Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 31 Mar

Monday 31 March 2014

Defence Witness for Cheryl Carter – Venerable David Meera
Venerable David Meera is asked about Cheryl Carter
The Defence of Charlie Brooks Continues
Charlie Brooks is asked about events at the time of Rebekah Brooks Arrest
Brooks Arrested
Police Search Thames Quay
Black Bin Bags
Brooks is released
Charlie Brooks attempt to recover his bags
Charlie Brooks asked about material found on Laptops
Charlie Brooks is Cross Examined by Counsel for Mark Hanna.
Bill Clegg QC – Counsel for Mark Hanna questions Charlie Brooks
Charlie Brooks is Cross Examined by the Prosecution
Anthony Edis QC questions Charlie Brooks for the Crown
Charlie Brooks asked about ownership of devices
Charlie Brooks Cross Examined about material on Laptops

Defence Witness for Cheryl Carter – Venerable David Meera
Venerable David Meera is asked about Cheryl Carter
Back at the #hackingtrial with a slight change of witness. Instead of Charlie Brooks, there’s a dog collared vicar in the box
This is a character witness for Cheryl Carter: Venerable David Meera, rector of St Bride’s Church and various media organisations
Meera employed Cheryl Carter to administer a memorial service for about six months: he found her ‘exemplary, keen… very cheerful’
Meera says Carter would be reliable on her oath “extremely trustworthy”
Langdale has some questions for Venerable Meera who officiated at his wedding in 2000, and christened both his sons, visited one in hospital
Meera also officiated at various memorial services where Coulson would speak – mainly in memory of Chris Blythe who died very young.
Meera used to write occasionally for News of the World: he says of Coulson “very caring person, very competent… a great fellow feeling”
“A loving and supportive individual of which I had the highest regard… he was/is a man of great integrity,” says the Venerable Meera
The Defence of Charlie Brooks Continues
Charlie Brooks is asked about events at the time of Rebekah Brooks Arrest
Back with Charlie Brooks, questioned by his counsel Neil Saunders. We’re back on the timeline of events in July 2011 – around Brooks’ arrest
17/07/11 Sunday morning Charlie was up at 6 am and went from Enstone Manor to Jubilee Barn to get Rebekah some shoes, and rouse her mother
Charlie says Deborah Weir had not seen her daughter since she resigned as CEO of News International – took him 15 minutes through back roads
Charlie says he cuts through the back way to avoid congestion in Chipping Norton. He called Brooks’ mother on Rebekah’s phone he says
Charlie says he went only in Jubilee Barn – didn’t need to go into Castle Barn where Deborah Weir was staying.
Charlie explains there is no letter box at Jubilee Barn, but mail is delivered to a window sill just inside the door of Castle Barn
Some of the mail in Charlie’s Bags was stamped the 15/07/11 – some much earlier.
Charlie says Deborah Weir followed him back in her car to Enstone: he thinks they left through the main gate.
Charlie Brooks says he must have left Enstone with Brooks – they were “cutting it fine” to get to Kingsley Napley to get there at 10 am
Charlie Brooks thinks Edwards, the driver, had the Saturday off but he texts him on the Sunday. He also calls Hanna and Mark Geddes
William Geddes was hired to provide additional security for the Brooks by Mark Hanna, head of security at NI.
Charlie says “It wasn’t really my job to tell anyone anything… Rebekah was particularly keen no photographers outside the police station”
“The less said the better” says Charlie of informing his security detail of the arrest of his wife Rebekah Brooks that Sunday in July 2011
Charlie and Rebekah travelled to London in an audi driven by Paul Edwards. He didn’t want his Range Rover ‘marooned’ in Oxfordshire.
“I have some personal stuff in the back of the Range Rover – would you look after it for me?” Charlie says he told Mark Hanna.
Charlie explains he meant Hanna to look after his brown leather briefcase, and a nylon bag for his computers.
“I didn’t want to take them back to Thames Quay… because I thought there was a good chance police would search Thames Quay” says Charlie
“I didn”t want to lose my Apple Mac” says Charlie: “It had all my contemporary work stuff. My Switch novel… I needed that device”
“I assured Mr Hanna the possessions in the back of the Range Rover were my stuff” says Charlie of the two bags in a “very short conversation
Charlie explains that he mainly used the iPad for emails. “There was a problem” with the laptop. He couldn’t send Frankie Dettori article
Charlie accepts the iPad was used to download some emails on the Friday before his wife’s arrest.
