Hacking Trial Live Tweets – 18 Mar

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Phone Hacking
Goodman questioned on Phone Hacking
Hacking of Royal Phones
Goodman’s first knowledge of Glen Mulcaire
The Goodman and Mulcaire Project
Goodman says he told Andy Coulson about the Royal Phone Project
Transcript of Prince Harry voicemail message
Goodman downloads emails after arrest
Prince William Shot Story
Payments to Glen Mulcaire
The Editor’s Conferences
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Story
Prince William Training Exercise Story

Clive Goodman’s Defence Continues on Phone Hacking
Goodman questioned on Phone Hacking
Back at the #hackingtrial after a rather manic morning – walked all the way from Piccadilly in 20 mins. Faster than the traffic.
We’re continuing with the third day (two half days so far) with Clive Goodman, former NOTW Royal Editor, in the witness box
Goodman is being questioned by his counsel, David Spens QC. He’s now moving onto the subject of phone hacking at NOTW
Spens reiterates the guilty pleas from Goodman in 2007: which covered four Royal Aide phone hacking victims from November 2005
Spens points out that the timeline of actual hacks shows new victims, and hacking preceding November 2005
Hacking of Royal Phones
Spens turns to the transcript from a microcassette found at Goodman’s home from Prince William and Kate Middleton dated 23/02/06
“Hopefully I should be able to leave by 7 at the latest,” says Prince William to Kate Middleton about leaving Sandhurst in 2006
Goodman explains this was originally recorded by Glenn Mulcaire and read down the phone to him.
Spens moves onto the timeline of hacking Lord Frederick Windsor.
Spens cites a 26/04/06 email from Goodman to other NOTW staff subject ‘Fred”: details employment and DOB. Looking for an address.
Goodman says the information about Windsor was all in the public domain: as Royal Reporter Goodman was first port of call.
“I know there was an investigation into Frederic Windsor…. brought in by Coulson, who had an encounter with Windsor early one morning”
Goodman says Maz Mahmoud was going to be involved in The Lord Frederick Windsor investigation, instigated by Andy Coulson.
26/04/06 Goodman being asked about names for Windsor. NOTW journo emails Mr Gadd who provides address and phone number
Goodman says he never hacked Lord Frederick Windsor‘s mobile phone.
“It did start before 1st of November” says Spens of Goodman’s phone hacking and notes Mark Dyer and Tom Parker Bowles missing from list
“I pleaded guilty to the allegations that were put to me,’ says Goodman. “I didn’t know it was illegal… I didn’t know it was against code”
The Code is the PCC code of conduct: Goodman says it was however unethical and underhand.
Goodman’s first knowledge of Glen Mulcaire
Goodman says he first encountered Mulcaire as a contact of Greg Miskiw
Miskiw was news editor at NOTW, or deputy, at the time.
05/10/00 Miskiw was Deputy Editor News and Investigations: went to Manchester in 18/09/03: Goodman aware of Mulcaire before move
Miskiw leftt NOTW in 30/06/05 for a new life in the North. “Greg was very much in control of Mulcaire… to very last day” says Goodman
“Glenn Mulcaire I knew to be PI and inquiry agent, gradually he became the only inquiry agent the news desk used” says Goodman
Goodman says Mulcaire’s reputation was to “crack almost impossible stories”
Goodman says initially he never met Mulcaire, and took messages on phone. Aware of what he did.
“If you’re on a big story, Greg would ask details, make inquiries, and come back with information” says Goodman
Miskiw would ask for names and addresses: “Not all Glenn Mulcaire’s were phone hacking. He made legitimate inquiries too”
Goodman says another Ray Chapman would provide details from company records and registers in legitimate fashion.
Goodman says in “early 2000s” Miskiw approached Goodman for contacts around William and Harry: Goodman named Dyer and Asprey
Miskiw would come “back with pieces of information” about Asprey, Dyer and the Royal Princes. This was around 2002, Goodman says.
Goodman explains Miskiw was “pretty senior” and he “wouldn’t have got far” if he queried how info provided on Royals was used.
