Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 1 Apr

Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Cross Examination of Charlie Brooks by the Crown Continues
Charlie Brooks questioned about his relationship with NI
Searches and Police Interviews
The events of the day of Rebekah Brooks arrest
The Defence of Mark Hanna Begins
William Clegg QC questions Mark Hanna on his background
Hanna joins News International
2011 Increased Security
Security Activity of July 2011
Allegations of Burning Evidence
DCMS Committee Hearing
Enstone Security

The Cross Examination of Charlie Brooks by the Crown Continues
Charlie Brooks questioned about his relationship with NI
Back at #hackingtrial Charlie Brooks is explaining the urgency of his book: Harper Collins were worried about Milly Dowler.
Charlie Brooks says he was losing his head cover on the book: Harper Collins “would love to wash their hands of me and it”
“All these thoughts occurred to you between the 15th and 17th (of July” asks Edis. Charlie “No this is just me being savvy of undercurrents”
“But News Corp was being very supportive” says Edis. “Mr Murdoch didn’t want my wife to resign but other directors had a lot of clout”
“She resigned on a very generous severance agreement… this is about there being any real danger of News Corp rejecting you” says Edis
“I just got the impression he tolerated me” says Charlie of Harper Collins editor. He agrees there are no documents showing this
“Have you made this up in order to explain your conduct?” asks Edis. “No I haven’t” says Charlie.
“You were quite a trusted associate of News Corp…” says Edis. “It’s quite a family orientated company” says Charlie of the Murdochs.
Charlie says he had a News International email address to synch his diaries. He doesn’t know who instructed Olswang. They were personal
Charlie explains his conversation with Lewis and James Murdoch was before they spoke to Rebekah about resignation.
Charlie Brooks explains his other business relations with News International – forming a betting exchange.
Searches and Police Interviews
“I’d done something very stupid and I stuck with it” says Charlie of hiding his bags. He says he had no concern about it
Edis says he must have discovered what the police’s approach to the search would be during their search on the Sunday to News Int devices
“Sounds a bit glib” says Charlie of watching Golf during search “but it was my way of blanking out what went on”
“You’re a man of the world” says Edis. “Thankyou” says Charlie. “The idea you were shocked into a coma is idiotic’ says Edis.
Edis says that the idea that Charlie couldn’t cope with the police interview is also unlikely. Charlie talks about stewing in the cells.
Justice Saunders asks whether nature of the police search “affected his mind”. He says he felt he would be a fool not to take legal advice
Charlie says he felt “ashamed at what he’d done to Mr Hanna… furious at myself, mortified at what I’d done to my wife”
Charlie says he didn’t “blindly” take the lawyer’s advice. Justice Saunders asks if he doesn’t regret now doing a no comment interview
Edis points out the warning about no comment interview “people might think you’ve made it up since…. gave you advantage of seeing records”
“It gave you the chance to fit things up” says Edis. “Did you appreciate that if you kept your mouth shut you would be able to invent things
Charlie says”I was pleased to have a wise lawyer give me counsel”. Edis: “That would be opportunity for honest man to make clean breast”
“I would argue an innocent man is entitled to take legal advice” says Edis.
Edis turns to a schedule after an object by Neil Saunders – to be discussed in the break.
The events of the day of Rebekah Brooks arrest
Edis turns to CCTV pictures from Thames Quay: particularly a call and text 17.24 from Mark Hanna after searches have finished 17/07/11
Charlie says this was probably about “bringing his stuff back”. Edis: “What were the arrangements made between the two of you”
“You’re not drunk at this point” says Edis. “Mr Palmer arrives at ten minutes past six”. Edis turns to the texts between security.
“Call Charlie as briefed” says Johnson to Jorsling. Jorsling then calls. Charlie can’t remember who precisely was bringing his stuff back.
“It was all right to get hopelessly drunk” asks Edis. Charlie says some people do that under pressure. “I wasn’t falling about drunk”
“She was incredibly wired and stressed… we sat and talked about what she’d been through that day” says Charlie.
