Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 19 Mar

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Green Books and Phone Hacking
Royal Green Books and Telephone Directories
Clive Goodman’s Arrest in 2006
The “Lone Wolf”
Coulson contacts Goodman after arrest
Goodman downloads emails from NI
Cafe meeting of Coulson and Goodman
Goodman suspended but offered work
Goodman’s Proof of Evidence
NI are given Goodman’s Case Documents
Transcript of conversation between Coulson and Goodman
Meeting between Goodman and NI Lawyer
Goodman pleads Guilty in 2006
Sentencing Hearing
Goodman Sentenced
Goodman meeting with Brooks 2007
Goodman’s Second Arrest

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Green Books and Phone Hacking
Royal Green Books and Telephone Directories
Back at the #hackingtrial – how many times have I typed that? – with Clive Goodman, former NOTW Royal editor, in the witness box
David Spens QC picks up the last topic from yesterday – use of Royal Green Books and Internal Telephone Directories.
Spens turns to the Mulcaire tasking by Miskiw on Sir Michael Peat: Mulcaire’s notes contain all “public reference record”
Clive Goodman’s Arrest in 2006
Spens now covers the period between Goodman’s arrest 08/08/06 and sentence 26/01/07
Goodman says he was arrested at 6 am: first taken to News International and then Charing Cross police station. Spoke to his wife.
NI provided a lawyer who “was well known around the office” and “dealt with difficult stories” – Henry Brandman
Goodman went through three interviews on the 08/08/06 and two the next day: he was advised to give “no comment” interviews.
On the third interview, police present a “huge document” on Glenn Mulcaire. Goodman spoke to Brandman during break
“I was quite distraught at the enormity of the file on Glenn’s Mulcaire’s activities,” says Goodman. “I was worried I’d get blamed for all”
Goodman told Henry Brandman “lots of people at the NOTW were doing this… Andy Coulson set up payments to facilitate all this”
The “Lone Wolf”
09/08/07 Goodman spoke to Brandman again about the “breadth of the case and the depth of the evidence” Brandman suggested “a lone wolf”
Goodman says of his lawyer “I had a pretty strong feeling everything I said would go back to News International”
Goodman charged that evening. Brandman told Goodman that Stuart Kuttner would pick him up from police station.
Kuttner asked Goodman about the interviews: was anyone else named? Did he say he was bullied or encouraged by other people.
Kuttner “wanted to know the depth of the investigation and whether other people were involved” says Goodman: concerned by “huge legal bills”
“I was facing a huge trial possibly funded by myself” says Goodman: “I couldn’t afford to do it”
Goodman had all his cards confiscated by police and no cash when he returned home. Kuttner took out £100 and gave it to Goodman’s wife
Next day a NOTW pa arrived with £1000 in cash from Kuttner.
10/08/07 Goodman spoke to Coulson and took a contemporaneous note of the conversation.
Goodman is shown his contemporaneous note to refresh his memory: the jury don’t have these for legal reasons.
Coulson contacts Goodman after arrest
14/03/07 is the date of this “contact report” though Goodman says he made the note around 10/08/07: Coulson phoned Goodman
Coulson first asked about Goodman’s “welfare” and then said “we’re mates but I’m having to suspend you” on full pay, with legal expenses
“Coulson gave the impression that he was having discussions with people in prison or home office and there was no intention I’d be sentenced
Goodman said he told Coulson “the case would go way beyond August 16th” – the initial hearing. Coulson advised him to plead guilty
Coulson said he didn’t know how Goodman “could beat the charges” and “to deal with what was in front of me head on” according to Goodman note
Goodman was ‘disturbed’ by the call: “I’d seen other people in trouble at NOTW… they were a lot more supportive. I was being bounced…”
Goodman then went to Internet cafe to access his NI emails through a new hotmail account.
Goodman says he accessed the emails because “I felt at risk of being parcelled off as Glenn Mulcaire’s only conspirator.”
“To prove Andy knew what was going on,” says Goodman of his email retrieval on 10/08/06 around noon
One of the emails was the Prince Harry Chelsy Davey story: Goodman says wasn’t the result of hacking, but was working on “tight timeline”
Another story Goodman downloaded was about Prince Harry and another woman: he feared NI would shut down is access soon.
