Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 23 Apr

Wednesday 23 April 2014

The Defence of Andy Coulson Continues
Andy Coulson questioned about Clive Goodman and Glen Mulcaire
Royal Stories
Clive Goodman’s Arrest
Coulson’s conversations and meeting with Goodman after arrest
Goodman’s Prosecution Documents
Taped conversations between Coulson and Goodman
Coulson’s actions after Goodman arrest
Coulson decides to resign
Graphic Charts of Mulcaire’s activity
Coulson’s involvement with the Conservative Party
Andy Coulson Cross-examined by Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
Coulson questioned about conversations with Rebekah Brooks
Andy Coulson Cross-examined by Counsel for Clive Goodman
Counsel for Goodman goes back over Coulson career at NOTW
Coulson’s contact with Rebekah Brooks
Coulson’s time at the Sun
Coulson questioned on Bullying
Favourable Reports of Goodman
Coverage of the Royal Family Stories

The Defence of Andy Coulson Continues
Andy Coulson questioned about Clive Goodman and Glen Mulcaire
Back at #hackingtrial and Andy Coulson giving his evidence in chief: now on Clive Goodman in 2006
11/01/06 email from Goodman to Coulson: “It says Clive had a new source in regard to this story”
Justice Saunders asks if “standing up” means sufficient for court. Coulson says it was probably about needing another source
Jan 2006 Goodman to Coulson: “I’ll have that list of Matey’s results… getting stronger and stronger since William started at Sandhurst”
Coulson addresses the phrase ‘Matey’s results”: “Matey was a word Clive would use to describe his source…”
“I’ve seen he’s referred to other sources as matey going back quite some time” says Coulson of Goodman’s email.
Late Jan 2006 Goodman email to Coulson about William “Beagling”: “he’s due back at 6… want me to put it to Paddy?”
Coulson says he can’t remember this email and replied curtly because he was irritated.
Goodman email also says a “punter could have called it in”: Coulson says this is an example “of Clive wanting his hand held through stories”
31/01/06 Coulson emails Goodman: “Holy Moly” website claiming: “Your Blackadder columnist using my stories.. not getting any credit for it”
Coulson had met the website owner who complained of plagiarism – son a friend of his – at a wedding in early 2006
03/02/06 Goodman Email – cited before – on “Stuart told me of decision on Matey’s weekly payment” and setting out his value for money
Goodman email explains “costs for Matey and setting it up…. he’s not a hack”. Coulson replies: “I’m sorry it has to go”
Goodman’s reply says loss of Matey “devastating for my network”. Coulson says he didn’t think “arrangement was producing stories”
Coulson tells his counsel Timothy Langdale that he doesn’t remember a conversation with Goodman about ‘matey’ at this stage in Feb 2006
07/02/06 Goodman emails Coulson about a memorial for their joint friend Chris Blythe and then “might we extend Matey for one more week”
Coulson replies “fine” to weekly extension of Matey: he can’t remember writing this email but assumed arrangement would end in a week.
Coulson tells the jury that moving Matey to payment per story is “no different to any other contributor”
Goodman then emails Kuttner in Feb about ‘Alexander’: “I’ve now got his agreement to work for us on a published results only basis”
Royal Stories
28/04/06 Coulson emails Goodman “How do we know Harry true?” about a Prince Harry story.
Goodman replies to Coulson on Harry: “same source we had on a retainer…. I absolutely know it to be true”
“Difficult for me to say what I thought at a time as I don’t particularly remember this” says Coulson but “slightly irritated” by long reply
13/05/06 Coulson emails Goodman about “Will’s failure to sing anthem”: He’s talked to Mark Bolland about it being a “snub”
“I believe I was watching the FA Cup final and noticed Prince William wasn’t singing the national anthem” says Coulson.
“Perhaps he had a sore throat” says Justice Saunders of Prince William not singing national anthem at FA cup
Another email from Goodman: “Harry’s Flat is Mark Dyers place” Coulson says “steam in”.
Goodman replies about “monitoring” Royal Staff over this Harry/Chelsey story.
Coulson says his reply to Goodman “steam in” means “follow up…. I have no idea what he’s talking about Natalie Pinkham and landlines”
Goodman email also talks about a Somme visit: “Go to France please” replies Coulson.
Coulson says if a reporter made a trip on the basis of getting a better view on television, they’d probably never get out of the office.
“The point is to be there and make contacts” says Coulson of Goodman going to the Somme commemoration.
