Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 24 Apr

Thursday 24 April 2014

The Cross-Examination of Andy Coulson Continues
Counsel for Clive Goodman questions Andy Coulson
The David Blunkett Hacking and the PCC Code
Coulson cross-examined on Clive Goodman
Mulcaire, Nine Consultancy and The Alexander Project
After Goodman’s arrest
Coulson’s conversations with Goodman after arrest
Goodman meetings with NI Lawyer
Connections to Thurlbeck and Miskew
Issuing of Public Statements
Goodman pleads guilty

The Cross-Examination of Andy Coulson Continues
Counsel for Clive Goodman questions Andy Coulson
Back at #hackingtrial with Andy Coulson on his sixth day in the witness box, currently being cross examined by David Spens QC, for Goodman
Andy Coulson wanted to clarify about cash payments to his Royal source mentioned yesterday
“Having thought about it last night I’m not sure she was paid through the system” says Coulson. “She gave me a name that wasn’t hers”
Coulson says he was not aware of hacking by Mulcaire, Weatherup or – apart from Blunkett voicemails – that Thurlbeck involved in hacking
Coulson says he didn’t know about three other journalists had spoken to Dan Evans about hacking, or that he was hacking himself
Coulson says he didn’t know about Goodman’s and hacking – or that James Weatherup had talked to Dan Evans about hacking.
“All these people working for you as editor of NOTW, and you didn’t know?” asks Spens. Coulson: “I didn’t know”
The David Blunkett Hacking and the PCC Code
Spens goes to the PCC code of practice circa 2003 than specifically bans interception of phone messages.
“They can’t spell at the PCC” says Justice Saunders of PCC code which describes use of listening devices etc.
The June 2004 PCC code in practice during the Blunkett tapes bans “intercepting private or mobile telephone calls or emails”
Coulson says he was sure he was aware of the content of Para 10.1 of the PCC code in August 2004
David Spens QC goes through Coulson conversations with Neville Thurlbeck about Blunkett 21/07/04 “shocked”by voicemail messages
Coulson’s evidence has been that he insisted that Thurlbeck stop. But by the 06/08/04 Thurlbeck played a small number of messages.
Coulson says he had assumed Thurlbeck had done the hacking himself. He didn’t speak to any senior execs about Blunkett voicemails
Coulson confirms Thurlbeck was the “chief reporter”: he agrees that Thurlbeck had hacked the Home Secretary’s voicemail
Spens said Coulson had two weeks to think about what Thurlbeck had done.
“I’m telling the jury that I told him to stop – that was the single important thing… didn’t occur to me it involved anyone else at NOTW”
Coulson agrees it was a very serious breach of the code. “I made an assumption that he had listened to these messages” says Coulson
Coulson says he didn’t ask Thurlbeck about how he obtained Blunkett’s voicemails.
Coulson says he didn’t make any further inquiries about phone hacking at NOTW
Spens cites a 2005 email from Goodman to Coulson about Harry saying “to be honest I wanted to be a Jordans”: Coulson asked how we get this?
16/09/04 Coulson had dinner with Guy Black – he did to mention to head of PCC his chief reporter had hacked phones.
Coulson isn’t sure whether Thurlbeck played new messages in August 2004 – he didn’t ask if they were new.
Spens asks if Coulson was so concerned about a trivial source over Harry, he wouldn’t have be interested in Thurlbeck’s voice hacking.
“Eventually” Coulson says he believed the Blunkett tape was in public interest: Thurlbeck was never disciplined or reported to PCC
“The real reason you weren’t curious is that you knew that phone hacking happened at NOTW” says Spens. “That isn’t true” says Coulson
Justice Saunders asks Coulson if he believed the act of hacking was justified in initiating hacking: No, just the material.
Coulson says senior NI execs who knew did not order internal inquiry. Nor did other senior NOTW he told.
Coulson says he didn’t have a conversation with the News Editor about Thurlbeck’s hacking.
Coulson concedes “I’m sorry – I didn’t do that” to the lack of response to Thurlbeck’s phone hacking of Blunkett voicemails:
“I think I made a mistake” says Coulson. “But in a way the system work because the reporter brought to me and I made decision
Coulson says he spoke to NI lawyer about Thurlbeck hacking – lawyer made no mention of any illegality.