“You were in a state to have a perfectly amicable conversation with your wife” says Edis. Charlie says can remember some things.
Charlie says the return of his belongings “as soon as the searches have finished” was a bit of a “coincidence”.
20.24 calls on 17/07/11 – Charlie is texted by Hanna. He agrees this is probably about his stuff being brought back to him
“The plan to bring stuff back was plainly in existence from this time” says Edis. “At some point… I don’t recall” says Charlie.
“We had that conversation at some point” says Charlie of talking to Hanna about dropping back the bags. Charlie says he used Palmer’s phone
Edis asks why Charlie was using Palmer’s phone: his was flat and “on the blink” “Bad for your brain charging phone near bed” he says.
Charlie is going to get his iPhone recharged soon so he can check Palmer’s number on his flat phone
Charlie says he was coherent at that point he spoke to Hanna. “I wasn’t hopelessly drunk at any point that night” says Charlie.
“The one phone call I had with Jorsling is 15 seconds long” says Charlie but long enough to arrange drop off.
“You actually didn’t ask for a Pizza on the phone” Edis. “Yes I did” says Charlie. “This is a time you knew police might still be interested
“No lawyer ever suggested that might happen” says Edis of a second search. “Never thought your premises were under observation?”
Charlie says he had no idea of surveillance or second searches. He also has no idea why Jorsling went to the underground carpark.
Charlie says Jorsling must have got in “with a fob”. Edis says it’s “perfectly easy to get food delivered”
21.30 call for 15 seconds cited along with CCTV footage of Jorsling arriving with a fob.
Jorsling gets out of car using mobile phone on CCTV replay.
CCTV of Jorsling taking black bag out of car and hiding behind bins shown to jury.
Palmer seen on CCTV seen emerging into Car Park: “He does something peculiar with his arms” admits Charlie. He lets Jorsling out
Jorsling has no fob to exist. “Those are two people doing what you told them to” says Edis. Charlie says Palmer was supposed to get property
Charlie says he didn’t notice Palmer only brought back the pizzas, and not his bags.
“When Mr Palmer comes up stairs, I’m focused on something else, probably Sky News” says Charlie.
Charlie says he never knew the bags came back double bin-bagged from News International. He says this wasn’t planned.
Charlie says he doesn’t know what the plan was. “I didn’t not discuss with Jorsling where to put bags… I didn’t give anyone instructions”
Edis points out the bin bag was put exactly where Charlie left his bags previously. “Sounds vaguely the same place” says Charlie.
“Sounds like very similiar to where I put Jiffy bag an Vaio” says Charlie but denies this location has anything to do with him.
Edis turns to Charlie’s evidence that it wasn’t until the next day, when he left Kingsley Napley, that he thought he ought to get bags back
Edis says “these bags were so important you hid them from police” but asks why it never occurred to Charlie until the next morning
“By Monday morning I had the hangover from hell” says Charlie. “I appreciate it’s strange isn’t it… but that’s how it is”
Charlie can’t remember how long at lawyers “I’ll go with his Lordship and say half an hour”. Saunders: “I’m going to regret saying anything”
Edis asks Charlie whether he was in solicitors when he called Hanna. Edis says “during or before” appointment with solicitors.
Charlie says that call would have been about security not his bags. In previous evidence he claimed he only thought of bags afterwards
Charlie says he told Edwards to sort out bags. Call records show him talking to Jorsling before lawyers.
Charlie says the thought he might be interviewed under caution until his stuff was confiscated by police.
Charlie denies asking Paul Edwards to help him hide stuff. Charlie says he recognised Jorsling by this car, the Golf,
Charlie says he recognised Jorsling because he’d spoken to him on the phone. “I knew who the man was… who could drop bags and pizzas”
“The plan was to put them behind the rubbish bins in case the police came back” says Edis. Charlie “I didn’t think the police would be back”
Charlie says there was nothing about coming out of Kingsley Napley that meant he could have his bags back – his memory was triggered.
