Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 9 Apr

Wednesday 9 April 2014

The Defence of Stuart Kuttner Continues
Jonathan Caplan QC Summarises the Charge Against Stuart Kuttner
Payments to Euro Research and Nine Consultancy
Mulcaire’s First Contract
Mulcaire’s company changes name
Milly Dowler
Milly Dowler’s Voicemail Messages
David Blunkett
The Arrests of Mulcaire and Goodman
Kuttner’s visit to Goodman
Kuttner Retires
Kuttner’s Physical Condition
Police Interviews
Stuart Kuttner Cross Examined Timothy Langdale QC
Kuttner questioned about Coulson and Goodman
Kuttner questioned on Budgets
Kuttner questioned more about Goodman
Justice Saunders advises the Jury
Time taken to consider verdict

The Defence of Stuart Kuttner Continues
Jonathan Caplan QC Summarises the Charge Against Stuart Kuttner
Back at the #hackingtrial and continuing evidence in chief of former NOTW managing editor Stuart Kuttner, questioned by Jonathan Caplan QC
Justice Saunders explains to the jury that after Kuttner’s case is completed we’ll start with Andy Coulson‘s
Jonathan Caplan QC moves beyond the procedural issues of finance: now addresses the specific facts of the case.
The first to be looked at by Jonathan Caplan QC is the Mulcaire contract. He lists the prosecution’s allegations.
Caplan summarises prosecution: 1 That Kuttner knew of Mulcaire. 2. That he knew of hacking for cheap stories. 3. 100k annual cost hidden
Caplan says the prosecution claim that Kuttner “cooked the books” to hide annual fees to Mulcaire.
“They are from start to finish completely false” says Kuttner of prosecution charges.
Kuttner reiterates that he cannot recall having met or spoken to Glen Mulcaire prior to his arrest in 2006.
Payments to Euro Research and Nine Consultancy
Caplan goes through the 2001 payments to Euro Research: first 13/01/01 should be 13/01/02 says Kuttner’s counsel.
The payments to Euro Research are through the news desk cost centre, and were approved by Stuart Kuttner. 2003 sum increased to £2019 pw
The payments changed to Nine Consultancy in 2004 with approvals from others beyond Stuart Kuttner.
From 12/03/06 the payments to Mulcaire changed from one weekly sum of £2019 – three different payments through other editors.
Caplan points out that payments to Mulcaire continued months after his arrest.
Kuttner reiterates that he thought that Nine Consultancy/Euro Research was a “research agency similar to ones we’d used many years before”
Caplain points out two individual payments to Glenn Mulcaire direct: others to Global Intel Services: Kuttner cannot recall what for.
Kuttner says he can “reconstruct” what he thought – that Global Intel services was another research agency.
Caplan then cites the Alexander payments to Mulcaire through Goodman: then James Street and Paul Williams.
Kuttner recalls hearing the name Paul Edwards at a Select Committee hearing as an alias for Glenn Mulcaire.
Kuttner recalls NOTW’s use of private detectives “in common with other newspapers. In using one agency… we’d save time and money”
Kuttner: “These entries you’ve just drawn my attention to are a tiny part of a huge volume of financial documents”
“There is a fundamental misunderstanding” says Kuttner of payments” “that they were some kind of device to ‘cook the books'”
Kuttner talks more of the activities of private detectives: “tracing people… their relatives… checking their places of work… CCJs”
“Generally building a picture of people we wanted to talk to,” says Kuttner of PIs, saying they are also used by insurance companies
“In general terms it’s very unwise of newspapers to print contentious reports of people without giving them a chance to state their case”
Caplan takes Kuttner to the PCC code, paragraph 2, and the “opportunity to reply” to newspaper articles.
In “common fairness” says Kuttner, people should be able to “reply to an inaccuracy or unfairness” but ideally prior to publication
Kuttner is asked if he knew Andy Gadd, a private detective who worked for NOTW: “neither he nor his name is familiar to me”
Kuttner emails Miskiw in 1999 (cc’d to NOTW editor) about £167k spend on private detectives asking “staff to make more inquiries themselves”
The email from 1999 sets out the costs and payments to research agencies, quasi journalists etc.
“Christine Hart was an individual paid through the news desk” says Kuttner: “Doing the kind of work I believed 9 Consultancy was doing”
Kuttner says these detectives were doing financial background checks. He is reminded by Saunders that “surveillance” was a key task.