Coulson agrees that NI lawyer wasn’t aware of the Interception of Communications Act 2000
Coulson reiterates that Blunkett was a friend of the company an his boss at NI
Justice Saunders asks about NI legal advice over privacy: Blunkett could have asked for injunction over voicemails.
“He’s a politician and may have decided not to do it” says Coulson of lack of Blunkett injunction
Coulson is asked why he didn’t tell Blunkett about voicemails: it would “gone down only one road…. a story deeply critical of him”
Coulson accepts that telling Blunkett of sources (plural) was “misleading”
Coulson reiterates his understanding from the messages that Blunkett was going to go public with his relationship, and that others knew
Coulson agrees Blunkett is a “decent man” and he says “I regret the decision I made”
“This was about someone having an affair” says Coulson “and given what was going on in my life, the irony is not lost on me”
“Pure hypocrisy isn’t it” says Spens of Blunkett story while Coulson was also having affair. Coulson “As I said, the irony is not lost on me
Coulson cross-examined on Clive Goodman
Spens turns to School of Excellence programme started by Coulson at NOTW and the “dangers of dark arts” – didn’t include hacking, he says
Coulson agrees that if NI lawyer didn’t know phone hacking was illegal, NOTW journalists wouldn’t be taught that at training sessions.
Coulson says the School of Excellence training at NOTW was “comprehensive”: Goodman never attended says Spens
Coulson says “he’s not sure” he was aware of the term “phone hacking” back in 2005
Spens turns to a 2005 Goodman email to Coulson about a leak: “someone hacking Paddy’s voicemail… I can see if password protected”
“I see it here written down in black and white in Feb 2005… I’m not sure I knew that word” says Coulson of term ‘phone hacking’
18/08/05 Coulson had lunch with Clive according to his expenses – which don’t show where they went.
16/08/05 email cited by Spens: Coulson emails Goodman on TV appearances “I need a story this week Clive – something of substance”
Spens says this lunch was the “occasion when you asked him … to find new ways to get into” the young Royals. Coulson says it could be.
Two days after this lunch meeting 20/08/05 Coulson emails Goodman “where are revelations???” in his Blackadder column.
01/10/05 a new news desk editor at NOTW. Spens alleges this new journo spoke frequently about phone “traffic”
This senior NOTW journalist referred to “family and friends” Coulson: “It was not clear to me he was getting access to… phone billings”
Coulson agrees were trying to find the “Lotto Rapist”: News Editor emails about how to “triangulate” the location.
“Triangulate sounds like something from 24” says Coulson: “And if someone had said that to me I would have remembered it”
Coulson doesn’t remember phone triangulation: he says the Lotto Rapist story was “picture based”
Coulson had no recollection of News Editor referring to “his man”. “You knew x had inherited Glenn Mulcaire from Miskiw” says Spens. “No”
Coulson agrees he’s very keen on football. Spens adduces a NOTW article 18/08/02 on Glenn Mulcaire as a footballer and NOTW investigator
“This is the least important, least read, sports page in the paper” says Coulson of Mulcaire article. He doesn’t believe he read it.
Mulcaire, Nine Consultancy and The Alexander Project
Spens adduces a Kuttner NOTW budget document from 2005/06 – revised 12/05/05: Item 14 ‘Cut 50% from Nine Consultancy” – crossed out.
Coulson can remember “a mention of Nine consultancy… in a budget meeting” so it may be this budget discussion.
“£105,000 is a lot of money in the scheme of things, but not in NOTW £32 million budget” says Coulson.
Coulson does remember Nine Consultancy being discussed but from a “money saving aspect”: there were two meeting over this budget.
Spens asks if another NOTW journalist would talk in conference about a couple “making it clear he had been hacking”
Spens says Coulson told this NOTW journo not to talk about phone hacking in NOTW conferences anymore; “No that didn’t happen” says Coulson
Goodmail email to senior NOTW editor cited by Spens: “I was updating Andy on a project… to get greenlight and activate straight away”
Coulson has accepted this “may well have been” a reference to Goodman’s ‘Alexander Project’
In previous evidence Coulson had said: “Given my pressure on him, I agreed” to the Alexander project. Signed off with Kuttner.