July 2006 Goodman email on Kate Middleton “sourcing is that fellah that used to be on a retainer… these are RWs exact words”
“Clive appears to have a story… from his original source” says Coulson about this email on a NOTW story ‘Kate’s Tales’
Coulson says the phrase “exact words” did not signify to him that Goodman had intercepted voicemail.
Clive Goodman’s Arrest
08/08/06 Goodman arrested. Coulson now turns to this event, questioned by his QC Timothy Langdale
Coulson says the first time he knew of Goodman’s arrest: “I got a phone call…. I was told the police were outside… outside”
Coulson recalls company lawyer and company security involved as police came onto floor of NOTW: “as the day rolled on…. more information”
Coulson is not certain, but thinks on that day, he first heard of Mulcaire” “two other people arrested apart from Clive”
“It became apparent quite quickly he’d been arrested for voicemail interception” says Coulson of Goodman’s arrest.
BREAKING: Coulson “doesn’t believe” he ever heard the name of Glenn Mulcaire until the day of Goodman’s arrest.
BREAKING: Coulson called Rupert Murdoch on the day of Goodman’s arrest 08/08/06
“The most valuable thing a newspaper has is the trust of its readers” Coulson recalled Murdoch saying on arrest of Goodman
Coulson explains the legal advice from NI. Justice Saunders intervenes asking if “legal privilege” has been cleared.
Edis: “There isn’t a general waiver from News International… though some documents cleared by MSC”
BREAKING: “Until that point nobody had any idea voicemail interception was illegal” says Coulson of legal advice on Goodman’s arrest
Coulson says NI lawyer was “shocked” that arrest had happened: though voicemail law was largely for “anti-terrorism”
Coulson says having police on floor on NOTW “very shocking” and wanted “to make sure the right thing was done from the company’s perspective
Coulson says he felt he had a “duty of care” to Goodman on his arrest, and was “very concerned for him”
Coulson thinks that employing Burton Copeland might have been his suggestion: “it’s possible”
Coulson explains the employing of outside solicitors Burton Copeland “to find out what had gone on” between Goodman and Mulcaire.
“That wasn”t for me to do” says Coulson of internal investigation at NOTW: “I didn’t think I should take on role of investigator”
“I don’t think it was on the media before we knew” says Coulson of knowing about Goodman’s release
Coulson recallls a meeting with Henri Brandman, Stuart Kuttner and other NI execs about Goodman’s arrest.
Coulson doesn’t remember being debriefed by Kuttner about what Clive Goodman had said.
Coulson’s conversations and meeting with Goodman after arrest
Coulson does remember, however, calling Goodman to tell him he’d been suspended and that “his legal fees would be covered” and paid.
Coulson denies saying to Goodman “the best thing to do would be to plead guilty” “No, that’s not true”
Coulson also doesn’t believe he told Goodman he was having discussions about the arrest with “police and Home Office”
“No, I never told him he should plead guilty…. or not guilty. It wasn’t for me to do” says Coulson.
14/08/06 Coulson meets Goodman at the Cafe Rouge “some concern about his well being” from his sister Fran Goodman, a chief NOTW sub
“He was not in great shape and I thought the right thing to do was to go and see him” says Coulson of meeting Goodman.
Coulson explains the Cafe Rouge conversation “to give him some reassurance… it’s been presented as a series of instructions from me”
“That’s not how I remember it” says Coulson of Cafe Rouge conversation. “He did most the talking”
“I didn’t ever feel that this situation, bad as it was, had to mean the end of his working life” says Coulson of Goodman’s arrest.
Though Coulson did believe Goodman could not continue as a Royal or front line reporter.
“Why be sympathetic to Clive Goodman?” asks Langdale. “That’s how I felt,” says Coulson.
Coulson: “I was concerned about the paper, and the company, and also – to be honest- concerned about me. But also concerned about Clive”
14/08/06 “I don’t think we knew very much by that stage” says Coulson of Glenn Mulcaire.
Coulson says his Goodman’s recollection of him having “gone off the reservation… is probably accurate”
Coulson denies using phrase “lone wolf” or that he had any influence on police “I was feeling many things but I was not feeling influential”
Coulson says he knew he was being taped by Goodman at Cafe Rouge “he kept fiddling with his combat jacket”
Coulson says all he’d have know at that point came from legal advice or other NI executives.
18/08/06 Coulson emails Fran Goodman “How’s Clive” Fran: “Very wobbly early in the week… He didn’t seem himself at all”
“He’s pleased you went to see him” writes Fran Goodman to Coulson about her brother Clive two days after first hearing on 16/08/06
31/08/06 Coulson calls Goodman about continuing to work for NOTW post arrest: “I’d talked to management… concern about his state of mind”
Coulson confirms Goodman retained on existing salary after arrest and worked on “something neutral” like book serialisations.
