Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 14 Apr

Monday 14 April 2014

The Defence of Stuart Kuttner continues with Defence Witnesses
Witness Statement for Stuart Kuttner – Joanna Elm
Witness Statement for Stuart Kuttner – Peter Kunick
The Defence of Andy Coulson Begins
Timothy Langdale QC presents the case for Andy Coulson
Coulson’s career in journalism
Appointed Director of Communications of the Conservative Party
Coulson’s Arrest
Coulson’s Career at the News of the World
Private Investigators
Coulson’s relationship with Rebekah Brooks
The organisation and staff of the News of the World
Coulson asked about Stuart Kuttner
News of the World Budgets
Nine Consultancy Costs
Coulson Asked about Glen Mulcaire and News of the World Stories
Coulson on Sources
The Production Cycle

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