Coulson also said previously that he didn’t think he knew the name ‘Alexander’ and believed it was a source close to the Young Royals
Coulson had said it was a passing meeting. Spens says it was a pre-booked meeting, and “was more formal than you remember it”
Spens goes through Coulson’s complaints Goodman had been “underperforming” and Kuttner’s criticism for lifting article from the People
Coulson says he didn’t ask any details on Goodman’s source. He tells Saunders “we didn’t have sources on retainers as a matter of course”
“Clive knew who my source was” says Coulson of potential clash over Royal tip offs. He asked nothing and “took it on face value”
Coulson agrees neither he nor Goodman put any other sources on a “retainer”: “I saw it as a trial source for Clive” says Coulson
“Why wasn’ this retainer put through the news desk budget?” ask Spens. “I don’t know” says Coulson.
Coulson says he approved Alexander payments: “the process thereafter I wasn’t involved in”
Alexander payments went straight to editorial management budget and were signed off by Kuttner: “Stuart had made a decision”
Spens put Goodman’s case “He told you Miskiw’s old contact Glenn Mulcaire had offered to monitor three phones around young royals” 25/10/05
“That’s not true” says Coulson of Spens’ allegation that Goodman told him of Mulcaire additional payments to hack young royals.
Spens claims Alexander payments went through editorial budget to as not to annoy news desk who were regularly using Mulcaire. Coulson denies
Coulson accepts that Goodman emailed him about Alexander based stories. He can’t confirm the news desk weren’t involved.
“I didn’t have a secret arrangement with Clive Goodman” says Coulson. When he says he blurred lines of contact with Goodman meant generallly
26/10/05 the hacking of Jamie Lowther Pinkerton’s phone began – the day after Goodman/Coulson meeting.
28/10/05 Goodman emails Coulson “that new project is starting getting results… Lowther Pinkerton in meltdown… Mark Dyer undercutting”
“How do you think this source had such intimate detail” asks Spens. “That email reads to me directly as a human source” says Coulson.
Coulson email replies on 28/10/05 “Pop in”: “Could have been something completely different” says Coulson.
30/10/05 First Alexander payment to Mulcaire: 25/11/05 “a month to the day after project began… Mr Goodman is asking for another month”
Spens cites a transcript of a voicemail message Goodman claims he made while at NOTW about Prince Harry and Lowther Pinkerton
Goodman’s evidence is that he made this transcript on Coulson’s demand 07/11/05 and that he showed it to Coulson and other senior staff.
Coulson denies commissioning this transcript or showing to other senior NOTW staff
08/12/05 Coulson emails Goodman over Harry story “Have you stood it up?”
Spens asks how Coulson knew about “the Harry exam story without having seen the transcript”: Coulson can’t remember.
Coulson says he’s asking if the story was true, not trying to conceal the source.
Coulson emails Goodman: “we’re a million miles from standing it up as far as I can see” on Harry Exam story.
Emails show other NOTW editors concerned Goodman going direct to Coulson and behind their backs.
Goodman emails NOTW editor: that Coulson “had a full briefing last night… but needs to stand it up”
“What Clive’s definition of a full briefing is I don’t know” says Coulson of Goodman meeting.
“You knew that source couldn’t be revealed if it was a hacking source” says Spens. “No” says Coulson
09/12/05 Goodman still emailing Coulson direct with no cc’s on “Harry” and sample copy: setting out three ways of “standing story up”
“As we know it is 100 percent fact” says Goodman in email to Coulson about Harry Exam story.
Spens says the reference to “we” is more personal than an unknown source: “He was sharing a secret with you” Coulson denies this.
Coulson says “as we know” is a common term in newspapers. He says journalists state something if “100% true” with regularity.
Spens says that Goodman going to four other contacts to stand up Harry Exam story based on voicemail messages. Coulson says no.
“It’s clear to you that he couldn’t use the source he had to stand it up, and had to go to three other sources” says Spens.
“No, I don’t think it is perfectly obvious” Goodman was trying to hide his source on Harry Exam story.
“I think that’s too precise to get through unnoticed” wrote Goodman. Coulson says “I probably lost the will to live at this point”
Spens says the “too precise to get through” by Goodman means that the mention of Iraq embassy would reveal voicemail hacking.