Edis asks why, if Jorsling was there, Johnson rang him. Charlie doesn’t know.
Saunders has some more questions about Charlie’s initial discussion with Hanna “about looking after stuff in back of car”
Charlie doesn’t remember giving any time limit to how long Hanna should keep his stuff. Surprised he brought it to Thames Quay
Charlie says he told Hanna it was his stuff “because I thought there was a possibility of a police search. I didn’t know what he knew”
20 mins break.
Neil Saunders talks about disclosure on Palmer number before break
The jury is still not present at #hackingtrial while certain legal issues are discussed.
Justice Saunders explains to jury several documents had to be looked at and considered. Edis circulates a copy of Charlie’s Case Statement
Jury back in at the #hackingtrial after a slightly discontinuous morning of cross examination of Charlie Brooks by Anthony Edis QC
Edis asks Charlie Brooks about a paragraph “all items for custody returned on 18th July” Charlie says should be 17th July
Charlie agrees he hadn’t put in his role in the return of the property. “You did a have a part in return of property” says Edis.
Charlie agrees he spoke to Hanna, Jorsling and Palmer: “I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know how detailed defence statements should be”
Edis says “the first time you’ve given this account is in the witness box”. A statement of 18/04/12 does mention fears of leaks to Guardian
“It’s quite a long letter” says Charlie. He says the 18th date is probably a “typo”.
Charlie talks about the “alcoholic aberration” and the 18th is an “error”
“You credit me with too much thought” says Charlie to Justice Saunders about getting his briefcases back on Sunday 17/07/11
Edis shows jury a picture of some of Charlie’s phone records from that night re evidence of his “phone being flat at 8.38” and using Palmers
Call evidence shows Charlie using his mobile to send a text at 8.38
Some discussion with Neil Saunders for Charlie Brooks: his spreadsheet is different to the one shown to jury
At 9.30 Charlie is making and receiving calls including one for 5 mins: “Were you very drunk at that time?” asks Edis.
“At some point that night I had drunk 3 bottles of wine. That might not be very much to you… I was referring to Mr Edis” says Charlie B
Charlie says the two computers in the black bags accompanied him to London and Oxfordshire.
“When the police went to Jubilee barn… they found no computers. Was that usual?” asks Edis. “Yes” says Charlie.
Charlie says Brooks Blackberry was “welded to her ear” while he had his iPad.
Charlie says this was not mentioned in his defence statement “because that was drawn up by lawyers, I don’t know what level of detail…”
Charlie reiterates they were in a rush on the Sunday, and went to Jubilee Barn to get shoes for Rebekah.
Charlie denies Jubilee Barn was emptied of electronic equipment. He denies he was trying to get rid of stuff “that could damage his wife”
Charlie says he wasn’t aware of “great risk” – he was just “very stupid”
Again, Charlie says Hanna said nothing when he asked him to look after his personal belongings on the day of Brooks’ arrest.
“It’s not for me to speculate what Mr Hanna knew” says Brooks. “But you spoke to him on phone, you met him with Jiffy bag and computer”
“I didn’t hand it over. I told him it was behind the bins” says Charlie of what he told Hanna after arrest.
“Did he says anything?” asks Edis. “I honestly don’t remember him saying anything” says Charlie.
“At that point you must have appreciated you were taking a risk… the only reason is to… achieve something important” says Edis.
“Your motive was to protect your wife to whom you are extremely loyal” says Edis. “That is simply not true” says Charlie
Charlie agrees he saw his defence statement before it was submitted.
A paragraph says Charlie went back both days – the second to collect some shoes.
Charlie Brook’s evidence is over. A brief reshuffle before the next case.
Edis stands up: Charlie now can access Mr Palmer’s phone number. “Better get out quick” says Charlie before leaving witness box
The Defence of Mark Hanna Begins
William Clegg QC questions Mark Hanna on his background
Now Mark Hanna takes the witness box at #hackingtrial, head of security at News International, questioned by his barriser, William Clegg QC
Hanna stands accused on Count 7 of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
Hanna is 50 years old. His birthday is on Sunday: “Not that I’ll be celebrating but true.” He’s married but now separated.