Goodman says around January 2005 Miskiw told him what Mulcaire “had been doing” with DDNs and PIN numbers for Asprey and Dyer
“I knew what he was doing” says Goodman: “I realised there were voicemails, but I didn’t have direct contact with Mulcaire”
“I think he found the continuing monitoring of voicemails tiresome,” says Goodman of Miskiw: “and wanted to download work on me”
14/01/05 Miskiw emails Goodman about Asprey having reset her PIN number on her phone.
Three months later; Miskiw to Goodman “call urgent re Asprey”: Goodman doesn’t remember full context of this email
Goodman explains that change of PIN number left “me to no access to voicemails” and he had no direct access to Mulcaire – went to Miskiw
01/10/05 change of staff at NOTW. Mulcaire no longer Miskiw’s. Big “power struggle over who had control of this asset” says Goodman.
Saunders establishes that Miskiw had left NOTW, but “was still running Mulcaire thought NOTW was paying for him” in 2005
The Goodman and Mulcaire Project
Goodman says Mulcaire phoned in him last week of October 2005 approx 14/10/05
Mulcaire was “pretty sore because NOTW was trying to cut his budget by £500 and was looking to make up this shortfall” says Goodman
Mulcaire offered Goodman a “project: to provide DDNs for three people close to Prince William and Harry” in October 2005
Evidence shows Mulcaire was receiving full 2k a month at that time despite what he told Goodman.
Mulcaire’s project was that Goodman would provide the names: he would provide PINs and DDN’s for £500 per week.
Asprey, Lowther Pinkerton and Harveson were the targets of this new “project” says Goodman
BREAKING: Goodman claims that Glenn Mulcaire had contacts with security services who were monitoring the Royals
But Goodman says he has no way of knowing whether Mulcaire’s claims were accurate.
Goodman says he could “monitor events in the life of the Prince of Wales’ sons” from the Mulcaire info: “very useful”
Goodman says “if a PIN number went down” Mulcaire could get a new one. But he couldn’t put Royal messages into context with background info
Goodman says he thought about the Mulcaire proposal: but he had not budget of his own to pay “effectively a foot soldier”
Goodman says he told Andy Coulson about the Royal Phone Project
BREAKING: Goodman says he told Andy Coulson about Mulcaire’s project to “monitor three Royal phones” through hacking for £500 per week.
Goodman says he told Coulson there was a suggestion info came from security services at the time.
Goodman says until this point Coulson had not known Goodman was hacking.
Goodman says there was a discussion about putting the Mulcaire project through editorial mgt budget, so not seen as ‘poaching’ from news
Goodman says: “the editor approved a two month trial to see what would come out”.
Goodman says he would make “creative identity” for payments to Mulcaire. He didn’t have a conversation with Kuttner. Coulson would have done
Spens goes through the ‘Alexander’ payments to Mulcaire: the first processed 30/10/05 with £500 being paid 09/11/05 for “Goodman TXT”
“All of the £500 payments came out of managerial editorial budget” says Spens. Goodman confirms.
Goodman explains how filled in contributor request form in name of Alexander, signed by Kuttner or staff, taken to cashiers. No receipt.
Goodman says he spoke to Mulcaire three of four times a week, and that other NOTW “were hacking phones pretty industriously”
Goodman says he was also told by Mulcaire that Coulson’s phone would be hacked so NOTW journo would know other’s stories.
Goodman also explains Mulcaire said he’d been told to hack Rebekah Brooks phone by another NOTW journalist – she was editor of the Sun
“If he thought anything was interesting he would tape record them” says Goodman of Mulcaire’s phone hacking.
Goodman explains hacking produced some pretty good stories: Coulson was interested in them as were other senior NOTW staff
Goodman says Coulson and others took particular interest in the Harry homework Sandhurst exam story.
Goodman says NOTW staff also took interest in a story about drunkeness at Harry’s passing out ceremony at Sandhurt
Goodman explains he’d talk to editor about “a big story” but otherwise through “normal way”
Goodman says he concealed hacking of Royals from other NOTW staff because of Mulcaire ownership “it was a territorial combative department”
Goodman says the 2 month project of hacking Royal Aides actually lasted ten months – to the moment he was arrested.