“Journalists are worried about their sources being exposed on a pretty regular basis” says Coulson of Goodman’s concerns over Harry Exam
Later that day, Goodman emails senior NOTW staff “in similar terms” over Harry Exam story. Next day he’s emailing Coulson and this other
Still on the 10th Coulson emails Goodman “What’s happening with that story” Goodman “Just finished the calls and going through the tapes
Goodman emails Coulson “as we know that’s not exactly what he asked for… but can’t ask more without exposing source”
“As we know” Goodman says in end of email to Coulson “Harry was asking for information”
Coulson is then in contact with senior NOTW editorial staff about Harry story: he then emails Goodman asking for someone “to go on record”
The Harry Exam story made the Blackadder column on 18/12/05
Coulson agrees that the Harry Exam story “should have been between Clive and the News Editor”
Spens points out that Coulson did not protest with Goodman mainly communicating with him over Harry Exam story. Coulson says a mistake
11/01/06 Goodman emails Coulson directly over “Kate” and “direct from our new source, we’ll be getting more from during the week”
Spens claims the story went direct to Coulson, and through editorial budget, because it was based on Mulcaire. Coulson denies this.
Coulson agrees he thought ‘Kate story’ same Goodman source
Spens adduces a transcript of tape from Glenn Mulcaire’s home address 27/01/06 Goodman emails Coulson directly on “Matey’s results”
“Talking of which” (i.e. Matey’s results) Goodman email talks of William getting shot during a night exercise.
Coulson agrees that ‘Matey’ here appears to be same Goodman source.
03/02/06 Goodman emails Coulson about “new ways of getting into the family” and says Alexander source will be “very productive… run longer
Spen says that Goodman claims Coulson was putting pressure on him to ‘use hacking”
“You knew about hacking didn’t you” says Spens “I knew of one incident” says Coulson.
Coulson remembers “I was keen we should try to establish contacts with friends around the Royals”
07/02/06 Goodman asks Coulson “might be extend Matey one more week” and how it would make “finding William and Kate more probable”
Coulson says this tracking down of Will and Kate could come from a human source.
Coulson emails Goodman: “How do we know Harry true?” about Prince Harry and Unknown Woman.
“This is traffic between just you and him, and nobody else involved” says Spens of 28/04/06 “same source we have on a retainer”
“We absolutely know it to be true” writes Goodman to Coulson, but couldn’t be revealed and so had to be stood up. Coulson agrees.
Goodman email to Coulson talks about having to “blag” a confession from Paddy Harverson and “as we know from the inf”
“Another example of Clive’s overdramatic language” says Coulson. But concedes “we absolutely know it to be true” to be plain language.
Spens adduces a transcript of Mulcaire voicemails: a Sandhurst general leaves message for J L-P over William at a Ball 12/04/06
Coulson says he was on holiday. He doesn’t think William getting drunk is a major issue. Though it appeared on pages 4 and 5 of NOTW.
“I suspect I would have called in” says Coulson. He might have talked of splashes during that Easter in 2006
July 2006, says Spens “the project has been running for about eight months”: Coulson says he ended project in Feb. Spens says same source
Goodman emails Coulson about “rock solid” evidence from “that fellah who used to be on a monthly retainer”.
Coulson denies that he understood “rock solid” was a voicemail interception.
Spens cites a Goodman email over Army Exercise: “same source as Kate… and these are William’s exact words”
“I’ve put to you 7 or 8 different topics, put to you directly” says Spens of email correspondence about Goodman’s Alexander project.
Spens puts Goodman’s case that Coulson did the best he could to conceal he was involved in Goodman’s Alexander project.
After Goodman’s arrest
Spens talks of meeting with Coulson, Brandman and Kuttner – the day after Kuttner had talked to Goodman post arrest in August 2006
Coulson concedes – though he doesn’t remember the meeting – they were “meeting to discuss what might happen next and what we knew”
Coulson has no memory of being told about “secret services providing” information for phone hacking by Kuttner or that he knew of Mulcaire.
Coulson says he was not told about Goodman’s allegation that he was involved in phone hacking in August 2008
The next day after Goodman’s arrest 12.30 to 16.45 meeting with Kuttner, Coulson and some lawyers.