Langdale cites oft quoted 15/09/06 email to Coulson from NI lawyer and “Here’s what Rebekah told me…. info from cops” on Goodman/Mulcaire
NI lawyer email in September 2006 talks about up to a hundred hacking victims, phone records, contacts between Mulcaire and NOTW.
“I would say it supplemented” says Coulson of 15/09/06 email: “More information was known at that time”
Langdale asks when the Blunkett recordings became an issue: “I asked quite soon after” says Coulson “if Nine Consultancy involved in any way
Coulson “can’t say specifically who I asked” when trying to find out if Blunkett tapes came via Mulcaire.
Coulson says “I don’t remember but it’s quite likely” he discussed this 15/09/06 email about “info from cops” via Rebekah Brooks.
“I did not set out to volunteer information” says Coulson of police inquiry: “But I did not cover up.. or prevent anyone from investigating
Goodman’s Prosecution Documents
03/11/06 Coulson emails NI lawyer about sharing Goodman’s prosecution documents. Lawyer emails Henri Brandman over “photocopying nightmate”
“Clive had agreed… and then I think Clive changed his mind” says Coulson about sharing the prosecution papers after his arrest.
Email: “Clive is being difficult… changing his mind about having a set of papers” Coulson says of prosecution “No I didn’t see the papers”
03/11/06 NI lawyer email refers to Goodman’s barrister and a “Kelsey should know this but not that syndrome” from Goodman.
“Perhaps Clive told me himself… there were links between Nine Consultancy at NOTW…” says Coulson.
BREAKING: Coulson says that NI legal inquiry into Nine Consultancy in 2006 suggested no links to other NOTW news editors and phone hacking
Back after a break continuing with Coulson’s evidence in chief over the period post Goodman’s arrest in 2006.
Langdale refers to a meeting with Goodman and a NI lawyer at Carluccio’s in Putney, followed by a phone conversation with Coulson
Langdale adduces a document from the Goodman defence file.
This is quite a long document, apparently.
Langdale is going through the transcription of a taped conversation between Goodman and NI lawyer
Reference to “Gazza has been arrested” helps time this conversation 08/11/06
Taped conversation with Goodman says Coulson “can’t guarantee” job and his account of Goodman’s Alexander “source”
Coulson agrees the NI lawyer was relaying what he understood at the time.
Goodman explains to NI Lawyer the “misunderstanding” over prosecution papers and other NI executives wanting to read them.
“I don’t think Andy’s got any worries on that score” says Goodman in transcript of taped conversation at Carluccio’s
“I don’t remember him reporting back at this point” says Coulson of Carluccio’s conversation. At this point no allegations he was involved
Coulson says that if it had been suggested by Goodman he was a “liar” during Carluccio meeting, he would have behaved differently
Goodman Carluccio conversation post arrest mentions a “portal… with enormous implications”
Conversation refers to a meeting on the 07/11/06 between Goodman and legal team: “Clive wanted John Kelsey Fry as his barrister”
Taped conversations between Coulson and Goodman
Coulson says his reference in conversation “Am I on a speakerphone” suggests he was “suspicious” Goodman was recording him
Saunders asks what the “portal may be”. Langdale turns to recorded telephone conversation between Goodman and Coulson.
Coulson and Goodman conversation explains “portal” – the Vodaphone direct line wire that amalgamated NI phone calls.
Taped conversation has Coulson re-iterating “the intention is to give you every possible support through this process”
Taped conversation with Goodman shows Coulson explaining issue of prosecution papers and refers back to the Cafe Rouge.
“You need looking after, and that’s what we will do….” says Coulson on tape. Refers to “swings and roundabouts… no plan to dismiss you”
Coulson says of Goodman’s defence strategy after arrest: “I don’t believe I’m trying to influence him at all”
Justice Saunders points out, to some hilarity in court, William Clegg QC has fallen off his chair.
Coulson’s actions after Goodman arrest
Coulson talks of police hacking inquiries in 2006 having “all sorts of names, all sorts of allegations, it depends on what they can prove”
Taped Goodman Coulson conversation in late 2006 and domestic arrangements after his arrest.
In this taped conversation, Coulson asks about Miskiw’s contact with Glenn Mulcaire: “I know Greg was the initial contact”
Goodman conversation explains how Miskiw met Mulcaire through his “boss” and Dave Rigby then formed a close relationship.