Charlie says Deborah Weir went back to Jubilee Barn when they left: he asked Mark Hanna to “escort her so she didn’t get mugged” by paps
Charlie says he did not instruct Hanna or Sandell to go into Jubilee Barn, or instruct them to take anything from his home with Brooks
Charlie denies he instructed Hanna to get rid of any “missing devices”. He was the one in conversation with Hanna, not his wife.
Charlie says he “absolutely does not” remember Brooks being in communication with any of the security operatives.
Having seen the schedule “in preparation” for this trial, Charlie now remembers the calls he made that day 17/07/11
GPS details from Paul Edwards shows R Brooks being driven to Lewisham from Kingsley Napley about 11.15 am.
At 11.52 Rebekah Brooks texts Charlie Brooks: Neil Saunders has two more documents to insert into the jury bundles.
The first new document from Charlie Brooks‘ defence is a 11.51 text from Rebekah Brooks to Charlie
“Will you also text James (Murdoch)… police going to arrest me to make PR point before the select committee” says Brooks text to Charles
BREAKING: On the day of her arrest Rebekah Brooks thought the police were making a ‘PR point’ before the DCMS select committee
11.57 Charlie calls James Murdoch. James Murdoch calls back.
Charlie Brooks can’t remember where he was when he called James Murdoch – probably “somewhere quite private… sensitive information”
Neil Saunders points to CCTV evidence of Thames Quay that day 17/07/11 at 11.52 with Charlie followed by MacBride, his lawyer.
Charlie says he hadn’t met Angus MacBride beforehand at Kingsley Napley
Brooks Arrested
12.02 Brooks is arrested at Lewisham police station on 17/07/11. He says he didn’t know then “MacBride told me before I saw it on Sky News”
12.16 CCTV shows Charlie with a brown Jiffy bag and a Sony Vaio from a filing cabinet drawer in his office in his flat in Thames Quay
Charlie says: “I didn’t want police to see them or take them away…. The DVDs embarrassing nature… Vaio had some smut on it”
Charlie. “I envisaged 20 policemen coming an emptying every drawer, looking under every nook and cranny, and I did think about my DVDS”
“I thought about my ‘Jackie Smith’ moment”, says Charlie. He was thinking about what happened to Labour Home Secretary because of husband
Charlie explains fear: “ever since operation Weeting had been in NI, a lot of stuff had been leaked, particularly to the Guardian”
Charlie says the Vaio was broken “incredibly stupidly I took it away” – he was afraid police searches would damage it further.
CCTV shows Charlie returning from bins where he “hid” the Jiffy bag and Vaio. At that point it wasn’t his intention to give to Hanna.
“I never gave the CCTV cameras one second of thought” says Charlie. Angus MacBride had no idea what he was doing.
Charlie texts William Geddes at 12.15 saying he needs his car keys for the fob to let police into underground garage.
A second text is a ‘pocket text’ – various random letter.
“Mark is driving it to you” says Geddes in reply to Charlie. Geddes then calls Hanna.
Hanna then calls Charlie: he says about Hanna giving him some idea of his arrival in the Brooks’ Range Rover.
Geddes texts “Have you any idea where you’re staying tonight, sir” Charlie: “Flat as far as I know…. seems most logical”
12.22 Blackhawk texts Hanna complaining “what a twat” about Charlie not telling them where Brooks was to be arrested.
“The less people who knew which police station Rebekah was going to… the less chance photographers outside waiting for her” Charlie says
14.03 that Sunday – Sky News broadcasting Brooks’ arrest. Many texts and calls received by Charlie Brooks – mainly ‘random friends”
“Oh my god. Are you alright. How awful” says Charlie comprised most these calls from friends and family.
Hanna calls Charlie about 14.05 about his imminent arrival with the Range Rover.
CCTV shows Hanna arriving and Charlie indicating his car parking space. Another shot shows Charlie “mucking around with a text”
Third still shows Charlie Brooks walking from specific parking space. Hanna gets out. “I was quite surprised he was carrying my briefcase”
“Having asked him to look after my property…. I was quite surprised to see him walking around Thames Quay with it” says Charlie says.
