 2007. He met Brooks in April – who offered him a job. He didn’t take it.
A second appeal hearing from Goodman in May 2007 – another job offer from Brooks. Goodman finally settled a severance package from NI.
Saunders goes through Langdale’s cross examination: he had suggested that Goodman was taking money anonymous sources for himself.
Goodman had explained the lack of cash withdrawals from his account at this time was due to a legacy & change of lifestyle after remarriage
Counsel for Andy Coulson resumes his Cross Examination of Clive Goodman
Timothy Langdale QC questions Clive Goodman on Phone Hacking
Langdale continues his cross examination of Goodman after an 8 week break.
Langdale for Coulson asks 2002-03 Miskiw approach about “someone close to the Princes” – Goodman had said Dyer and Asprey.
Goodman says he didn’t ask Miskiw what he wanted info for – Miskiw was senior to him.
“He’s my boss” says Goodman of quizzing Miskiw further on Asprey and Dyer.
“He was very busy…. he wouldn’t give a straight answer to you” says Goodman of Miskiw. He denies knowing Miskiw was using Mulcaire to hack
“It was a live subject” says Goodman of phone hacking in 2005: “everyone knew in the media that his was possible”
“This isn’t the way newspapers work. Greg is my boss. He comes to me with information… my job is to check it out” says Goodman of Miskiw
Goodman says it was around Jan 2005 that Miskiw explained the principles of phone hacking – DDNs and PIN numbers.
“Newspapers is all about possession and guarding of sources” says Goodman of Miskiw handing over his information on hacknig.
“Mulcaire was a presence at the news desk at the paper” says Goodman of the PI “who could crack stories that couldn’t be cracked”
Goodman maintains that he didn’t know about hacking prior to 2005. Langdale says he has evidence Goodman knew much earlier.
Langdale says Goodman “had direct contact with Mulcaire before this time… and was hacking on a much wider scale” than he has admitted.
Break till 2pm
Back after lunch at the #hackingtrial – with Timothy Langdale QC, for Coulson, continuing with his cross examination of Clive Goodman
Langdale says Goodman and the jury will need three files for him to continue his cross examination.
Goodman question on his and Mulcaires Phone Hacking
Langdale adduces a 2005 call schedule for Helen Asprey
Langdale points out that Mulcaire and Goodman had been hacking Asprey’s phone from 2005-6 every month using NI phone or Goodman landline
On page 8 of this phone call schedule there are two calls by Mulcaire on 18/02/05 in the afternoon. Over the page a schedule for Mulcaire
Over from that page on the same schedule says Langdale 18/02/05 14.05 and 14.18 hack from Goodman’s mobile phone
Goodman accepts that Mulcaire would call him on his mobile before October 2005 “Glenn would occasionally pitch stories to me”
Goodman says at the time, he wasn’t sure where Mulcaire was getting his stories from voicemails “It was possible”.
Goodman says “it’s too long ago” to say whether he knew Mulcaire was phone hacking in February 2005.
Langdale moves on to a final unmarked tab in this defence bundle
On page 14 of this bundle “a schedule of hacking by you over a significant period of time” says Langdale to Goodman
Goodman’s hacking of members of the Royal Family
BREAKING: Goodman agrees he was hacking a number of people other than the ones he’s admitted so far.
Langdale reminds Goodman said it “was possible” he was hacking other people eight weeks ago. “If there are, I don’t recall”
“I’m not on trial for phone hacking” says Goodman: “I completely agree I hacked these phones…. I am happy to give a full account of these”
BREAKING: Goodman accepts he directly hacked of Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Prince William: “If you want to know more, go ahead”
Goodman agrees he never forgot phone hacking Kate Middleton: “if anyone asked me an open question I would have given open answer”
Goodman says he was “terrified about the whole thing…. and mortified he would be blamed for all Mulcaire’s phone hacking”
155 hacks of Kate Middleton: Kate Waddington PA to Duchess of York: Prince William 35 times. Michael Fawcett, – chief valet – 35 times.
“My main concern was being blamed and targeted for all the phone hacking” Goodman tells the #hackingtrial jury
Goodman is reluctant to talk about the Fawcett story – a very sensitive matter – two main reasons.
Goodman says he got the details from Glenn Mulcaire for his first hack of Kate Middleton in 21/09/05 “Mulcaire offered them”
“She started to receive a semi-Royal status” says Goodman of Kate Middleton in September 2005 “I don’t remember tasking him”
First hack of Kate Waddington cited by Langdale: Goodman says it’s likely he tasked Mulcaire but “can’t recall”.
Call schedule shows Goodman hacking Kate Middleton more than once on Christmas Eve 2005, then on Christmas Day, Boxing Day.
Early 04/01/06 Goodman hacks Edmund McDiarmid (Goodman can’t remember him – Langdale says he will help remind him)
More hacks of Middleton in early 2006 from Goodman’s call schedule
First hack of Prince William in late January 2006 according to call schedule: “had you really forgotten you hacked him at Sandhurst?”
“I am as honest and open about hacking there is to be… I’ve never been asked these questions before” says Goodman.
Hacking Prince William continues in February 2006 agrees Goodman. Tom Parker Bowles appears around this point in the schedule.
