Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 20 Mar

Thursday 20 March 2014

Clive Goodman is Cross Examined by Counsel for Andy Coulson
Langdale questions Goodman on Phone Hacking
Cash Payments
Goodman questioned on Articles and Payments
Editor’s Conferences
Goodman questioned on Coulson
More questions on Hacking

Clive Goodman is Cross Examined by Counsel for Andy Coulson
Langdale questions Goodman on Phone Hacking
Langdale explains he has three files for Goodman and jury: two are new, one they already have, “by nature repetitive” Langdale explains
At the #hackingtrial Clive Goodman is back in the witness box, about to be cross examined by Timothy Langdale QC, counsel for Andy Coulson
Langdale asks Goodman “Have you told the court the full extent of your hacking phones?” Goodman: “I think so….”
Langdale runs through Harverson, Dyer, Parker Bowles, Lowther Pinkerton, Asprey. Goodman agrees.
Langdale makes it clear he’s asking about personal hacking, not through Glenn Mulcaire. Goodman agrees her personally ran DDNs
“I’m suggesting to you Mr Goodman you did hack other people you haven’t told us about,” says Langdale. Goodman: “I don’t recall”
Langdale runs through the Alexander Project, and Goodman’s claim Coulson knew it was Mulcaire, and Mulcaire was hacking.
Langdale adduces an email Goodman sent 03/02/06 to Coulson seen before on “matey’s weekly payment” and the maths of Mulcaire.
“We’ve acquired a long list of names, addresses, connections” says Goodman in email to Coulson about Mulcaire’s hacking.
Goodman explains that people who leave messages often leave numbers, and you can work out connections.
Of this ‘long list’ Goodman says he kept some contacts in the office and some at home.
Goodman explains that the search of his desk in 2006 was stop by News International lawyers. Goodman says he “doesn’t know” if list found
Goodman says he never received back his filofax and list of contacts
“I got a list of property confiscated by the police” says Goodman. Langdale: “Mr Goodman please. We know how concerned you were”
“I was concerned I wasn’t involved in wider hacking of VIPs and celebrities,” says Goodman. “Mulcaire’s general industrious hacking”
“By the time I left the police station, I’d already been charged. The people I had hacked were put to me” says Goodman
Langdale returns to Matey email “this contact has been very productive…. this sort of information no manageable on story by story basis”
“If Mr Coulson knew Alexander was Mulcaire what was the point of telling him that?” asks Langdale about description of Matey.
Langdale says Coulson didn’t know Matey was Mulcaire. Goodman says he did.
Goodman email talks about “costs” for Mulcaire: Langdale asks “what costs?”. Goodman says office, contact, operating life.
Langdale says Mulcaire was getting in £100k a year already for hacking. “What were his extra costs?” Goodman says operating costs.
Langdale claims Goodman was talking about someone with “entirely separate operation”. Not true says Goodman
Goodman says Mulcaire was getting increasingly frustrated and wanted to switch to Sun newspaper: “bad managed by News Desk” at NOTW
“Glenn Mulcaire was fed up with working for news desk, wanted a switch to the Sun” says Goodman
Goodman quizzed about Mulcaire “missing stuff” – he didn’t have the background knowledge to understand material gained.
“Mr Coulson knew I was hacking myself,” says Goodman. Mulcaire provided PINs and DDNs
Langdale says that this couldn’t have been Mulcaire. Goodman denies this: “No, not at all”.
Langdale asks about Goodman’s line saying Mulcaire would be “a devastating loss”. “Always much better to be in control of a project”
Langdale says these emails are just “flannelling”: Goodman denies this.
Langdale asks about cash payments to anonymous sources made by Goodman: some less concerned about anonymity than cash in hand
“I think most people in dealing with stories about Royal Family also like anonymity” says Goodman.
Cash Payments
Langdale talks about the alias created for cash payments: Farish, Anderson and Hall created by Goodman – sometimes others paid.