Coulson says he knew none of this history of Muclaire at NOTW prior to Goodman’s arrest.
10/11/06 NI lawyer emails Coulson about other NOTW editors appearing in the prosecution papers in regard to Mulcaire
On this 10/11/06 email between Coulson and NI lawyer there is also discussion of getting a telecommunications expert involved after Goodman
Email also talks of a NOTW editor renewing Nine Consultancy contract on Friday 10/11/06
Coulson says the email ‘discusses link’ but no “evidence that implicated others in voicemail interception”
22/11/06 NI lawyer emails Coulson about not being invited to a meeting with Goodman and his lawyers.
Goodman “devastated” by an increase in charges of phone hacking at this point, and worried about taking sole responsibility for Mulcaire
NI lawyer email mentions a “five page essay” by Goodman: Coulson “didn’t know the content of it” at the time.
25/11/06 emails between Coulson, NI Lawyer, and NI exec about Goodman’s court hearing and plea at the end of the month.
The emails refer to Coulson’s public statement over Goodman and Mulcaire: “I put in place guidelines”
NI lawyer warns that Coulson’s apology to three phone hacking victims, “could tilt Mulcaire into over-reacting”
NI lawyer also warns that Coulson statement might make it look like Goodman deliberately “flouted his guidelines” and increase sentence
Coulson says, though it’s never been seen, he thinks he sent an email to NOTW staff about phone hacking after Goodman arrest.
Coulson explains his fears of Gooddman & Mulcaire “reacting”: “I didn’t want to say anything… that would make the situation worse”
“There were legal issues, but also media considerations” says Coulson: “My job to ensure… media coverage as minimal as possible”
Coulson emails PA Belinda Sharia 25/11/06 to “discreetly” store his draft emails – “I was beginning to think I might resign” says Coulson.
“Some of the emails quite personal, a speech at my son”s christening” says Coulson of printing off draft emails.
“The thought was certainly in my mind at that stage” says Coulson of his resignation in November 2006
27/11/06 Coulson emails NI exec with his draft statement and some “tactics” over the day Mulcaire and Goodman pleading guilty
Coulson email to NI exec talks about other hacking victims, Goodman being a lone operator, and not provoking Goodman
Coulson also writes to the NI exec about Goodman “wording his own statement in a problematic way”
“I don’t think I had something specific in mind when I said that” Coulson says of his concerns about Goodman statement on guilty plea
Coulson adds that he knew at this stage Goodman might be making assertions about other NOTW journalists and Mulcaire.
Jury shown more emails from NI execs about the wording of Coulson’s statement on the guilty pleas of Mulcaire and Goodman
“It’s entirely speculative” says Coulson of interpreting what others meant. More amendments from NI exec on “new measures”
Rebekah Brooks emails Coulson about Guardian and possibly leaking new phone hacking victims – including herself and Paul Dacre.
Coulson replies leaks would not be helpful “as it’s going so well today” 29/11/06 – the guilty pleas of Mulcaire and Goodman
“It was a disastrous day for NOTW, Goodman and as it turns out for me” says Coulson of this email. “At first I though I was being sarcastic”
Coulson says he meant “going so well” merely referred to media coverage: “It hadn’t exploded in a way some had feared”
Langdale cites an Andrew Pierce piece on 30/11/06 about the Goodman and Mulcaire guilty pleas.
01/12/06 Hayley Barlow emails Coulson about details of Pierce Telegraph piece who “still has contacts here from days at NOTW and Times”
“Neil was a friend of Andrew Pierce’s” says Coulson of leaks to Telegraph: “He could find out if that is the case”
Coulson emails several NOTW staff on allegations that Gordon Taylor was caught in phone hacking by Goodman and Mulcaire.
Coulson doesn’t remember the 01/12/06 story but does remember a “letter before action” from Taylor. NI lawyer said “no basis for it”
“Litigation was in the air” asks Langdale. “I know now a letter had been sent” says Coulson of Gordon Taylor action.
Further emails between Coulson and NI lawyer about Goodman “straying off the preferred line” while talking with probation service.
Coulson says he was concerned “Clive… might say something that was untrue” of this email about the probation service.
Coulson says NI lawyer was “ultimately relaxed” about Goodman allegations in early Dec 2006 other NOTW editors involved with Mulcaire.
Coulson “doesn’t believe” he was ever implicated in the Goodman allegations at that time in December 2006: lunch break to 2.05pm
CORRECTION: William Clegg QC did not fall off his chair – he got up rather quickly
After lunch Langdale asks his client Coulson about a conference on 12/12/06 with Goodman, his legal team, and NI lawyer.
