Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 22 Apr

Tuesday 22 April 2014

The Defence of Andy Coulson Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson is asked about Dan Evans
The Sienna Miller voicemail message
The Jude Law, Sienna Miller Daniel Craig story
Attending the Labour Party Conference
Other sources of the Law, Miller, Craig story
Coulson question about Greg Miskiw
The hacking of Coulson’s phone
Coulson asked about Clive Goodman
The Blackadder Column
Coulson relationship with Goodman becomes frustrating
Goodman’s promotion on 2001
Paying for Green Books
Royal Phone Hacking
Goodman moved to report to News Desk
The Alexander Project
Royal Palace Phone Book
Prince Harry’s Exam

The Defence of Andy Coulson Continues
Counsel for Andy Coulson is asked about Dan Evans
Back at the #hackingtrial after the Easter Break: now at day 100
Andy Coulson is in the witness box at the #hackingtrial, continuing with his evidence in chief, questioned by Timothy Langdale QC
Langdale now turns to questions about Dan Evans – a former NOTW reporter who was a prosecution witness earlier in the #hackingtrial
21/10/04 Coulson with a senior NOTW journo met Evans at No 1 Aldwych – an email from Kuttner puts this beyond dispute
Coulson cannot “remember” either Evans or the other NOTW journalist talking about phone hacking
Coulson says before the meeting at No 1 Aldwych he cannot remember any previous approaches to recruit Evans to NOTW.
Coulson says if he knew of Evan’s previous rejection of a NOTW job offer “I don’t believe I would have gone along to the meeting”
“I took the view that moving from the Sunday Mirror to News of the World would have a step up for him” says Coulson of Dan Evans
But Coulson says he “wouldn’t have been enormously surprised” by Evans using first job offer to raise his salary: “happens in Fleet Street”
Coulson says it’s unlikely he, as editor of NOTW, would be involved in ‘junior hirings’ – he would certainly get involved with columnists
Coulson calls the hiring of Dan Evans “at the junior end of the scale”: But he cannot remember why he went to 1 Aldwych “at this distance”
“My general approach to hiring was that… I’d prefer to see vacancies filled relatively quickly” says Coulson, before losing “head count”
Coulson says he cannot remember the 30 minute meeting with Dan Evans with “any clarity… I have the vaguest of recollections”
Coulson explains how he used One Aldwych for many meetings, and his general approach to recruiting journos: check their stories and contacts
Coulson addresses the email to Stuart Kuttner discussing the recruitment of Dan Evans “Andy is keen to hire him…. asap”
“You want your reporters to generate stories” says Coulson: “And that’s a contact-based exercise… and I don’t just mean numbers in a book”
The Sienna Miller voicemail message
Dan Evans started work at NOTW in Jan 05. Langdale turns to his allegations that September he played Coulson Sienna Miller message
BREAKING: Coulson denies Dan Evans ever played him a voice mail from Sienna Miller left on Daniel Craig‘s phone in September 2005
Langdale turns to events leading up to 27/09/05 and Evan’s allegation about playing Miller’s voicemails.
Various emails discussing stories in NOTW in early 2005 about Sienna Miller are adduced by Langdale
The Jude Law, Sienna Miller Daniel Craig story
The Jude Law/Sienna Miller was a “long running saga” says Coulson: “the Daily Mail were as interested in it as we were”
In “show biz terms it was quite a big story” says Coulson of Miller/Law: two emails 22/07/05 adduced by Langdale.
NOTW journalist is emailing many back bench and production staff about a Polly Graham story about Jude Law/Sienna Miller ‘crisis talks’
“Good inside stuff from Hoppen camp includes ‘special checks’ Dan Evans has made” says an email sent to Coulson in July 2005
Coulson says he doesn’t remember the email, but says “inside stuff” is clear indication “he has some sources”
Coulson says the reference to “special checks” by Dan Evans doesn’t mean anything to him: “All reporters think their checks are special”
Langdale points out there was a hack of Kelly Hoppen’s phone by Dan Evans around this time. Coulson says he wouldn’t be told of research
There is “nothing here to suggest” phone hacking says Coulson of emails about Miller and Law, and a story by Rav Singh and Polly Graham
The NOTW story sets out the Miller/Law relationship citing friends and other sources. Coulson says nothing suggests voicemail hacking.