“Did you always pay after publication of story, or some occasions before?” asks Langdale. “General policy was payment after delivery”
“Normal process was payment on publication, but any number of occasions sources paid on handover of documents” says Goodman
“Sometimes as a good will gesture, for a long standing source” Goodman says payment might not lead to a story if paid in advance
Goodman agrees sources paid for “Insight, intelligence, documents, some kind of service”
“There were pretty substantial sums of cash going through your hands” says Langdale to Goodman. He produces a schedule of cash payments
Saunders caveats this schedule: Langdale says it has not been checked through by others, prepared by Coulson’s defence.
‘Analysis of Goodman’s Cash Payments, Expenses… 2000 to 2006″ is this new document prepared by Coulson’s defence team.
Langdale goes to a random column: September 2000 – no info on cash payments claimed. But £10k withdrawn from Goodman’s bank account
Langdale goes to 2001: annual cash claims £28,100 went “through your hands” says Langdale to Goodman. 2002: £44,500
2003 Goodman handled £57,000 cash payments through NOTW: in 2004 £31,000 (expenses £10k)
Langdale points out Goodman made no cash withdrawals from his own bank account through 2004-2005 right the way to mid 2006
Goodman explains lack of cash withdrawals: “My life changed significantly with arrival of a child, and a new wife. “
“Prior to that I lived quite I high spending life style, my first wife and I had no children and lived quite a high spending lifestyle”
Goodman: “My life changed a lot… I wasn’t going out so much. I started going to supermarkets” says Goodman of marriage and new child
“It wasn’t as a result of having any extra source of money” ask Langdale. Goodman says he got £140k legacy from death of mother.
“What you have here is an incomplete record of my finances, it’s just one bank account” says Goodman.
“What was it the police missed about your finances?” asks Langdale. Goodman: “I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask them.”
Langdale asks about other sources of cash from Jan 2004 to summer 2006: Goodman “I’d get a cash advance from cashiers…. or use cash back”
“I paid greater attention to saving… paid for childcare, and put it away for the child’s education” says Goodman in change of his habits
Langdale goes through Goodman’s 2004 cash claims and expenses around £30k, going up to next year to £40k.
“We just have to take your word for it that the cash payments went to the person concerned” asks Langdale. “It did,” says Goodman
“Did you keep for yourself any of the money you got in cash from NOTW?” asks Langdale. “I did not,” says Goodman.
Goodman points out his cash payments to sources actually declined by 40% in 2004 – same time he was not withdrawing cash from ATMs
Langdale’s figures show the amount of cash payments rising. “Those are the figures we suggest are correct” says Langdale.
“You were rather reluctant to embrace stricter rules coming into the paper over cash payments,” says Langdale. “It was a problem, yes”
“Senior management were concerned about the laxity of rules over cash payments” says Langdale. Goodman says they didn’t like tax situation
Goodman says he was like many other NOTW journalists chasing cash payments: “a crowd of people in the managing editors office on Tuesdays”
Langdale asks again about three aliases: Goodman says the company required an address so they gave them a false address.
“I was only doing what I was required to do by the company” says Goodman. “I don’t get why you think we’d put in the real address”
Goodman says a real address for a false identity would defeat the point of the exercise
Langdale says he’s produced another schedule of payments from Goodman to other cash contributors, excluding Farish, Anderson and Hall.
Spens for Goodman says this new schedule is a “working document” and “not agreed”
Other cash payments by Goodman “not known at address provided”: Alan, Curtis, Dean, Dickinson, Dundees, Grant, Owen etc
“Are they all aliases?” asks Langdale of dozen or so names Goodman paid. Goodman looks through the list.
“There are definitely aliases… Farish, Anderson and Hall… as for the others I’d assume some of them are” says Goodman.
“I’d imagine most of these, if not all, are aliases” says Goodman.
“This is not a memory test. And don’t worry that I’m going to come back and hit you with something,” says Langdale.
Goodman says, without checking, he thinks most of these were aliases.