Langdale summarises Goodman’s allegations that NI lawyer was indicating he couldn’t be employed “if he named others”
“I don’t remember giving [NI lawyer] any instruction prior to that meeting” says Coulson. “Absolutely” no threat against Goodman
“It seems logical to me… if Clive Goodman was suggesting… I knew his source was Glenn Mulcaire… which is a lie” Coulson says.
“It seems logical” says Coulson, that Goodman’s false allegations he knew about hacking would not be compatible with future employment
NI Lawyer briefs Coulson on “thinly disguised blackmail threat” from employment lawyer re Goodman in an email.
A briefing note was sent to NI management by lawyer about Goodman allegations that Coulson gave “authorisation” for Mulcaire.
“At some point between meeting on the 12th and… this memo of the 20th” Coulson was told “Clive may try to implicate me in Alexander deal
Jury shown driefing note to NI management on “possible outcomes” of Goodman/Mulcaire 26/01/07 sentencing hearings.
Briefing note says “Clive Goodman intensely concerned he will go to prison as the fall guy” for more extensive phone hacking.
NI Lawyer says to NI exec that Goodman’s allegations Coulson approved of Mulcaire project “make no sense at all”
“The PR fallout from 26th Jan is bound to be pretty awful” says legal note to NI exec around 02/01/07 and mentions civil actions.
Coulson decides to resign
“I decided I would resign” says Coulson over Christmas 2006: he told “no one at the News of the World”
Justice Saunders takes jury back to the document about “false allegation” from NI lawyer.
“The fact that [NI lawyer] says there were false allegations.. this is hearsay. This is not evidence to that effect” says Justice Saunders
Email from Goodman to Coulson 02/01/07 “if you still want to catch up”: next day Coulson replies “snowed under” but says contact NI lawyer
“I think by this stage I’d decided to distance myself” says Coulson, because of ‘suspicions’ about Goodman, and he’d decided to resign
03/01/07 Coulson approves a memo to NI exec and asks about Goodman’s probation meeting and Mulcaire NOTW employment
NI lawyer replies that memo will be sent to NI exec, Mulcaire contracts go back to 2000, and the various probation meetings.
“Obviously keen to know what proof Mulcaire has about allegations about NOTW” says Coulson in email to NI lawyer.
These were “concerns and suspicions and never represented to me as fact” says Coulson of worries about Goodman.
04/01/07 email talks about paying Mulcaire £200k in ‘tranches” and then another about last payment on his sentencing.
Coulson emails NI lawyer that he should let NI exec know he’s meeting with Goodman.
26/01/07 the resignation of Coulson: “I resigned two weeks previously” he tells jury.
BREAKING: Coulson resigned from NOTW two weeks before it was publicly announced on 26th Jan 07 “I was ultimately responsible”
Coulson says he asked NI exec to “keep a lid” on his resignation “because it might adversely effect Clive’s sentencing”
“The sentencing was delayed” says Coulson: “I did a short speech to the staff, and I left the building. They banged me out.”
Coulson says Rupert Murdoch called him on the day of his resignation “he called me as I was pulling out of the plant” – Wapping.
Coulson reminded Murdoch of his phrase about “the trust between a newspaper and its readers”.
Coulson says that he felt he couldn’t write leaders criticising politicians after what happened with Goodman and Mulcaire.
Graphic Charts of Mulcaire’s activity
Langdale adduces some graphics. Edis intervenes about their admissiblity. Saunders doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
Edis’ objection was about what Coulson could say about these four graphic he hasn’t produced himself
“The pie chart is so helpful” says Saunders. This pie chart sets out Mulcaire’s activity during Coulson’s editorship. 85% dated notes.
Second graphic shows the taskings or ‘top lefts’ by NOTW editors of Mulcaire 03-06: Miskiw 56.9% Weatherup 11.9% Thurlbeck 7.3%
Third graphic shows Miskiw taskings 43.6% while he was at Manchester. 7.6% after he left NOTW. 19.7% undated. 21% while at London NOTW
Coulson had no idea of the amount of Miskiw taskings of Mulcaire while in Manchester. Saunders suggests the answer was obvious
Fourth graphic: NOTW stories identified on Mulcaire full notes of targets, hacks, DDMs etc.
63.6% of Mulcaire hacks have no story identified, no linked evidence, or no entries on page
4.7% story identified, with linked evidence, and notes on a Mulcaire page
Coulson says he knew about Goodman’s employment tribunal after he left NOTW.