This post Goodman arrest meeting is on 11/08/06 is 12.30 to 16.15 – Coulson says he might not have attended whole thing
Spens adduces the Stuart Kuttner note of his debriefing of Goodman after his arrest.
10/08/06 is the date of this Kuttner note: Goodman claims “told Andy this at the start” about Mulcaire payments and hacking.
Coulson cannot remember if Kuttner had his notes with him at the 4 hour meeting the next day. He concedes he’d ask what Clive had said.
“It’s inconceivable… that Mr Kuttner wouldn’t have told you?” says Spens of Goodman’s allegations. Langdale objects.
Now Caplan intervenes: “the note is open to a number of interpretations… Mr Spens has put an interpretation on this”
Justice Saunders clarifies about Kuttner’s notes about SIS and “told Andy at the start” – Coulson clarifies he should have been told.
Coulson cannot remember meeting or conversation or “if any of this was passed onto me… in an edited form”
“Come, come Mr Coulson” says Spens. “No, not come come” objects Saunders. “That’s a comment”
On the SIS allegations Coulson says he would have replied “Clive that’s the best story you ever had”
Coulson denies that he knew of Goodman’s allegations about his involvement at this time in August 2006
Coulson’s conversations with Goodman after arrest
Coulson agrees that in 2006 he was told phone hacking was illegal: contrary to the legal advice he had in 2004. He spoke to Goodman that day
Coulson agrees he told Goodman he’d be suspended on full pay and his legal fees would be paid.
Coulson denies Goodman’s allegations that Coulson claimed he was talking to people investigating phone hacking.
Coulson denies telling Goodman to plead guilty: “far too early to make assumptions…. I absolutely dispute I asked him to plead guilty”
Coulson agrees he wanted to limit embarrassment to NOTW, but denies wanting to limit police investigation.
Spens claims Coulson wanted to meet Goodman “somewhere neutral” when he set up Cafe Rouge meeting, or that it would be crucial to his future
14/08/06 Cafe Rouge meeting with Goodman and Coulson: Coulson says his PA Belinda would have known, he may have mentioned to NI execs.
Goodman’s evidence is that this Cafe Rouge meeting was around 4pm. Goodman made note about 20 mins afterwards.
BREAKING: Goodman claims Coulson told him the police did not want to investigate phone hacking “any deeper” than Goodman Mulcaire in 2006
Coulson denies this and Goodman’s claim that NOTW could influence police investigation: “NOTW in difficult relationship with Ian Blair”
Coulson dismisses Goodman’s claim that he said “NOTW could manipulate the Metropolitan Police”
Coulson agrees he encouraged Goodman to believe he still had a future.
BREAKING: Coulson denies his job offer to Goodman post arrest was on condition of him pleading guilty to hacking as rogue reporter.
Coulson denies saying to Goodman at Cafe Rouge “he had to admit to having gone off the reservation”
Coulson concedes that might have told Goodman that “he would be one of the those people who came back” after arrest.
Coulson says he might have ‘reassured’ Goodman about his career: but to say he guaranteed job post prison “my words completely twisted”
Coulson agrees he rang Goodman directly again and had by now “talked to management about it”
During this phone conversation Coulson offered Goodman more work: his salary was paid and his legal fees by NI.
Spens says Goodman was “vulnerable” at this point. Coulson denies any threat to cut off his salary
Spen alleges the offer of work was made to Goodman “to control him… so he wouldn’t rat on you.” Coulson says “we were trying to help Clive
Lunch break till 2.05 pm
Spens, for Goodman, continues with his cross examination of Andy Coulson: He explains the full Goodman personnel file hasn’t been dsiclosed
Coulson explains that Goodman didn’t get a by-line in the NOTW for his work after his arrest. “The public wouldn’t know”
31/08/06 Goodman is being offered the opportunity to work from home by Coulson – others at NOTW and NI management knew of this offer.
15/09/06 email from NI lawyer to Goodman about Rebekah Brooks‘ info from police “not widening the case to include other NOTW people”
Coulson confirms he “was not going to volunteer information” to police: including information about Thurlbeck’s hacking of David Blunkett.