Goodman questioned on Articles and Payments
Langdale goes through Goodman’s payments to alias Farish and related NOTW articles. From 2002 to 2006.
“In general” Goodman agrees, Farish was providing information about the Royal Family.
Langdale turns to Anderson schedule of payments, that begin 02/01/01 about Prince Edward, and end in April 2006
Langdale takes us to “the third member of this particular trio” payments to Hall – starting 04/09/01 and finishing 12/04/06
“Why not payment to any of those three, your principal sources, after the first week in April 2006?” asks Langdale. “I’m sorry I don’t know”
“Is it just coincidence they all seem to stop getting cash payments in April?” asks Langdale. Goodman says “I don’t have an answer for you”
“I know they didn’t want to pay Mr Hall in cash anymore, and there was a constant tension about that” says Goodman.
Goodman says that Anderson disappeared.
“Is it just a coincidence… you start withdrawing cash again at beginning of June?” asks Langdale. “You’re looking at events 2 months apart
“I’m sorry I don’t see the connection” says Goodman of end of payments to three sources, and resumption of cash withdrawals from his ATM
Langdale asks “was the sum of money the source was going to receive sometimes agreed in advance?” Goodman “sometimes”
“All situations are completely different, there is no template for it” says Goodman of cash payments: “I’d negotiate on behalf of paper”
“The information is worth what the paper is willing to pay for it,” says Goodman.
Goodman agrees it’s sometimes true “the source only gets paid when a story is published…. but each case unique and individual”
Goodman says “occassionally” sources would get paid even if a story wasn’t published.
“You’re asking me to give a generalisation of 20 years of sources,” says Goodman. He doesn’t ‘believe’ he ever paid a source for no info.
Goodman explains sources could also provide ‘insight’ rather than just exclusive new information.
Langdale takes Goodman to tab “Pre 2005′ and contributor payment forms for alias Alec Hall being paid £200 for ‘Jean Simmons – Carvery’
03/03/02 story on Gene Simmons Carvery NOTW column paid on 08/03/02 – 59 words on Kiss frontman about being on cover of Playboy
“You would keep an eye on other publications in the course of you work?” says Langdale. Goodman: “There isn’t time to read everything”
Langdale produces a Telegraph story not long before on 25/02/02 – about Gene Simmons. Same quote at NOTW from “Sharon Tweed’
Goodman explains he paid Mr Hall who spotted it. “You paid Mr Hall for his ability to read?” asks Langdale.
“The story would have been lost in a paper with a very low circulation” says Goodman. “You’d pay?” “Yes, sort of thing done all the time!”
Langdale turns to £300 payment to Anderson on 03/11/02 about Fergie in Sierra Leone.
Langdale reads Goodman’s Carvery Column about Fergie confusing a pop singer with a vicious warlord, and her red hair.
Langdale produces another piece in the Observer from six days earlier about Sarah Ferguson and her funny red hair and scary eyes.
Same Observer article has Ferguson mixing up Charles Taylor, president of Liberia, and James Taylor.
“Mr Anderson is a journalist, had spotted it, and sold it on. Absolutely commonplace. Skiil is passing it on,” says Goodman.
10 minute break
Back with Langdale’s cross examination of Goodman: he wouldn’t read all the supplements for papers, and could miss other royal references.
Goodman explains Mr Hall worked for a middle market newspaper, and wouldn’t be able to use some more tabloid stories
Langdale cites another payment of £150 to Anderson about Prince Charles ‘exam row’ appearing in Carvery diary from Feb 2nd
Langdale “would you keep an eye out for Prince Charles stories?” Goodman: “If I saw them I would”
Langdale adduces a Guardian story that has exactly the same information about Prince Charles 2 days before.
“It’s a straight lift from this piece,” says Langdale of Guardian article on lack of academic qualifications of Prince Charles. “Not true”
Langdale says Prince Charles qualifications story was ‘widespread in the press’ and shows the Western Daily Press, Western Mail and Express
“It escaped your attention had it, that this story appeared in a number of places” asks Langdale.
