Mulcaire Sanctioned by Spooks: ‘Malign Influence’ of NI Lawyer on Goodman’s Legal Team

L/R: Clive Goodman, David Spens QC, Andy Coulson (image from Daily Mail

As Claire Pollard, who usually storifies my tweets, is away for a couple of days, I am reproducing, with kind permission of Rosie Robertson, today’s entry in her excellent Press Reform blog. I don’t think the evidence today from former NOTW Royal Correspondent Clive Goodman needs much comment Continue reading

Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 19 Mar

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Green Books and Phone Hacking
Royal Green Books and Telephone Directories
Clive Goodman’s Arrest in 2006
The “Lone Wolf”
Coulson contacts Goodman after arrest
Goodman downloads emails from NI
Cafe meeting of Coulson and Goodman
Goodman suspended but offered work
Goodman’s Proof of Evidence
NI are given Goodman’s Case Documents
Transcript of conversation between Coulson and Goodman
Meeting between Goodman and NI Lawyer
Goodman pleads Guilty in 2006
Sentencing Hearing
Goodman Sentenced
Goodman meeting with Brooks 2007
Goodman’s Second Arrest

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