Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 2 Apr

Wednesday 02 April 2014

The Defence of Mark Hanna Continues
Mark Hanna questioned about events of the day Rebekah Brooks arrested
Rebekah Brooks Arrested
Retrieval of Charlie Brooks bags from behind the bins
Police arrive at Jubilee Barn
The day after Rebekah Brooks arrest
Mark Hanna’s Arrest
Mark Hanna is Cross Examined by Counsel for Charlie Brooks
Neil Saunders QC questions Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna is Cross Examined by the Prosecution
Anthony Edis QC for the Crown questions Mark Hanna
Justice Saunders updates the Jury on absent Defendants
Hanna questioned on his Defence documents
Hanna cross-examined on events of 17 July 2011
Hanna questioned further on Police Interviews
The events of “Pizzagate”

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