Charlie said he thought Hanna might as well take the Vaio and Jiffy Bag too hidden behind the bins at this point.
Mark Hanna then leaves Thames Quay car park by foot – it’s an exit only door, entrance controlled by fob.
14.48 Hannah and Sandell arrive in Wapping with Charlie’s Bags: Charlie walks in the car park with MacBride -he calls Hanna.
Charlie says he called Hanna again because he was still looking for the fob to let police into underground garage.
Charlie says he had two types of fob for Thames Quay. Police arrive at 15.03 on the afternoon of 17/07/11
Police Search Thames Quay
Neil Saunders adduces a hand written document about the search supervised by MacBride: “I was in the bedroom watching Golf” says Charlie
Charlie says he told the police “the devices were used exclusively by me”: he says he couldn’t guarantee they hadn’t been used by Brooks
MacBride’s note of that search claim that computers seized by police were for Charlie’s work only.
There were some thumb drives taken by the police, 13 CDs: Charlie says he didn’t object to police taking those.
The police also took a Hewlett Packard laptop – “It wasn’t mine,” says Charlie. “I assumed it was Rebekah’s”
A phone was also confiscated from spare bedroom. Charlie knew it wasn’t his, so he didn’t try to prevent it being taken.
17.10 Charlie texts IT guy asking for passwords for Apple Macs “to help the police”
Saunders corrects – that text probably sent to Cheryl Carter.
Police leave Thames Quay and make a 15 minute search of Jubilee Barn.
Of Deborah Weir’s evidence she thought search would start at 10 am “I think my mother in law got a bit confused” about Kingsley Napley visit
Charlie says Chris Palmer visited Thames Quay: CCTV shows him arriving at 18.11
“Wine… four bottles” Charlie says his friend Palmer bought with him. He received texts from “loads” of friends as well as Hanna
20.37 on 17/07/11 Hanna texts Charlie – he can’t remember what it was about. He calls Hanna soon after that at 20.38
“I think that was about arrangements to bring my property back” says Charlie of call to Hanna: two case, vaio and Jiffy Bag.
“We didn’t have any food in the flat. Chelsea Harbour is quite isolated…. asked for pizza. A piece of blotting paper.” says Charlie
Charlie says he and Palmer had drunk 6 bottles of red wine between them that evening.
Neil Saunders for Charlie Brooks adduces a 5 minute call from Charlie to Cheryl Carter that evening. Jorsling arrives with Charlie’s bags.
Jorsling calls Charlie at 21.30 that night.
Black Bin Bags
Jorsling dumps a black bin bag behind the bins in underground while someone else delivers a pizza.
Charlie says of calling Carter he was “ringing her back to reassure her…. she was pretty upset…. 9.30… shocked she was still there”
Chris Palmer goes down stairs. Charlie had been “glued to Sky News”.
Palmer returns with two pizzas. Not aware of him bringing any bags back. Charlie didn’t know then how Jorsling got into underground car park
Various texts between Jorsling and Johnson cited by Saunders for Charlie Brooks.
Charlie says he wasn’t aware of any these security text messages: “If I had been I’d be pretty surprised”
“Log in the hours as Pizza delivery” says Blackhawk text. 21.41 Brooks texts Hanna to thank him for “organising that”
“Another fucking magical mystery tour” says text. Charlie: “They were incredibly bored….” J Saunders intervenes: he’s commenting on others
15 minute break
Jeremy Clarkson is in the public gallery of the #hackingtrial
Brooks is released
By the time Brooks is released Chris Palmer leaves in a “not good’ state.
Two cars arrive back late that Sunday night – Brooks returns after arrest described Charlie as “several sheets to the wind”
“I was pretty wobbly, it’ had been a stressful day, and I’d probably drunk more than was wise,” says Charlie.
The next morning 18/07/11 Brooks and Charlie are seen leaving for Kingsley Napley “in preparation for parliamentary select committee”
Charlie says he was feeling “pretty rough” that morning.
Various calls and texts made by Charlie are made to Hanna and Blackhawk on that Monday.