A 23/09/05 string of emails – not seen by the jury before – are cited by Langdale. It starts with an email from Stefano Hatfield to Coulson
This email chain took place when Coulson was at the Labour Party conference in Brighton. Hatfield wanted to meet Coulson
Hatfield replies “I’m on Rebekah’s table at Press Ball”: Coulson replies “See you then”. Coulson forwards to Wallis on 23/09/05
Wallis replies that he’ll see Coulson at the Times Party at the Labour Party Conference: Langdale “a flippant comment about getting a drink”
24/09/05 NOTW emails talk about Miller and Law’s attendance or otherwise at Miller’s sisters wedding that coming weekend
Coulson is copied into this Goodman email about ‘Savannah’s Wedding’ and who “was or wasn’t going”
Email chain from September 2005 talks about Miller’s friendship with Archie Keswick. Phil Taylor talks about legal issues
25/09/05 NOTW article cited by Langdale which talks about a Keswick’s relationship with Miller: other Dan Evans stories in this issue
Attending the Labour Party Conference
26/09/05 an email from Dominic Mohan asks Coulson about whether he’s going to Brighton and NI Party at Labour Party conference.
Langdale produces Coulson’s diary from the week of the 2005 Labour Party conference. 26/09/05 – 28/09/05 entries by NOTW PAs
Reference to ‘presidential suite’ meeting at 10.30pm on Tuesday 27/09/05
On the Monday 26/09/05 there is a list of names from Bell Pottinger to the BBC and Guardian of parties at Labour Party Conference.
“At Conference these parties are there for journalists and politicians to meet” says Coulson of the various parties in Brighton 2005
“It’s a time efficient way to meet lots of politicians and hear what they have to say” says Coulson of Party Conferences.
Coulson talks of the Blair Brown struggle being a factor in 2005.
Alan Milburn, Charles Clarke, Tessa Jowell are referenced in Coulson’s diary for 28/09/05 – Ian Kirby, Ryan Sabey, Stuart Kuttner.
22.30 ‘Les Party’ says Coulson’s diary entry for 28/09/05 – early entries show a fully diary of meetings with Jack Straw, Charles Clarke etc
Coulson believes he kept all appointments: “slight complication… Labour Party in Brighton previous… difficult to place 2004 or 2005”
Many of these 2005 Labour Party meetings are ticked – Coulson says he thinks these mean according to his PA’s system he met them.
Coulson talks about the Les Hinton party: “all the senior politicians went… Les was my boss. I would have wanted to go too”
27/09/05 Coulson emailed at 10.30 “Stories I’m working on this week… Kylie, Britney, Kate Moss, Sophie Anderton, Jade Goody”
Another NOTW journo picks up the items on this list of celebrity stories on the week of the Labour Party Conference in 2005
Coulson says of 2005 he had a ‘smart phone” so he could read emails. So did a senior NOTW figure accompanying him to Labour Part conference
28/09/05 NOTW news schedule adduced by Langdale: more emails between NOTW journo and senior staff.
28/09/05 Dominic Mohan asks Coulson if he enjoyed the previous nights party.
Afternoon 28/09/05 meetings for Coulson include Jeff Hoon, John Reid, Gordon Brown (Damian McBride) – Press Ball at Natural History museum
Coulson talks about how John Reid had been “supportive” of NOTW: “we knew him reasonably well”
Several of these meetings are marked CXL – Coulson thinks this means they were cancelled.
Coulson says he did remember meeting Jeff Hoon “but I can’t be certain it was 2005 compared to 2004” because both Lab confs at Brighton.