Coulson’s involvement with the Conservative Party
Before May 2007 Coulson met George Osborne, then Cameron several times – them after May local elections “that turned into a job offer”
“I went to work in Downing St with David Cameron and was director of communications” says Coulson of June 2010
Coulson explains resignation from Downing St in January 2011: “Long history of press coverage… I couldn’t do the job I was employed to do”
Coulson explains his breakfast meeting with Rebekah Brooks two weeks before resignation: “I was feeling pretty sorry for myself”
“I’d made up my mind I needed to resign, but I didn’t tell Rebekah” says Coulson: “the first person who should hear definitively was the PM”
“There was a fairly long queue of people, not all of them from the Labour Party, who would be happy to see me leave Downing St” says Coulson
Langdale goes through the arrests and interviews with police in July 2011, and May 2012 and his “no comment” interviews on “legal advice”
In July 2012 charged in regards to phone hacking: in November 2012 Coulson charged with misconduct. End of evidence in chief.
Andy Coulson Cross-examined by Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
Coulson questioned about conversations with Rebekah Brooks
Laidlaw for Brooks cross examines Coulson on learning of Thurlbeck’s hacking of David Blunkett‘s phone in late July 2004 21/07/04
Coulson says he did not share that information about Blunkett hacking with Rebekah Brooks in 2004
Coulson tells Laidlaw he did talk to Brooks about Goodman’s arrest in August 2006
Coulson confirms he told Brooks that he knew nothing about hacking then and wasn’t even sure allegations were true in summer 2006
Coulson did not tell Brooks about the hacking of Blunkett’s phone by Thurlbeck, he tells Laidlaw.
Andy Coulson Cross-examined by Counsel for Clive Goodman
Counsel for Goodman goes back over Coulson career at NOTW
David Spens QC, for Goodman, cross examines Andy Coulson. He asks the jury to go back to two bundles.
Spens goes back Coulson’s arrival as deputy editor of NOTW on 12/01/00 – he knew Goodman because of Blythe’s memorial service
Coulson confirms he liked Goodman, invited him to his wedding in 2000 – but they didn’t interact socially outside work after Blythe’s death
“A workmate, not a social friend” is how Coulson describes Goodman. They got on “perfectly well” when Coulson was NOTW deputy editor
Spens goes over the four years of Coulson’s editorship: “I think I tried to help him from my arrival at NOTW” says Coulson of Goodman.
Coulson agrees he did “try to help” Goodman – gave him columns, leader writing, and “set pieces”
Coulson talks about his “duty of care” towards Goodman: “I think that is reflected in the actions that I took”
Coulson says “I don’t know if Clive thought there was more I should be doing. But appropriate from my perspective and company’s perspective”
Coulson says Goodman has “falsely” tried to implicate him in phone hacking despite his kindness.
Coulson confirms he worked “closely’ with Brooks as her editor “on the content of the paper… entirely fair”
The NOTW varied between 80-120 pages. He disagreed he knew what was “on every page… difficult to define what was an important page”
Coulson explains that some events, like introduction of Score pullout, would have dominated his week.
Coulson says, based on holiday allowance, he would be in charge of NOTW 6 to 8 times a year under Brooks’ editorship.
“I’m interested, and I like working with people, that would cause me to be hands on… at some times” agrees Coulson.
Coulson says he would be “interested in more stories” as acting Editor “but you can’t be interested in all stories”
Coulson agrees he would communicate with Brooks towards the end of the week when she was on holiday.
Coulson’s contact with Rebekah Brooks
Spens goes through some of the calls between Coulson and Brooks around the time of the Milly Dowler story when she was in Dubai.
Spens establishes various calls on the Friday Saturday and Sunday of NOTW production: Coulson agrees “fairly typical” of degree of contact
Coulson adds the caveat that calls to editor’s line can be diverted to other desks at NOTW.
“If there was a particular problem with a promotion or production of the paper” Coulson says there would be more contact with Brooks.
“Politics is a good example” says Coulson: “If I was doing something difficult” he would let Brooks know.
Coulson says he would try to handle a “controversial” story himsef: “I’d be wanting to show I could do the job myself”
Coulson says that when he was editor of NOTW, and away, he would talk to his deputy, but not as much as he did to Brooks when he was deputy
Coulson’s time at the Sun
Coulson talks about his experience prior to becoming NOTW deputy: internet, number 3 on the Sun, and then Show Biz
Coulson says another NOTW editor was a friend of his – and was in his 50s when Coulson was 35 “he’s quite youthful though”
This other NOTW journalist had a lot of experience as news editor, features editor, and editor in other Fleet St publications.