“She’s exhausted. Got a lot on her mind. Just spent the last day in police station… last thing is she wants is me hassling her”
Charlie Brooks attempt to recover his bags
They return to Thames Quay: on the way back Charlie said “there’s a bit of a mix up as to who has my briefcase”
“At that moment I thought I wanted my briefcases back” says Charlie. “I understood bags had been dropped off at garage night before”
10.53 texts from Charlie on 18/07/11 “as we were leaving Kingsley Napley. I saw a couple of security guys lurking around road”
“Six bottles of wine later things have got a bit confused” says Charlie of Jorsling’s delivery of his bags the night before.
Charlie says calls that Monday morning to Mark Hanna around noon about the bags. 12.48 shows Charlie returning to Chelsea Harbour
Charlie goes over to the bins to recover his bags. Mr Nascimento has already found it. Brooks is waiting – she doesn’t have a fob.
Charlie doesn’t immediately recover his bags. He goes up to flat with Rebekah before “helping search party”
Charlie comes back downstairs, liaising with Edwards the driver. He met Mr Perkins the cleaning attendant – his evidence same as Charlies
12.50 a two minute call from Edwards to Chris Palmer’s number, according to the Saunders.
Charlie says he thinks Jorsling was explaining the bin drop off – while they were complaining the bags were no longer there.
“Very likely” Chris Palmer was mentioned in this conversation says Charlie: “He is the conduit”. 12.52 more calls to driver Edwards
Charlie says he then, on advice of Mr Perkins, went to waste compactor and then to security office and Mr Ramsay.
“I thought his recollection was pretty good… the gist of it was right” says Brooks of Ramsay: he was understandably ‘economical with truth
“In my mind I had it that Harper Collins would drop me as quick as they could… I would lose my book deal” says Charlie of threats to sue.
“It was clear they had my property, which was good news” says Charlie. But there was a delay when Ramsay ‘rang the police’
Charlie agrees he was cross and had said to Mr Perkins “Yes, I’ll sue” when he discovers his property had been confiscated.
At this point Charlie told Brooks the truth: “It was a bad situation… I told her what I’d done….”
Charlie admits he did try to hide some contents from Thames Quay: “probably said I had a bit of porn or something like that”
“I think I spoke to Angus, the lawyer, and then I spoke to Rebekah after I’d spoken to Angus…. she’d been asleep” says Charlie
“She went ballistic” says Charlie of the moment he told Brooks about his missing bags.
“My concern was I’d be arrested” says Charlie of realisation police had his property. “I wanted to speak to police as quickly as possible”
Charlie: “I wanted police to go through briefcase and devices… to look at contents, which I knew were nothing to do with search warrant”
Justice Saunders establishes there was no search warrant (an arrest). I was “nothing relevant” says Charlie.
18.05 a twitter post from Guardian about the Thames Quay incident on 18/07/11 “lots of detail” says Charlie.
“This was exactly the sort of thing I was worried about” says Charlie about Guardian story about the Thames Quay incident
DI McCabe writes to Charlie’s lawyer Angus MacBride on 20/07/11
The police letter identifies the property recovered during the Section 18 PACE search, recovered under Section 19 “may contain evidence”
The police/lawyer exchange mentions Charlie’s previous email. Lawyers provide for password to establish devices belong the Charlie
Letters from DI McCabe ask for details of bags left behind – invoices etc – which they are more than happy to return
Charlie Brooks asked about material found on Laptops
22/07/11 MacBride writes to DI McCabe asking for clarification over items and provides passwords.
Charlie’s lawyer asks for £1000 from Ascot back, and all the invoices addressed to him, and the DVDS.
Charlie explains that Miriam Francombe was his girlfriend of 12 years: asked about the dates he says “it’s tricky”
Charlie explains how they got a “difficult time” in the Sun, Daily Mail etc. about this relationship. “Subjected to attempted entrapment”
Charlie explains the draft editorial on his confiscated computer.
There draft 2009 Sun editorial by Rebekah Brooks, emailed to Charles Brooks, a speech Brooks’ delivered also sent to him for suggestions
Third document recovered, NI Budget Briefing 22/03/10, Charlie says was emailed to him by Brooks.
Charlie says it was a very early budget by Brooks in her time as CEO: “She probably wanted to practice with me”.
The details of Melville Carrick also appear on Charlie’s iTunes account because they were developing software.
Charlie explains he had some parts of his book Peasants of Winter on his memory stick so he could port over to another device.
Brooks said he heard nothing from police until 13/03/12 when he was arrested at 5 a.m.