Other emails – previously seen by jury – are cited to show Goodman’s attempt to prove he wasn’t a “lone wolf” hacking at NOTW
Goodman downloads emails from NI
11/08/06 Goodman downloaded emails at same Internet cafe through hotmail: “looking for further evidence” others at NOTW worked with Mulcaire
Footers show the date of download of Goodman’s emails: the headers show when the emails were created
BREAKING: Clive Goodman downloaded NI emails after his arrest to “show that Andy knew what was going on” in regards to phone hacking at NOTW
Goodman calls this email download “self protection. I was enormously worried… I was going to be the sole conspirator with Glenn Mulcaire”
Goodman gave these emails to an employment lawyer at Lewis Silkin in 2007
Goodman says he made contact with Tony Lorenzo, employment solicitor around 14/08/06 because Coulson wanted to talk about “his future”
“I couldn’t ask Henri Brandman, because he was representing NI aswell” says Goodman of contact with Lorenzo
Goodman spoke to Brandman about statements, character witnesses, etc.
BREAKING: Goodman claim his lawyer Henri Brandman raised the topic of him being the “lone wolf” in phone hacking in 2006
Goodman told Brandman that “the editor raised a string of revenue for the project (Mulcaire) and he didn’t feel comfortable being lone wolf
Cafe meeting of Coulson and Goodman
Goodman met Andy Coulson at Cafe Rouge in Wimbledon
In prior arranged phone call Coulson said “it was a vital conversation – important information to pass on” that weekend.
Coulson was urging Goodman to “get this out of the way” in phone conversation.
“I was very suspicious of the meeting,” says Goodman on 14/08/06 so he recorded it and made a note immediately after.
Goodman says the quality of his tape was “pretty poor… I’m not an undercover reporter”.
Saunders explains the jury won’t have this document Goodman is turning to because of legal privilege.
Meeting 3.20 to 3.55 on 14/08/06 Coulson wanted to talk about criminal case and what would happen. “Police didn’t want to go any deeper”
BREAKING: Goodman says that Coulson said through his “influence” he could stop him going to prison for phone hacking in 2006
Goodman says that Coulson promised if made clear “he acted alone.. off the reservation” he could get a job back at NOTW on similar salary
“You can be one of those people who come back” Goodman says Coulson promised: “It’s up to you”
Goodman says Coulson promised to pay and help look after Goodman’s family even if he got a custodial sentence
Goodman says he was told “to keep silent about the involvement of others”
Goodman pauses in court when talking about his wife and daughter.
“Andy had a lot of detail about the case… he could only got from Henri Brandman” says Goodman: “a conflict of interest”
“You’ve got to say you’re a lone wolf. That put the fear of god in me. Exactly what NI solicitor said” Goodman tells the jury
16/08/06 Goodman appears in court; “great deal of pressure from Henri to plead guilty” says Goodman.
But this was magistrates court – no possibility of pleading guilty. It has no jurisdiction to deal with Goodman’s ‘conspiracy’ count
Goodman was advised he could still plead guilty at a later date.
David Spens QC reads out legal note about Goodman’s case going to the Crown Court because of conspiracy charge.
Goodman suspended but offered work
31/08/06 Goodman spoke to Coulson again: he has a note of the conversation.
Goodman says Coulson called him at home on 31/08/06: “You are suspended. It’s up to me whether I use you or not” suggested new work
Coulson offered Goodman NOTW work from home on book features, serialisations and Royal stories. Goodman called back and said “yes”
Coulson took the hotmail address from Goodman: contacted him a couple of days later for a story about Earl Spencer and marriage break up
Goodman was also given a couple of book serialisations to work on from Andy Coulson after his arrest.
Goodman says he accepted offer “if I didn’t accept the work I’d be in trouble and salary I was receiving on suspension would probably end”
Goodman’s Proof of Evidence
Goodman produced a “proof of evidence” in the months leading up to his trial in the autumn of 2006
29/10/06 is date of the legal document Goodman produced on phone hacking (BTW: I store all these dates for later reference)
Goodman says the ‘proof of evidence’ document was constructed by himself: and represents his instructions to Henri Brandman
Spens is going to read this document and section on Mulcaire:
Document explains Mulcaire had worked for news desk for at least 10 years, and reporters not allowed direct access. Payments explained
Goodman’s proof of evidence talks of a CPS file which contained Mulcaire’s contract.
Goodman concedes that his statement is false in regard to knowing about Mulcaire’s phone hacking in 2006
“He claimed the information came from security service contacts who were already monitoring phone” says Goodman statement
BREAKING: Goodman claims he was introduced to a ‘spook’ by Mulcaire: intelligence service officer who apparently approved of hacking
Goodman’s original legal statement says Mulcaire was paid with full knowledge of editor of NOTW and managing editor.