Coulson recruited this journalist “a great signing for me… for NOTW… all worked out well. Good timing,” Coulson says
“I liked him, he had very good contacts” says Coulson of this journalist who had a “good background in news”
Coulson agrees that this journalist had “been around in 80s and 90s… and was of different generation… But very decent bloke”
“Certainly not stuck in old fashioned ways” says Coulson of this NOTW journalist. But Coulson agrees 80s and 90s “were a different place”
“I think newspapers were a tougher environment than they came to be” says Coulson of 80s and 90s Fleet St “competitive, aggressive business”
“I certainly wouldn’t try to deny” bully says Coulson. “There was a lot more shouting on the floor of the Sun when I was a reporter”
“It was temperamentally more aggressive” says Coulson: “the Sun was a successful paper but it was aggressive in 80s and 90s”
“People were shouted at…. I was certainly shouted at” says Coulson of 1990s Sun.
Some discussion of nicknames either coming from appearances or the way they behave.
“He was a thoroughly aggressive individual” asks Spens. “He was a thoroughly decent individual…. not backwards in coming forwards”
Coulson hasn’t heard of an occasion when Sun editor put a replica gun to the head of a NOTW journalist and threatened to shoot him
Coulson questioned on Bullying
Coulson remembers this NOTW journalist “didn’t rate Clive very highly…. never saw evidence…. I’d consider bullying”
“I don’t remember an incident I’d call bullying of Clive Goodman” says Coulson. He also doesn’t agree Goodman was demoted.
Coulson says he ‘takes exception’ to demotion idea, because Goodman always filed to the news desk.
Coulson “doesn’t accept” that Goodman fell down the pecking order at NOTW editor’s conference.
“It was a process issue… that for some reason Clive took exception to” says Coulson of Goodman reporting to NOTW News Desk
“I don’t recall an occasion when Clive was told ‘We don’t want to hear from'” says Coulson of Goodman.
Coulson denies he tried to show he was just “as tough” as another senior NOTW journalist.
Spens talks about the promotion of another desk head, who worked with other senior journalist at another Fleet St Sunday.
This desk editor could “get highly strung” says Coulson, but desk head is a “pretty frenetic job”.
Coulson has taken as a “good indicator” of an editor whether he blamed his staff or not.
Coulson is “not sure I can agree” with assertion a desk head was a “confrontational” person, only occasions. He was ‘energetic’ says Coulson
Coulson agrees Goodman was “not confrontational”: but still “very resistant” on occasions
Spens talks about Goodman allowing Coulson to read his case papers as an example of him avoiding confrontation.
“When you applied pressure to him” asserts Spens; “he would take the point of least resistance.”
Coulson agrees that Goodman on this occasion did seem to agree in verbal terms over the case papers, and then change mind.
Coulson says Goodman was “perfectly happy” over the axing of his Carvery column.
Coulson talks about his “impression” Goodman wanted to become news editor at NOTW
Coulson says he thinks Goodman told him about ambitions when he arrived. But agrees he never applied for News Editor job.
Coulson “didn’t know” Goodman had turned down the offer of News Editor under Phil Hall and preferred to be Royal editor.
Back after the break: Spens claims that Coulson’s team have gone through NI personnel files to find two failings prior to 2005
“It appears” ask Saunders “Clive Goodman seemed to be functioning… perfectly adequately” – until mid 2005 agrees Coulson.
Favourable Reports of Goodman
Spens wants to give a “balanced picture” of Goodman’s past. He produces a 22 page file for the jury, judge and Andy Coulson
“These are the favourable reports rather than the unfavourable reports” asks Saunders. “Yes,” says Spens, counsel for Goodman.
1992 Kuttner praises Goodman several times for his “increasingly authoritative contributions to NOTW… patience and tenacity.
1993 Goodman praised for “spectacular contribution” on Princess Diana. 1994 “gave opposition spectacular thrashing”
1994 “Brilliant Job on Diana story” compliments from Piers Morgan. 1995 “Brilliant scoop” 1996 cheque for Diana’s secret night visits
1996 Bonus cheque from Phil Hall to Goodman. 1997 “Congrats on Royal Scoop” 1997 “merit element” in pay award. More thanks from Hall
1997: “Very well done for last week” Hall to Goodman. Another praise for “dedication and expertise” on the weekend of Death of Diana
1999 staff assessment – overall performance excellent. 2000 – more praise for performance and Royal Exclusives. 2001 – very good
2006 letter from Coulson to Goodman “your continued contribution to success of NOTW”; “You mean it?” asks Justice Saunders.