Charlie explains his daughter was born prematurely. The police also wanted to search Castle Barn where his 83 year old mother lived.
Police were initially “extremely resistant” to Charlie pre-warning his mother but he was eventually allowed to.
Charlie arrived in High Wycombe police station around 7.30 am. Miss Hodges a solicitor arrived around 11 am. A series of interviews.
Hodges advice to Charlie on arrest was “to not answer any questions”. He didn’t answer any questions.
Switch was published in 2012, says Charlie. He claims he never asked Mark Hanna to hide or destroy devices. He has no previous convictions
A five minute break while Neil Saunders, counsel for Charlie, checks his notes.
Charlie Brooks is Cross Examined by Counsel for Mark Hanna.
Bill Clegg QC – Counsel for Mark Hanna questions Charlie Brooks
Charlie Brooks‘ evidence in chief is over: he is now cross examined by Bill Clegg, QC, counsel for Mark Hanna.
Charlie agrees the departure from Enstone on 17/07/11 was “rushed”. He can’t remember if he put his bags into his Range Rover.
Clegg suggests one of the drivers put the bags into the Golf which dropped them off.
Clegg asks about the black nylon bag: Charlie agrees he would have used it at Enstone on the Saturday: but had an ‘issue’ with it.
Clegg suggests the black bag went from Kingsley Napley and then onto Lewisham police station – certainly wasn’t in the Range Rover.
Charlie agrees he didn’t want the police to find his property, that’s why he made to the request to Mark Hanna, head of NI security
“I asked Mark Hanna in the car park to look after the Jiffy Bag and the Sony Vaio” says Charlie to Hanna’s counsel, Clegg.
“Mark Hanna is pretty good at doing what he’s told” says Clegg. Charlie: “I haven’t had many dealings with Mark Hanna so can’t answer that”
Clegg says Charlie might be mistaken about the request to Hanna: not twice (including Enstone) but once at Chelsea: “my best recollection”
Charlie Brooks is Cross Examined by the Prosecution
Anthony Edis QC questions Charlie Brooks for the Crown
Edis asks what did you say: “I told him to look after my personal stuff’ says Charlie. He wasn’t specific.
“And you got other people to help?” asks Edis. “Yes,” says Charlie. Charlie says he tell him why.
Andrew Edis QC: “We agree you went out of your way to hide stuff the police might want to seize” Charlie: “Fair comment”
Charlie details the two briefcases and two holdalls – overnight bags – he had at Enstone. He didn’t discuss the holdalls.
Charlie “I never had a conversation where the holdalls would go. Looking at CCTV they went into Golf… transferred into Audi… to flat”
“They didn’t end up behind any bins” says Edis. “No,” says Charlie. Edis asks how long he asked Hanna to look after the cases.
Hope @JeremyClarkson found somewhere for lunch. Tried to guide him to local #hackingtrial eateries
Charlie Brooks says his belongings were already in the back of the Range Rover. Hanna never asked “why” Charlie agrees,
Lunch for the next hour. Back at 2pm for continuing evidence at #hackingtrial
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Edis continues with his cross examination of Charlie Brooks about the conversation with Mark Hanna
“I don’t dispute you were concerned to keep precise destination away from certain security employees, but Hanna was very trusted” says Edis
Edis turns to some documents: an email from Deborah Keegan to Brooks about Mark Hanna’s role in security on 15/07/11
Another email from Brooks to Charlie about security and Mark Hanna is cited. “Mark Hanna was going to know where you were spending night”
Charlie agrees that Hanna knew stuff that was hidden from “the police”.
Charlie says in April conference calls there was “an expectation Rebekah could be arrested when she returned from holiday”
Edis asks why would Weatherup “getting arrested for something at NOTW lead to her getting arrested?”
Charlie says the police were “behaving erratically.” Edis says “what offence would she be arrested for?” “Similiar to James Weatherup”
Charlie agrees they had been expecting a search since April 2011. He agrees the search was “almost by notice” with two days prior warning
“In the end there was no surprise at all what the police would be doing?” says Edis. Charlie agrees.
Charlie says they knew a search would be possible since a meeting at the Wymondham Hotel in April 2011
Charlie agrees they had a plan what to do “since April”.