Before he separated from his wife he lived in Buckingham. No previous convictions.
Hanna has three grown up children in their 20s and early 30s
Hanna went to a secondary modern in Leicester, left at 16 with 7 CSEs at average grades, and then joined the army
19/06/79 Hanna joined the Coldstream Guards as a Junior Guardsman. Clegg hands out documents dealing with his military career.
“This is the date you take the Queen’s shilling, you take your oath” explains Hanna of joining the army.
Hanna’s character and military conduct is described as ‘exemplary’ in official records. “Lance Sergeant Hanna served for 12 years”
Hanna was a heavy goods driver in Royal Corps of transport, a machine gun section commander, and a military flautist
Hanna explains Corp of Drums is a military unit, and the music is a sideline
Hanna had two tours of Northern Ireland, and postings to Kenya, Japan
Hanna saw active service in Northern Ireland in South Armagh: was in gunfights “three or four or five times”
Hanna was also involved in the first Gulf War in 1991: his platoon was mentioned in dispatches.
Hanna: “we found ourselves in a tricky situation (with Iraqi prisoners) ended up in a minefield, and had to protect them Geneva convention”
Hanna’s was awarded Gulf War, Kuwait Liberation, Saudi Defence, and Northern Ireland medals by the time he left army in 1993
He turned to security industry for new career. Hanna worked for Reliance Security at ICI and Tower of London “physical protection”
Tower of London involved perimeter security as well: Hanna was awarded a police medal for “apprehension of a robber”
“Good natured and level headed man… uses his own initiative when required. He is honest” says army references on Hanna
Back to Tower of London: “I noticed a lady was being robbed by two gentlemen” says Hanna. He apprehended one and held onto till police came
Commendation for this arrest says Hanna provided a deterrent. DCI Jones from the Met wrote about how Hanna was injured in detaining robber
DCI Jones commends Hanna’s bravery in detaining the robber, and for identifying the second of “two dangerous criminals”
Hanna was awarded a Borough Commander’s Commendation for bravery, diligence and determination.
Hanna then worked as a security contractor for Goldman Sachs till 2001: then joined Nomura Investment Banks after 2.5 years as contractor
At Nomura Bank Hanna was made Head of Security. He liaised with City of London police and helped found L.I.S.T.E.N
LISTEN gives security staff a forum to share intelligence ect. Now over 1300 members in 20 countries. Hanna was the founder of LISTEN
Hanna joins News International
Nomura was bought out by Leahmann Brothers, and in April 2009 Hanna joined NI as Head of Security under HR department initially
In July Hanna was made Director of Group Security – same job but with a different title
Daniel Cloke was Hanna’s line manager. Jane Viner replaced him – she’s already given evidence.
When Hanna joined NI Brooks was editor of the Sun: he had no contact with her at that point in 2009
Hanna says he only got to meet Rebekah Brooks when she became CEO of News International.
Hanna says he’d only met Brooks “two or three times” before the summer of July 2011.
Hanna never met Coulson, Thurlbeck, Miskiw, Weatherup or Mulcaire. Lunch to 2.05 pm
Back after lunch at #hackingtrial – Mark Hanna continuing with his evidence in chief on Count 7, questioned by his lawyer, William Clegg QC
Clegg has a few more documents for the jury defence bundles.
05/01/11 email to Hanna cited by Clegg about allegations of phone hacking and the suspension of NOTW journalist.
Hanna was well aware of phone hacking allegations in press in January 2011: he was never asked to play any part in internal investigations
Hanna emails his line manager Jane Viner 10/01/07 with his weekly report with outstanding issues
This email shows Hanna’s activities for the week of February 2011: retrieval of recording device from the Sun – a dictaphone
“Working with executives over NOTW interviews and police liaison” says email. Hanna says he was liaising the MSC and police
Hanna says he had nothing to do with the selections for interview, or at the interview. He played no part in MSC investigation.