“It was a difficult relationship” says Coulson of proforma report on Goodman “but not at any point did I think Clive should be fired.”
Spens for Goodman asserts that this gives a more balanced picture. Coulson agrees Goodman “was proud” of his contribution.
“There’s a truth about newspapers that you’re only as good as your last story” says Coulson of Goodman’s career.
“Clive took it as a bit of blow. But it wasn’t intended as a bit of a blow” says Coulson of Goodman reporting to News Desk in July 2005
“Despite criticisms… he didn’t face any formal warning” says Spens of Goodman. Coulson agrees there was no disciplinary before arrest
Coulson talks of “legitimate pressure” on Goodman “to improve”
Coulson agrees Goodman did very well “in that era” of Diana – and that “played a part in my not starting disciplinary against him”
Coulson says of Goodman: “I don’t think I’d characterise myself as being his protector”
Coulson says he would regard Goodman as a ‘company man’ because he worked at the NOTW a long time – since 2006
Coulson agrees Goodman’s sister was “very highly thought of” and had been there a long time.
21/04/01 Coulson has the idea for the Carvery Column for Goodman “rude, irreverent and spikey” – “Make some waves” says Coulson.
Coverage of the Royal Family Stories
Coulson reiterates the Blackadder column was also his idea: initially more a comment column under Mark Bolland, but became more revelatory
Coulson says Blackadder column was “sharp” rather than “spiteful and backstabbing”: he had an interest in Royal Family
Coulson “can only think of one” Royal Source – “Mark Bolland was a friend of mine…. but I’m not thinking of Mark. So that makes it two”
Spens runs through Mark Bolland’s career – he resigned in 2002 as Prince Charles‘s aide, but remained consultant until end of 2003.
Bolland’s boss “towards the end” was Sir Michael Peat. Coulson says he was a better source when he left employ of Prince of Wales.
“I know him and his partner” says Coulson of Mark Bolland: three dinners and three breakfasts in 2003 according to NI expenses.
More contact with Bolland from Coulson in 2004/5/6 according to NI expenses: “also a columnist” and a “source we’d turn to for stories”
Spens refers to Coulson’s other source in Windsor castle who rang from Williams 21st Birthday Party. Coulson can’t remember other sources.
Coulson confirms this unnamed Windsor Castle source was not paid under her own name: “she was paid on occasions in cash and through system”
“There was a real name and a real address…. she gave me a different name and address” says Coulson of his Windsor Castle source.
“I’m loathe to give more details” says Coulson of revealing his royal source.
Spens goes through the Sir Michael Peat affair storyline 21/01/03 email from Goodman to Coulson about “turning his mobile”
Goodman emails Coulson later that same day about “royal policeman” and the directory “he’ll be extremely handy in Peat affair tale”
Spens says the Peat affair allegation came from Mark Bolland. Coulson can’t remember. And “it’s not my memory” story came from him (Coulson)
Same day Goodman emails Coulson: “should have car reg” for Peat. Coulson says “I don’t think I was that interested in it”
“I don’t remember the tip coming to me” says Coulson: “my levels of interest were not that high” he says NOTW readers not interested.
“No one knows who he is” says Coulson. “They know what his position is” counters Spens.
“It was you who asked him [Miskiw] to investigate this story” says Spens. “I don’t believe that’s right” says Coulson.
Spens repeats “you were the person who got Greg Miskiw to task Mulcaire to do this” Coulson says Goodman did it because old friends.
“I don’t believe I did this” says Coulson of tasking Miskiw on Michael Peate.
06/02/03 Goodman email to NOTW exec: “now have his mobile to check out that end of it” about Michael Peat.
“He suggest there may have been some conversation prior to this” Coulson agrees.
April 2006 email from NOTW desk editor investigating Lord Frederick Windsor, contacting Goodman, then using Gadd as investigator
Spens alleges Coulson was source for this story. “I have a vague recollection of someone telling me Freddie Windsor had fallen off rails”
26/04/06 was the beginning of Windsor story. Coulson agrees it was sourced from someone close to him.
Coulson “wants to be careful” not to reveal source of story of Windsor “falling off the rails” at a nightclub
“This is the only memory I have of any story connected with him” says Coulson of Windsor: “and my memory is that it went nowhere”
Coulson agrees he was interested in Royal stories to sell the newspaper. 10 am tomorrow

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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