Goodman says he wouldn’t have read Western Daily Press, Birmingham Post, and Observer published the same day.
“Mr Coulson took a close personal interest in the Carvery, and if he thought there was something wrong… he’d be very quick to say so”
Middle of April payment of £650 to Mr Hall related to Madonna. Carvery piece “too chicken to put out her anti war video” about Madonna
“You got that from other publications didn’t you?” asks Langdale. “No, I did not” says Goodman. Langdale cites the publication ‘W’
Langdale says there’s an email in which Goodman requests to make sure the W is still provided by NOTW.
“I’d have to see the email and the context before I can answer that question,” says Goodman of importance of W magazine.
Langdale cites “cost cutting measures” which would cut a number of Goodman magazines “seems daft buying two sets”
Langdale cites email in which Goodman says he’d like to retain W, and Vague. Saunders corrects “I think that’s Vogue”
“The news desk was a very bad place at the time, and there were lots of rows and discussions,” says Goodman about email over magazines.
Langdale takes Goodmanto a Madonna article in W magazine – now put into word document because original in very small print
The W article has similar content to the Carvery item: Madonna enthusing about Micheal Moore movie and mentioning Iraq
“You just lifted your Carvery piece” says Langdale. Goodman says the email is Feb 06: “I don’t recall if I was receiving W in 2003”
“Are you suggesting positively he had W is 2003?” asks Saunders of Langdale: “Or just asking?” Langdale “I’m asking”
BREAKING: Goodman says he never listened to the Madonna album he described as ‘uninspired’ in NOTW in 2003 (bit of irony in that BREAKING)
Goodman explains that the ‘uninspired’ description was an understanding across the music industry.
Langdale asks what justifies giving Mr Hall £650 for that piece: “Spotting that story, packaging the story. It was the lead in the Carvery”
14/09/03 Mr Hall gets paid £250 for Carvery story about bust up between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman and her brother’s reaction
Langdale cites a piece from the Sun Bizarre magazine “two days before” about Uma Thurman’s brother wanting to kill Ethan Hawke
Another Mirror piece cites split between Hawke and Thurman. Goodman says Hall got paid for spotting these.
“Had I seen these pieces in Sun and Mirror the story wouldn’t have made the paper, too similar” says Goodman.
“I can only assume all three stories emanated from the same source… website or something” says Goodman. But Mr Hall got it.
Goodman is asked whether his “stories dried up after death of Diana”. He says “no”: the industry changed. Public felt “revulsion”
“They wanted to protect her children from coverage” says Goodman on Princess Diana: “So the industry shrank”
“The sources and the stories were there,” says Goodman of Royal Family post death of Diana: “but the treatment was different”
Goodman says he was told he had the most number of front pages at NOTW. Langdale suggests this was just the death of Diana.
“No,” says Goodman: “In a crowded market, I managed to get exclusives”
Goodman is asked about the Osama Bin Laden lookalike taking up 7 pages: Langdale says it was just a splash and turn.
“if I exaggerated I’m sorry” says Goodman of 7 page splash. “You’re rather prone to exaggerating aren’t you?” says Langdale
Goodman explains the tip off about Osama Bin Laden lookalike at the palace came from Coulson, but he checked using royal directories.
Goodman is asked about his runner up to scoop of the year. He shared a by line with Maz Mahmoud
Langdale says there were problems with Goodman’s work at NOTW before Coulson and even Brooks arrived (i.e. prior to 2000)
Langdale produces a Kuttner document to then editor Pat Chapman about a reporter making “two and two add up to seven”
Kuttner email talks of 09/03/89 NOTW article written by Goodman: calling it a “ballsup… accuracy is everything”
Goodman says memo “a fair reflection of a mistake I made working that night. It was wrong…. I should have made further checks”
Goodman says Chapman memo is a friendly warning. Over 20 years you’re going to have run-ins “difficult business, difficult personalities”
In 1998 email to Phil Goodman also uses the term ‘matey’ about a source – doesn’t mean Mulcaire – paid £600.