On that same Feb email weekly report Hanna is shown vetting people a the Peterborough facility of NI.
Email also mentions Fox journalists injured in riots in Cairo in February 2011: he helped get them to a hospital.
Another task relates to Glasgow tenants at NI – Hanna had to give staff additional security advice, and liaising with police.
Hanna says he regularly travelled to “all the locations around UK and Ireland” – Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Broxbourne, Dublin
Hanna says he travelled abroad “predominantly for a major sporting event” like the World Cup.
Clegg describes Hanna’s other weekly security matters, leaks, loss of service, missing money at restaurants etc.
The same email sets out anticipated security issues for Hanna for the next week in February 2011.
09/06/11 weekly report cited by Clegg: “all matters that fall under your remit as Head of Security”
Staff appraisals are included in the list: “They are staff who reported direct to me” says Hanna.
One item deals with the visit of Rupert Murdoch in June 2011: he would check over and liaise with hosts of event.
“When Mr Murdoch attended site… it was our responsibility to make sure his ingress and egress wasn’t hindered” says Mark Hanna
Hanna attended regular Met Police briefings every month or six weeks or so
Weekly report speaks of an alarm system for an editor Hanna can no longer remember.
Email talks of low level thefts from Broxbourne. Hanna was responsible for the security of individual executives as well.
Hanna says he would personally be involved in the security of executives depending on the level of risk “on a daily basis”
Clegg asks his client Hanna about an “average day”: he’d drive in from Buckingham and arrive at 5.15 am, leaving 5pm arriving back 7pm
“I was a bit of a workaholic” says Hanna. He worked every day of the week, including weekends.
“I used to take work home most days” says Hanna. When the police searched his home, they found examples of that.
“Predominantly I would take it back to the office” says Hanna of work taken home
Hanna said the NI offices were swept for bugs regularly – but so too were the offices of his previous employer, Nomura Bank
2011 Increased Security
Back in January 2011 an email from Brooks to Will Lewis, cc’ed to Hanna: “Can we have my phones and office swept”
Nothing unusual in this request from Brooks about sweeping offices, says Hanna.
A full electronic sweep of 10th Floor, vehicles and NOTW interview rooms including ‘monitoring’ explained by Clegg for Hanna.
“We never did” find any bugs explains Hanna to Justice Saunders.
Hanna says there was a “perceived increase in security risk” in April 2011.
Email from Hanna emails Viner about a ‘constant monitoring’ device in Brooks office in April 2011. Rooms are swept daily at this point
Hanna explains a ‘White Room Device’ – is an alarm installed in the ceiling of an office, and monitors anyone turning on their phone
Hanna explains he has a team working under him. He’s employed by News International now News UK.
Hanna says he was responsible for two sites predominantly – 50 to 60 staff all subcontracted.
At Wapping their duties were access and egress. At TMS more modern – low level sweeps and investigations.
Hanna explains that at the old Wapping site they had finished producing the newspaper by 2011. Offices moved to Thomas More Square
Hanna wasn’t involved in sale or refurbishing of Wapping: the two options either sale of land or renovation.
Hanna says the plans to move from Wapping had been in place before 2009 – the move to TMS “a full time job in itself”
Clegg asks Hanna about his company car: 27/06/11 a new Volvo was to be delivered on 5th July
Clegg corrects himself: 04/07/11 the Volvo delivered to Wapping Car Park. He drove in with Wife’s Renault Clio: “rarely used the car”
Hanna says he had his own parking bay, Number 77, at TMS. He parked his Clio in his bay 04/07/11 – he never used for next two weeks
Hanna says he had no time to retrieve the Clio until the 17th July 2011. It remained in underground car park until then.
For his new Volvo, Hanna used the visitor parking spots in TMS. Insurance was paid for by News International for “any company vehicle”
Hanna says he was responsible for security for the whole board of NI – ten or twelve people. Some needed home security too
A security survey was performed by Hanna at the Brooks’ London residence. First in 2009, then in April 2011.
