Kuttner’s Notes of Conversation with Goodman Just After his Arrest

As discussed in evidence yesterday and today, the CPS have released a redacted version of Stuart Kuttner‘s contemporaneous notes of his discussion with former NOTW Royal Reporter Clive Goodman, dated 10th August 2006, soon after he was released from his arrest and questioning by police in the initial Operation Caryatid investigation into phone hacking.

This evidence is currently being adduced by Andrew Edis QC, as he cross examines Kuttner in the witness box. The original pages are from the NI archives, where Kuttner explains he filed most his notebooks. The transcript is an agreed document

Kuttner 1 Kuttner 2
Kuttner 3

kuttner trans 1

kuttner trans 2





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1 thought on “Kuttner’s Notes of Conversation with Goodman Just After his Arrest

  1. Reblogged this on David Hencke and commented:
    Here is the News International hand written document released by the Crown Prosecution Service and written by Stuart Kuttner that contains the evidence that Andy Coulson knew about information leaked from MI6 bugging reaching the paper

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