Kuttner emails Hall in 1998: “I think we have a problem with Clive Goodman,repeatedly failing to follow through and report on Royal stories”
Goodman has never seen this email – never put to him by editor or anyone at the time.
Kuttner article talks of Goodman missing splashes in other papers.
Goodman explains how they were outbid one story: another People article didn’t check out “they had a lower burden of proof”
Goodman asked about his first contact with Mulcaire: “early 2000s when I sat next to Greg Miskiw”
Goodman said he acted a lot as a ‘go between’ between Miskiw and Mulcaire, because “Greg was out of the office a lot”
“In the early days of Glenn Mulcaire, widely acknowledged as a valuable source” says Goodman. But didn’t know he hacked voicemails
Goodman is going to be asked about material recovered from Mulcaire: mentioning Susan Gamble, Lowestoft. Goodman appears ‘top left’
“I don’t remember pursuing Gamble” says Goodman of Mulcaire notes.
Goodman looks at the notes. He doesn’t remember a Susan Gamble. “My name is on it, but I don’t remember it”
“As for tasking him” says Goodman of Mulcaire: “It looks like he’s trying to find someone”.
“I don’t recall” says Goodman of Mulcaire notes: 03/06/99 tasking of Mulcaire for Susan Gamble.
“Does that help you know whether you were tasking Mulcaire in 1999?” asks Langdale. “I don’t remember a Susan Gamble”
Langdale asks if there were direct dealings with Mulcaire before 2005. Goodman says “to the best of my knowledge”
Langdale cites several Mulcaire notes about Eddie Irving, and 03/06/99 top left with the name “Clive’: he doesn’t recall tasking Mulcaire.
Langdale asks about period 2000-03: “were you on the decline as a journalist at the paper?” “I wouldn’t have thought so,” says Goodman
Goodman says things got very strange after Neil Wallis arrived as NOTW deputy in 2003: “he didn’t like me, he didn’t like my stories.”
“I was bringing in stories, but Andy and Neil didn’t like what I was doing” says Goodman.
“You don’t get stories in a small circle like Royal Family…. by knocking on doors, because there were no doors to knock on” says Goodman
Goodman acquired the nickname ‘The Eternal Flame’ among some NOTW journos, Langdale alleges, “because he never went out”
Goodman says “in early days” Coulson encouraged him. 19/10/03 was last Carvery column according to Langdale. Blackadder created for Bolland
Goodman explains that”spiteful back stabbing” style of Blackadder was a “special topic” of News of the World.
Mark Bolland’s last Blackadder column was 06/03/05 and Goodman, who’d helped before, took over the column the next week
Goodman explains that he didn’t want his picture on Blackadder column.
Editor’s Conferences
Goodman explains his demotion at NOTW under Coulson’s editorship: firstly he reported direct to editor.
Goodman never said he was “excluded from editor’s conference”: he’d been attending that since before Brooks and Coulson arrived.
After his promotion, Goodman explains he could present his own stories, with his own placing on the list.
“The order in which people present is considered important” says Goodman. It degraded and eventually asked after Sunday magazine.
Goodman says eventually he could come to conference but not present list: “It was humiliating… and designed to be so”
Langdale says we’ve “seen email after email you could go direct to Mr Coulson” “On some matters,” says Goodman.
“You can see from the tone of his emails he wasn’t encouraging. One word, or two words, pretty dismissive” says Goodman.
“I was coming up with stories… they weren’t given a fair chance to get into the paper” says Goodman.
Langdale explains how Ian Edmondson got cross with Goodman for “not going through the proper channels”
Ian Edmondson was my boss” says Goodman. “Mr Coulson is the person who… demoted me”
“You were an expensive member of staff,” says Langdale. “In comparative terms a good salary”. Goodman: “I wouldn’t have argued with that”
Goodman questioned on Coulson
“He was quite tough, generally” says Goodman of Coulson: He felt Coulson “bullying, aggressive…. at times”
“Why did you invite him to your wedding in June 2006, two months before your arrest?” asks Langdale: “I went to his wedding” says Goodman
Goodman talks of the death of his joint friend with Andy Coulson: Chris Blythe.