“I was wanting to cut back on these costs,” says Kuttner “I wanted to do what journalists used to do… knock on doors, get about”
Kuttner agrees he wanted journalists to do more inquiries and rely less on private detectives in 1999. “I was told my method was out of date
A memo from Miskiw soon after in 1999 talks about too much money being spent on outside research and surveillance agencies
Mulcaire’s First Contract
Jonathan Caplan QC turns to the first 12 month Mulcaire contract in 2000 for “research and information assignments”
The first Mulcaire contract for £92k is exclusive and confidential – and is signed by Greg Miskiw in September 2000
Kuttner says he would have considered the £92k a “useful saving”: Kuttner thinks he would have thought the same at the time.
“I do recollect very vaguely that he (Miskiw) said to me ‘I can get a better exclusive deal with one agency'” says Kuttner
On the £92k for Mulcaire: Kuttner says Miskiw would have authority to sign because it didn’t broach news desk weekly spending limits
Kuttner says of Mulcaire contract: “I have no recollection of seeing this contract before it was signed, or until recent times”
Caplan turns to a Mulcaire notebook entry dated 24/07/01 on Euro Research which covers the details of the NOTW contract
Kuttner says contracts would be referred upward to NOTW legal department “depending on the experience of desk head and nature of contract”
Jonathan Caplan QC turns back to NOTW payment schedule starting 06/09/00 – paid to Mulcaire personally by name and not his company
An 20/09/00 email from Mulcaire – using alias of Paul Williams – gives Miskiw his sort code and bank acc. Miskiw forwards to accounts
A follow up email from Mulcaire gives his company’s business address and company number: this explains why payments then in company name
Kuttner answers the prosecution allegation that he didn’t refer upwards the gross annual payment to Mulcaire to hide it from others.
Kuttner says he’s calculated Mulcaire was on 0.33 of the budget. “the idea I would conceal Mulcaire from Mr Murdoch…. is utterly baseless”
Jonathan Caplan QC, counsel for Kuttner, turns to his 2006 budget drafts and the fact he made no attempt to conceal Mulcaire’s company
Kuttner has no recollection of the second Mulcaire contract, in 2001, signed again by NOTW news desk head then, Greg Miskiw
23/07/03 letter cited in Court 12, from Miskiw to Mulcaire at Euro Research, increasing his weekly remuneration to £2019 for longer hours
Mulcaire’s company changes name
July 2005: Mulcaire’s company changes names to Nine Consultancy, and Neville Thurlbeck signs contract. Kuttner has no memory of this.
Caplan turns to the question why Mulcaire was paid until January 2007 – four months after his arrest.
23/01/07 Coulson emails Kuttner about ending payments to Mulcaire: “Fulfil this contract, not a penny more”
An email from NI lawyer explains payments to Mulcaire after guilty pleas 25/01/07: “Keeping him non hostile is more important till tomorrow”
To the allegations he knew Mulcaire was paid for hacking, Kuttner says “I can’t answer too strongly… utterly and truly false”
Milly Dowler
Quarter of an hour break at #hackingtrial before we move onto the Milly Dowler episode.
Caplan turns to Milly Dowler – abducted on way to school in March 2002. Kuttner knew the mother of Sarah Payne, murdered 2 years earlier
Kuttner talks about Rebekah Brooks‘ campaign – Sarah’s Law – after the murder of Sarah Payne in July 2000
Kuttner says he was involved in Sarah’s Law campaign within a week or two of her murder.
Kuttner tells #hackingtrial jury NOTW started searching for Milly Dowler in March 2002 “along with all the other media”
30/03/02 an email from Kuttner copied to Brooks and Coulson contains a draft leader about the “agony of Milly Dowler‘s family”
“It’s very difficult to recall at this distance” but Kuttner believes he wrote this editorial in March 2002.
On the afternoon 12/04/02 Kuttner emails assistant Chief Constable of Surrey Police with questions about Milly Dowler, and offer of reward
Kuttner email in April 2002 asks Surrey Police how “the NOTW with a readership of 10 million can help in the search for Milly Dowler
Kuttner says of writing to police in Dowler investigation: “such occasional activities…. were one of things I tended to do”
“If the paper with its enormous readership is going to play some part, the news desk would take over those activities” says Kuttner.
Evidence show Kuttner calls Surrey Police in a telephone conversation from 13/04/02 around 3.5pm: he has no recollection of it.
Milly Dowler’s Voicemail Messages
Kuttner tries to call Asst Chief Constable Frank Clarke “to alert Surrey police to what may be significant information on Milly Dowler
Surrey Police call Kuttner back at 5pm that day: evidence says “he says he now may have information to assist the inquiry”
The police account of Kuttner’s conversation says “NOTW had contents of phone message” about her getting a job in Telford.
