Stuart Kuttner’s Emails to Surrey Police over Milly Dowler

Here are copies of the two emails, discussed in evidence today and throughout this week, of former News of the World Managing Editor, Stuart Kuttner, emails to Surrey police in April 2002, following the disappearance the previous month of Milly Dowler.

The first email from Friday 12th of April is from the same day, as other evidence has revealed, five NOTW journalists were sent to Telford thanks to Glenn Mulcaire‘s hacking of Dowler’s voicemail, picking up a (wrong number) message from a recruiting agency about a job at print factory. Kuttner’s editor, Rebekah Brooks, was in Dubai that weekend.

The second email, sent initially on the 19th of April, was resent on the Saturday. In this version Kuttner explicitly acknowledges the previous NOTW story was based on Milly Dowler’s voicemail messages. Kuttner claimed NOTW changed the story to reflect the new information from Surrey Police that the voicemail from the recruiting agency was a ‘hoax’. However, the hoax allegation was contained in the first two editions of the Sunday tabloid. In the third edition, all references to voicemails were removed. Continue reading

Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 11 Apr

Friday 11 April 2014

Stuart Kuttner Defence Witness – Lord Black of Brentwood
Lord Black is questioned on his knowledge of Stuart Kuttner
Stuart Kuttner Defence Witness – Sara Payne
Sara Payne is questioned on her friendship and working with Stuart Kuttner
Sara Payne is cross examined by Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
The Prosecution Cross-Examination of Stuart Kuttner Continues
Stuart Kuttner is cross-examines on the PCC Code and Public Interest
Knowledge of Dan Evans
The Milly Dowler Investigation and the Surry Police
Changes to the Milly Dowler Story
Contact with Surry Police
Kuttner questioned on News of the World budgets
Mulcaire Contracts
Payments to Police Offices
The Prosecution close their cross-examination of Stuart Kuttner
The Defence of Stuart Kuttner Concludes
Counsel for Stuart Kuttner asks the last questions for his defence

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