“I thought it only right to invite him to mine, I thought he might take offence if I didn’t” says Goodman of Coulson wedding invite.
Goodman explains his complaint against Coulson wasn’t bullying but NOTW “sanctioned phone hacking on an industrial scale… known by editor”
“It was unfair because my ultimate boss Mr Coulson had sanctioned the project” says Goodman of Mulcaire and unfair dismissal.
Lunch time till 2pm.
Saunders tells jury we’ll only sit till 2.30 on Monday because a juror has an appointment.
Langdale tells Goodman he is not seeking to get him to name sources: “I’ll be careful”
Langdale is asking about Coulson encouraging Goodman: assisting Kuttner with leader writing. Occasionally Coulson would contribute.
Goodman explains about news editor conference – normally on a Tuesday. Editor’s conferences would take place daily, two on Friday.
Over 20 people would attend the editor’s conference, Langdale establishes with Goodman
Goodman confirms that Miskiw and Marunchak had been there for some time when Coulson arrived as deputy editor in 2000
Miskiw and Marunchak were “sometimes” quite close says Goodman. But he doesn’t consider himself part of their group.
“I don’t think we saw ourselves as a club or an old guard at all” says Goodman of Miskiw and Marunchak.
Goodman says he’d known Miskiw since late 80s early 90s. Worked close together “physically”.
Goodman says of Miskiw: “Greg had an investigations mind… very secretive. Kept most of his work to himself”
Goodman say kept on occasional contact with Miskiw when he moved to Manchester in latter part of 2003. “Don’t recall” if spoke abt Mulcaire
Goodman says he thinks Miskiw and Mulcaire were “always close… still are”
Langdale says Mulcaire and Miskiw’s name appears, “in relation to you Mr Goodman” after 2003 and Miskiw’s departure.
Goodman can’t recall describing Miskiw and Mulcaire as “Sooty and Fingers” – at Carluccio’s
“Someone manipulating someone else” Goodman agrees is what this Sooty and Fingers expression about Miskiw and Mulcaire means.
“As far as I knew Greg had surrendered responsibility for Mulcaire” when he left for Manchester. Had left NOTW for Mercury in 2005
Goodman explains how he paid the cash to Mulcaire: “I give it to him… usually close by the office, in his car”
“He was always very keen on being paid very quickly” says Goodman of Mulcaire. He can’t recall paying money into his bank account.
Goodman can’t recall the other places he met Mulcaire for cash payments: “usually done very quickly”
Goodman denies “getting any proceeds from the Alexander project” for himself.
Email shown to jury from Brooks about setting up the Carvery Column 20/04/01 then Goodman’s appointment to senior editor.
10/07/01 Goodman email to Kuttner about removing cash payments from news desk and his secret sources hanging around news desk.
Goodman’s requests meant his “credit costs” effectively resulted from a change of department to editorial management team
“That is a supportive email” says Goodman of Coulson in 2000: “I think I said he started out supportive”
“My executive of head of Goodman PR INC” writes Coulson to Goodman about drawing Brooks’ attention to his work.
10/05/02 Goodman email to Coulson: “biggest problem is keeping Max quiet. If he so much as whispers it we’re all going to jail for contempt”
Goodman explains this email related to Paul Burrell and Max Clifford having “lots of detail around his forthcoming trial”
“We were concerned that Max… would boast about having story in NOTW. And have the whole thing injuncted” says Goodman.
“I think I’m being dramatic for emphasis….” Langdale says “You were rather inclined to use florid and over dramatic language”
Goodman denies he was “florid” and says NOTW would use dramatic language. He says “reporters do exaggerate”.