“They’d confirmed with schoolfriends this was her number” says Surrey Police of NOTW. Thurlbeck then calls saying he’d accessed with PIN
Thurbeck told Surrey police contents of Dowler voicemails, from a tearful boy, a relative, and another “It’s America take it or leave it”
Thurlbeck asked the police to confirm they were investigating. He also told them they were being hoaxed.
Thurlbeck then tells Surrey Press Officer they got Dowler’s PIN from a schoolfriend and that they had five reporters on the story.
Caplan QC, counsel for Kuttner, goes back to his original police interview in 2011.
Kuttner tells the jury that at the time of his police interview “initially I had no recollection of this contact with the police whatsoever”
Kuttner has now seen the evidence of his contact with Surrey Police in April 2002 during Dowler’s disappearance: “entirely accurate account”
BREAKING: Stuart Kuttner, former NOTW managing editor, says he told Surrey Police they had a recording of Milly Dowler‘s voicemail 13/04/11
Kuttner says he wanted to give information as quickly as possible “to find a missing girl… and despite this, I would do it again today”
Kuttner says he had nothing to do with accessing Milly Dowler‘s voicemail, nor did he agree in advance anyone should do so.
Kuttner says he had no idea Mulcaire accessed Dowler’s voicemail. He cannot recall, but speculates, he was told by Thurlbeck about voicemail
Kuttner cannot recall what Thurlbeck said to him, but he passed it all onto Surrey police.
“It’s not a form of newspaper work or journalist I recognise” says Kuttner, denying ever having heard of voicemail hacking prior to this.
The next time Kuttner ever of phone hacking, after Dowler voicemails of 2002, was on the arrest of Clive Goodman in the summer of 2006
Kuttner doesn’t believe he sought legal advice from NI over Dowler voicemails; “I’m as sure as I can be I didn’t” he tells jury in Court 12
Kuttner is shown first edition of NOTW from 14/04/02 which cites “messages” on Milly Dowler‘s phone in the subheading.
Kuttner cannot recall seeing this edition of NOTW that mentioned phone messages on Milly Dowler‘s phone.
Kuttner shown second and third editions of NOTW on 14/04/02: by the third edition all references to Dowler voicemail messages removed.
19/04/02 Kuttner emails Surrey Police press officer about “last Saturday evening” contact with “Dowler Squad” and “messages left”
Kuttner offered Surrey Police a tape recording of other message from Milly Dowler‘s phone and suggestion they had been from hoaxer.
19/04/02 Kuttner email says the NOTW removed references from previous edition about Milly Dowler because of a “hoaxer known to police.”
BREAKING: Kuttner says the NOTW changed 3rd edition article on Milly Dowler voicemails because police told them they were left by hoaxer
Further contact 01/05/02 from Kuttner to Surrey Police offers reward for information on missing Milly Dowler and draft reward poster.
Kuttner reiterates that apart from the Dowler case, he was never aware of anyone else at NOTW having any possession of personal voicemails
David Blunkett
Caplan addresses the Simon Hoggart, Kimberly Quinn and David Blunkett coverage in NOTW in 2004.
Kuttner says he knew about the Andy Coulson meeting with David Blunkett when he confronted him about an affair with Kimberley Quinn
Kuttner “I remember knowing NOTW had information David Blunkett and Kimberly Quinn were having a relationship”
Kuttner wrote the leader in NOTW saying “This is not a resigning matter” for Blunkett: “We rather liked David Blunkett” he says.
Kuttner says the NOTW liked Blunkett because of his support for Sarah’s Law.
Kuttner says he never heard anything about the NOTW having voicemails from David Blunkett to Kimberley Quinn
18/12/04 Kuttner rang the late Simon Hoggart and asked him about his relationship with Kimberley Quinn.
“One of the informal roles I had was to be liaison personal with relatively high profile politicians, journalists and peers of the realm”
“It was in that capacity I phoned Simon” says Kuttner of confronting him with allegations of affair.
Kuttner says he went to see Lord Archer on allegations he falsified a diary.
Kuttner says when the Mayor of London was having an affair: “I was selected to telephone Mr Johnson and asked him if he would comment”
Kuttner cannot recall who asked him to call Simon Hoggart.