30/10/06 email from Henri Brandman to Goodman talks of conversation with senior NI exec, and how his barrister will be Kelsey Fry
Goodman replies “other star names” seems to have been added to his indictment “though not a shred of evidence linking me”
“My concern remains that these will all be seen as a general conspiracy… other NI execs also appear on face of Crown papers” Goodman in 06
Goodman writes again to Brandman about the meeting with barrister Kelsey Fry and says some Mulcaire info “not a topic for email”
Goodman corrects himself: it was actually Henri Brandman who wrote ‘proof of evidence’ before trial. He made amendments.
Crown court hearing for Goodman was set for 07/11/06
On 02/11/06 Goodman amends his 5 page do: “this was to inform Henri Brandman and Kelsey Fry of everyone involved with Glenn Mulcaire
“Knowledge of his work became so widely known that the editor told conference no more reference to him” Goodman legal doc on Mulcaire in 06
Goodman legal doc again mentions intelligence officer introduced to him by Mulcaire suggesting his “operations were sanctioned”
Goodman says he was unaware in 2005 that Mulcaire was on a separate £2k a month contract with NOTW.
Goodman legal statement in October 2006 explains he had to make transcripts of voicemails for senior NOTW editors
Goodman emails his lawyer Henri Brandman on same date in October 2006 about arrangements with senior NI execs inspecting his legal papers
Goodman turns to a 03/11/06 legal document, not seen by the jury, about a meeting with his lawyer Henri Brandman
Goodman gave Brandman a new copy of his “proof” and discussed progress of his case
“Judges might take a benign view of someone who took responsibility for their actions” Goodman says Brandman told him.
Goodman says NI was influencing his legal advice “I was getting their point of view through my solicitors… didn’t know what to make of it”
NI are given Goodman’s Case Documents
03/11/06 Coulson emails senior NI exec about Goodman allowing them to see his legal case, and getting copies for the weekend.
Goodman says he didn’t want to “upset” Coulson, and made “encouraging noises” about providing his legal documents.
“I absolutely didn’t want a set of prosecution documents going to NOTW,” says Goodman. “I didn’t trust them… newspapers leaky places”
More internal NI email to Coulson about ‘Clive’ not wanting to share prosecution documents with NOTW and NI execs
NI exec writes Goodman reluctance on documents “not good” and Clive being “difficult” about “Kelsey should know this but not that syndrome”
Goodman says he wasn’t being difficult.
04/11/06 note after meeting with Brandman promising to provide details on Glenn Mulcaire, and stressing NI can only read his docs in office
More emails between Brandman and NI execs show Goodman’s legal team passing on prosecution case.
BREAKING: Goodman’s lawyer defied his direct instructions and passed on prosecution phone hacking papers to News International
Goodman confirmed he never changed his instructions to Henri Brandman about sharing papers with NI execs.
Goodman shakes his head at emails sent from his lawyer to News International and says “I never saw these papers at the time”
04/11/06 Meeting with Goodman, Brandman, Kelsey Fry and senior NI executive.
BREAKING: Goodman says he was told by NI exec: “You’re not going to be dismissed as long as you don’t implicate other people”
At legal meeting, NI exec told Goodman “Andy would deny any involvement or responsiblity” for phone hacking
15 minute break
Transcript of conversation between Coulson and Goodman
Back after the break at the #hackingtrial: Clive Goodman is explaining events after his arrest for phone hacking in 2006
08/11/06 a transcript of conversation the day after legal conference between Goodman and Coulson: Langdale for Coulson says it’s 09/11/06
Goodman recorded the conversation when at home: Coulson was at the NOTW offices. Goodman “very concerned” after meeting NI lawyer
Spens takes Goodman to a part in the transcript: Coulson says “there was one thing at that meeting… passed on…. I need to clarify”
Goodman says he had two meeting with NI lawyer – one at Brandman’s chamber, and another at Carluccio’s after this time.
Back to transcript: Coulson says: “this idea it’s a foregone conclusion you’re going to be dismissed” and refers back to Cafe Rouge meeting
Transcript of Coulson tape (heard before) reiterates “as the editor, the intention is…. to give you every possible support”
Coulson says in this recorded conversation from 2006: “my absolute intention is to say…. we’re going to continue to employ you”
Coulson says: “The best way for me to argue that is to say I have a duty of care for you…. That’s not for me. That’s for you”
“You need looking after, and that’s what we will do.” says Coulson: “I’m assuming continuing to work at NOTW is something you want”
Coulson talks about “subbing” jobs for Goodman, and “retraining” in recorded conversation.