“I wouldn’t have cancelled them I believe” says Coulson. But he left Brighton to London sometime on 28/09/05 by car
“I can’t place the year” says Coulson of travelling back to London with Neil Wallis. The Press Ball that evening was in London
Coulson went to the Press Ball at the Natural History Museum with his wife: a “black tie do” – he wouldn’t have taken black tie to Brighton
Coulson says it’s possible he went home to Forest Hill, picked up his wife, and then went to Press Ball at Natural History Museum
“I don’t remember going back to the office that day” says Coulson: “I don’t think I would have done… been working quite hard.”
Coulson believes Neil Wallis accompanied him to the Press Ball.
Coulson says he would have gone back into the office on Thursday 29/09/05 – though his diary talks about a dentist appointment in morning
Friday 30/09/05 a series of emails initiated by Coulson on Sienna Miller story “arrived in California… on tape a 20 minute conversation”
“Talking on the phone suggests she had access to outside world…” says 2005 NOTW email about rumours Kate Moss in rehab
“I can’t say I was aware of this exchange” says Coulson of the emails about Miller/Craig/Law story, but he thought there were sources.
Other sources of the Law, Miller, Craig story
“I knew [NOTW journo] had two sources connected to Jude Law and Sienna Miller” at some point says Coulson – names redacted in evidence
“I knew the name of one of them” says Coulson of Law/Miller sources: “and I knew the profession of the other”
Coulson says he was aware another senior NOTW journalist had a source on Miller/Law: he knew a “relative of Jude Law’s” was a source.
“I would have understood them to be in the Jude Law camp” says Coulson of these three NOTW unnamed sources
Coulson concedes, under questioning from Saunders, that one of these sources was a PR person mentioned previously in evidence.
Other emails talk of Evans “doorstepping” figures in Law/Miller/Craig saga: Coulson “can’t say” he would have been kept abreast of this
“I’d expect a photographer to be there” says Coulson of Evans doorstepping Daniel Craig: “Pretty standard”
“Pictures are worth a thousand words for a newspaper’ says Coulson of potential shots of Daniel Craig in September 2005
“I would have expected…. some watches taking place” says Coulson of the Miller/Craig/Law story at this point.
Coulson says that a dept head might have contacted a photographer over Miller’s appearance with Law at the Groucho Club in Sept 2005
02/10/05 NOTW edition has no story of Miller, Law or Craig. The front page relates to David Blunkett and Sally Anderson.
02/10/05 the NOTW speaks of ‘Blunkett’s Blonde Secret Lover’ and an editorial about Blunkett “making a fool” of himself
Langdale cites newspaper coverage of Daniel Craig in that week in early October “becoming the next James Bond”
03/10/05 Daily Mail coverage of Miller/Law story. Internal NOTW emails discuss Craig’s location.
Coulson is sent an email about “Sienna… Daniel Craig” and a source explaining their version of story “my contact says it’s all over”
“That’s coming from [NOTW journalist] source – a relative of Jude Law’s” says Coulson of email reference to ‘my contact’
“I think the relative knew about the other sources if I can put it that way” says Coulson of sources on Jude Law.
15 minute break
05/10/05 NOTW emails about Miller/Craig and Law cited by Langdale. They came from “Arnold and Porter from News International”
Coulson says these emails updated him on a NOTW journo’s sources, nothing to suggest intercepting voicemail sources.
Langdale adduces a Dan Evans 06/10/05 NOTW article about the Miller Craig affair
The NOTW article talks about Layer Cake: “it’s all too close to life imitating art for Jude Law” and denials of affair.
NOTW article talks about Craig’s girlfriend: Coulson: “It’s very odd… this story is knocking down the story… nothing happened”
“The copy is at odds with the intro” says Coulson of “Very strange piece of copy” denying affair: “doesn’t merit World Exclusive”
“I don’t remember reading this” says Coulson of Dan Evan’s DRAFT article. Appears it wasn’t published.
Looking at other emails from the time, Coulson says there’s nothing to suggest voicemails being intercepted. Coulson emails legal advisor
“This story is effectively from Jude” says Coulson in email to NI lawyer. “My view was Jude Law knew people were talking to us,” he says.