Michael Fawcett is hacked by Goodman around this time in 2006: Goodman cannot recall if he or Mulcaire originated this hack.
First hack of Prince Harry cited by Langdale: “Had you forgotten?” “I’m saying I hacked Prince Harry” says Goodman; “I’m being honest”
“No question of being forced” says Goodman: “No one asked me before. The police and the CPS never asked… Happy to get them out there”
“I can only answer the allegations put to me” says Goodman of hacking Royals: “You’re putting them to me know and I’m happy to accept them”
05/05/06 is the last time Goodman hacked Prince Harry – he cannot recall why he stopped.
Around this time was the last hack of Prince William – Goodman can’t recall why – but he continued to hack Middleton and other Royal Aides.
BREAKING: Goodman agrees his last hack of Kate Middleton was the 07/08/06: the day before he was arrested.
“Glenn Mulcaire and I would hack very similar messages” says Goodman: “Impossible to say” who did which.
Langdale shows the jury a schedule of text messages between Goodman and Mulcaire, seized on their arrest in 2006
Goodman’s contact within the Security Services
BREAKING: 16/03/06 “You are meeting a current spook” Mulcaire texts Goodman.
“We met at a bar across the road,” says Goodman of potential terrorist story and intelligence service source.
Langdale asks about Goodman’s account to Stuart Kuttner that some of this information came from security services
Goodman confirms Mulcaire told him he got hacking info from security services monitoring Royal phones: he doesn’t know it’s true.
A number of Mulcaire messages to Goodman related to Harry, Kate and Wills “Harry live now” 05/05/06 Mulcaire complains about not being paid
More texts from Mulcaire to Goodman 24/05/06 “my soldiers need a major booster” “Trying to expedite payment” says Goodman
26/05/06 “Really need a big hit” writes Mulcaire to Goodman with bank details for Nine Consultancy.
Justice Saunders establishes that Mulcaire was passing on regularly changed PIN numbers for Kate Middleton‘s phone.
15/07/06 text “K has changed” text asks about a changed PIN number
Mulcaire texts Goodman “downstairs”: Goodman replies “have your package”: probably refers to payment.
Hacking of Kate Waddington runs from 01/11/05 to August 2006 – over 160 calls Goodman concedes from NI private wire line hub.
Goodman questioned on further hacking
Langdale turns back to billing info on Goodman’s mobile number
08/04/05 billing data shows Goodman calling Mulcaire’s mobile.
Langdale says Goodman had Mulcaire’s mobile and landline number before October 2005.
Goodman says “what you’ve got here is one phone call for 8 secs… I’m not denying there was contact.”
“Glenn would call, I would talk to him” says Goodman. “I’m not disputing I communicating with Mulcaire… don’t think 18 second call”
“I have not denied having access to Glenn Mulcaire over that period of time” says Goodman of 08/04/05 call.
Langdale cites a Mulcaire note with Goodman name 08/04/05 -“Hugh Van Cutsem” cited, a friend of Prince of Wales.
Goodman says that nothing in Mulcaire’s notes Van Cutsem suggests “hacking”
Goodman says “I think you’ve got this the wrong way…. I wanted location details on Van Cutsem from Mulcaire… address, phone numbers”
“Newspapers use inquiry agents all the time to find out contact details” says Goodman of early contact with Mulcaire.
“Strangely I can’t remember why in 2005 I wanted details of Hugh Van Cutsem – a person of general newspaper interest around this time”
Two days later in Blackadder Column NOTW Goodman’s first item is about Hugh Van Cutsem turning down invite to Wedding of Charles and Camilla
Goodman says he got this information from someone on another paper. It wasn’t anything from Mulcaire.
‘Wedding Snub’ 10/04/05 payment to Alec Hall for this story. Goodman remembers the Van Cutsem’s having problem with Camilla Parker Bowles.
Goodman says Mulcaire provided contact details for the Van Cutsem’s so he could put the Wedding Snub story to him.
10 minute break
The newly named Royal hacking victim is Hugh Van Cutsem.
Langdale resumes with his cross examination: cites another Mulcaire note 03/01/06 “Harry Legg Bourke”
Goodman says that he thinks he was asking for contact details of people around the Royal Family – Guy Pelly is one of the princes’ friends.
Goodman recalls lots of ‘events’ and ‘parties’ with the Royal Family. Langdale has something that might refresh his memory.
Langdale cites 04/01/06 internal NOTW email about “William Bash”
Langdale adduces previously seen mail from Ryan Sabey 06/01/06 about ‘Prince William‘s secret party’
Goodman replies with details of Kate Middleton‘s organising a party for Prince William and him “making a very sweet speech”
Langdale turns a tab in the Goodman ‘pre arrest’ file: 04/01/06 Goodman emails NOTW senior journalist about ‘William Bash’
The day before this email 03/01/06 is this tasking of Mulcaire for infor on Guy Perry, and Legg Bourke
“No it’s not” about hacking says Goodman. He claims he wanted addresses for Derek Webb for follow these party guests.