BREAKING: Coulson says he chose not to tell police about Thurlbeck hacking after Goodman arrest because “impact on me was a factor”
Coulson says that he was also thinking of the paper and the company when not telling police. “Self preservation comes first” says Spens.
Coulson points out the memo is from an NI lawyer.
Coulson didn’t “interpret as definitive” a legal memo that suggests police not widening investigation beyond Goodman and Mulcaire.
Spens talks about an “open channel of communication” between Henri Brandman, NI lawyer and Coulson. “I had no idea was inappropriate”
Saunders intervenes to establish legal memo from Brooks’ conversation represented Coulson’s state of mind. He points out it’s second hand
Goodman meetings with NI Lawyer
03/11/06 Coulson speaks to Goodman about getting copy of prosecution case and writes to NI lawyer “Clive fine with that”
Spens maintains that Coulson was “forceful” in asking for legal papers from Goodman. He doesn’t think he put “undue pressure” on him
NI lawyer writes back to Coulson about the legal papers having talked to Goodman’s lawyer Henri Brandman: Goodman’s attitude “not good”
“Clive is being similarly difficult” writes NI Lawyer about talking to his QC John Kelsey Fry.
“I think X and I were keen to see the papers” says Coulson of emails about Goodman having phone hacking prosecution papers in November 2006
07/11/06 a lawyers meeting between Goodman, Brandman, Kelsey Fry and NI lawyer: Coulson thinks it’s very likely he knew of NI lawyer meeting
At this meeting, Goodman alleges, NI lawyer said “you’re not going to be dismissed if you don’t implicate other people”
Coulson denies giving NI lawyer authority to say this to Goodman.
Coulson accepts that if Goodman had suggested that he as NOTW editor knew about Mulcaire, it’s “entirely logical” he would be employed
J Saunders asks what Goodman’s position would have been had he named other NOTW journalists: “If he lied” says Coulson, would be a problem
“I wasn’t his boss – he didn’t work for me” says Coulson of NI lawyer. The next day NI lawyer met Goodman at Carluccios
Transcript of this Carluccio’s meeting between Goodman and NI lawyer adduced by Spens: NI lawyer says “I went back and reported… Andy”
“He says he knew you had a source in that area but didn’t know what the source was…. though he did authorise payments” says NI lawyer.
The last quote from NI lawyer in Carluccios in 2006 was a report of Coulson’s attitude to Goodman’s Alexander payments.
Coulson concedes that NI lawyer’s account tallies with his current evidence.
Spens says NI lawyers remarks suggest Coulson knew back then Goodman was trying to implicate him. Coulson says he didn’t know then.
NI lawyer told Goodman that Coulson did authorise payments to Alexander project. Coulson concedes he probably told NI that at time
“I don’t think Andy’s got any worries on that score… don’t think it’s going to be relevant” says Goodman to NI lawyer in 2006
Goodman claimed he told NI lawyer he wouldn’t put forward other hacking at NOTW in mitigation. Coulson can’t remember being told this.
09/11/06 Goodman records a phone conversation with Coulson
Coulson: “one thing from that meeting…. that [NI lawyer] passed on” on tape suggests NI lawyer met Goodman at Carluccio’s the day before.
“I see it here in black and white so I’m sure that’s right” says Coulson of NI lawyer briefing him on meeting Goodman at Carluccios
Transcript of taped conversation: Coulson says Goodman losing his job “not a foregone conclusion” Goodman “I don’t see how that’s possible”
Taped conservation between Goodman and Coulson talks about the misunderstanding about providing the prosecution papers to NOTW.
Coulson denies keeping a job offer open to Goodman to stop himself being named as being involved in Mulcaire phone hacking.
Coulson “disagrees” with Spens’ suggestion he was keeping job offers open to keep Goodman “on side”
Coulson on tape reiterates that he has “every intention” to employ Goodman after trial because of his “duty of care”
Coulson says he genuinely felt a “duty of care” after “applying pressure to Clive”
Coulson concedes that Goodman’s actions were in breach of PCC, but “can’t date with any certainty that he was going to plead guilty”
“It sounds very legal” says Spens of ‘duty of care’ “It was my feeling” says Coulson: “and I genuinely felt that way…after my resignation”
“You have it from me…. I absolutely see a future for you here” says Coulson on taped phone conversation to Goodman prior to guilty plea
“In broad terms… management were certainly aware” Coulson says of these offers of future employment to Clive Goodman in 2006
Connections to Thurlbeck and Miskew
10/11/06 NI lawyer writes to Coulson about Goodman’s case and prosecution papers.