“My understanding was that Jude Law knew his relative was talking to us, and he knew his PR was talking to us” says Coulson.
Langdale cites a transcript between a NOTW journalist and two sources from the Jude Law ‘camp’ at this time – heard before in evidence.
Coulson is emailed by Dan Evans along with others “with fully updated copy on Jude” – he has transcripts on his desk and NOTW story.
08/10/05 sub editor Fran Goodman is emailed by Coulson – avoid calling Jude Law a “love rat or sex addict”
Coulson says his understanding was that Jude Law was a source, and therefore didn’t want negative coverage of him as ‘Love Rat’
08/10/05 Coulson emails sub editor Fran Goodman about by-line changes “Dan has played a crucial role in this story”
Coulson email over NOTW by-lines praises Dan Evans for pulling in Steven Gerard, Sol Campbell and Jade Goody stories in October 2005
Coulson explains to the jury how ‘re-writes’ could change by-lines: he was being asked to “play ref” between NOTW news and features.
“I knew this story came from features end of the office” says Coulson. “If I’d considered this a Dan Evans story he’d have his name on P 1”
NOTW email mentions the word “checks”: “It would not have raised the slightest alarm bell to me” says Coulson: “journalists paid” to do that
Coulson says there’s nothing in the NOTW story suggesting phone hacking. Coulson email references ‘Closer’ as a parallel in Jude Law saga
NOTW exclusive story on Miller Law Craig is by-lined to two other journos rather than Evans.
Coulson says a “quite complicated, expensive book serialisation” of Frank Bruno’s book “took up a fair bit of time” that week of October 05
Sunday Mirror the same day has a “Sienna Cheats on Jude” exclusive. Coulson says they changed to accommodate NOTW details.
“They had themselves already splashed on the Sienna and Jude saga” says Coulson. Sunday log to Bill Akass shows overnight rundown of rivals
Sunday Mirror changes story, according to overnight log, from Sienna dumps Jude to allegations of affair.
11/10/05 Daily Mirror – 2 days after 09/10/05 NOTW article – has Miller ‘exclusive’ about ‘overheard whispering on phone ‘I love you Daniel’
14/10/05 emails to Coulson on an “interesting add” but [name redacted] source “always wants silly amount of cash” for Law/Miller saga
“This appears to be someone offering information… from Sienna Miller‘s mother” says Coulson of this NOTW email.
Langdale talks about information from the “Sienna Miller Camp” as opposed to Law side. Coulson says number of sources not unusual
“Celebrities themselves, their relatives, their agents, their PRs, would talk to newspapers” says Coulson of Law and Miller saga.
Coulson confirms to Langdale that interest continued in Miller Law saga “I think it continued long after I became editor”
Langdale has now finished on Dan Evans’ evidence. Before moving onto Clive Goodman he has a couple of individual items.
Coulson question about Greg Miskiw
Langdale asks Coulson about Greg Miskiw: in admissions the court has heard how Miskiw was new editor when Coulson arrived at NOTW in 2000
Miskiw went to Manchester 08/12/03 on 30/06/05 he left NOTW and a month late joined Mercury Press Agency from August to Jan 2006
01/08/05 Miskiw joined Mercury Press Agency “my memory was that Greg was leaving NOTW to work with them in senior capacity”
Coulson says NOTW used the Mercury Press agency, and so did most of Fleet Street.
Langdale talks of email evidence of Miskiw working with Clive Goodman Dec 2003 to June 2005 when Miskiw in Manchester.
Coulson says he wasn’t “specifically aware… but no hugely surprised” of continuing contact between Goodman and Miskiw during this time
“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he and Greg were close” says Coulson of contact between Goodman and Miskiw when latter in Manchester.
Coulson cannot remember any contact between Goodman and Miskiw when the latter left NOTW.