“We are on the same side here,” says Coulson to Goodman. “It’s really up to you… The truth is we’re not there”
“We both agree that going forward you know your role now becomes a very difficult one” says Coulson to Goodman.
Goodman says “I didn’t believe I’d retain a job at this period” despite guarantees of employment from Andy Coulson just prior to trial
Meeting between Goodman and NI Lawyer
Spens shows jury another police transcript between Goodman and NI lawyer that took place at pub in Putney on 08/11/06
Goodman recorded this meeting with NI lawyer was “very relaxed chat about family and former colleagues”
Discussions with Coulson relayed back to Goodman: he would deny any involvement in Alexander project, and mitigation plea
Goodman discussed his plea for ‘mitigation’. NI lawyer told him: “There was place for me at the paper if I kept other people out of it”
Most of this taped conversation with NI lawyer and Goodman are “unintelligble” Goodman apologises: “I’m not an undercover reporter”
One audible piece of recording, the NI lawyer says: “Andy knew you had a source in the area…. but he didn’t know what was going on”
Transcript of NI lawyer says Coulson still confident he can offer Goodman job.
Transcript shows NI lawyer discussing with Goodman what his barrister Kelsey Fry will say in court about Mulcaire payments.
Goodman explained to NI lawyer police evidence of other hacking: “Andy’s real problem is that he’s got three executives past and present”
Goodman says he was referring to Miskiw and Thurlbeck and another over those “three executives”
NI lawyer explains Coulson’s three responsibilities: to Goodman, to the paper NOTW, and to himself.
Goodman says there was ‘no sentiment’ in Coulson – referring to the decay of their previous friendship during his editorship of NOTW.
Goodman tells lawyer he was “trying to stay out of prison” and that he was going to be unemployable: some job offers over subbing.
“As long as I don’t have to work with Neil or Ian” says Goodman of future NOTW employment.
27/11/06 email to Coulson from NI lawyer subject ‘Clive” saying Goodman wants to meet his barrister and solicitor alone.
Email describes Goodman as being “devastated” over enlargement of prosecution claims.
“I felt he’d be a malign influence who’d report everything back to the editor” says Goodman of attendance of this NI lawyer.
Goodman confirms conference took place with only his solictior, Brandman and barrister Kelsey Fry.
Goodman says he told Kelsey Fry about others involvement with Mulcaire: “He echoed the advice Henri Brandman gave me” Goodman says.
Kelsey Fry told Goodman that the judge may take a “dim view” of involving others at NOTW in a plea of mitigation.
Goodman says that by 20/11/06 they’d had all the prosecution documents: “completely transparent… linking Miskiw, Thurlbeck to Mulcaire”
“It was quite clear the police had made a decision to stop at me” says Goodman despite evidence of other NOTW contacts with Mulcaire.
“Despite this evidence” says Goodman, “nobody wanted to take it any further.” Says he had no choice but accept legal advice to say nothing
Goodman pleads Guilty in 2006
29/11/06 Goodman came to Old Bailey and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to hack voicemails.
11/12/06 is a “proof number three” – third draft of Goodman’s case.
Five minute break to get photocopies of missing Goodman document
Back after a break to copy missing papers at Court 12
In this third draft of Goodman’s legal ‘proof’: “no mention of other NOTW executives” except brief reference to payments system
Goodman’s evidence about other NOTW executives ‘disappeared’ from legal proofs drafted by his lawyer.
Goodman says this was a result of his previous conversation with lawyers: he “rather doubtfully” agreed to suppress other NOTW names.
11/12/06 Goodman says to Brandman he cannot accept the proof as a final document. Wants Kelsey Fry’s view on payment structure.
Goodman says he concerned “there was little separation between me and Mulcaire… and didn’t make point I couldn’t approve his payments”
Sentencing Hearing
12/12/06 Another conference at Kelsey Fry’s chambers with Brandman: an NI lawyer “had invited himself” says Goodman.