24/01/03 email from Goodman to Coulson about ‘Carvery’ “gossip column started by Andy for me to write” – two weeks after Coulson made editor
Carvery column mooted since June 2001: “irreverent and spiky… about show business, politicians… Royalty… Andy took great interest”
Email from Goodman talks about ‘M’ – not Mulcaire but Mark Bolland.
24/01/03 later the same day, Goodman emails Coulson about talking to Mark Bolland and Peat: “Greg’s people turning mobile numbers”
Goodman says “turning” means finding addresses – not phone hacking.
06/02/03 Goodman email to other NOTW staff: “now have his mobile so we can check out that end of it”
Goodman explains how “nothing was happening” in this story and was being driven by boss: “this was just to give us breathing space”
“Worse thing you can tell,” says Goodman NOTW staff, “was that nothing was happening”
02/04/03 email from Goodman talks about Peat talking to Prince Charles and mobiles: Goodman says this was not about hacking.
22/01/05 email from Goodman to Coulson about Paddy Harverson and Prince Harry and “health inf’ from doctor. “Scanned from Helen Asprey”
“This was the voicemail of Helen Asprey’s mobile phone” explains Goodman of two injuries that were affecting Harry’s Sandhurst career
“Andy didn’t know about hacking at this stage” says Goodman of the Asprey email talking of “scanning”.
David Spens QC goes to back to email from 16/08/05 from Coulson asking for Good story. 20/08/05 criticises Blackadder column
Coulson email says Blackadder off the pace with pieces on Billy Bragg and Rod Liddle.
Goodman explains how Mark Bolland, deputy private secretary to Prince of Wales, started the Blackadder column.
“Became troublesome” says Goodman of Bolland: copy not always on time, so Goodman started ghost writing Blackadder for him before he left.
10/09/05 Goodman emails Coulson about Harry at a wedding “To be honest I’d rather be at Jordan’s”: Coulson replies how did we get this?
Goodman says they got that comment of Harry’s by eavesdropping at wedding, not phone hacking.
Goodman explains about Coulson’s bold and caps in email: “the higher you get up the tree the bigger the font”
Harry wedding anecdote actually provided by lip-readers.
25/10/05 email from Goodman “updating Andy on a project” and 2 stories for Tuesday List. Complaints Goodman didn’t go to morning conference
Goodman talks about getting a “green light” for the Alexander Project – i.e. Mulcaire hacking Royal Aides on the day of this email
David Spens QC turns to the “private wire” schedule which shows Lowther Pinkerton hacked 26/10/05 – the following day.
28/10/05 Goodman emails about the “new project getting results” and Lowther Pinkerton in “meltdown… getting stuffed by rest of household”
Goodman says this email to Coulson was ‘Alexander’ project – ie. Mulcaire. Coulson replies “Pop in”
Goodman says he discussed with Coulson the Alexander project “how it was going and whether it could actually produce a story”
30/10/05 timeline shows payment to Mulcaire for £500
22/11/05 Three weeks later. Goodman emails other NOTW staff about “intelligence in Verbier” about ski trip for Royals.
Goodman emails “I’ve only got stuff I can’t talk to you about on open floor…. I’ll email you from editor’s conference”
Goodman explains this wasn’t about hacking but a “one fact story… you couldn’t talk about it because it would leak”
25/11/05 Goodman to Coulson about “expanding the Matey file”: Goodman says Matey was Glenn Mulcaire
Coulson responds: “Another month?” Goodman “Okeydokey… Stuart not around today. Want to do a leader chat later this afternoon?”
Goodman says he was offering to write leader: Coulson; “I’ll do them tomorrow with SK”
06/12/05 Goodman emails Lowther Pinkerton invited to security conference but because “squeaky nature of information” can’t discuss openly
Goodman says he wouldn’t discuss this on open floor “because it was a result of a hack… and it would leak”
Goodman says he needed to conceal use of Mulcaire and hacking from rival NOTW journos because of territorial rivalry.