“There was a very real legal threat, I might have used the wrong word” says Goodman over contempt threat.
Goodman says his “concrete wellies” comment in previous email was a joke. He denies he was talking “nonsense” in emails around office
To suggestion that any editor would have to take what he said with a “large pinch of salt” Goodman replies: “You’ll have to ask the editor”
08/01/03 email chain when Coulson was editor, writing to Goodman about “leaks”
Following day 09/01/03 Goodman emails Coulson about “Sophie Clinic” and the ‘Lister Clinic’. Langdale says info provided by Coulson.
“I can’t tell,” says Goodman: “It’s ambiguous… Lister may be out there in the public domain”
Email goes on about PCC case and Harry’s exams.
Another shows information coming in from source 23/03/03 “Nothing to do with hacking” Goodman agrees.
“There might however be a way in” says another email, discussing the strategy for a source. “I’ve also got someone keeping me up to date”
“It’s nothing to do with Hacking” Goodman agrees. 24/01/04 email about Royal Aide an allegations of mistress: source was Mark Bolland.
Another email about the Carvery column 24/01/03 or 04 Goodman emails Coulson about Mark Bolland. Another email about chasing Bolland.
“Greg’s people turning mobiles” email adduced by Langdale: Goodman confirms he understood this to be getting an address not hacking.
25/01/03 Goodman emails Coulson about Royal Princes “Got some more info on M”: Coulson had queried “anti-Wills” in Carvery Lead.
Goodman says email with “Now we have his mobile we can check out his end of things” was nothing to do with hacking
Oct 2003 Coulson is 10 months into editorship, writes to Kuttner about “Clive G fully on board with leader role” and office and pool cars.
“There is Andy Coulson trying to find a new role for you” says Langdale. “He decided to cancel my column and hadn’t told me replacing me”
“I would say I was already extremely productive in the office” says Goodman.
More questions on Hacking
Langdale cites a Mulcaire note: date maybe 02/10/02 and name ‘Titus Brambell’ Goodman “formerly was Duchess of Cornwall’s protection officer
Saunders says he thought Titus Brambell was a footballer. “I think he plays for Ipswich which explains the post code”
Langdale hones in on some Mulcaire notes on Paddy Harverson.
Langdale cites two calls from Goodman to Paddy Harverson on 13/01/05 and then hacks of Harverson’s phone by Mulcaire around 18/01/06
25/01/06 is a hack of Harverson’s phone from NI landline. “Is that you?” asks Langdale. “I don’t know… “
“I don’t think there’s any dispute I was hacking Paddy Harverson” says Goodman. “But that hub is shared….”
Langdale goes through the timeline of hacking Harverson – a mixture of Goodman’s own number, NI landline
“I won’t go into detail” says Langdale. “I’d prefer to go into detail because that’s sometimes quite important” replies Goodman.
“Difficult to keep track of the thousands of documents that come in” Goodman replies when asked if he’s seen this doc in his preparation.
Langdale goes into detail the pattern of hacks of Paddy Harverson.
Goodman goes through various colour coded hacks of the phone of Helen Asprey: “you were hacking her long before Alexander project”
“I’ve already said that in evidence” says Goodman of hacking Asprey’s phone. “Pretty consistent hacking all the way through” says Langdale
Langdale shows the volume of hacking calls of Asprey in the first four and half months of 2005.
“What this shows is the PIN numbers were changing and I was no longer able to access from the info from Greg Miskiw” says Goodman
“The access to the DDN was petering out” says Goodman until Mulcaire helped directly. “No hacking whatsoever” of Asprey over weeks
“I remember from that period the problem accessing her voicemails because the PIN changed,” says Goodman.
“Why not ring Mulcaire yourself” asks Langdale. Goodman: “He was Greg’s source, and Greg was a power on the paper. It would be difficult”
Langdale points out Miskiw left NOTW in June 2005: “I remember being in contact with Greg during this period” says Goodman.