They do an ‘environmental check’ for crime and antisocial behaviour. Then the site itself. Liaising with ‘on site’ security – car parks
Car Fobs, CCTV, panic alarms are also included in this home security review for execs. He also did two checks of Jubilee Barn in 09 and 11
Hanna took security manager from Wapping with him to Chelsea Harbour and the building’s house manager.
These security surveys of Brooks’ London and Oxfordshire residences involved internal and external surveys.
Hanna did follow up surveys in April 2011 after the arrests of three NOTW journalists. Hanna had to seal desks, liaise with MSC.
“A member of security would go to desk” of arrested journalists says Hanna “and make sure no one approached… till MSC notified”
Hanna says Jane Viner or Rebekah Brooks told him Brooks feared she could be arrested in April 2011.
“This prompted the second survey of the property” says Hanna: “I believe Rebekah had been receiving emails… of not a very nice nature”
These emails to Brooks were both abusive and threatening, says Hanna. This was authorised by Jane Viner, and Panuccio authorised payments
Hanna explains “someone was located at Chelsea Harbour on a permanent”: this was subcontracted out to Will Geddes.
Hanna says he’d known Geddes for eight years or so “on a professional basis”
“Appropriate cover” was provided by Geddes: “A static team at Chelsea Harbour and when Rebekah on move…. mobile protection”
Hanna talks of second review with Will Geddes of Chelsea Harbour in April 2011: 24 hours a day 7 days a week surveillance initially
This new review was “predominantly looking at it externally” says Hanna of Chelsea Harbour. Charlie met Geddes to approve level of cover
Hanna had met Charlie Brooks before in 2009: “a lot of people were busy” in 2011 “we tended to liaise with Charlie for security”
In the end the cover in April only last 2 or 3 days: Hanna was ‘stood down’
In April 2011 says there was a plan to deal with Brooks’ arrest. The security team should liaise with police about avoiding photographs
Hanna agrees this liaison would have to be ad hoc since they wouldn’t get prior notification of Brooks’ arrest in April 2011.
By the run up to July 2011, Hanna’s workload “increased dramatically” he says. He had help from Geddes’ team – but no one else.
In the run up to July 2011 Hanna says he was working 15 hours a day.
04/07/11 the day Milly Dowler story broke “the security concern was heightened quite considerably” says Hanna, Head of NI security
Email from Hanna 05/07/11 “Rebekah Brooks has been personally targeted…. risk to business and staff increased dramatically”
Hanna convinced on 05/07/11 security would increase for days if not weeks. Tells staff to be less ‘trusting’: “We are here to protect”
“We are ready to do what it legally takes” says Hanna email to security management at NI on the morning Milly Dolwer story published
By this time, Hanna had seen evidence of the targeting of Brooks. He was sure security concern would “continue to increase”
Other executives needed to up their security, says Hanna. Other sites in the UK needed more security in July 2011
Brooks security was reviewed at this point, says Hanna, approved by Viner and Pannuccio. They re-employed Will Geddes at ICP
ICP provided static security for Brooks at Chelsea Harbour: mobile security – an Apollo Car – was employed for mobile security
Hanna says that security at Jubilee Barn “not very long” after the Milly Dowler story.
“The increase in mail towards Rebekah, News International, James and Rupert Murdoch… stuff online…” raised the threat says Hanna.
The hate mail spiked when allegations that war veterans wives had been hacked. Other executives also given security.
Brooks driver was employed by News Int: lead car and follow cars for her protection provided by ICP. Hanna never drove Brooks.
Hanna never drove the lead or follow cars he tells the jury (not Apollo cars as in previous tweet)
“Naturally they reported to Will Geddes” says Hanna: they’d get all the shift changes of the security staff.
Security Activity of July 2011
Clegg cites a 05/07/11 email that has been so often cited “we’ve committed it all to memory” mentioning “police concern” for Brooks
Email talks about previous security plan, with teams being in underground car park so Brooks could exit that way if arrested.