Meeting with lawyers was to discuss sentencing hearing: scheduled for 26/01/07 with plea for mitigation and meeting with probation before
Goodman says NI lawyer asked to attend because “he had special insight into probation service” – Goodman agree to part attendance
Goodman says he managed to have a discussion with Kelsey Fry about payments – told to stick to “existing line” not mentioning others at NOTW
Goodman says NI lawyer intervened in discussions with his lawyers, about dismissal.
BREAKING: Goodman told by NI lawyer “Andy would only take him back” if he didn’t name “others” in contact with Mulcaire in sentencing plea
That evening, Goodman emailed Brandman complaining NI lawyer’s presence was “most unhelpful”
Goodman says NI lawyer promised to talk about probation and Sarah’s Law: found his “stick and carrot” approach quite “shocking”
Goodman writes to his lawyer Brandman about being more “threatened” by NI than “by prosecution case”
Back with Goodman after lunch at #hackingtrial
David Spens QC adduces the pre sentencing report provided by probation officer for sentencing judge: Goodman met probation 26/12/06 16/01/07
Probation report says Goodman expressed “contrition” and had previous good relationship with the palace.
“He knew he was taking extreme risks, but had been demoted… sidelined… his senior editor constantly berating him’ says Probation Report
Probation report also talks about financial approvals for Mulcaire: he only wanted to “curry favour with his boss…. lowering status at NI”
Probation report says Goodman seemed to have no financial gain, and that cash payments to Mulcaire facilitated by newspaper
Spens picks up the “tacit agreement” with editor over Mulcaire payments. Goodman says he didn’t say ‘tacit’ and he named Coulson.
Goodman explains he was still “very worried” and knew probation report would not to go NI: “it was my way of telling someone in authority”
BREAKING: Goodman says he used probation officer to convey to judge the editorial approval of his activities with Mulcaire.
Internal NI email between lawyer and Coulson about Goodman’s meeting with probation officer saying “Who knew?” never arose
“Anything I told Henri would go back to NOTW” says Goodman of not informing his lawyer about probation officer report.
15/01/07 NI lawyer emails Coulson about Goodman’s movements and trying to meet up with him. 16/01/07 2nd meeting with probation officer
17/01/07 Goodman emails his lawyer Henri Brandman discussing Mulcaire and his weekly payments
Goodman explains in email he was “concerned about the lack of distinction between the other account and (Mulcaire’s) other activities.
23/01/07 Goodman emails Brandman thanking him for fax of information report: “I’d like only, you, me and Kelsey to receive copies”
“It would be extremely unhelpful for NOTW to see this document” writes Goodman. Didn’t want them to know he’d named editor in probation rpt
Goodman sentenced in Jan 2007, and no mention in mitigation of “approval of editor… or involvement of any other NOTW executives”
Goodman Sentenced
Goodman sentenced for four months in prison in January 2007
05/02/07 Goodman was sent a letter that his employment with NOTW was terminated. He was in prison. His wife called to tell him of letter.
08/02/07 £70k paid into Goodman’s account. His 100k salary minus National Insurance ect.
Jury shown letter from new NOTW editor Colin Myler 22/02/07 writing to PCC over “single rogue reporter”
Goodman was given early release on a ‘tag’ in late Feb 2007
02/03/07 Goodman appeals against his dismissal for gross misconduct to Daniel Cloke at News Internataional.
He appeals on 1/ Mulcaire activities supported by Coulson and others, paid by Kuttner 2/ Miskiw and Thurlbeck also hacking.
“This practice was widely discussed at daily editorial conference” says Goodman in 2007 email to News International
Goodman says in 2007 NI lawyer had long advance notice he was to be plead guilty, and NOTW continued to employ him.
Goodman writes in 2007 he was promised employment if he didn’t implicate others in phone hacking and Mulcaire. Letter cc’ed to Les Hinton
14/03//07 Goodman wrote to Cloke before internal NI appeals procedure.
Spens turns back to a 04/01/07 email in which NI lawyer talks of the ‘who knew’ topic.
The second letter to Cloke asked “for assistance… for my appeal” and asks for postponing the hearing
Goodman says he wants to be accompanied by lawyer for the NI hearing, and asks for further documents: sentencing hearing transcription
Goodman also asks for all his payment requests from 2005 and which executives had approved
Goodman tells jury “it was important to show who could authorise payments”: he also asked for evidence of his demotion.
Goodman also asked for emails from him to Coulson, Kuttner & other senior NOTW execs: “I knew for a fact stories… involved phone hacking”
Goodman wanted NOTW internal emails for employment tribunal concerning himself, Mulcaire and the ‘Alexander Payments’
Goodman also wanted internal emails from NI lawyer to find out contact with his legal team
14/03/07 Harbottle and Lewis instructed to find emails related to the matters Goodman raised.