“I had no contact with Glenn Mulcaire at this time about hacking phones, as far as I remember” says Goodman of Summer 2005
Jury shown Operation Carytid schedule from original investigation into Goodman in 2006: it shows hacks from Goodman landline to Asprey UVN
Goodman emails Miskiw in Jan 2005 about number for Harry Mead in regard the Harry Nazi party: “Greg would be the guy you go to” he says.
Miskiw emails Goodman 01/14/05 “only explanation is that she has reset it” about Asprey. Break for 10 minutes.
Langdale back with his cross examination of Goodman over a voicemail message tape recorded by Mulcaire.
Langdale is discussing a Prince Harry injuries story based on a voicemail message found at Mulcaire’s home
Saunders asks the jury to leave for a moment while they sort out the evidence on this voicemail message.
The jury are read out a note of Goodman’s previous evidence on the hacking of Asprey’s phone and Prince Harry‘s injuries.
Saunders asks one of the counsel who made a verbatim note to read out what he originally said.
It’s about “scanned from Helen Asprey” email: “not intended to convey hacking because Andy didn’t know about hacking at that stage”
Langdale establishes Goodman had hacked Asprey’s phone at this point and was core of “Harry Two Nuts Injuries” story in NOTW.
Langdale says the message was Mulcaire’s, because it was found at his home. Asks Goodman if he’s hiding connection to Mulcaire in Jan 05
“No, that’s untrue” says Goodman. “I accessed the voicemail message…. Mulcaire accessed not with my knowledge”
“Greg would come to me and say, something very interesting/funny has happened, and tell me to listen in” says Goodman.
“I’d like to make that very clear,” says Goodman of not using Mulcaire directly at this point in January 05.
Langdale asks why “Mr Anderson’ should have been paid £700 for this Harry story. Goodman asks to see the invoice for this.
It’s ‘Nazi injury’ NOTW story about Prince Harry that ‘Anderson’ was paid £700 for.
“Who got the money?” asks Langdale. “The money was given to Greg Miskiw to give to Glenn Mulcaire” says Goodman. Through internal post.
Goodman says this was beyond Mulcaire’s duties, and Miskiw wanted Mulcaire paid in cash.
“Can you help us please how that would make any sense at all” says Langdale. “You’ll have to be more specifict” says Goodman.
Goodman explains extra payments for Mulcaire – Willams payments for Graham Taylor used as an e.g. “This sort of thing happens all the time”
“So you knew at this time Greg Miskiw was using Mulcaire to hack?” says Langdale. “This is a fiction,” says Langdale.
Goodman reiterates he knew it was Greg’s source at the time, but not that it was Mulcaire, and that he was hacking. That’s what he knows now
Miskiw to Goodman 23/02/05 re “Fawcett’ being impossible to access; “Michael Fawcett former valet to Prince of Wales” explains Goodman
Fawcett was subject of outstanding inquiry. Goodman says “Miskiw was the Kings Cross station of investigations at NOTW”
Emails between Goodman and Coulson cited by Langdale 23/02/05 about Mail and Mirror splashes leaking a Sun tale.
Email says Paddy Harverson is a “complete idiot” about a Sun exclusive in the Harry Nazi story which seems to have leaked.
“This is just really from talking to the Sun” says Goodman about “the DNA of what the Sun would think was a leak”
Goodman talks about hacking Harverson’s phone and whether it was “massively password protected”: he says its reference to Greg.
Coulson replies “so not Sun leak” to Goodman’s check on possible Harverson leak.
Goodman says that the Royal Palace might leak a story to something “more palace friendly.” “It’s a newspaper drama over nothing”
Goodman email re ‘Charles’ and “my man in charge of invite vetting”: Goodman says that’s a “source of a source”
“After Mark Dyer” wrote Goodman in email of Princes’ outgoing aide. Goodman says he was chasing him because he was “a little put out”
April 05 email from Goodman to Miskiw “Call urgent re Asprey”: 08/04/05 she was hacked by NI hub phone.
Break till 10 am tomorrow morning.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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