NI lawyer refers to “five lever arch files” of prosecution evidence against Goodman in 2006: he’s found connections to Thurlbeck and Miskw
BREAKING: NI lawyer discovered connections in Goodman prosecution papers to Miskiw, Thurlbeck and others in November 2006
Coulson asks NI Lawyer if “there’s nothing else that could help or hinder” in 2006: he “doesn’t remember” being personally concerned
Coulson email in Nov 2006 says he’s sending Kuttner and another senior NOTW exec to inspect 5 lever arch files of Goodman prosecution case
A break in #hackingtrial to find missing papers. 10 minute break.
Spens shows jury a 22/11/06 document “exactly a week before Goodman was going to plead guilty at this court” from NI lawyer
“He will feel greatly inhibited if I’m there” says NI Lawyer about attending Goodman’s legal conference a week before court hearing
Spens asks Coulson if he had a previous conversation with NI lawyer about Goodman’s essay: “the email certainly suggests that” says Coulson
Coulson agrees it’s “certainly a likelihood” that Goodman’s lawyer Brandman told NI lawyer about Goodman’s five page essay
Coulson says he doesn’t know why Goodman would feel “inhibited” by NI lawyer. “I don’t believe I knew exactly what was in the essay”
Spens adduces the five page essay written by Goodman: “I think it’s 5 weeks since jury have seen it” “Quite recent then” jokes Saunders
Goodman’s November 2006 essay contends he got Coulson’s agreement to use Mulcaire and the NOTW “used transcripts of his messages”
“It’s very likely” says Coulson that NI lawyer “reported back to me”. Around that time they probably knew Goodman was going to plead guilty
Spens asks whether Goodman’s being ‘inhibited’ about NI lawyer didn’t put Coulson “on alert”. Coulson “I don’t know what I felt at the time”
Issuing of Public Statements
25/11/06 Coulson is preparing a public statement – he agrees by this time he must have known about Goodman’s guilty plea
25/11/06 Coulson emails NI lawyer with public statement on hacking: “I put in place guidelines to make sure these methods were not deployed”
Coulson says that he had “in mind the School of Excellence” about these prior guidelines about phone hacking.
Coulson says he “can’t remember a specific document” for training sessions. “There would have been guidelines about PCC and… privacy”
Spens asks how guidelines were reinforced after Goodman arrest: ‘My memory is we sent an email out to staff…. on voicemail interception”
Coulson says this email has not been found though.
Coulson accepts that Legal comments on his public statement in Nov 2006 on phone hacking show NI Lawyer “concerned not to upset Mr Goodman”
27/11/06 Coulson emails NI exec with draft statement. He’s dropped reference to guidelines being in place before Goodman arrest.
Spens adduces same email with further comments between NI exec and Andy Coulson: “Will my statement cause a problem with Clive?”
Coulson write about wording his statement in a “problematic way”. “If I had something specific” he says, “I would have put it in memo”
Coulson denies that by “problematic” at this point he wasn’t think Goodman was going to implicate him.
27/11/06 Coulson emails Kuttner, senior NOTW journalist and NI lawyer with another draft of public statement. NOTW journo replies next day
NOTW journalist talks of Goodman’s ability to “throw spanners” after guilty plea, and amends Coulson’s public statement with CAPS.
Spens points out that senior NOTW journo apparently didn’t know Coulson had put in any measures to prevent phone hacking.
Coulson says CAPS amendments are copy edits. He thinks subsequent comment on Goodman punishment in same vein.
Saunders asks if NOTW journalist “expected Goodman to be sacked?” after guilty plea. “I don’t remember that” says Coulson
28/11/06 Coulson emails NI exec with new amendments to public statement.
NI exec inserts word “rules” rather than “guidelines” over phone hacking in Coulson’s public statement over Goodman’s guilty plea in 2006.