Kuttner thinks of another example of approaches: he thinks he was asked to “call Lord Rennard and ask him about his relations with women”
Kuttner explains he was told about background to “parallel affair” with Kimberley Quinn: “we had a story to publish the next day”
Kuttner says no one told him a voice mail from Simon Hoggart had been intercepted.
The Arrests of Mulcaire and Goodman
Jonathan Caplan QC moves forward to 08/08/06 and arrests of Mulcaire and Goodman.
“It was quite a traumatic event,” says Kuttner of Goodman’s arrest: “Security staff told me there were police officers on NOTW floor”
Kuttner asked the three police officers by Goodman’s desk if he could help them.
It wasn’t until later Kuttner heard of voice mail interception: “I focused on Clive Goodman… and I was very shocked.”
Kuttner: “I set about contacting one of the News International lawyers to see if he could talk to the police and find out what was going on”
Kuttner says the arrest of Goodman “was a complete and inexplicable surprise. I didn’t understand what was going on”
“I said to the police ‘stop’! Why are you here? What are you doing?” says Kuttner of Goodman’s arrest.
Kuttner collected Goodman from the police station after his arrest: he saw his role as “Putting an arm round staff in times of difficulties”
“Newspapers are traditionally very good at supporting their own” says Kuttner of collecting Goodman from police station.
Kuttner recalls dropping off Henri Brandman, Goodman’s solicitor, at Charing Cross.
Goodman was “tired and shocked” says Kuttner. “If there was a conversation it was a pretty desultory one”
Kuttner recalls giving Goodman some cash, but thinks that was later, when he returned on the 10/08/02
“Here we had a member of staff, embroiled in something we didn’t understand…. we wanted to demonstrate we supported him” says Kuttner
Kuttner’s visit to Goodman
On second occasion Kuttner entered Goodman’s home: “It wasn’t terribly wrong, but I can’t put a time on it now”
“I had a note of that conversation” says Kuttner of talking to Goodman. Thinks he might have made it while sitting opposite him at his home
Jury show a note of Kuttner’s from 10/08/06 – he confirms it’s his note on CG ‘Clive Goodman” at his home.
This contemporaneous Kuttner note from a few days after Goodman’s arrest in 2006 runs for three pages
Caplan reads out a typescript version of Kuttner’s notes.
BREAKING: Kuttner contemporaneous note says Mulcaire introduced Clive Goodman to a ‘serving spook’ with “leftovers of bugging”
Kuttner’s note says “inform coming from dial in from secret services”
“I think Clive was saying Glenn Mulcaire offered to get information from security services for him” says Kuttner.
BREAKING: Kuttner note from 2006 says Goodman: “Told Andy this at the start” about his hacking project with Mulcaire
Kuttner note says Goodman “terrified” about his own situation. Police widening inquiry into NI payments and other hacking targets.
Kuttner note talks about bullying, and NOTW letting him down: “That was Clive claiming what the police said to him”
Kuttner note from August 2005 of Goodman conversation with police also talks about Mulcaire being close to another NOTW journalist
Kuttner note explicitly says that Goodman relayed information that another NOTW journalist was “doing the same thing” on hacking
Kuttner note also records Goodman saying he had given a no comment interview. He was desperately worried about legal fees.
Clive Goodman apparently told police they “hot desked” at NOTW: Kuttner says wasn’t the case.
Kuttner notes talks of police interest in potential hacking of “Mills, Glitter, Milosevic”
Goodman wanted to know his salary would continue after his arrest in 2006, according to Kuttner contemporaneous notes.
Kuttner says of Goodman’s claim that Mulcaire had security service connections: “I didn’t think about it one way or the other”
Kuttner says he had no involvement with Goodman’s salary, dismissal or subsequent payments.
Apart from Goodman, Kuttner says he never had any idea of anyone else being involved in phone hacking subsequently.
Kuttner Retires
Kuttner retired in September 2009 at the age of 69, he confirms to his counsel Jonathan Caplan QC: but continued as trustee of NOTW pension
Kuttner is a part time carer for his wife who is not well. The jury have already been told Kuttner’s two heart attacks and brain stem stroke
Kuttner sees his cardiologist every two or three months. Kuttner agrees with Justice Saunders he could do with a break. Jury out till 1.45
He’s baaccck. Having filed his last story with a bursting appendix @jamesdoleman files again from #hackingtrial http://po.st/ao0NtYThe
Kuttner’s Physical Condition
Back after lunch at the #hackingtrial – concluding the evidence in chief of NOTW former Managing Editor Stuart Kuttner.