Transcript of Prince Harry voicemail message
Jury shown a transcript from Goodman of a conversation between Lowther Pinkerton and Harry concealed as x and y
Transcript of Prince Harry message to Lowther Pinkerton talks about being on guard duty, and coming second in a run, other cadets, and sleep
The Prince Harry transcript asks his private secretary about “inf” on siege of Iranian Embassy for a Sandhurst paper.
Another transcript shown to jury, this time made by police from a microcassette recovered from Goodman’s home on his arrest in 2006
Goodman says Mulcaire played message to him: he then accessed message and taped it, and then transcribed Harry voicemail
Goodman says he was at the NOTW offices when he made his transcript. He handed this to Lewis Silberman his employment solicitors
Goodman says he needed transcript “to show editor Andy Coulson… to assess how strong this information was” on Harry and Sandhurst exam
08/09/05 Coulson emails Goodman “have you stood it up” – reference to Prince Harry story says Goodman, who’d shown Coulson transcript
About 40 mins later Coulson replies “we are about a million miles away from stand this up as far as I can see”. Goodman forwards to others
Goodman replies to another Coulson is “completely” aware of the facts and wanted to “steam in… concerned how to stand it up”
Goodman says that other NOTW staff concerned he had gone behind their back to talk to editor.
09/09/05 Goodman emails Coulson on ‘Harry’ and “sample copy… going to hit the private sec tomorrow… then Clarence House, then MOD”
“As we know it is 100 percent fact” writes Goodman to Coulson: “Because we’ve seen the transcript” says Goodman
“I think that’s too precise to go unnoticed” says Goodman email about Sandhurst: the plan was to lose “hacking’ in other “inaccurate info”
Sample copy labelled Exclusive by Goodman: ‘essays’ rather than ‘essay” “used to disguise” voicemail hacking.
09/09/05 same Friday: Goodman emails other NOTW staff who had also seen the transcript.
10/09/09 Goodman emails Coulson and other NOTW staff about a contact of Maruchak’s who had been through Sandhurst about essays.
10/09/05 Goodman emails others on Harry Tale “boss… felt last night not a clear cut breach”
Same email chain shows Lowther Pinkerton and Paddy Harveson being called about rules of Sandhurst exams.
Same email chain asks “What does Andy think now?” Coulson asks what’s happening on the story. Goodman replies about “calls” and “tapes”
Goodman says these “tapes” are calls to the Palace for comment
“I can’t press forward on that with exposing the source” says Goodman email to Coulson about standing up Harry story.
“As we know Harry wasn’t just asking for books or websites” says Goodman email to Coulson “a different thing altogether”
More internal NOTW emails cited trying to stand up Harry Sandhurst exam story by calling Clarence House.
Goodman downloads emails after arrest
10/09/05 email forwarded on 10/08/06 by Goodman to himself – two days after his arrest for phone hacking.
“I was very concerned I was going to be left high and dry for all the phone hacking activities at NOTW,” says Goodman.
“I downloaded as many emails as I could remember about phone hacking at the time” says Goodman of Internet cafe visit after his arrest
More emails from 10/09/05 from Coulson to Goodman “can you get someone on the record saying what a disgrace this is”
Jury shown 18/12/05 Blackadder column about Prince Harry and Sandhurst exams appears in NOTW.
Goodman explains that Coulson and others didn’t feel “there was serious enough proof…. so they downgraded to a gossip column story”
Jury shown payments to Mulcaire for payments for the Harry story.
Half an hour break BTW. And working through lunch. Finish at 2 today
Back after a semi lunch break. Trial concludes at 2.30 today not 2pm.
Spens wants to talk about “Prince William‘s Secret Party” as a “sub-topic” of phone hacking
06/01/06 email and a source says there was a secret party the previous night organised by Kate Middleton. Sent to Goodman.
Goodman replies “there was a private reception with champagne” and “definitely” a secret party and sweet speech to Kate from Prince William
08/01/06 NOTW pays £1k for “Hacking by Glenn Mulcaire” for “my adorable Kate” party speech story.
11/01/06 Goodman writes to Coulson about “Kate pics’ and “new source… we’ll be getting more from him during the week”
Goodman says “this was Mulcaire under new arrangement” – the Alexander Project.