Justice Saunders points out that public statement included phone hacking being a “sacking offence”
28/11/06 Coulson emails NI exec again with draft letter to Sir Michael Peat: mentions “additional measures so these offences not repeated”
A minute later on 28/11/06 Coulson replies to NI exec with another draft apology – the final version released the following day Spens says.
Spens says Coulson has, over three days of redrafting public statement, “dropped” any reference to “previous measures being in place”
Coulson says the dropping of “previous measures” was “on legal advice” because Goodman might be upset – not because it was untrue.
Goodman pleads guilty
29/11/06 Goodman pleads guilty. But now is planning a “plea of mitigation”
Coulson says previous guidelines he put in place were contained in the School of Excellence
Spens says Goodman’s guilty plea was “an opportunity” to dismiss him. “There was grounds to do so” says Coulson.
NI lawyer talks about Goodman “straying off the preferred line” in his “quiet chats with probation service”
“By this stage the thought was in my mind that I might resign aswell” says Coulson denying the “things are going so well” email
Coulson says this is a reference to media coverage at this point. Spens suggests it went well in other ways. “No it was a disastrous day”
02/12/06 NI lawyer emails Coulson: “I plan to get him out for lunch… with Warren perhaps”
Spens cites a series of emails between Brooks and Coulson on the day of Goodman’s guilty plea: “it’s all going so well today”
Saunders points out that Coulson’s accusation that Goodman was ‘lying’ about other NOTW editors hacking now appears to be true.
Coulson says he means his state of mind now.
Coulson says he didn’t know what NI Lawyer’s “preferred line” was – though he agrees he replied a minute later without confusion 02/12/06
NI lawyer explains to Coulson in email that he had information from Henri Brandman, Goodman’s lawyer, about what he said to probation
Coulson says his NI lawyer had known Henri Brandman for a long time, and agrees NI were paying those bills.
Coulson asks NI lawyer if Henri Brandman would be present at Goodman’s probation officer meeting: “I was just curious” says Coulson.
“I reject that with respect” says Coulson to Spens suggestion he was desperate to know what Goodman was saying to his probation officer.
“I had a genuinely based view probation service was no friend of NOTW” says Coulson of email. He says that view now paranoid and mistaken
Spens asks why Coulson why he wanted Goodman to know the probation service was “no friend of NOTW”:
Coulson denies trying to put off Goodman talking to probation service with this message: “I was wrong, being unfair to probation service”
12/12/06 conference at Kelsey Fry’s chambers with Goodman, Brandman and NI lawyer: Coulson thinks it “quite likely” he knew of meeting.
Coulson accepts that, if NI lawyer said he wouldn’t take Goodman back if he talked, “it sounds like a threat”. But he didn”t approve it.
Coulson says that it would “entirely logical that if… Goodman says he would implicate me…. how could we continue to employ him?”
Coulson says he doesn’t know what the NI lawyer is doing now.
30/12/06 to 02/01/07 emails about Goodman’s probation hearing – Coulson knew the date: “I was concerned, certainly, at this stage” he says
02/01/07 email from Goodman to Coulson about catching up. Coulson says meet NI lawyer.
Coulson agrees he passed on a message to Goodman through his lawyers that he wanted to see him in the new year 2007
03/01/07 Coulson emails NI lawyer “do we have any news on Clive’s probation meeting?” “Why were you so keen to have news?” asks Spens.
“I can’t pretend not to have had an interest in this” says Coulson of Goodman probation: “but can’t say I was keeping a very close eye”
“I’d also decided to bring a 20 year newspaper career to an end at this time” says Coulson.
Saunders explains to the jury, to avoid confusion, that the NI lawyer is not Coulson’s lawyer, but represented the company.
NI lawyer replies to Coulson that Brandman has told him that the “who knows” subject didn’t arise in Goodman’s meeting with probation
Coulson accepts that “by now” the “who knew” element meant “who knew about phone hacking.
Coulson replies to NI lawyer: “Don’t forget to fix up meet with Goodman as soon as possible”. Coulson “don’t remember what the purpose was”
Coulson says “I didn’t want to cut Goodman adrift” at this point. He denies it was about keeping Goodman “on side” till sentencing.
Court resumes 9.30 tomorrow. On Monday won’t start till 11.30

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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