Hanna says Brooks’ arrest was again a “possibility” on 05/07/11. On the 07/07/11 Hanna emails Viner about Brooks and photographers.
07/07/11 email from Hanna talks about dead soldier’s families being hacked.
Viner agree with Hanna’s advice: “But you’ll need Rebekah’s OK even if through Charlie” in 07/07/11 email
Hanna explains that “Rebekah was very busy…. she requested we go through Charlie….” They could keep some of the threats away from her
08/07/11 Hanna emails Viner about ‘weekend pack’ – he worked day and evening the whole coming weekend.
Clegg cites a “great wodge of abusive and threatening correspondence” recovered by police from Hanna’s house.
Hanna says he was analysing this hate mail to look for ‘patterns’.
“A lot of the mail was quite clearly offensive from comments on the envelopes” says Hanna of post room identifying hate mail
Hate mail intercepted at post room would be handed to Hanna to examine personally. Some letters got through to executives floor.
Hate mail that got through to executive floor would either be handed to security, or they would go down to collect.
Jury shown letters referred on to Hanna by Brooks’ PA Cheryl Carter.
“A very different document caught up with abusive correspondence” says Clegg. Some claim by Diego Maradona mentioned.
“Some mention of football to come later” says Clegg. “Look forward to that,” says Justice Saunders. Five minute break.
Clegg resumes on the subject of youtube and twitter threats against NI in July 2011
Sky TV Head of Security was in contact with Hanna about ‘online threats’ and someone called “Chunky Mark” and offensive interest in NI
“He has a history of dangerous stunts” says Sky TV Head of Security about Chunky Mark, relating history of protests and YouTubes
“He describes himself as a ‘performance artist’ whatever that may be” says Clegg, who then cites several ‘Twitters’ by Chunky Mark
Clegg asks how “seriously” had to take these threats: “In my opinion very seriously” says Hanna of social media.
Clegg moves onto the closure of News of the World: Hanna was at nephew’s birthday party the afternoon of 07/07/11 when Viner called
Until that moment on 07/07/11 says Hanna he had “no idea” about the closure of NOTW: drove back and met Jane Viner
Jane Viner told Hanna she was liaising with MSC about the plan for the closure of NOTW.
Hanna says he had no plans to travel to London that evening: he spent the night of 07/07/11 at a hotel in London.
Media interest around Thomas More Square went “haywire” Hanna says after NOTW closure announced.
Clegg cites a handover report from a security shift at TMS explaining the ‘media presence’ around NI sites.
NI Head of Security, Mark Hanna, says media presence around Wapping remained high for that day and whole weekend.
“Probably greater on the Friday when it was announced Rebekah had resigned” says Hanna of media presence outside TMS
“10-15 photographers almost blocking the road…. a multitude of cameras and journalists” says Hanna of media outside TMS.
Hanna laughs wryly when he says he didn’t “get the weekend off”. He was at TMS when the last edition of NOTW put to bed.
Hanna spent a third night in a hotel near Wapping.
Allegations of Burning Evidence
Hanna is asked about Robert Hernandez, who said in previous evidence Hanna made a confession of “criminal offences” before NOTW closure.
“The prosecution case is that you are a man of bad character… because you burnt incriminating property in your home” says Clegg
BREAKING: Hanna says he ‘never’ burnt anything incriminating or not from News International at his home
Hanna says he would never be given such incriminating material. He says he never told Robert Hernandez he burnt material.
Hanna says he never told Hernandez that he dug a hole and lit a file. He was a junior member of the security service, says Hanna.
“Certainly not” says Hanna over regarding Hernandez as someone he would confide in or confess to.
Hanna says he does light fires at his home, but he never digs holes, nor uses it to “burn property of his employer”
Clegg goes through some photographs found on his external harddrive. Each photograph is timestamped. A narrative has been put on to describe
Photos of firepit shown to jury with Hanna’s foot in it. He had a fire at home “once or twice a week”. Photo shown of back of Hanna’s house
The fire pit is in crazy paving section of Hanna’s garden – “no need to dig a hole” says Clegg. Feb 2011 photo shown of incinerator
Following year, the incinerator in Hanna’s garden has a lid on it, Clegg says to the jury, showing them photos.
