Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 8 Apr

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Mr Justice Saunders – Order of Proceedings
Defendant Mark Hanna to be followed by Stuart Kuttner
Defence Admissions for Mark Hanna
Counsel for Hanna reads admissions
The Defence of Stuart Kuttner Begins
Jonathan Caplan QC Introduces the Defence Case for Stuart Kuttner
Stuart Kuttner’s recent Medical History
Stuart Kuttner answers questions on his Career in Journalism
Kuttner joins News of the World
Kuttner’s Role as Managing Editor
Member of Press Council
Kuttner’s Contract with the News of the World
Kuttner is asked for his view of other members of staff at NOTW
Kuttner questioned on Contributor Payment Requests
Limit of Payments and Levels of Authorisation
Cash Payments
Goodman Payments 2005
Goodman’s Confidential Source and Alexander Payments
Kuttner’s work on Budget Setting
Attempts to cut Nine Consultancy Budget
Editorial Budget
Mr Justice Saunders Reviews the Position of the Trial
Clive Goodman expected to return in May

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