20/03/07 Date of first internal appeal with Goodman: Daniel Cloke and Colin Myler supervised NI hearing
NI “declined” to allow Goodman to bring a lawyer to appeal. Goodman asked if he could record meeting “they said no” “recorded it anyway”
“I didn’t trust them to provide any accurate record of events” says Goodman of taping appeal. NI transcript errors “reversed the truth”
Goodman counted 47 inaccuracies in NI transcript of appeal. He submitted his own downloaded emails, including voicemail transcripts
NI appeal did not call any witnesses, says Goodman.
30/03/07 email adduced from Goodman to Lorenzo, his employment lawyer. Spens asks Goodman to read it to himself
Goodman meeting with Brooks 2007
30/03/07 Goodman gets a call from a reporter at the Sun: “I knew him very well”… calling on behalf of “Rebekah who wanted meeting with me”
Goodman met Brooks at the RAC club 12/04/07
Goodman make a ‘contact note’ of this meeting with Brooks.
Brooks offered Goodman employment on bookazines about the Royal Family, to co write with veteran Sun Royal photographer.
Brooks says she didn’t want to get involved in “process” with NOTW. Goodman expressed a lot of doubt because Hinton had sacked him
Brooks insisted she could employ who she liked. They discussed salaries: not a job but a contract for a period of time.
Email from Goodman to Lorenzo with contract sent by Brooks’ PA offering £12.5k for six months. “I felt it wasn’t serious job offer”
Goodman felt that after six months “my threat as whistleblower over phone hacking would be over”
09/05/07 email from Brooks adduced in court, chasing him up on bookazine and sub-editors training course and asking him to ‘return a call’
10/05/07 second internal NI hearing at the hotel in Surbiton – first one at NI’s magazine division in Chelsea: Cloke and Myler in attendance
Goodman covertly recorded this appeal hearing too.
Goodman was told NI were “minded to reject the appeal” on 10/05/07
18/05/07 Brooks writes to Goodman again on the “sub editor” job “we will get you a contract”
30/05/07 NI officially rejects Goodman’s internal appeal for unfair dismissal. Discussed with Lorenzo whether to go to full public tribunal
03/06/07 Goodman was called previously by John Chapman, head of corporate legal for NI seeking “a without prejudice discussion”
Chapman emails Goodman’s solicitor on 07/06/07 with a proposal.
“We would be prepared to offer your client £50k to settle any employment claim” says Chapman: no proposal for future work services
Between 07/06/07 and early July a compromise agreement signed by Goodman and News International (NGN in this case)
“The employer with pay the employee… the sum of £140k” says contract. “Over and above £70k paid previously” says Spens.
This contract between Goodman and NI had a confidentiality clause attached. Money paid on 10/07/07 and 31/10/07
Goodman’s Second Arrest
Last chapter of Goodman’s evidence in chief. His arrest in July 2013. He gave a no comment interview on advice of solicitor.
Goodman said he “read about my arrest in the Guardian newspaper” before it happened. Police turned up a dawn with search warrant.
More reports on arrest not naming Goodman seemed to “have everything” on Green Books: “only coming from inside inquiry”
“There was a serious leak in police inquiry… doubly encouraged me to make no comment” in police interviews says Goodman.
On second arrest Goodman made a statement about Royal Directories and says they were anonymous cash payments to protect sources.
Goodman says “there was no corruption of public officers or the police” in prepared statement on second arrest. Then made no comment
23/11/12 Goodman charges with two counts to commit misconduct in public office.
Originally Goodman was going to stand trial alone with Mr Coulson on counts 2 and 3: then that was attached to hacking trial.
In August 2013 Goodman waived his legal privilege from Brandman, Kelsey Fry and Lorenzo: files were disclosed to all parties in the case
Last question for Goodman from Spens about Coulson.
Goodman explains “initially I was pretty sore” about imprisonment and then loss of job: “but you can’t stay like that forever”
“I don’t have any feelings about it all now” says Goodman. He says the anger had “faded” when he got out of prison: “a good place to think”
“I wish we could have got on with our lives, but it didn’t happen. I have to say things that pained me in the course of my defence” Goodman
Half an hour break for papers to be prepared .
Jury sent home early to allow other defence teams to prepare to cross examine Goodman

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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