Jonathan Caplan QC is exploring the physical consequences of Kuttner’s two heart attacks and brain stem stroke
Kuttner says the March 2010 heart attack was accompanied by diploplia – double vision. He says it’s “plateaued’ but not gone.
Kuttner has prism lenses to reduce double vision. He gets very tired by the evenings – “very weak”.
Kuttner says his memory is now “piecemeal” – most outstanding example of that is “when police questioned me about Milly Dowler affair”
Kuttner says his concentration is “not as sharp as it was… but then again that might be age.” He’s 73
Police Interviews
Kuttner explains why he gave a no comment interview. He’s been to police station 7 times with his solicitor. Each of first five “transpared”
“I was advised it was not necessary to continue that stance” says Kuttner of no comment interview.
“From the outset the police attitude was…one of extreme suspicion and extreme hostility,” says Kuttner of arrest and various interviews
Kuttner eventually submitted to a prepared statement to the police: “From outset…. I provided my co-operation but intensity intolerable”
Stuart Kuttner Cross Examined Timothy Langdale QC
Kuttner questioned about Coulson and Goodman
Timothy Langdale QC for Coulson cross examines Kuttner on his client and Clive Goodman
Kuttner says Coulson was not “bullying” and agrees he would “encourage and reward”
“Of the many editors I worked with at NOTW he was certainly the most agreeable” says Kuttner of Andy Coulson.
Langdale asks about “concerns” about leaks at NOTW: Kuttner says it wasn’t “paranoid”
“Sunday papers have one chance to break a story” says Kuttner, and leaks could be “devastating”
Langdale shows a 11/05/06 email about “unbilled calls” of another NOTW journalist to Kuttner.
Kuttner recalls there was a concern about leaks from this NOTW journalist: “quite possibly would have asked for his telephone bill”
“Another isolated topic” says Langdale. Kuttner says “more often than not” he attended editors conferences. No mention of phone hacking
Kuttner is asked about journos using aliases for sources. He answers “I imagine…” Saunders cuts him short: “Not good enough”
“If he did have” says Kuttner of aliases for journalist sources “he didn’t reveal it to me”
Kuttner agrees that he had good contacts with the police “which he could bring into play of his own volition”
“It would seem it was you and Neville Thurlbeck who acted making contact with police” over Milly Dowler, says Langdale.
Kuttner says he thinks he got Dowler information direct from Neville Thurlbeck.
Kuttner questioned on Budgets
Timothy Langdale QC, for Coulson, cross examines Kuttner on “budget matters”
Langdale adduces Kuttner’s draft budget ‘menus’ for NOTW. He agrees it resulted from a discussion with ‘others’ – a limited number.
Desk editors, accountants, and the editor himself would have been involved in discussions over these budget options says Kuttner.
Langdale says draft budget has to be seen in the context of the editor “looking for cuts elsewhere…. significant sums”
Langdale uses example of reducing quality of magazine paper – the ‘grammage’ – could result in significant reduction of production costs.
Kuttner explains his budget documents only dealt with editorial, not production, costs. Reiterates that Mulcaire’s 100k was 0.3%
Langdale compares Mulcaire costs to “six figure sum” for buy-ups. “On a handful of occasions,” says Kuttner.
Langdale adduces a document the jury “will be seeing in due” course about NOTW expenditures.
“Do we need to identify people and the amounts of money” asks Justice Saunders. Langdale tries to avoid naming names.
Top names on this unnamed list – significant sums being paid to contributors at NOTW. Footballer over £100k.
NOTW contributors: four columnists over £150k – another four between £100-150k. “Fish of the week” much cheaper notes Saunders
“At the end of the day the news editor… would have a very important say on how he had his budget spent” says Langdale.
Kuttner says the desk editors wouldn’t have the final say, especially over the cost of columnist – that would be decided by editor.
Langdale says the last topic for Kuttner requires another file: the same file he was using with Goodman when cross examine was interrupted.
Kuttner questioned more about Goodman
Langdale asks Kuttner about the “bombardment of emails from Clive Goodman
“Would it be right to say he was rather given to overdramatic language from time to time” asks Langdale. “Yes” says Kuttner.