Coulson talks about Miskiw’s move to Manchester as a ‘demotion’ within the NOTW at the end of 2003
Coulson says “after I became editor in 2003… it didn’t work out particularly well with Greg…. we were different types of journalist”
“We had a different approach” says Coulson of Miskiw: “I didn’t dislike him… but it never really worked….”
“Both of these people had contributed to the paper” says Coulson of senior staff: “If they should leave… they should get what they were due
Coulson talks about another ‘old school’ journalist who left NOTW around the same time as Miskiw and a ‘redundancy package”
This other senior NOTW journalist left “not long before I left the paper” says Coulson
I cannot at the moment tweet the next part of the exchange between Coulson and his counsel Langdale for legal reasons
Coulson talks of “business decision” to sever and “difficult relationship” with figure who cannot be named “negatives outweighed positives”
The fall out happened over running or not running a particular story – and brought matters to a head says Coulson.
“I talked to Les Hinton about it… and he agreed” says Coulson of severing this business relationship as editor of NOTW.
The hacking of Coulson’s phone
Coulson addresses the hacking of his own phone by Mulcaire from 01/02/06 – Coulsons UVN – until “latter part of July that year”
Langdale says that Coulson’s phone was hacked from NI private wire line in February 2006: “I was told by police…. 2009” says Coulson
Langdale now wants to ask Coulson about Clive Goodman
Coulson asked about Clive Goodman
Langdale talks about the ‘two phases’ of the Coulson Goodman relationship: when Coulson was deputy editor, and then editor
Coulson:”I liked Clive… he was one of very few people I knew when I arrived at NOTW” they worked on a memorial service for joint friend
“Clive had a good reputation as a Royal Editor” says Coulson: “He had done some good work in the Diana era… general view of Clive”
“It was my idea to promote Clive to Royal Editor, and to give him a column” says Coulson. He thought he had a sharp writing style
“It was also connected to the fact Clive was being taken off news desk duties” says Coulson: “he say himself as a news editor”
“Clive always carried some disappointment he wasn’t running the news desk on NOTW” says Coulson of Goodman.
“Short slightly sharper pieces” says Coulson of Carvery Diary Column “covering royals, celebrities… it was OK… not much impact”
The Blackadder Column
Coulson says that when he became editor, and Mark Bolland “became available… I used him to launch a new column’ – the Blackadder Column
“Mark Bolland’s nickname was Blackadder” says Coulson explaining the new NOTW column. Goodman agreed it was a good idea.
“Clive had an unusual title” says Coulson of Goodman’s new arrangements. “He kept all those”
“It began to fade” says Coulson of Blackadder column. “I have no memory of Clive being upset or complaining of loss of his column”
Coulson says Goodman “was very happy with his new role” helping Mark Bolland with his column. “Mark stayed on as occasional columnist”
“It worked OK” says Coulson of Goodman taking over Blackadder column: “But it never really earned a reputation for itself”
“It was fine… but it wasn’t firing on all cylinders” says Coulson: “I never demoted Goodman… if I did demean him it wasn’t with intent”
“I’m not a bully” says Coulson. “If I was having a bad day.. I was not afraid of apologising to people”
“I did nothing to undermine or attack Clive Goodman” says Coulson.
“I think he said he was below Jamie Oliver’s recipes” says Coulson of Goodman evidence. He points they’re not read out in conference.
Coulson says a lot of journalists would have envied Goodman’s role being able to read out his lists in conferences.
Coulson talks about Jamie Oliver’s column in magazine: “not an issue to be discussed in conference… maybe Clive read out after Sunday mag”
“If that happened I’m very sorry about about it” says Coulson of Jeremy Oliver diaries taking precedence: “but wasn’t meant as a slur”
“I think I did open up to talking to Clive in some way” says Coulson, but accepts he “should have been clearer” about lines of communication
Coulson explains his joint friend with Goodman – Chris Blythe – died at the end of May 1996
BREAKING: Coulson says he “absolutely did not” know about Goodman or Mulcaire hacking voicemail messages.