15/01/06 NOTW edition following email, payments for Kate snaps based on hacking says Goodman
“You can’t hack a photograph,” points out Saunders. Goodman explains how Prince William was allowed to have photos on bedside at Sandhurst.
Prince William Shot Story
Next sub topic: William Shot Story, explains David Spens QC
Jury shown transcript made by police of voicemail message left by Prince William on Kate Middleton‘s phone.
Prince William talks about “nearly being shot” with blanks during training exercise in message to Middleton
27/01/06 Goodman emails Coulson on “matey’s results… getting stronger and stronger, especially since William started at Sandhurst”
Goodman email to Coulson continues with story of William getting shot and captured during an army night exercise and ambush.
Blackadder column for 29/01/06 – two days after email – has the William Shot story
29/01/06 £250 NOTW payment to Mulcaire for William shot story. “Hacking, initially by Mulcaire… think there was a voicemail to J L-P”
Payments to Glen Mulcaire
Email forwarded by Goodman to himself on 10/08/06 after arrest – actually dated 03/02/06 – Goodman writes to Coulson about “mateys’ payments
Goodman email to Coulson on 03/02/06 explains the value of Mulcaire’s work in turns of lineage and connections” way into the black on this”
“We are the only paper getting any information about his movements and Kate’s movements” writes Goodman of Mulcaire on Prince William
Goodman explains Coulson that Mulcaire could go to another paper, and he’s “not a hack, he doesn’t understand what is and isn’t a story”
“A few weeks ago you asked me to find new ways of getting into the family… and I came up with this: it’s safe productive… a goldmine”
Goodman explains “Coulson thought I was underperforming… to find ways of engaging with younger members of the famliy”
Spens goes back to August 2005 emails with Coulson writing “I need a story this week, Clive, something of substance”
20/08/05 email from Coulson telling Goodman he’s “way off the pace”
Goodman says it was in the summer of 2005 that Coulson told him to “find a means to get into the young Royals”.
Goodman explains young Royals were “coming into their own… nightclubs, girlfriends” around this time in 2005.
Goodman explains that it was “tricky” getting into young Royals, because his face was well known “I’d be spotted by bodyguards in 30 secs”
Goodman explains he would have looked out of place in the London nightclubs.
Jury are taking back to Goodman’s email defending Mulcaire’s costs; Coulson replies “I’m sorry but it has to go”.
Goodman reply to Coulson email says losing Mulcaire would be a “pretty devastating loss to my network”
Spens says Alexander payments to Mulcaire amounted to £12,300
There are 15 payments of £500 from editorial management budget: 7 from NOTW news desk to Mulcaire on this schedule
Spens cites a sample memo (of many) dated 10/01/06 to Kuttner: “attached credit made to source… whose identity is security protected”
Same memo says details of source were known to the paper – in this case Mulcaire.
This form of words came from Kuttner says Goodman: “this is what I was required to do to get cash contributor payments”
Goodman confirms that Coulson arranged the payment to Mulcaire with Kuttner.
Goodman says Kuttner told him that Coulson had spoken to him: took details of ‘Alexander’ and “it was a project lasting for two months”
07/02/06 email from Goodman to Coulson about tenth anniversary of the death of Chris Blythe, their joint friend.
Goodman writes to Coulson: “might we extend matey for one more week?” Goodman says “I think he agreed”
“It made finding him and Kate a whole lot more probable” wrote Goodman to Coulson of hacking the phones of William’s aides
Coulson replies “fine” to Goodman’s request to extend Mulcaire trial period.
23/02/06 Goodman emails another NOTW journalist about William being out of Sandhurst “heading straight to see Kate” – parents near Reading.
Goodman says he has no idea where Sandhurst: email talks about contacting picture desks to get a snap.
Spens adduces transcript of a voicemail left on Kate Middleton‘s phone, recorded by Mulcaire, played to Goodman, with William’s movements
Minutes later Goodman emails NOTW journalist with details of Wiliam’s movements and suggesting digging into Middleton’s family.
Goodman is asked about another NOTW journalist who cannot be named for legal reasons.