Goodman says he doesn’t think voicemails needed for this. Derek Webb, close to Thurlbeck “supposed to expert in following… to party”
“All this tells you is that Glenn Mulcaire was looking for addresses… you don’t see any PIN numbers, phone numbers” says Goodman.
“I don’t think it would be a good way to follow people to a party” says Goodman of Mulcaire’s phone hacking.
“To the best of my recollection, no” says Goodman of tasking Mulcaire at this point. “This email has nothing to do with phone hacking”
Goodman can still not remember Edward McDiarmid recorded in Mulcaire’s notes, with phone numbers and PINs.
Another top left marked ‘Clive’ in Mulcaire’s notebooks with mobile numbers of Harry Legg Bourke.
Another undated “Clive’ tasking of Mulcaire has Kate Middleton‘s name and details: he cannot help Langdale with the date.
Yet another Mulcaire tasking by ‘Clive’ has details of Kate Waddington, and Fergie: “mainly hacking information” says Langdale.
Goodman examines the Mulcaire notes on Waddington and Fergie: he agrees it relates to phone hacking.
“Did you task Glenn Mulcaire to hack Kate Waddington’s phone?” asks Langdale. “I thought already said that?” says Goodman.
Saunders points out that Langdale had just said that was the last question. Langdale jokes “I wish”. It’s just this section he’s finished
Langdale doesn’t want to mention names, but asks Goodman to identify some Mulcaire names
Goodman can’t remember when he gave Mulcaire these names, but it had nothing to do with hacking – sometime after 2004 he says.
Goodman confirms that one of these were estranged ‘in laws’ of his and was using Mulcaire’s ability as a tracing agent to track down.
On a number for another journo: Goodman explains “Mulcaire was very very angry at the news desk” and wanted to the number of a Sun reporter
“There was no question I was trying to hack” the Sun reporter says Goodman. This was around 2005/2006 he believes.
There are more phone details of this Sun reporter: “He was a good friend of mine” says Goodman of suggestion he was being hacked.
Langdale turns to the October 2005 meeting with Coulson, which Goodman maintains is the moment Mulcaire tasked to target young royals.
Goodman can’t be sure if Mulcaire knew he was hacking phones too at this time in 2005
Goodman confirms Mulcaire had his budget cut around 2005, and wanted to increase his income.
Goodman says “you keep on asking me the same question” about talking to Mulcaire about hacking pre Oct 2005: “I can’t recall”
Goodman says Mulcaire came with three Royal Aide numbers: Asprey, Lowther Pinkerton, Harverson.
“I don’t want anyone to think I’m not ashamed of what I did” says Goodman of Mulcaire deal: “at that time we were formalising what we did”
Goodman says he didn’t know believe or not Mulcaire’s claim that the info to hack came from “spooks”.
Goodman says “it was at the police station” that he first saw how Mulcaire “changed his evidence… with mounting horror”
“Glenn was suggesting…. DDN PINs came from a member of security services… it was impossible to check” says Goodman. “I just reported”
Andy Coulson’s knowledge of Phone Hacking
Langdale says “it would have made an amazing story… the fact security services monitoring Royal phones”.
On security services story, Goodman says that 1) They weren’t sure 2) Impossible to prove and 3) would have destroyed Mulcaire
“What meant I had to tell Coulson directly” says Goodman of Mulcaire, “he was a valuable resource for the paper”
“If I went to Andy and don’t tell him it’s Mulcaire, and something goes wrong” says Goodman: “I had to tell him and I did”
“I had to tell Andy exactly what was going on so he could make a judgement on it” says Goodman of Mulcaire Alexander project.
Langdale says that Asprey was already being hacked. “It was being brought into the project” says Goodman.
Goodman says “sounds awful now” but “in business terms it was a no brainer” to pay Mulcaire on a retainer for Royal Aides.
“At this point Andy Coulson was no stranger to hacking” says Goodman of Blunkett tapes. Justice Saunders intervenes.
“What was the point of paying £500 to Glenn Mulcaire” asks Langdale. Goodman replies he provided new PINs and monitored daily.
“It was as plain as day I was hacking myself” says Goodman of later transcripts of Royal voicemails. He says he told Coulson.
“Quite plain this was something he knew, and something the news desks couldn’t do… understand relevance of calls” says Goodman
“In the great scheme of things…. £500 would barely cover the photocopying bill” says Goodman of Mulcaire Alexander payment
Goodman says its “self evident” they would have kept this “side arrangement” secret from NOTW news desk and Greg Miskiw.
“There would have been an enormous office turmoil” says Goodman of letting another senior NOTW know about Mulcaire Alexander project.
Langdale turns to a black file. A ‘first proof’ created 29/10/06 as part of Goodman’s defence when he was arrested.
Goodman says this was a joint effort with Henri Brandman – Langdale goes back to previous evidence saying it was him alone.
“Mr Goodman I’m going to nail it down if you don’t mind” says Langdale about the provenance of this paragraph in Goodman’s draft ‘proof’
30/10/06 email ‘Services of John Kelsey Fry’ – Brandman talks about provide Kelsey Fry with paras of Goodman’s ‘draft proof of evidence’
Some discussion about Brandman document – break till 10 am tomorrow.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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