Langdale continues with general questions on Clive Goodman: he had a “good turn of phrase as a writer”
Coulson relationship with Goodman becomes frustrating
Back at #hackingtrial after lunch on Day 100. Coulson on his fourth day of evidence in chief in the witness box
“Clive was someone who was quite difficult to get a grip… and his emails a bit like that” says Coulson: “difficult to pin down”
“He was certainly prone to creating unnecessary drama in his communications” says Coulson on Goodman
“The more I worked with Clive” says Coulson “it became a more frustrating process in terms of our professional dealings”
“An old fashioned expression comes to mind” says Langdale of Saunders complaint about going back to a dispensed bundle.
“I think he harboured disappointment about not being news editor” says Coulson of Goodman. “On Royal issues thought he knew best”
Coulson agrees that Goodman was “prone to exaggeration”: “To be fair… the newspaper industry does attract that to a degree”
“All of those issues made him somewhat of a tricky character” says Coulson of Goodman
“I don’t want to say that Clive was lazy… but he certainly didn’t like travelling much outside the office,” says Coulson of Goodman
Coulson talks of the NOTW Royal Gatecrashing story – it was his source who provided details. Goodman wrote it up
Justice Saunders asks whether this is the same story of a Royal Gatecrasher dressed as Osama Bin Laden: Coulson: “Yes it was”
Goodman’s promotion on 2001
Langdale’s defence bundle deals with Goodman’s career: Brooks “can you come up with a diary with a difference” – the Carvery. Coulson dep ed
2001 Memos record Goodman’s promotion to editorial management at NOTW and his Carvery column.
Feb 2002 Goodman email about Charles Moore. Coulson responde “ed taken keen interest and may make her own changes” re Rebekah Brooks
Jury shown Goodman draft piece 10/05/02 on Prince Charles and Burrell. “It’s going to completely destroy Charles and Camilla Roadshow”
Goodman Email says “we’re all going to jail for contempt”: Coulson says this is an example of him “being a bit overdramatic”
22/10/02 Observer Magazine story on Sarah Ferguson in Sierra Leone cited again: Langdale accused Goodman of ‘lifting’ this story earlier
“I would expect a Royal Editor to read other supplements… in regard of Royal stories” says Coulson: “I would have expected Clive to read”
Goodman paid source ‘Anderson’ £300 for this piece. “I’m surprised by this” says Coulson: “I’d expect the Royal editor” to find himself.
Saunders asks for the rate for someone else to spot this Fergie story. Coulson says £300 “sounds like a lot to me”
Some discussion about whether Goodman took the Observer: “as a Sunday newspaper journalist you’re expect to read other papers”
Langdale asks Coulson about an email from 07/01/03 just before he became ed about “suspicions” of a leak.
Langdale cites another Goodman email: “what’s it telling you about sources” about a Royal clinic visit for Sophie.
Coulson explains how he had a source it was the Lister clinic the Royals visited.
Goodman email refers to SJP – St James Palace: Coulson emphasises that “girlfriend line” means “angle’ not “phoneline”
Langdale now turns to another Goodman email about “Anne thing… MOS tying itself in knots” referring to ‘Mark’ – Mark Bolland.
24/01/03 Goodman email to Coulson on Prince William, Michael Peat and Prince Charles also refers to Mark Bolland and SJP as sources
Paying for Green Books
Langdale turns to oft quoted Goodman email about paying for a Green Book: “they end up on criminal charges as could we”
“Turning his mobile” says Goodman in this email to Coulson. Goodman has previously said this means getting an address not hacking.
“I don’t remember this email” says Coulson: “I didn’t believe Clive Goodman was paying a policeman… I failed to address it”
“I rubber stamped it” says Coulson about a Goodman email asking for payment to a police officer for Green book.
Follow up email from Coulson asked “haven’t I already paid for one”
Another email from Goodman talks about “Colleen” at Buckingham Palace: a “legitimate” press contact and not a contact or source
Royal Phone Hacking
24/01 email “Greg’s people’s turning mobiles” – Goodman had denied this meant hacking. Edis intervenes: “Can we hear witnesses evidence?”