General George Jenkins also appears in photo and Hanna says “the woodshed I was very proud of”
More photo of Hanna’s garden shown to jury: and “a gentleman with a glass of wine”
Clegg represents the prosecution case he burnt material before closure of NOTW. No truth in this allegation says Hanna.
Hanna says he did drink one bottle of wine when with Hernandez “Quite modest by some standards” jokes his counsel William Clegg QC.
Hanna went back to work that night after drinking with Hernandez: he was “pretty tired by this point”. He was looking forward to a holiday
DCMS Committee Hearing
On 13/07/11 Hanna learned about Brooks appearing before the DCMS committee: “a big security concern for us” he says.
Hanna’s holiday plans didn’t last long, he tells the jury at the #hackingtrial He had choice but to cancel his holiday
Hanna points out there were lots of accusations and threats going round, both outside and inside NI, after NOTW was closed.
The security threat increased because people would know where Rebekah Brooks was for the DCMS committee.
“On the Tuesday she was going to be particularly exposed” says Clegg and refers to “Mr Rupert Murdoch got a custard pie in his face”
“The custard could be replaced with anything” says Hanna of pie attack on Rupert Murdoch. They had security in Parliament, but not him
“Unfortunately Mr Jagger chose the best time to take a holiday” says Hanna of his deputy’s absence the following week.
Hanna explains it was his responsibility to secure NOTW equipment for the police. He didn’t go home till Sunday 10/07/11 returning next day
Hanna became aware the Brooks would spend the next weekend at Enstone around 13/07/11 – same time he was told of DCMS committee
Enstone Security
Hanna agrees Enstone was “another security nightmare”. He had to go and survey the property, and had to hire additional security.
On 14/07/07 Hanna visited Enstone in the afternoon, to meet estate manager – he may have met owner on that day.
“It needed a lot more security than I could provide” says Hanna of Enstone Manor. He proposed ICP followers, White Rock and himself there.
Hanna says there were four from ICP on different shifts at Enstone on static shifts to vet people approaching – one access point.
Hanna explains White Rock employee – Jevan Halley – to provide an initial sweep of Enstone, and monitoring any “unwanted interception”
Hanna attended Enstone with another NI employee “to patrol the perimeter of the property” – an hour to walk around the property.
“What would we do without Google Earth” says Justice Saunders of maps of Enstone.
Jury shown photos of Enstone Manor buildings and lake.
Geddes team was stationed at entrance of Enstone Manor onto the A44 (which apparently has changed name according to Justice Saunders)
“By strange quirky by-laws there was a public right of way straight through the property” says Hanna of Enstone.
Hanna understood that weekend, as shown in email, that the Brooks’ would be at Enstone until the Monday.
Hanna returned to Enstone on Friday 15/07/11 and spent the next night there. On the Friday night he patrolled the perimeter.
Lee Sandell, from Advance Security, a regular at NI, patrolled the perimeter with Hanna. He got a lift down in Hanna’s Volvo.
Hanna didn’t see Charlie arrive that night, but he did see Rebekah – so they arrived separately. Hanna had been up since 4 am without sleep
Hanna stayed in a room called the boathouse the first night – didn’t get much sleep on the Friday.
Will Geddes arrived on the Saturday to help Hanna with security on external patrols – so Hanna got about 4 or 5 hours sleep.
On the Saturday 17/07/11 he saw Charlie about mid day as he returned from somewhere in his range rover, but not Rebekah Brooks.
In Charlie Brooks car there were bottles of wine for a ‘dinner party’ for those helping out with “mock select committee” says Hanna
Initially, Hanna says, he vetted the Enstone Manor guests for false select committee, calling Charlie, then handed over to security staff
The party had broken up – maybe one or two left – by the time Hanna retired for bed “in more comfortable accommodation” on the Saturday
Break till tomorrow morning at 10 am.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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