Kuttner says Goodman was given to “embellishment” and he “took his statements with a pretty big pinch of salt”
Kuttner says he thinks both he and Andy Coulson “indulged” Clive Goodman. He thinks Coulson was “too soft” on former NOTW Royal Reporter
Email shown again email from Kuttner to NOTW editor Pat Chapman in 1989 claiming Goodman “making 2 and 2 adding up to about 7”
Pat Chapman writes to Clive Goodman about “pulling a Prince Andrew story”: “If you’re not sure about something don’t run it” Chapman writes
16/07/98 Kuttner writes to then NOTW editor Phil Hall: “I think we have a problem with Clive Goodman… 3 frustrating episodes”
Kuttner email to then NOTW editor complains about splashes in People, Mail, and Sun: “time to speak in frank terms to Clive”
Kuttner has “no recollection” of these emails about Goodman in the 1990s.
Email 15/10/03 from Coulson to Kuttner about Goodman: “I want to use him more often” and “access to car pool”
“Was Andy Coulson concerned to try to find useful thinks for Clive Goodman to do on the paper?” asks Langdale. Kuttner says he was
Coulson email suggests Goodman help Kuttner in writing leaders for NOTW in 2003
Another Kuttner email cited by Langdale, counsel for Coulson, about querying Goodman’s level of cash payments.
Kuttner says that a Goodman email about cash payments was “one of those documents I received pretty regularly from Clive Goodman
Langdale goes to Kuttner email about Goodman being moved to news desk but still being allowed to come to editorial conferences.
“This is an example of Andy Coulson‘s civilised approach to sensitive matters” says Kuttner of email by Coulson about Clive Goodman
Langdale cites Kuttner email about cutting the cost of a contributor about “the repeat of a People Page lead 12 wks after they published”
Kuttner remembers this as one of the “more bizarre moments in my career” over Goodman seeking payment for a story published in the People
Langdale cites another 24/08/05 email from Goodman to another NOTW journalist about cash payment requests being watched carefully
Email talks about Goodman’s “attitude… not being a team player… not going to New York… not come up with single big Royal exclusive”
Kuttner says “it’s fair” to say these emails are indicative of the “problem” with Clive Goodman on NOTW.
Kuttner writes to Coulson on ‘Clive Goodman” in August 2005 laying out “ACs concerns about CGs performance and attendance”
“So far as lack of exclusives, CG had two splashes, surprised about complaint” says Kuttner’s note of conversation with Goodman in 2005
Goodman was required to get “more into the paper”: he had “exceptional casting”: “air of injured pride” says note from 2005
Kuttner shown two documents from Clive Goodman about credits for contributor payments for Alec Hall and David Alexander 20/10/05
“Alexander is a relatively familiar name to me, Hall is not” says Kuttner of Goodman’s claims for credits.
“You tended to put in a claim for cash… supported by a separate piece of paper” says Kuttner of cash payments to confidential sources
A short break for Stuart Kuttner at the #hackingtrial
Back with Langdale’s cross examination of Stuart Kuttner – focusing on another email chain 05/11/05 from Nicholas to Goodman
“Are you seriously suggesting I report to nobody other than News Desk?” asks Goodman. Nicholas says yes.
Goodman replies he thought he could communicate directly with the editor Andy Coulson. Nicholas forwards email to Kuttner
Nicholas says “Goodman clearly has more time than I have on a Saturday morning”
“It’s time to draw the curtain on his timewasting” writes Kuttner of Goodman to other senior NOTW staff.
A whole series of emails about Goodman reporting direct to news desk is cited by Langdale – including Kuttner and NOTW deputy.
Kuttner says “this is a childish waste of time at a newspaper” of Goodman’s complaints about reporting to news desk at NOTW.
“I’m sorry he’s not here,” says Kuttner of Goodman’s absence. Saunders: “He’s getting record of everything that’s said” Kuttner “Excellent!”
Kuttner Goodman email cited about “protected” cash payments of source in “sensitive profession”: Langdale wants to know about ‘wording”
Langdale says Goodman suggested Kuttner wanted this kind of wording over payments to sensitive sources: “Certainly not mine” says Kuttner
Kuttner taken to an email sent by Goodman to Coulson about “Stuart told me of the decision about matey’s weekly payments”
Kuttner reiterates that he has “no recollection” of talking about “Matey’s weekly payments” 03/02/06
Twenty days later Goodman writes to Kuttner about ‘Alexander cash payments’: again Kuttner cannot remember previous email
Justice Saunders explains that Goodman is getting transcripts and has to give instructions to his counsel Spens. That will be done now.
Trial breaks early so that Spens can be instructed by his client Clive Goodman before cross examination of Kuttner.
Justice Saunders advises the Jury
Time taken to consider verdict
Saunders explains to the jury that the contingency planning for their verdict should not be taken as indication whole long they should take.
Saunders explains possibility of a week’s break in June to help holiday plans for jurors.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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