Justice Saunders agrees “it would be quite nice to hear Mr Coulson’s evidence”
“I would have taken last sentence to mean… it was to establish an address from a mobile phone number” says Coulson of Good email
Langdale cites another email from Coulson to Goodman about Prince William birthday. “Are we so right to be so Anti Wills in the Carv lead?”
23/03/03 Goodman email about “Peat” and “I might hear later on the mobile”: Coulson says he thought Goodman meant someone would call him
Coulson addresses an email about ending the Carvery and hiring Mark Bolland and starting up Blackadder column
Langdale cites 05 email between Goodman and Miskiw – who’s now up in Manchester. Coulson: “I don’t remember anything along those lines”
31/01/03 Goodman writes to Coulson about Carvery ‘catch line’ in email cited by Timothy Langdale QC, counsel for Coulson
This cryptic email has some reference to a “Rock Fossil”: but Langdale has lost his notes.
22/01/05 Goodman writes to Coulson about “health inf…. scanned from Helen Asprey”
Coulson doesn’t remember this email about Prince Harry: “there may be other information I was party to that helps make sense of it”
“Scanned could mean ‘tricked’ in some way” says Coulson of Goodman’s 2005 email.
Goodman emails Coulson later that day about Sun journalists standing up a story “someone hacking Paddy’s voicemail”
Coulson says line of “someone hacking Paddy’s voicemail I can see if that’s possible or massively password protected” – I didn’t know phrase
BREAKING: Coulson says he’s not sure he read Goodman email which directly mentions phone hacking in 2005, or knew the term ‘hacking’ then
Another Goodman email to Coulson speaks about acquiring Green Books: Coulson tells jury there’s no suggestion of intercepting voicemails
Coulson emails Goodman to “back off” on a story about Prince William at university: agreement to leave him alone until exams come to end
Coulson emails Goodman on a Friday night: Then “Can I politely ask why the hell you were in the gym on edition” (i.e. Saturday production)
June 2005 Coulson emails Goodman urgently asking for updates.
Goodman moved to report to News Desk
Coulson emails Kuttner about Goodman about moving him onto reporting to news desk later in 2005. He still allowed to “come into conference”
Goodman emails Coulson about Kate Middleton and trying to find a friend.
“I certainly didn’t consider this to be a demotion for Clive” says Coulson of reporting to news desk in 2005.
“This email reminds me that Clive… absented himself from conference” says Coulson of Goodman’s complaints about conference treatment
Goodman emails Coulson about the Queen unveiling a statue: “It reminds me Clive was quite frustrating… not something I should be doing”
“I should have just said to him ‘speak to the news editor'” Coulson says of Goodman emails.
“Whether or not their is a pool event… is something which should be sorted out between reporter and desk” says Coulson.
June 2005 Goodman emails Coulson with various Blackadder stories: nothing to suggest phone hacking says Coulson.
16/08/05 Goodman emails Coulson about missing conference because of a location shoot and stories including “dozy Royal Cop”
Coulson emails back: “I need a story… something of substance” He explains to the jury that Goodman’s stories not good enough.
20/08/05 Coulson emails Goodman: “Billy Bragg? Rod Liddle?” Coulson tells jury “I never considered Rod Liddle to be one of NOTW celebs”
Goodman emails Coulson about “a contact of Alec M’s…. a great William tale” Coulson says this refers to Alec Marunchak.
Langdale now cites a much discussed email from Kuttner on 31/08/05 with “concerns about Clive Goodman‘s attendance”
Email from Kuttner sets out “requirements for Clive Goodman… to raise the quality of contents of Blackadder column”.
Goodman had replied he wanted ‘more direction’ on Blackadder in Aug 2005: Coulson can remember the meeting – wasn’t “formal disciplinary”
“What Clive meant by more direction I don’t know” says Coulson: “Very senior, highly paid… should have been able to get on with job”
Coulson explains he would “on occasion” ask Kuttner to “deal with such issues” as the discussion with Goodman how to improve.