The Editor’s Conferences
This NOTW journalist attended editor’s conferences with Coulson: phones “would often come up in discussion”
This NOTW journalist would talk about “phone traffic… great emphasis placed on time, late at night, early in the morning, family & friends
Goodman talks about “great scramble” to find Ioworth – a lotto winner – who was mentioned in editor’s conference.
“Everyone was keen to find him…. triangulate him from mobile phone signal. It was obvious to me he was using mobile phone data” Goodman
Goodman says Coulson said: “That’s enough of that, we don’t talk about this stuff in conference anymore”
BREAKING: Goodman says that another NOTW journo would “clearly” talk about messages to do with phone hacking in editorial conferences
Goodman says spoke to NOTW journo about hacking “he wouldn’t have tolerated sharing Glenn Mulcaire with me. Would have been World War 3”
Goodman explains “dark arts… means that anything that isn’t straight forward reporting… inquiry agents etc.”
11/03/06 Goodman writes about ‘neutral response’ to Kate Middleton liaison with Prince William from official sources.
11/03/06 Goodman reprimanded for not going through supervisors in a NOTW email. “Do we have official confirmation for CD welsh”
Goodman says story of Middleton has come direct from William. Senior NOTW journalist queries this.
Goodman explains that story that “came from William himself” was a voicemail message left on Jamie Lowther Pinkerton’s phone.
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Story
Different sub-topic: Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy. 16/03/06 email to Goodman mentions this story and James Weatherup
Goodman replies to queries about Chelsy: “she gets calls from him and he’s completely not in a good condition… piss ups”
Goodman talks of a make or break holiday for Harry and Chelsy.
A week later Goodman emails finance about £600 for Harry story: “My guy came up with make or break holiday and drunken phone calls”
Email exchange between Goodman and another journo talks about Mulcaire’s “input”
March 2006 and ‘Alexander’ aka Mulcaire is paid for 19/03/06 story for Chelsy and Harry story. “Clearly hacking, yes” says Goodman
Goodman thinks the story of travel came from Asprey’s phone. The drunken phone calls came from a source in South Africa.
Next sub-topic called ‘Ginger’ by Spens: refers to police transcript of voicemail message from William to Harry, pretending to be Chelsy
This transcript came from microcassettes recovered from searches of Mulcaire.
William puts on a female voice: “Hi it’s Chelsy here. You’re the best looking ginger I’ve ever seen…. You big hairy fat ginger”
Spens adduces related NOTW story from 09/04/06, exclusive to Goodman and Thurlbeck, and an “ear bashing phone call”
Payment for £700 to Mulcaire for the story: “Hacking, yes, of course” says Goodman. Some confusion because NOTW changed story a bit.
NOTW claimed it was Chelsy and added words “I love you”
12/04/06 email from Goodman about Mulcaire AKA Mr Alexander: “relying heavily on him to work same magic over passing out party”
Jury shown transcript of voicemail recovered from Mulcaire’s home address left by Ritchie, Commander at Sandhurst; “Jamie…”
The voicemail message from Commandant to Lowther Pinkerton talks about an “incident” on Harry’s Passing Out ceremony 12/04/06
Goodman emails other NOTW staff about Commandant complaining to Lowther Pinkerton about passing out “incident”
Sorry it’s not Harry’s passing out Ceremony – it’s Williams.
Senior NOTW journo “remind me how do we know it’s true?”. Goodman explains that William had left voice message on aide’s phone explaining
15/04/06 Goodman is emailed about line in draft article which quote William saying he’s pissed: “massively dangerous to source”
Goodman says he wasn’t exposing Mulcaire as a source in this exchange – but altered article to remove direct quotation.
16/04/06 final NOTW article doesn’t quote William saying he was “pissed but not that pissed” – a ‘family friend says’ replaces it.
16/04/06 publication of this story triggers a payment of £3000 to Mulcaire.
Other NOTW senior journalist was shown “transcript of original message… an an adjutant… William’s message” says Goodman
Goodman says he made these transcripts in the office, but didn’t manage to download from email account in 2006.
“My office computer was never siezed by police in 2006, because NI argued that it had lots of legitimate material,’ says Goodman.
