Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 7 Apr

Monday 7 April 2014

Mr Justice Saunders explains order of Defendants
Clive Goodman still not well
Defence Witnesses for Mark Hanna
Witness for Hanna – John Stonewick (Father in Law)
The Prosecution cross-examine John Stonewick
Witness for Hanna – Will Smith (Excellence Analyst for Pizza Hut)
The Prosecution cross-examine Will Smith
The Defence of Charlie Brooks continues with Defence Witnesses
Witness for Charlie Brooks – Mark Prescott (Race Horse Trainer)
Witness for Charlie Brooks – Sir Thomas Lacey (Racehorse Owner)
Witness Statement for Charlie Brooks – Kevin Perry (Daily Telegraph)
Witness for Charlie Brooks – Jo Russell (Former PA)
Witness for Charlie Brooks – Sarah Bradstock (Friend)
Charlie Brooks and Fairy Liquid

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