September 2005 Goodman emails Coulson about a Prince Harry comment at wedding: Coulson writes back “how did we get this”.
“In my experience” says Coulson they’ve only employed a lip reader during a Royal Wedding: “most media employed lip readers” he adds
Coulson cannot remember this email or its explanation. “I don’t remember employing a lip reader on this occasion” says Coulson
The Alexander Project
Langdale cites some emails between Goodman and another NOTW journalist that say “updating Andy on a project” on 25/10/05
BREAKING: Coulson says he was told by Goodman his Alexander Project was about a new ‘Royal Source’
Coulson says the meeting was a “brief conversation” by the door of his office.
“Clive asked if he could place this new source.. on a retainer” says Coulson: “I was minded to agree to it… it was a trial”
Coulson says the amount of money was “quite likely…. I’m sure money was mentioned” when it comes to this ‘Project’
10 minute break
“I may have…. emailed Stuart or talked to Stuart” but thinks his approval to give it a go would have been enough for managing editor.
Back after break #hackingtrial – Coulson still giving evidence in chief on Clive Goodman with his counsel Timothy Langdale QC
Royal Palace Phone Book
14/05/05 Goodman email about “palace cops… risky doc for him to nick” In June later that year Coulson emails back “fine”
Coulson says he never believed Goodman was paying a police officer for another Royal Palace phone book in 2005
Goodman emails Coulson 28/10/05 “That new project has started getting results” and mentions Jamie Lowther Pinkerton and royal princes
Coulson says nothing about this reference to “new project” suggests phone hacking. Cannot remember why he asked Goodman to “pop in” after
BREAKING: Coulson says he thinks he never knew the name ‘Alexander’ for the project to pay Glenn Mulcaire for phone hacking in 2005
“Clive told me it was somebody close to the young royals” says Coulson of this new project. “A trial period… which I ended” he adds
01/11/05 conference note about Goodman wanting to join Royal Visit, but then changed mind. Ryan Sabey replaced him as Royal Reporter
“This memo suggests Ryan was hired with sole purpose of replacing Clive” says Coulson. But it has been suggested for a while says Coulson
“Ryan was doing rather well” says Coulson of new NOTW Royal Reporter Sabey appointed in 2005.
Coulson rejects as “nonsense” Goodman’s suggestion he couldn’t go to US because of childcare.
Justice Saunders explains there’s no problem with Coulson giving his opinion of what happened over Goodman over Royal US trip
Coulson says his memory of telling Goodman of Ryan Sabey’s promotion “he was very happy with it – had no problem with it”
“He’s ex SAS and MI6 so he knows how to hide a bit” says Goodman email to Coulson: nothing to suggest phone hacking says Coulson.
13/11/05 NOTW piece – Prince William ‘Royal Exclusive’ by Clive Goodman – cited by Langdale.
25/11/05 Goodman emails Coulson on “extending matey trial” Coulson replies “Another month?” Goodman emails Bev stokes on ‘Alexander’ project
Coulson doesn’t remember any discussion of extending “matey’s” contract in Nov 2005
Prince Harry’s Exam
08/12/05 Coulson emails Goodman about the ‘Harry Tale’ on Sandhurst exams -“we’re a million miles away from standing this up”
Coulson explains “the truth of the story hadn’t been established” on this Prince Harry story: also he should be going to news editors
08/12/05 an earlier email from Coulson to Goodman has asked “have you stood it up”
Various internal NOTW emails about Harry’s Sandhurst exams explored in Court 12: Coulson says none suggest phone hacking was source.
“It appears there are sources talking to Clive about this story” says Coulson of Harry exam: “Some confusion” between Clive and News Editor
“I take some responsibility for this” says Coulson of getting involved in Goodman email chains which should have only involved News editors
10/12/05 Coulson writes to Goodman asking him to get a response to Harry’s exam story from someone in authority
Break till 10 am tomorrow at the #hackingtrial

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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