BREAKING: Goodman says the only records of his emails are the ones he downloaded in 2006, and from an internal NI process the following year
28/04/06 Coulson emails Goodman “how do we know Harry true?” Goodman replies “it’s from the same source we had on a retainer”
“We absolutely know it to be true, but we’ll have to blag a confession from Paddy tomorrow” says Goodman in response to Coulson
Goodman explains this was about a girl who had encounter with Harry, and message left on Paddy Harverson‘s phone. Goodman: “Hacking, yes”
Goodman explains that the source on retainer was Mulcaire and “absolutely know to be true” is because voicemail was source.
27/06/06 Goodman emails about “credits” for previous edition of NOTW. £750 pre publication agreement for Mr Alexander.
Goodman debates with another senior NOTW journalist about the level of payment to ‘Alexander’
The final payment for Prince William‘s birthday present reduced down to £200 – a result from hacking Helen Asprey’s phone says Goodman
28/06/06 Goodman emails Coulson “Harry story could be huge this week… got a direct way into this… and girl who tried to snog him”
Goodman wrote a “100 percent reliable source” – he says now “I believe this was Chelsy Davy friend down in Cape Town”: no payment
Spens explains how this was another email forwarded by Goodman to himself when released from custody in 2006
“I was in a hurry, trying to get as many emails as possible” says Goodman of downloading correspondence with Coulson after arrest in 2006
Prince William Training Exercise Story
26/07/06 Goodman emails Coulson on “Kate Copy… sourcing. That fellah who used to be on the monthly retainer for us” – Glenn Mulcaire
Goodman says the “rock solid” refers to voicemail interception in email to Coulson.
Goodman is working on a “William dead” story in July 06 quoting “Same source…. W’s exact words”
Story refers to two cadets who nearly died during a training exercises: “these two guys just died in front of us and had to be resuscitated”
Goodman agrees that the reference to William’s “exact words” was in that para.
Goodman says the near death story during training was a voice mail message hacked by Mulcaire from Jamie Lowther Pinkerton.
Spens explains the next topic is relatively short: about Royal Green Books. Then a longer topic about what happened to Goodman post arrest
Spens says the brief subject now “is whether these Royal Directories have anything to do with hacking or blagging”
24/01/03 Goodman email to Coulson about Sir Michael Peat and “turning his mobile…. he’s a pain too”
Goodman says the source of this alleged Peat affair was Mark Bolland , Sir Michael Peat‘s deputy.
Goodman says he already had a mobile number from Sir Michael Peat after meeting him with Rebekah Brooks, soon after appointment in 2002
“There had been strained relations with the media up until” says Goodman of meeting Peat, private secretary to Prince of Wales.
Goodman explains the cut off message should continue “he’s a pain to follow” – chauffeured around in different cars.
Six hours later Goodman emails Coulson: “should have Peats reg… Greg’s people turning Peat’s mobile” Goodman reiterates getting address
Goodman says he thinks he gave Greg Miskiw Sir Michael Peat‘s number. Mulcaire 24/01/03 notes show a ‘Greg’ tasking
Looking at Mulcaire’s notes for Sir Michael Peat, there is no entry for a mobile number.
“Who would have tasked Mr Miskiw to task Mulcaire?” asks Spens. “Someone senior to him…” says Goodman.
“The chain of information seems to be Andy Coulson to me, and then Greg.” says Goodman of Mulcaire tasking.
Email seen before to Kuttner about “deliberately cryptic payment” 23/01/03 not authorised until 28/01/03
Goodman says he only got Green Book when he paid ‘Mr Farish”: “you’d never get anything on trust”
Spens says that Mulcaire was given the information about Peat from Green Book: Goodman denies he ever passed it on to Miskiw.
02/04/03 email from Goodman talks about Sir Michael Peat and turning on mobile: Goodman says it was his own mobile he referred to.
Goodman says he “never” used the Royal Green Book or ITD for phone hacking, and “never” revealed info in them to anyone else at NOTW.
Back again at 10 am tomorrow.

Note: All the defendants deny all the charges. The trial continues.

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