“I think Rebekah’s relationship with the police changed… she was removed from confidentiality club, a ‘person of interest'” says Charlie
Charlie agrees he was trusting Mark Hanna with their movements “I’d put Mark Hanna in a different category to the security bods”
“If police concern” says Hanna in an email to Rebekah in July: “previous plan of exit and entry treatment teams”
Charlie says this refers to Brooks being arrested in car park. “Can’t see what else it would mean” he says.
Hotel was fully booked that day so the Brooks couldn’t stay there.
Edis turns back to the weekend of Brooks’ arrest and Charlie’s conversations with Mark Hanna, and Blackhawk contact.
Charlie says Paul Edwards, a new driver for Brooks, “wasn’t part of the security team”.
Charlie agrees there was no reason he wouldn’t have told Mark Hanna about imminent arrest of his wife.
Charlie admits he would have been keener to have the black bag, because that contained his computers.
Charlie agrees Hanna only returned with the brown bag not the black bag he told him to take: “at the time I didn’t notice”
Charlie says he assured Hanna is was his personal stuff. Otherwise he asked nothing in particular
“Did you give him an explanation of why you put your computers behind bins?” asks Edis. “No,” says Charlie.
Charlie says he was surprised Hanna had the brown bag but didn’t say anything.
“I didn’t think about the black bag at all… didn’t register in my consciousness until I saw CCTV footage and thought ‘bloody hell” Charlie
Charlie says he didn’t ask for £1000 when Hanna returned with his brown bag. He wasn’t particularly worried police would seize it.
Charlie says he wasn’t drunk at this time on the Sunday afternoon. By then he knew Brooks had been arrested.
Edis talks of three machines recovered: two had News International stickers – the iPad and Apple laptop.
“They’d been given to me, by News International… if you give someone a present they don’t own it” says Charlie.
“As far as I was concerned they were mine” says Charlie of iPad and Apple laptop.
Charlie Brooks asked about ownership of devices
Edis turns to email 14/07/11 from Charlie to Brooks on day she resigned. Discussion of severance package. Charlie gives her advice
Charlie says the compromise agreement was “very protracted”: he talks to Brooks about keeping electronic devices, and three he had.
“I felt they were my devices, with my information on them” says Brooks of small devices. Two desktop devices were ‘principally’ used by him
“This email plainly means that you knew these computers belong to NI” says Edis. “I think they’re mine” says Charlie.
Charlie was also concerned about the office NI were going to provide for Brooks as part of her compromise agreement.
Charlie says he doesn’t know if anyone else worked in his Thames Quay office. “These computers belong to Mr Brooks” say lawyers to police
Justice Saunders explains that representations made by lawyers to police are not bound by privileged “assumed to be your case unless you say
Charlie is asked by Justice Saunders whether lawyer case is his case. In the witness box Charlie looks confused by the legalese
“Is he putting forward what you want him to say to the police, accurately” asks Charlie of his lawyers representations.
Charlie says he doesn’t know legally whether the desktop computers belonged to him or not.
Edis asks Charlie Brooks needed to go to NI Tech guy to get passwords to the computers. They were left on all the time he says.
18/07/11 17.40 MacBride, Charlie’s lawyer, emails a police officer about “personal property belonging to Mr Brooks” in the bags.
Edis points out these had NI international stickers. “They were my property”.
McBride writes these machines have “no connection whatsoever with Mrs Brooks”. Edis points out these were issued by News International
Email says Charlie didn’t want to conceal items from police. Edis points out that the Charlie told the jury before lunch he did conceal
Charlie says the email is consistent with Daryl Jorsling not being asked to conceal anything. Edis: “But Mr Hanna had”
“It doesn’t say I didn’t conceal anything that morning, so it isn’t a lie” says Charlie Brooks.
“To suggest there was no concealment is simply a lie” says Edis. “No it isn’t says Charlie. You’re not listening to me” says Charlie.
“You’re not explaining anything about getting them away” suggests Justice Saunders.
Charlie Brooks says what he conveyed to Mr MacBride was fair. Edis points the email omits the fact the items were deliberately hidden.
“Absolutely. I was dead keen to talk to the police. This email is sent on my instruction” says Charlie. “I would have told the police truth”
“I would have told them everything” says Charlie: “A moment to put my hands up. I’m an idiot”
Justice Saunders asks why this explanation wasn’t in the email. “I offered to see them there and then” repeats Charlie.
Edis distributes some new documents for the relevant bundles.
Charlie says he was keen to get his story out to the police. Edis cites a Daily Telegraph article which says items “nothing to do Brooks”
David Wilson is cited in Telegraph, an employee of Bell Pottinger, a famous PR agency, talking about Charlie’s bags.
Pottinger Bells said to Charlie: “There’s a very bad version of this story out there… as a PR person… balance things up”
“No questions of privilege arise between you and Mr Wilson” says Edis and asks about the “mix up with friend”: Charlie says this was Palmer
“You could argue police were briefing against me. I felt it it was a chance to balance things up” says Charlie of Telegraph article.
Charlie agrees Telegraph article about “accidentally” leaving bags in car park and “inadvertently” losing is “confused”
“Mr Palmer said a few months later, when we’d had some more wine, Mr Jorsling told him there was something by the bins” says Charlie
“Did you ever have any sober conversations with Mr Palmer?” asks Edis. Palmer says some cryptic message left by Jorsling.
“There a pile of rubbish… or bits of rubbish.. by the bins” says Charlie of the cryptic Jorsling message.
Telegraph article says “one of Charlie’s friends was dropping off some bags” – Charlie agrees Jorsling is not one of his friends.
Charlie agrees he did know Jorsling was delivering some stuff that Sunday. The pizza “added on to some pre-existing plan”
“The pizza arrived but the bags didn’t” says Edis. “Absolutely” says Charlie. “Quite a few” of the six bottles of wine had been drunk
Edis “You must have noticed there weren’t any bags… £1000 in one. Your book in another” Charlie. “I get a bit sloppy after a bit of wine”
Charlie admits Jorsling called him when he arrived with bags in underground car park. EdisL “Almost immediately… goes over to bins”
Charlie says he didn’t tell Jorsling to leave bags behind bins. Edis asks why he didn’t wait for him. Palmer left 20 past midnight.
“The bag had been found and put in the rubbish, presumably by the cleaner” says the Telegraph article on 20/07/11 – two days later.
“I think Mr Wilson was putting my side of the story… nothing relevant to Operation Weeting had been put aside” says Brooks of Tele article
Charlie admits he didn’t tell Pottinger Bell about Hanna taking his stuff. “This was information you were hungry to get to police” asks Edis
“Here you are publishing what purports to be a full account…. You could have got the truth out here” says Edis.
Edis asks why, if Charlie wanted to explain himself, he didn’t talk to police in 2012. Charlie says 2nd arrest “incredibly gratuitous”
“They were aggressive to my mother… I was in emotional autopilot and very shocked…. does that answer your question?” asks Charlie.
“No” says Edis. “That was Kingsley Napley who represented you when you were ‘incredibly keen’ to talk to the police”
“You never said until the time of your defence… one of the factors was an awareness of police leaks to the Guardian” says Edis.
Edis asks if there an “contemporaneous” documents at the time suggesting Charlie was aware of the leaks.
Are there any documents that show the leaks were a ‘serious concern at the time’ ask Edis.
Edis turns to a defence statement required by law before trial. Charlie says “I must have some personal input into it”
Edis says that the defence statement shows no knowledge of Jorsling’s arrival. He reads out. It was only on the Monday that Charlie knew
Justice Saunders intervenes: the omission of something in a defence statement can be important.
“You’re now saying drunkeness is the only explanation of these events other than your guilt” says Edis. “No that isn’t true” replies Charlie
“Mr MacBride confirmed… none of the devices… had a connection with Mrs Brooks” says written statement.
Edis points out there is no mention of the book chapters or book ideas in defence document. Charlie says “documents for work” covers it
10 minute break.
Charlie Brooks Cross Examined about material on Laptops
Edis wants to ask Charlie about why he wanted to keep hold of Vaio and Apple laptop. The Vaio was his old machine last accessed 12/10/10
Charlie agrees the Vaio wasn’t working at all. “I decided to clean the screen with water” he says.
“During the whole of 2010 it was only used to access four files” says Edis of the Vaio. “It was out of use for a long time.”
“It was a useless and unused machine” says Edis. “And the question is” replies Charlie.
Two files concerning Saints and Sinners were accessed. A picture of Brooks. “Not anything to do with a book proposal” says Edis.
“If you remember your lordship cut me short…” says Charlie, about accessing a file on Bill Bryson. “Some great ideas lie dormant”
“They feel like you’re babies. You never know, they could be the best book you ever write” says Charlie. “Useful information on it”
Charlie says he never sought advice from Kingsley Napley about siezures. Had some ‘general advice’ from Ben Rose.
Edis says Charlie was on advice he could be arrested from April, and asks if he prepared for what happened to his property “No recollection”
“There are a number of ways of dealing with this. You copy your files onto a USB stick and give to solicitors. You used to have a dropbox”
“A dropbox is part of what some people call the Cloud” says Edis. “You used to have a Dropbox”. Charlie “You must be more techy than I am”
“Your dropbox has some of your book on it” says Edis. “I’m hopeless at this” says Charlie. “You had a folder on NI server” says Edis.
“It’s got some of your book on it. How did that happen” asks Edis. “I don’t know says” Charlie. Edis brings up forensic analysis
Edis points out the user account is called ‘Rebekah’ for one of the Mac Laptop. “You’d see this machine had her name of it every time?”
Charlie says “yes” he would have seen Rebekah on laptop. A folder called Charlie Brooks was stored on the NI server, last accessed 10/7/11
“I’ve never been aware of accessing a folder at News International” says Charlie. That Sunday was the day they dined with James Murdoch
Edis shows the next page of computer forensics from July 201: Peasants in Winter “All of that looks like my material” says Charlie
“This is a folder you can access from everywhere in the world” says Edis. Charlie says he knew could get into it from laptop.
Charlie says he only knew the laptop was only backed up on desktop He says he didn’t know it was backed up on cloud.
Charlie says he never backed up on disk drive. He says backed up on desktops “pretty safe in normal circumstances”. Edis: you knew of arrest
“Sounds like you might have sold a few copies as a result of this” says Saunders of Charlie’s book.”You’ve managed to sell one” replies Ride
Edis shows the jury another document on the screen
Edis shows how, on the desktop at lot of things happening on 21/03/11 – looks like a lot of things copied over. Charlie “Sounds very techy”
Edis: “It’s not a techy question. Did you copy over a lot of files on 21/03/11. And none of them have been opened”. Charlie: “I don’t know”
“As soon as the police knew these machines originated from NI they are going to want to search them?” asks Edis.
Charlie says he didn”t have time to think about backing. “You’ve known since April” says Edis. But Brooks only resigned on Friday says C
“This is one of the most telegraphed arrests in history” says Edis of Brooks arrest. “I wouldn’t disagree with that,” says Charlie.
Hundreds of documents are shown to the jury from the Apple Laptop, all arrived on 21/03/11. Charlie “We need Kiron Bennett to explain it”
Edis shows a single page from computer forensics of system operations. Machine only in sporadic use in June. 4 days in July 2011
“Is that right you’re only using this machine on four days?” asks Edis. Charlie he used his blackberry quite a lot for emails.
However, he says he found the iPad better for emails and attachments.
Charlie agrees the machine wasn’t in daily use – “related a lot to whether I was in London or Oxfordshire”
Charlie Brooks agrees this machine was returned on 01/08/11 but he says he “wasn’t to know” it would be returned so quickly
Charlie offers to give some “limited help” on “missing devices” from Jubilee Barn
Charlie Brooks says he’s seen a list of missing devices before but not this one: two iPads, one belonging to Sir Charles Dunstone,cited
What is now called ‘Julie’s iPad” that could be related to Brooks, has emerged as belonging to her assistant
“She had an iPad stuffed in the back of a cupboard” says Charlie. The lawyers were told. Still being examined.
There are three blackberries registered to Rebekah Brooks on this missing devices list: “She got through quite a few of them” says Charlie
Charlie explains how Blackberries would break, or go out of date.
These 3 Blackberries are from 2011. 3 Apple iPhones also missing from 2011: Charlie “she never used an iPhone as a telephone in any year”
Charlie says she had iPhones merely to look at development aps. Edis points out two iPhones connected, and one connected to router.
“I do remember she didn’t like the colour of one iPad she had” says Charlie. He can’t help with one lost in April 2011.
Two iPads issued to Rebekah Brooks in April 2011 according to records. “That’s all you can help with missing devices” asks Edis. “Yes”
10 O’Clock tomorrow for the last half an hour of Edis’ re-examination.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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